SAP ABAP Transaction Code - Index T, page 3
Transaction Code - T
# Transaction code Short Description Corresponding Report (if exist)
1 TX23 Create foreign exchange simulation FTR_SIMU00
2 TX24 Change foreign exchange simulation FTR_SIMU00
3 TX25 Display foreign exchange simulation FTR_SIMU00
4 TX26 Delete foreign exchange simulation FTR_SIMU00
5 TX30 Int. FX Transactions: Rate Overview FTR_FX_INT_RATES
6 TX31 Create Internal Forex Transaction RFTR_INTFX_LAUNCHER
7 TX32 Internal Forex Transactions Reserved RFTR_INTFX_LAUNCHER
8 TX33 Internal Forex Transactions Reserved RFTR_INTFX_LAUNCHER
9 TX34 Internal Forex Transactions Reserved RFTR_INTFX_LAUNCHER
10 TX35 Internal Forex Transactions Reserved RFTR_INTFX_LAUNCHER
11 TX39 Internal Forex Transactions Reserved RFTR_INTFX_LAUNCHER
12 TX76 Forex Transaction History SAPMF70M
13 TX78 Execute order - Forex SAPMF70M
14 TXA5 Forex Order Processing RFTX73SO
15 TXAK Calculation of option premiums SAPMF7AK
16 TXBA Text Module Maintenance RFVITXBA
17 TXF5 Execute Fixing Order SAPMF77A
18 TXMN (empty) MENUTXMN
19 TXV5 Execute Fixing Transaction SAPMF77A
20 TXZI Interest calculator SAPMF7ZI
21 TYMN Treasury Information System (TIS) MENUTYMN
22 TZ10 Dialog Programming: Data Transport SAPMTZ10
23 TZ20 Dialog Programming: F Code Proc. SAPMTZ20
24 TZ30 Dialog Programming: Input Check SAPMTZ30
25 TZ31 Dialog Programming: Input Check SAPMTZ31
26 TZ40 Dialog Programming: Screen Control SAPMTZ40
27 TZ50 Dialog Programming: Screen Modif. SAPMTZ50
28 TZ60 Dialog Programming: Tables TC SAPMTZ60
29 TZ61 Dialog Programming: Tables SL SAPMTZ61
30 TZ70 Dialog Programming: Tables SL SAPMTZ70
31 TZ80 Dialog Programming: Authorizations SAPMTZ80
32 TZ90 Dialog Programming: Locking SAPMTZ90
33 TZA0 Dialog Programming: Asynch.Updates SAPMTZA0
34 TZB0 Dialog Programming: Doc. and Help SAPMTZB0
35 T_03 Create (shipment costs) SAPMV12A
36 T_04 CondTab: Change (shipment costs) SAPMV12A
37 T_05 CondTab: Display (shipment costs) SAPMV12A
38 T_06 Cond.types: Pricing shipment  
39 T_07 Maintain access (shipment costs)  
40 T_08 Conditions: Proc. for A F  
41 T_09 Condition table: Change Index SAPMV12A
42 T_31 Maintain excl. group shipment  
43 T_32 Maintain CondTypes for ExclusionGrp  
44 T_53 Assign purchasing data  
45 T_54 Shipment cost relevance shipments  
46 T_56 Shipment cost types and item cats  
47 T_57 Shipment cost types and relevance  
48 T_60 Date determination: Define rules  
49 T_70 Maintain service agent group  
50 T_71 Maintain document procedure group  
51 T_72 Maintain shipping type group  
52 T_73 Maintain pricing procedure  
53 T_74 Maintain tariff zones  
54 T_75 Maintain tariff zone assignments  
55 T_76 Tariff zones and assignments  
56 T_80 Shipment Cost Information Profile  
57 T_B2 Upper and lower condition limits  
58 T_I1 Activation of Condition Index  
59 T_I2 Reorganize condition indexes RV15F001
60 T_LA Create Pricing Report SAPMV14A
61 T_LB Change pricing report SAPMV14A
62 T_LC Display pricing report SAPMV14A
63 T_LD Execute pricing report SAPMV14A
64 T_RSDOKU03 Where-used List for Hypertext Docu. RSDOKU03
66 T_SLS_CREATE_SDOC Transaction to create a sales doc. R_SLS_CREATE_SDOC
68 T_SLS_DISP_INC_LOG Display Incompletion Log R_SLS_DISP_INC_LOG
70 T_SLS_LO_API_EWB Enhancement Workbench for LO API  
71 T_SLS_LO_OIF_CONFIG Start LO OIF UI Configuration View  
72 T_VB Copying Rules for Conditions  
73 T_VC Copying Rule for Condition Types  
74 T_VD Conditions: Overviews (freight)  
75 T_VE Conditions: View seq. A, F, prices