SAP ABAP Transaction Code - Index P, page 6
Transaction Code - P
# Transaction code Short Description Corresponding Report (if exist)
1 PC00_M32_FVAL0 Food voucher format HMXCVAL0
2 PC00_M32_FVAL0_CE (empty) HMXCVAL0_CE
3 PC00_M32_JAHRLICHE Area menu-Subseq. activities Annual MENUPC00_M32_JAHRLICHE
4 PC00_M32_MONATLICHE Area menu-Subseq. activities Annual MENUPC00_M32_MONATLICHE
5 PC00_M32_PAP Area menu-Subs. act. Per payr. per. MENUPC00_M32_PAP
8 PC00_M32_PBS_CIPD Payroll information report HMXCIPDPBS
9 PC00_M32_PBS_CREG Report for Employee Category HMXCREGPBS
12 PC00_M32_PBS_CSPP SAR Report per Payroll Period HMXCSPPPBS
13 PC00_M32_PBS_CSPP_CE SAR Report per Payroll Period HMXCSPPPBS_CE
14 PC00_M32_PBS_UACT Generation of Affiliation Trnsctions HMXUACTPBS
15 PC00_M32_PBS_UACT_CE Generation of Affiliation Trnsctions HMXUACTPBS_CE
16 PC00_M32_PBS_UIST Loading of ISSSTE Discount Orders HMXUISTPBS
17 PC00_M32_PBS_UIST_CE Loading of ISSSTE Discount Orders HMXUISTPBS_CE
18 PC00_M32_PBS_USAR Load for contribution files HMXUSARPBS
19 PC00_M32_PBS_USAR_CE Load for contribution files HMXUSARPBS_CE
20 PC00_M32_PBS_UUAH Initial load Affiliation Trnsactions HMXUUAHPBS
21 PC00_M32_PDUNABHAGIG Area menu-Subs. act. Period-indep. MENUPC00_M32_PDUNABHAGIG
23 PC00_M32_SONSPERIOD Area menu-Subs. act. Other periods MENUPC00_M32_SONSPERIOD
25 PC00_M32_TRM0 Termination driver HLACTRM0
26 PC00_M32_TRM0_CE Termination driver HMXLACTRM0_CE
27 PC00_M32_TRTR0 Occupational hazard HMXTRTR0
28 PC00_M32_TRTR0_CE (empty) HMXTRTR0_CE
29 PC00_M32_TVAC0 Vacation quota settlement HMXTVAC0
30 PC00_M32_TVAC0_CE (empty) HMXTVAC0_CE
31 PC00_M32_UTRB_CE Update Payroll Status Mexico HMXUTRB0_CE
32 PC00_M33_CALC Start payroll Russia HRUCALC0
33 PC00_M33_CALCM_SIM Scheduler of Simul. Multiple Payroll HRUCALCM
34 PC00_M33_CALC_SIMU Simulation of payroll run for Russia HRUCALC0
35 PC00_M33_CDTA Preprogramm DTA HRUCDTA0
36 PC00_M33_CDTB Preprogramm DTB HRUCDTB0
39 PC00_M33_CEDT Remuneration statement HRUCEDT0
40 PC00_M33_CLSTR Display result HRUCLST0
41 PC00_M33_REP_ADM_ORD Personnel Order Management  
42 PC00_M33_REP_STAT_AN Payments and Deductions  
43 PC00_M34 Bereichsmenü-Abrechnung für Indonesi MENUPC00_M34
44 PC00_M34_CALC Start Payroll HIDCALC0
45 PC00_M34_CALC_SIMU Simulate Payroll HIDCALC0
46 PC00_M34_CANN Display Annual Payroll Results HIDCANN0
47 PC00_M34_CAWS Generate Annual Wage Supplement HIDCAWS0
48 PC00_M34_CDTB Abrechnung-überweisung-Vorpgm DTA-34 HIDCDTB0
49 PC00_M34_CDTC Prepare Bank Transfer HIDCDTC0
50 PC00_M34_CEDT Print Remuneration Statement HIDCEDT0
51 PC00_M34_CFRM0 Run report for Employee tax etc. HIDCFRM0
52 PC00_M34_CJAM Run Monthly Report for Jamsostek HIDCJAM0
53 PC00_M34_CJAM1 Run Annual Report for Jamsostek HIDCJAM1
54 PC00_M34_CKTO Display Payroll Account HIDCKTO0
55 PC00_M34_CLGA Display Wage Type Statement RPCLGA09
56 PC00_M34_CLJN Display Payroll Journal HIDCLJN0
57 PC00_M34_CLSTR Display Payroll Results HIDCLSTR
58 PC00_M34_CTAX1 Run Annual Report for Tax HIDCTAX1
59 PC00_M34_FFOD Perform Cash Payment RPU_M34_FFOD
60 PC00_M34_FFOT Perform Bank Transfer RPU_M34_FFOT
61 PC00_M34_JAHRLICHE Bereichsmenü-Subs.activities - Annua MENUPC00_M34_JAHRLICHE
62 PC00_M34_PAP Bereichsmenü-Subs.activities - Per p MENUPC00_M34_PAP
63 PC00_M34_PDUNABHAGIG Bereichsmenü-Subs.activities - Perio MENUPC00_M34_PDUNABHAGIG
64 PC00_M34_SONSPERIOD Bereichsmenü-Subs.activities - Other MENUPC00_M34_SONSPERIOD
65 PC00_M37 Payroll area menu for Brazil MENUPC00_M37
66 PC00_M37_3RDE0 List of third-party contributions HBR3RDE0
67 PC00_M37_AVFE Leave Notice Notification 37 HBRAVFE0
68 PC00_M37_AVPR Leave Notice Notification 37 HBRAVPR0
69 PC00_M37_CAGE Sozialversicherung 37 HBRCAGED
70 PC00_M37_CALC Payroll for Brazil HBRCALC0
71 PC00_M37_CALC_SIMU Simulation payroll accounting 37 HBRCALC0
72 PC00_M37_CCED Income Declaration 37 HBRCCED0
73 PC00_M37_CDTA Überweisungechn. Vorprogramm DTA 37 HBRCDTA0
74 PC00_M37_CEDT Pers.abrechnung entgeltnachweis - 37 HBRCEDT0
75 PC00_M37_CEDT1 Monthly remuneration statement HBRCEDT1
76 PC00_M37_CKTO Financial File 37 HBRCKTO0
77 PC00_M37_CLJN Analytical data 37 HBRPAYR0
78 PC00_M37_CLSTR Tools - payroll result - 37 HBRCLSTR
79 PC00_M37_CONTR (empty)  
80 PC00_M37_CTER Payroll accounting run  
81 PC00_M37_CVTR Transportation ticket HBRCVTR0
83 PC00_M37_DEPD Dependents Declaration 37 HBRDEPD0
84 PC00_M37_DIRF Withholding Income Tax Decl. 37 HBRDIRF0
85 PC00_M37_DIRF2011 DIRF 2011 HBRDIRF1
86 PC00_M37_DOCS HR Personhal Documents HBRUTDOCU
87 PC00_M37_ETIQ Salary Adjustment Label 37 HBRETQCP
88 PC00_M37_ETQF Leave data label 37 HBRETQFER
89 PC00_M37_FCOL Company vacation calculation HBRFCOL0
90 PC00_M37_FERI Advance Leave Calculation 37 HBRCFER0
91 PC00_M37_FFOC Überweisungechn. Cheque 37 RPU_M37_FFOC
92 PC00_M37_FFOU Überweisungechn. Transfêrecia 37 RPU_M37_FFOU
93 PC00_M37_FICH Salaried Employee Tab Page 37 HBRFICHA
94 PC00_M37_GPS Guide of Social Welfare  
95 PC00_M37_GRFC FGTS Termination Guide HBRGRFC0
96 PC00_M37_GRFP FCGSWI-FGTS TermCollGui.Soc.Welf.Inf HBRGRFP0
97 PC00_M37_GRPS Guide of Collect and Social Welfare HBRGPS00
98 PC00_M37_GRR0 Guide of Collect termination 37 HBRGRFP0
100 PC00_M37_HBRCGRH0 Alimony history HBRCGRH0
101 PC00_M37_HBRCHMN0 HomologNet HBRCHMN0
102 PC00_M37_HBRRTER2 Termination Term 2011 HBRRTER2
103 PC00_M37_HBRRTER3 Contract Termination Agreement 2012 HBRRTER3
104 PC00_M37_IN68 Normative instruction 68  
105 PC00_M37_IN86 Normative instruction 86  
106 PC00_M37_JAHRLICHE Area menu-subsequent activities-anua MENUPC00_M37_JAHRLICHE
107 PC00_M37_MANAD MANAD - standard guide digital files HBRMANAD
108 PC00_M37_MENS Payroll Monthly Report  
109 PC00_M37_MONATLICHE Area menu-subsequent activities- oth MENUPC00_M37_MONATLICHE
110 PC00_M37_MOPR Process Model 37 SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY
111 PC00_M37_OTEM Create Master Data Export RPCEMDBR0_CALL
112 PC00_M37_PAP Area menu-subsequent activities per MENUPC00_M37_PAP
113 PC00_M37_PDUNABHAGIG Area menu-subsequent activities-ind. MENUPC00_M37_PDUNABHAGIG
114 PC00_M37_PISC SIP - Data Medium Registration 37 HBRPIS00
115 PC00_M37_QGEN Generate legal leave entitlement 37 HBRUQTG0
116 PC00_M37_RAIS Social Information Annual List HBRRAIS0
117 PC00_M37_RECT Termination 37 HBRRECT0
118 PC00_M37_RTER Termination Term 2010 HBRRTER1
119 PC00_M37_SAB0 Absence and acquisiton per.control HBRCSAB0
120 PC00_M37_SALC List and Spec.of Contrib.Salaries 37 HBRSALC0
121 PC00_M37_SALF Child allowance file HBRSALF0
123 PC00_M37_SEGD Release from Work Notification 37 HBRSEGDE
124 PC00_M37_SONSPERIOD Area menu-subsequent activities- oth MENUPC00_M37_SONSPERIOD
125 PC00_M37_TEMSE Display facsimile TemSe files  
126 PC00_M37_TERM Dependents Decl.Child Allowance 37 HBRTERM0
127 PC00_M37_TMCRPA Maint.mass pres./absence reason HBRTRPA0
128 PC00_M37_TMIF SREP: REP data import HBRTMIF0
129 PC00_M37_TMS5 Display TemSe files HBRUTMS5
130 PC00_M37_TMSH SREP: electronic time reg.mirror HBRTMSH0
131 PC00_M37_TRM0 Termination driver HLACTRM0
132 PC00_M37_TRPA SREP: mass maint.disc.time events HBRTRPA0
133 PC00_M37_TRSF SREP: generation of AFDT/ACJEF files HBRTRSF0
134 PC00_M37_VALT Transportation ticket 37 HBRCVTR0
135 PC00_M37_VENF Issue of Leave Notice  
136 PC00_M40_ALR Allowance Restructuring HINIALR0
137 PC00_M40_ANN Payroll annual display - India HINCANN0
138 PC00_M40_BONS Bonus Calculation - India HINCBON0
139 PC00_M40_BSG Basic - General Increments HINIBSG0
140 PC00_M40_BSP Basic - Promotions HINIBSP0
141 PC00_M40_CALC Payroll program - India HINCALC0
142 PC00_M40_CALC_SIMU Payroll simulation India HIN_M40_CALC_SIMU
143 PC00_M40_CBLIST Cash breakdownlist - India RPCMLI09
144 PC00_M40_CDTA Payroll-transfer-prelimProg. DME-40 HINCDTA0
145 PC00_M40_CDTB BT for Aditional payments 40 HINCDTB0
146 PC00_M40_CEDT Remuneration Statement - India HINCEDT0
147 PC00_M40_CLSTR Payroll Results - 40 HINCLSTR
148 PC00_M40_CMAP Income Tax: Challan mapping program HINUCMAP
149 PC00_M40_DAB Batch program for Dearness Allowance HINIDAB0
150 PC00_M40_DF17 Form 17 Dowanlaod Utility HINUDF17
151 PC00_M40_EPF Provident Fund Reports - India HINCEPF0
152 PC00_M40_EPN PF Reports (Exempted Trust) - India HINCEPN0
153 PC00_M40_ESIB ESI Batch Program HINIESI0
154 PC00_M40_ESIF ESI Form6 & Form7 HINCESI0
155 PC00_M40_ESIU Utility Program for ESI HINUESI0
156 PC00_M40_F16 Form 16 HINCF160
157 PC00_M40_F16_1 Form 16 (New) HINCF161
158 PC00_M40_F217 Form 217 HINC2170
159 PC00_M40_F24 Income Tax: Form24 for India HINCF240
160 PC00_M40_F24C Form 24Q: e-File consolidation HINCF24C
161 PC00_M40_F24Q Form 24Q HINCF24Q
162 PC00_M40_FFOD Create DME (Print Payment advice) HINU_M40_FFOD
163 PC00_M40_FFOM Create.DME 40 HINU_M40_FFOM
164 PC00_M40_GRY Gratuity Listing HINCGRY0
165 PC00_M40_HRA Rent receipt updation report HINIHRA0
166 PC00_M40_KTO Payroll account - India HINCKTO0
167 PC00_M40_LJN Payroll Journal - India HINCLJN0
168 PC00_M40_LON1 Loans Summary Report HINCLON1
169 PC00_M40_LON2 Penal Interest Batch Program HINILON0
170 PC00_M40_LWF LWF Reports HINCLWF1
171 PC00_M40_PFE Provident Fund Reports - India HINCEPF0_DCF_ANNEX_NEW
172 PC00_M40_PFY Program For Annual PF Reports HINCEPF1
173 PC00_M40_PNE PF Reports (Exempted Trust) - India HINCEPN0_DCF_ANNEX_NEW
174 PC00_M40_PNY Program for Annual pension reports HINCEPN1
175 PC00_M40_PTX Professional Tax Form 5 HINCPTX0
176 PC00_M40_REMC Balance Carry Forward HINCREMC
177 PC00_M40_REMP Disbursement of claims HINCREMP
178 PC00_M40_REMS Status for claims HINCREMS
179 PC00_M40_REMT Balance Disbursement HINCREMT
180 PC00_M40_S80 Batch program for Section80 HINIS800
181 PC00_M40_S88 Batch program for Section80 HINIS880
182 PC00_M40_SANL Super annuation list HINCSAN0
183 PC00_M40_SWCH HR IN: Switch activation utility HINUSWCH
184 PC00_M40_TERM Termination HINCTER0
185 PC00_M40_TMSE Display Form 24q TemSe data HINUTMSE
186 PC00_M40_UPCF Upload for Claims processing HINUUPCF
187 PC00_M40_UTAN TAN upload utility HINUTANU
188 PC00_M40_XLS EXCEL (Upload / download) HINUUAD1
189 PC00_M41_BEN_DED Benefits deduction list RPUBENPAYRQ
190 PC00_M41_BONUS Bonus payroll Korea MENUPC00_M41_BONUS
191 PC00_M41_CALC Start payroll HKRCALC0
192 PC00_M41_CALC_RETIRE Start payroll RPU_M41_CALC_RETIRE
193 PC00_M41_CALC_SIMU Simulation payroll accounting HKRCALC0
194 PC00_M41_CALC_SIMU_R Simulation payroll RPU_M41_RETIRE_SIMU
195 PC00_M41_CDTA Prepare Bank Transfer HKRCDTA0
196 PC00_M41_CEDT Print Remuneration Statement HKRCEDT0
197 PC00_M41_CKTO Payroll account HKRCKTO0
198 PC00_M41_CLJN Payroll journal HKRCLJN0
199 PC00_M41_CMIS List for Health Insurance Lost HKRCMIS0
200 PC00_M41_EIAL0 List for EI Eligibility Aquired.Lost HKRLEIAL0
201 PC00_M41_JAHRLICHE Subsequent activities - annual MENUPC00_M41_JAHRLICHE
202 PC00_M41_LEAVE Leave compensation payroll MENUPC00_M41_LEAVE
203 PC00_M41_LQC0 Generate leave quota compensation HKRULQC0
204 PC00_M41_NP00 Grade Change BDC (SI) HKRUNP00
205 PC00_M41_PAP Area menu - Subsequent activities pe MENUPC00_M41_PAP
206 PC00_M41_PDUNABHAGIG Subsequent activities - period indep MENUPC00_M41_PDUNABHAGIG
207 PC00_M41_PTAX_RCT Tax payment receipt HKRCPTX0
208 PC00_M41_RETIRE Retirement payroll MENUPC00_M41_RETIRE
210 PC00_M41_SEPR Withholding separation tax receipt HKRSEPR0
211 PC00_M41_SIACQ The acquired of SI eligiblity HKRLSIACQ
212 PC00_M41_SICHG The changed of SI eligiblity HKRLSICHG
213 PC00_M41_SILOS The lost of SI eligiblity HKRLSILOS
214 PC00_M41_SIP0 SI premium deduction list HKRCSIP0
215 PC00_M41_SONSPERIOD Subsequent activities - other period MENUPC00_M41_SONSPERIOD
216 PC00_M41_UPNP Annual income notification (SI) HKRCUPNP
217 PC00_M41_UTSV Download TemSe file HKRUTSV0
218 PC00_M41_YEA Year end adjustment Korea MENUPC00_M41_YEA
219 PC00_M41_YEA_DED Report of Income Exemption & Deduct HKRCYED0
220 PC00_M41_YEA_DON Report of Donation Expense HKRCDON0
221 PC00_M41_YEA_LST Withholding income tax payment list HKRCYEG0
222 PC00_M41_YEA_MED Report of Medical Expense HKRCMED0
223 PC00_M41_YEA_RCT Withholding income tax receipt HKRCYEA0
224 PC00_M42 Payroll menu for Taiwan MENUPC00_M42
225 PC00_M42_ADV_OCRN Advance payment using off-cycle reas MENUPC00_M42_ADV_OCRN
226 PC00_M42_ADV_REP Advance payment using report MENUPC00_M42_ADV_REP
227 PC00_M42_AWS Area menu for Bonus MENUPC00_M42_AWS
228 PC00_M42_CALC Payroll Driver Taiwan HTWCALC0
229 PC00_M42_CALC_SIMU Simulate Payroll HTWCALC0
230 PC00_M42_CAWS Process Year End Bonus HTWCAWS0
231 PC00_M42_CDTA Prepare Bank Transfer HTWCDTA0
232 PC00_M42_CDTB Prepare Bank Transfer /Extra Payment HTWCDTB0
233 PC00_M42_CDTF Cancel Bank Transfer HTWCDTF0
234 PC00_M42_CEDT Print Remuneration Statement HTWCEDT0
235 PC00_M42_CKTO Display Payroll Account HTWCKTO0
236 PC00_M42_CLJN Display Payroll Journal HTWCLJN0
237 PC00_M42_CLSTR Display Payroll Result HTWCLSTR
238 PC00_M42_CMP0 First payment in Monthly Payroll 42 HTWCMP00
239 PC00_M42_CTXM Run Yearly Tax Certificate Report HTWCTXM0
240 PC00_M42_CTXP Periodical salary tax summary HTWCTXP0
241 PC00_M42_CTXW Tax Certificate Report (Payday) HTWCTXW0
242 PC00_M42_CWTR Wage Type Reporter for Taiwan HTWCWTR0
243 PC00_M42_FFOT Perform Bank Transfer RPU_M42_FFOT
244 PC00_M42_HRF_PJNAL_1 Hrforms SAP_PAYJNAL_TW01  
245 PC00_M42_HRF_PSLIP_1 Hrforms SAP_PAYJNAL_TW01  
246 PC00_M42_HTWCMLI9 Cash Breakdown List(Read Cluster TN) HTWCMLI9
247 PC00_M42_HTWSI970 Social Insurance (LI/NHI) of Taiwan HTWSI970
248 PC00_M42_HTWUTXM0 Delete tax reported data HTWUTXM0
249 PC00_M42_JAHRLICHE Subsequent activities TW - Annual MENUPC00_M42_JAHRLICHE
250 PC00_M42_LAM0 LI/NHI amount adjust from payroll 42 HTWLAM00
251 PC00_M42_LHCE Print LI/NHI Certificate HTWLCE00
252 PC00_M42_LHI0 Display/Update LI/NHI date 42 HTWLHI00
253 PC00_M42_LHIA NHI legal reporting Adjustment 42 HTWLHIA0
254 PC00_M42_LHIC NHI legal reporting Changes 42 HTWLHIC0
255 PC00_M42_LHID NHI difference report HTWLHID0
256 PC00_M42_LHIJ NHI legal reporting Join 42 HTWLHIJ0
257 PC00_M42_LHIM NHI legal reporting Medium 42 HTWLHIM0
258 PC00_M42_LHIQ NHI legal reporting Quit 42 HTWLHIQ0
259 PC00_M42_LIM0 3in1 (LI/NHI/NP) or 2in1 (LI/NP) med HTWLIM00
260 PC00_M42_LINF Masterdata overview 42 HTWLINF0
261 PC00_M42_LLIA LI legal reporting Adjustment 42 HTWLLIA0
262 PC00_M42_LLIC LI legal reporting Changes 42 HTWLLIC0
263 PC00_M42_LLIJ LI legal reporting Join 42 HTWLLIJ0
264 PC00_M42_LLIQ LI legal reporting Quit 42 HTWLLIQ0
265 PC00_M42_LLPD LI & NP Data Comprison HTWLLPD0
266 PC00_M42_LNC0 Update infotype from T7TW1B 42 HTWLNC00
267 PC00_M42_LSHI Supplementary premium declaration HTWLSHI0
268 PC00_M42_LSHM Exemption query and update HTWLSHM0
269 PC00_M42_NPPS Pension and Severance payment report HTWLNPP0
270 PC00_M42_NPR0 New Pension DME Download Report HTWLNPR0
271 PC00_M42_PAP Subs.activities - Per payroll period MENUPC00_M42_PAP
272 PC00_M42_PDUNABHAGIG Subs. activities TW - Period-indepen MENUPC00_M42_PDUNABHAGIG
273 PC00_M42_SONSPERIOD Subsequent activities TW - Other per MENUPC00_M42_SONSPERIOD
274 PC00_M42_TWDP Delete Personnel Data SAPTWDP0
275 PC00_M43 Area menu-payroll for New Zealand MENUPC00_M43
276 PC00_M43_BTD0 Bank Transfer Details HNZLBTD0
277 PC00_M43_CAD0 Holiday pay act report HNZUCAD0
278 PC00_M43_CADV Advance payment 43 HNZCADV0
279 PC00_M43_CALC Payroll accounting - simulation - 43 HNZCALC0
280 PC00_M43_CALC_SIMU Simulation payroll accounting 43 HNZCALC0
281 PC00_M43_CDAP Delete Advance Payment 43 HNZCDAP0
282 PC00_M43_CDTA Payroll-transfer pre. program DME-43 HNZCDTA0
283 PC00_M43_CEDT HR accounting remun. statement - 43 HNZCEDT0
284 PC00_M43_CIRC IR Certificates 43 HNZCIRC0
285 PC00_M43_CLEA Leave View HNZCLVV0
286 PC00_M43_CLSTR Tools - payroll result - 43 HNZCLSTR
287 PC00_M43_CLVP LVPAY correction report HNZULVPAY
288 PC00_M43_CPTQ Ptquoded correction report HNZUPTC0
289 PC00_M43_CTR1 Terminations 43 HNZCTR10
290 PC00_M43_FFOT Payroll transfer-first.DME 43 RPU_M43_FFOT
301 PC00_M43_LABQ0 Absence Quota Balance Batch Update HNZLABQ0
302 PC00_M43_LACC Payroll Rpts ACC Employer report 43 HNZLACC0
303 PC00_M43_LCSE Payroll Rpts Child Support report 43 HNZLCSE0
304 PC00_M43_LDET Payroll Reports Detail report 43 HNZLDET0
305 PC00_M43_LEMS EMS Report - New Zealand HNZLEMS0
306 PC00_M43_LEXC Payroll Reports Exception report 43 HNZLEXC0
307 PC00_M43_LKED KiwiSaver Employee Details HNZLKED0
308 PC00_M43_LLVL Leave Liability Report HNZLLVL0
309 PC00_M43_LPRR Payroll Rpts PAYE/ACC Recon. rpt 43 HNZLPRR0
310 PC00_M43_LQES Quarterly employment survey HNZLQES0
311 PC00_M43_LREC Payroll Reports Reconciliation rpt43 HNZLREC0
312 PC00_M43_LREM Employer deductions: Remittance cert HNZLREM0
313 PC00_M43_LSCS Quarterly labour cost survey - super HNZLSCS0
314 PC00_M43_LSUM Payroll Reports Summary report 43 HNZLSUM0
315 PC00_M43_LSUP Superannuation report 43 HNZLSUP0
316 PC00_M43_LXMS Shifting of Christmas and New Year HNZUXMS0
317 PC00_M43_N1DL Display And Delete Advance Pay Resut HNZDLN10
318 PC00_M43_PAP Area menu-subseq. activities - Per MENUPC00_M43_PAP
320 PC00_M43_QESL QES Report -Annual Leave Entitlement HNZQESL0
321 PC00_M43_SAUPD Update Superannuation -NZ (IT0310) HNZLUPDSA0
322 PC00_M43_UHCU Update Holiday Pay Bill Cluster HNZUHCU0
323 PC00_M43_UKSU Program to Upload KIWCO table HNZUKSU0
324 PC00_M43_ULVP LVPAY cluster update report HNZULVP0
325 PC00_M43_ULVR Avg & Current rate for leave payout HNZULVR0
326 PC00_M44_ATS_DC Data Collector Annual Tax Statement HFILTAX0
327 PC00_M44_ATS_PRES Data Presentation for ATS HFILTAX1
328 PC00_M44_BI_TUMF Mass Update of Union Fees via BI HFIITUMF
329 PC00_M44_CALC Payroll driver HFICALC0
330 PC00_M44_CALC_SIMU Simulate payroll accounting Finland HFICALC0
331 PC00_M44_CDTA Prelim.Program Data Medium Exchange HFICDTA0
332 PC00_M44_CDTA_TUMF Preliminary DME for Trade Union Fees HFICDTA0
333 PC00_M44_CEDT Payslip HFICEDT0
334 PC00_M44_CEDT_ELETTR Remuneration statement as eLetter HFICEDT0_ELETTER
335 PC00_M44_CKTO Payroll Account HFICKTO0
336 PC00_M44_CLJN Payroll Journal HFICLJN0
339 PC00_M44_CLSTR Display cluster FI (Results for SF) H99_DISPLAY_PAYRESULT
340 PC00_M44_CTAX Monthly tax and social remittance HFICTAX0
341 PC00_M44_FTUM Create Trade Union File HFIFTUM0
342 PC00_M44_HPAC Utility report to clean HPA DBtables HFIUHPA0
343 PC00_M44_HPAL Transaction for HPA with FI postings HFILHPA0_FI
344 PC00_M44_IABP0 Mass Update: Vacation Bonus Payments HFIIABP0
345 PC00_M44_LAAI0 Annual Accident Insurance Statement HFILAAI0
346 PC00_M44_LAIR Accident Insurance Reporting HFILAIR0
347 PC00_M44_LAWT0 Annual Working Time HFILAWT0
348 PC00_M44_LCST Labor Cost Statistics HFILCST0
349 PC00_M44_LDED List Deductions HFILDED0
350 PC00_M44_LERR0 Employee Representative Report HFILERR0
351 PC00_M44_LGAR List employee garnishments HFILGAR0
352 PC00_M44_LHPA0 Holiday Pay Accrual HFILHPA0
353 PC00_M44_LKEL0 Kela application report HFILKEL0
354 PC00_M44_LLIS Report for Low Income Support HFILLIS0
355 PC00_M44_LOTR0 Overtime Report HFILOTR0
356 PC00_M44_LPEN EEs changing insurance type HFILPEN0
357 PC00_M44_LSEA Earnings statement HFILSEA0
358 PC00_M44_LTALEL LEL/TaEL announcement HFILTALEL0
359 PC00_M44_LTCRE Display Tax Card Information HFILTCRE
360 PC00_M44_LTEL TEL employment and year announcement HFILTEL0
361 PC00_M44_LTUM List Trade Union Membership Fees HFILTUM0
362 PC00_M44_LTVR TVR Hours for PS Reclassification HFILTVR0
363 PC00_M44_LVAC0 Finnish Vacation Planning HFILVAC0
364 PC00_M44_LVAC1 Vacation Calculation HFILVAC1
365 PC00_M44_LWTR Finnish subappl. wage type reporting HFILWTR0
366 PC00_M44_OTEM Create Master Data Export RPCEMDFI0_CALL
367 PC00_M44_PU30_M940 Copy TUMF model wage type  
368 PC00_M44_PU30_M950 Copy SPC model wage type  
369 PC00_M44_RIP0 Raise in Pay History HFILRIP0
370 PC00_M44_RIP1 Raise in Pay Comparison HFILRIP1
371 PC00_M44_SPOB Statistics on Places of Business HFISPOB0
372 PC00_M44_SSTS0 Service Sector Statistics HFISSTS0
373 PC00_M44_STAT Statistical reporting HFICSTS0
374 PC00_M44_STBC Blue Collar statistics report HFISTBC0
375 PC00_M44_STPR Private sector statistics, Finland HFISPRS0
376 PC00_M44_STWC White Collar Monthly Statistics HFISTWC0
377 PC00_M44_TCDOWN Tax card download HFIUTCDL
378 PC00_M44_TCUP Tax card upload HFIUTCUL
379 PC00_M44_TYEL0 TYEL Monthly Reporting HFILTYEL0
380 PC00_M44_TYEL1 TYEL Yearly Reporting HFILTYEL1
381 PC00_M44_UCPL Check for locked personnel numbers HFIUCPL0
382 PC00_M44_UPD9 Update Infotype 0009 Payment method HFIBNKU0
383 PC00_M44_UTCCP Delimit/Copy Tax Infotype HFIUTCCP
384 PC00_M48 Bereichsmenü-Abrechnung für Philipin MENUPC00_M48
385 PC00_M48_13MN 13th Month Calculation Program HPHCAWS0
386 PC00_M48_CALC Personalabrechnung - simulation - 48 HPHCALC0
387 PC00_M48_CALC_13MN 13th Month Bonus Runs HPHCALC0
388 PC00_M48_CALC_BN Off-cycle - Bonus payments HPHCALC0
389 PC00_M48_CALC_MRND Off-cycle - Multiple runs w/o ded HPHCALC0
390 PC00_M48_CALC_MRWD Off-cycle - Multiple runs w/ ded HPHCALC0
391 PC00_M48_CALC_SIMU Payroll Driver Simulation - Phil. HPHCALC0
392 PC00_M48_CDTA Bank transfer pre.program DME 48 HPHCDTA0
393 PC00_M48_CDTC Abrechnung-überweisung-Vorpgm DTA-48 RPU_M48_CDTC
394 PC00_M48_CDTE Abrech.überweisung-testüberweisung48 RPU_M48_CDTE
395 PC00_M48_CEDT Pers.abrechnung entgeltnachweis - 48 HPHCEDT0
396 PC00_M48_CKTO Payroll account - Philippines HPHCKTO0
397 PC00_M48_CLJN Lohnjournal 48 HPHCLJN0
398 PC00_M48_CLSTR Werkzeuge - abrechnungsergebnis - 48 HPHCLSTR
399 PC00_M48_CMP0 Adv pay multiple runs calc. program HPHCMP00
400 PC00_M48_EOYT BIR2316 Income Cert. HPHEOYT0
401 PC00_M48_FFOT Abrech.Überweisung-Erst.DTA 48 RPU_M48_FFOT
402 PC00_M48_JAHRLICHE Bereichsmenü-Folgeaktivitäten - Annu MENUPC00_M48_JAHRLICHE
403 PC00_M48_NHIP PhilHealth Remittance Report (RF-1) HPHRNHIP0
404 PC00_M48_PAP Bereichsmenü-Folgeaktivitäten - Per MENUPC00_M48_PAP
405 PC00_M48_PDUNABHAGIG Bereichsmenü-Folgeaktivitäten - Peri MENUPC00_M48_PDUNABHAGIG
406 PC00_M48_RALP Monthly Tax Remit. HPHRALP0
408 PC00_M48_RHDM HDMF Monthly Remit. HPHRHDM0
409 PC00_M48_RSBR0 Display of receipt numbers HPHRSBR0
410 PC00_M48_RSBRU SBR-Utility report for updation HPHRUSBR0
411 PC00_M48_RSSS SSS Reports Tax type statement 48 HPHRSSS0
412 PC00_M48_RTAX Monthly Tax Remit. HPHRTAX0
413 PC00_M48_SBRU Bank Receipt Updation Utility SAPMSBRU0
414 PC00_M48_SONSPERIOD Bereichsmenü-Folgeaktivitäten - Othe MENUPC00_M48_SONSPERIOD
415 PC00_M99 Area Menu - International Payroll MENUPC00_M99
416 PC00_M99_ABKRS Set payroll area RPU_M99_SET_ABKRS
417 PC00_M99_B2AFILE B2A: Upload/Download Files H99_B2AFILE
418 PC00_M99_CALC International Payroll RPMENUSTART00
419 PC00_M99_CALC_SIMU International Simulation Payroll RPMENUSTART00
420 PC00_M99_CDTA Bank transfer pre.program DME Inter. RPMENUSTART00
421 PC00_M99_CEDT Remuneration statement Internat. RPMENUSTART00
422 PC00_M99_CIPC Check Completeness of Posting RPCIPC00
423 PC00_M99_CIPC_PNP Check Completeness of Posting RPCIPC00_PNP
424 PC00_M99_CIPE Create Posting Run RPMENUSTART00
425 PC00_M99_CIPE01 Create Posting Run RPMENUSTART00
426 PC00_M99_CIP_T_CHECK Posting: Technical Document Trace RPCIP_TRANSFER_CHECK
427 PC00_M99_CKTO Payroll account - International RPCKTOX0
428 PC00_M99_CLGA00 Wage type statement - International RPCLGA00
429 PC00_M99_CLGA09 Wage type statement (US stand.) Int. RPCLGA09
430 PC00_M99_CLGV00 Wage type distribution - Internat. RPCLGV00
431 PC00_M99_CLGV09 Wage type distribution (US st.) Int. RPCLGV09
432 PC00_M99_CLJN Payroll journal International RPCLJNX0
433 PC00_M99_CLOF Account Statement for Company Loans RPCLOF00
434 PC00_M99_CLOG Overview of Company Loans RPCLOG00
435 PC00_M99_CLOH Calculation of Present Value RPCLOH00
436 PC00_M99_CLSTPC Absences - International RPCLSTPC
437 PC00_M99_CLSTR Payroll result International RPMENUSTART00
438 PC00_M99_CMLI0 Cash breakdown list payment Int. RPCMLI00
439 PC00_M99_CMLI0_NEW Cash breakdown list payment Int. H99CMLI0
440 PC00_M99_CMLI9 Cash breakdown list payment(9) Int. RPCMLI09
441 PC00_M99_CPRC Payroll calendar - International RPCPRC00
442 PC00_M99_CPYS Payroll calendar - International RPCPYS00
443 PC00_M99_CURSET Current settings RPU_M99_CURRENT_SETTING
444 PC00_M99_CWTR Wage type reporter RPMENUSTART00
445 PC00_M99_CWTR_NO_OC Wage type reporter H99CWTR0_NO_OC
446 PC00_M99_DKON Assign WTS- Display G/L Accounts RPDKON00
447 PC00_M99_DLGA20 Wage type use - International RPDLGA20
448 PC00_M99_FPAYM Create Payment Medium RPU_M99_FPAYM
449 PC00_M99_HRF Wage Statement with HR Forms  
450 PC00_M99_HRF_CALL Call HR Forms Print Report H99_HRFORMS_CALL
451 PC00_M99_HRF_CALL01 Call HR Forms Print Report H99_HRFORMS_CALL_HELP
452 PC00_M99_ITRF Pay Scale Increase Ext. Internation. RPITRF00
453 PC00_M99_ITUM Pay Scale Reclass. International RPITUM00
455 PC00_M99_OTCP Combined Payroll XX Export RPCEPYX0_COMBINED_CALL
456 PC00_M99_OTEM Create Master Data Export RPCEMDX0_CALL
457 PC00_M99_OTEX International Gross Payroll Export RPCEPYX0_CALL
458 PC00_M99_OTLJ Payroll Journal - Outsourcing RPCLJNX0_CALL_OUTSOURCING
459 PC00_M99_OTMM Mini Master Export - XX RPCEMDX0_COMBINED_CALL
460 PC00_M99_PA03_CHECK Check results H99CPAYMENU
461 PC00_M99_PA03_CORR Corrections H99CPAYMENU
462 PC00_M99_PA03_END Exit payroll H99CPAYMENU
463 PC00_M99_PA03_RELEA Release payroll H99CPAYMENU
464 PC00_M99_PAP Area menu - Subs. activities per PP MENUPC00_M99_PAP
465 PC00_M99_PPM Generate Posting Run - Payments H99_POST_PAYMENT
466 PC00_M99_RPIADVL0 Advance Payment-Generation Internat. RPIADVL0
467 PC00_M99_TLEA Annual leave listing International RPTLEA00
468 PC00_M99_TLEA30 Annual leave update International RPTLEA30
469 PC00_M99_U510 Pay scale increase International RPU51000
470 PC00_M99_UCRT Restructure Cumulation Tables RPMENUSTART00
471 PC00_M99_UDIR Restructure Payroll Directory RPUDIR00
472 PC00_M99_URMA 3PR Acknowledgement run RPURMA00
473 PC00_M99_URMC Run remittance completeness check RPURMC00
474 PC00_M99_URMD 3PR Undo remittance runs RPURMD00
475 PC00_M99_URME Run remittance evaluation RPURME00
476 PC00_M99_URML 3PR TemSe files upload/download RPURML00
477 PC00_M99_URMP 3PR Create posting run (US) RPURMP00
478 PC00_M99_URMR 3PR Remittance reconciliation RPURMR00
479 PC00_M99_URMU 3PR Store evaluation run RPURMU00
480 PC00_M99_URMW 3PR Check processing classes RPURMW00
481 PC00_M99_UTSV List TemSe Objects RPUTSV00
482 PC00_MNA_CC_ADM Cost Center Report - Administrator RPCPCC00
483 PC00_MNA_CC_MAN Cost Center Report - Manager RPCPCC00
484 PC00_MO3_TSWA ELDA Notif. for Heavy Labor Position RPTSWAA0
487 PC00_MUN_CALC_SIMU NPO Simulation Payroll RPMENUSTART00
488 PC00_MUN_CDTA Bank transfer pre.program DME NPO RPMENUSTART00
489 PC00_MUN_CEDT Remuneration statement NPO RPMENUSTART00
490 PC00_MUN_CIPE Create Posting Run RPMENUSTART00
491 PC00_MUN_CKTO Display Payroll Account HUNCKTO0
492 PC00_MUN_CLJN Payroll Journal --- NPO  
493 PC00_MUN_LOADER NPO: Loader for CMT Data in XML Form  
494 PC00_MUN_LOGMAINT NPO: Log Maintenance for CMT Compone  
495 PC00_MUN_PA03_CHECK Check results HUNCPAYMENU
496 PC00_MUN_PA03_CORR Corrections HUNCPAYMENU
497 PC00_MUN_PA03_END Exit payroll HUNCPAYMENU
498 PC00_MUN_PA03_RELEA Release payroll HUNCPAYMENU
499 PC00_MUN_QTASLA Quota Update for Sick Leave Accrual  
500 PC00_MUN_QTASLC Sick Leave Accrual and entitlement