SAP ABAP Transaction Code - Index P, page 2
Transaction Code - P
# Transaction code Short Description Corresponding Report (if exist)
1 PC00_M01_LRZB0 Pension Information Procedure: BEN RPLRZBD0
2 PC00_M01_LSTA Tax List Child Allow. Cert. 01 RPLSTAD0
3 PC00_M01_LSTK Tax Cards (Not) Submitted RPLSTKD0
4 PC00_M01_LSVC Pension Payment Notifications RPLSVCD0
5 PC00_M01_LSVE Check HI Annual Income Limit RPLSVED2
6 PC00_M01_LSVF Check HI Annual Income Limit RPLSVED0
7 PC00_M01_LSVM Certify Annual Remuneration RPLSVMD0
8 PC00_M01_LSVP List of Employees with Private HI RPLSVPD0
9 PC00_M01_LSVU Check Contribution Liability RPLSVUD0
10 PC00_M01_LSVWD0 Display Value Credit and SI ITD RPLSVWD0
11 PC00_M01_LVBA Capital Formation Overview RPLVBAD0
12 PC00_M01_LWAGD0 Customizing Tool CPS RPLWAGD0
13 PC00_M01_OTEM Create Master Data Export RPCEMDD0_CALL
14 PC00_M01_PAP Area Menu: Subs. Activ. per Payr. MENUPC00_M01_PAP
15 PC00_M01_PDUNABHAGIG Area Menu: Subseq. Activities - Per. MENUPC00_M01_PDUNABHAGIG
16 PC00_M01_PRDBEG Define DEUEV Start RPUDPBD0
17 PC00_M01_RPBZVMD2 SP Employee Statement RPBZVMD2
18 PC00_M01_RPCAMBD0 AVmG: List for Contribution Taxation RPCAMBD0
19 PC00_M01_RPCAOAD0 Employment Tax Notific. Tax Auditor RPCAOAD0
20 PC00_M01_RPCAOBD0 Employment Tax Statement Tax Auditor RPCAOBD0
21 PC00_M01_RPCAODD0 Data Access Tax Audit: Download RPCAODD0
22 PC00_M01_RPCAOKD0 Payroll Account Tax Auditor RPCAOKD0
23 PC00_M01_RPCAOLD0 Wage Type Reporter Tax Audit RPCAOLD0
24 PC00_M01_RPCAOPD0 Data Access Tax Audit: Export RPCAOPD0
25 PC00_M01_RPCAOSD0 Info Types - Display Tay Auditors RPCAOSD0
26 PC00_M01_RPCAOTD0 Tax Relevant Wage Types Tax Audit RPCAOTD0
27 PC00_M01_RPCBIHD0 Assignment of PPO Error Confirmatns RPCBIHD0
28 PC00_M01_RPCBILD0 List for PPO Error Confirmations RPCBILD0
29 PC00_M01_RPCBILD0_DI Display of PPO Error Confirmations RPCBILD0_DISPLAY
30 PC00_M01_RPCBMHD0_IN Assign PPO DEUEV Inbound Notificatns RPCBMHD0_IN
31 PC00_M01_RPCBMLD0IDI Display PPO DEUEV Error Confirmation RPCBMLD0_IN_DISPLAY
33 PC00_M01_RPCBMLD0OUT Pers. Resp. List DEUEV Notif. PPO RPCBMLD0_OUT
34 PC00_M01_RPCBMLD0_IN Administrator List PPO DEUEV Inbound RPCBMLD0_IN
35 PC00_M01_RPCBMTD0 Create DEUEV Data Medium for PPO RPCBMTD0
36 PC00_M01_RPCBMTD1 Create DEUEV Data Medium for PPO RPCBMTD1
37 PC00_M01_RPCBMVD0 Create Notifications for PPO RPCBMVD0
38 PC00_M01_RPCBNHD0_I Assign Contribution Statements RPCBNHD0_IN
39 PC00_M01_RPCBNLD0_I Edit Contrib. Statements Receipt RPCBNLD0_IN
40 PC00_M01_RPCBNLD0_ID Display Contrib. Statements Receipt RPCBNLD0_IN_DISPLAY
41 PC00_M01_RPCBOHD0 Transfer Notifications to DASBV RPCBOHD0
42 PC00_M01_RPCBOLD0 PPO Administrator List RPCBOLD0
43 PC00_M01_RPCBOVD0 Create Contribution Collection Not. RPCBOVD0
44 PC00_M01_RPCBVBD0 Deduction of Contribution Amt to PPO RPCBVBD0
45 PC00_M01_RPCBVLD0 Display PPO Contrib. Collect. Notif. RPCBVLD0
46 PC00_M01_RPCD3LD0_ID Display DEUEV Inbound Notifications RPCD3LD0_IN_DISPLAY
47 PC00_M01_RPCD3LD0_O Edit DEUEV Notifications RPCD3LD0_OUT
48 PC00_M01_RPCD3LD0_OD Display DEUEV Notifications RPCD3LD0_OUT_DISPLAY
49 PC00_M01_RPCDRHD0 Assignment of DEUEV Inbound Notific. RPCDRHD0
50 PC00_M01_RPCDRLD0 Administrator List DEUEV Inbox RPCDRLD0
51 PC00_M01_RPCDRVD0 Process PI Number Confirmations RPCDRVD0
52 PC00_M01_RPCEAHD0 AAG: Create Notification File RPCEAHD0
53 PC00_M01_RPCEAHD0_IN AAG: Assign Error Confirmations RPCEAHD0_IN
54 PC00_M01_RPCEALD0OUT AAG: Process Notifications RPCEALD0_OUT
55 PC00_M01_RPCEALD0_IN AAG: Process Error Confirmations RPCEALD0_IN
56 PC00_M01_RPCEAVD0 AAG: Create Notifications RPCEAVD0
57 PC00_M01_RPCSVPD0 Query SI Communication Server RPCSVPD0
58 PC00_M01_RPCZIHD0 ZMV: Assign Inbound Notifications RPCZIHD0
59 PC00_M01_RPCZILD0 ZMV: Edit Inbound Notifications RPCZILD0
60 PC00_M01_RPCZIVD0 ZMV: Process Inbound Notifications RPCZIVD0
61 PC00_M01_RPCZOBD0 ZMV: Create Balance Notifications RPCZOBD0
62 PC00_M01_RPCZOHD0 ZMV: Create Notification File RPCZOHD0
63 PC00_M01_RPCZOHD0_KO ZMV: Create Dummy Notification File RPCZOHD0_DSKO
64 PC00_M01_RPCZOLD0 ZMV: Process Notifications RPCZOLD0
65 PC00_M01_RPCZOMD0 ZMV: Reminder List Unconf. Start Not RPCZOMD0
66 PC00_M01_RPCZOVD0 ZMV: Create Notifications RPCZOVD0
67 PC00_M01_RPCZSLD0 ZMV: Display (Inbound) Notifications RPCZSLD0
68 PC00_M01_RPCZVBD2 SP Statement of Contributions Paid RPCZVBD2
69 PC00_M01_RPCZVDD2 SP Data Medium Creation RPCZVDD2
70 PC00_M01_RPCZVDTAD2 Determination of Contributions RPCZVDTAD2
71 PC00_M01_RPCZVDTSD2 Bank Transfer of Contributions RPCZVDTSD2
72 PC00_M01_RPCZVMD2 SP Notification Creation RPCZVMD2
73 PC00_M01_RPDZVCD2 SP Customizing Display RPDZVCD2
74 PC00_M01_RPLBUZD0 List of Gross Overpayments RPLBUZD0
75 PC00_M01_RPLZVMD2 SP Notification Display RPLZVMD2
76 PC00_M01_RPUBILD0 List for Non-Assigned PPO Notific. RPUBILD0
77 PC00_M01_RPUBMLD0_IN List Unassigned BV-DEUEV Inb. Notif. RPUBMLD0_IN
78 PC00_M01_RPUBNLD0 Contrib. Statements (Not Assigned) RPUBNLD0
79 PC00_M01_RPUBRCD0 Customizing: Construction Industry RPUBRCD0
80 PC00_M01_RPUD3CD0 Consistency Check of DEUEV Notifs RPUD3CD0
81 PC00_M01_RPUD3LD0_I Edit Unassigned DEUEV Inbound Notif. RPUD3LD0_IN
82 PC00_M01_RPUEALD0_IN AAG: Process Unass. Error Confirm. RPUEALD0_IN
83 PC00_M01_RPUELLD0_IN List of Unassigned ELENA Inb. Notif. RPUELLD0_IN
84 PC00_M01_RPUSVDD0 Import Company Number File V2 RPUSVDD0
85 PC00_M01_RPUSVHD0 Settings SI Communication RPUSVHD0
86 PC00_M01_RPUSVKD1 SI: Encryption PKCS#7 RPUSVKD1
87 PC00_M01_RPUSVMD0 SI: Display Certificate Lists RPUSVMD0
89 PC00_M01_RPUSVOD0 Import Indiv. SI E-Mails RPUSVOD0
90 PC00_M01_RPUTSVD6 ZMV: Display Notification File RPUTSVD6
91 PC00_M01_RPUTSVD7 Files for Sending by E-Mail to PPO RPUTSVD7
92 PC00_M01_RPUTSVD8 Display Files Contrib. Statement RPUTSVD8
93 PC00_M01_RPUTSVD9 AAG: Display Notification File RPUTSVD9
94 PC00_M01_RPUTSVDA EEL: Display Notification File RPUTSVDA
95 PC00_M01_RPUZILD0 ZMV: Edit Unassigned Inbound Notif. RPUZILD0
96 PC00_M01_RPUZVAD2 SP Notification Status/Delete RPUZVAD2
97 PC00_M01_RPUZVCD2 SP Data Med. Display and Comparison RPUZVCD2
98 PC00_M01_RPUZVDD2 SP Data Medium Administration RPUZVDD2
99 PC00_M01_RPUZVMD2 Grouped Data Medium Creation RPUZVMD2
100 PC00_M01_RPUZVTD2 SP Data Medium Download RPUZVTD2
101 PC00_M01_RZBS Assign Destination to Constr. Site RPU_M01_BAU_RZBS
102 PC00_M01_SKGO Child Allowance Statistics RPSKGOD0
103 PC00_M01_SONSPERIOD Area Menu: Subseq. Activ. - Other MENUPC00_M01_SONSPERIOD
104 PC00_M01_SVEO Create Pension Recipient 01 RPSVEOD0
105 PC00_M01_TLEA Leave Reserve RPTLEAD0
106 PC00_M01_UD3MD0 Distributed Reporting for DEUEV RPUD3MD0
107 PC00_M01_UD3SD0_TSBF Occup. Key for Input Help TS 2010 RPUD3SD0_TSBRF
108 PC00_M01_UD3SD0_TSDE Delete Old OC in Infotype 0020 RPUD3SD0_TSDEL
109 PC00_M01_UD3SD0_TSFI Fill TS 2010 in Infotype 0020 RPUD3SD0_TSFILL
110 PC00_M01_UD3SD0_TSVA Prepopulate TS 2010 Input Help RPUD3SD0_TSVAL
111 PC00_M01_UDDQD0 Organize Directory DQ from Clstr DP RPUDDQD0
112 PC00_M01_UDSLD0_IN Edit Unassigned Immediate Notif. RPUDSLD0_IN
113 PC00_M01_UE2AD0 ELStAM: Simulate Inbound Notificatns RPUE2AD0
114 PC00_M01_UE2BD0 ELStAM: Auxil. and Analysis Program RPUE2BD0
115 PC00_M01_UE2PD0 Check Employment Tax Features RPUE2PD0
116 PC00_M01_UE2TD0 Check ELStAM Data RPUE2TD0
117 PC00_M01_UEELD0_IN EEL: Edit Unassigned Inbound Notif. RPUEELD0_IN
118 PC00_M01_UELDD0_OUT Delete ELENA Data RPUELDD0
119 PC00_M01_UELTD0 Show ELENA file RPUELTD0
120 PC00_M01_UKGO Child Allowance Statistics: DL TemSe RPUKGOD0
121 PC00_M01_URZB Public Sector Pension Data Medium 01 RPURZBD0
122 PC00_M01_USTG Import Tax Municipality Data RPUSTGD0
123 PC00_M01_USVAD0 Set Retro Acctg Date for HI Changes RPUSVAD0
124 PC00_M01_USVCD0 Comparison of Contribution Rates RPUSVCD0
125 PC00_M01_USVED0 Import Contribution Rate File RPUSVED0
126 PC00_M01_USVMD0_FLAG Mark Notifications RPUSVMD0_FLAG
127 PC00_M01_USVMD0_STRT Start Date of SI Notifications RPUSVMD0_START
128 PC00_M01_UTSV Download Data Medium to Disk RPUTSVDD
129 PC00_M01_UTSVD2 Display Contrib. Statemt Data by EDI RPUTSVD2
130 PC00_M01_UTSVDD Download Data Medium to Disk RPUTSVDD
131 PC00_M01_UTXF Set Retro. Acctg Date Vol. Insur. RPUTXFD0
132 PC00_M01_UTXG Correction Run ETStmt Vol. Insur. RPUTXGD0
133 PC00_M01_UVEO Download Data Medium to Disk RPUVEODD
134 PC00_M01_UWCU10 Copy/Delete Entitlements RPUWCU10
135 PC00_M01_UWCU15 Customizing Tool: Cop./Del.Ben.Type RPUWCU15
136 PC00_M01_UWEDDA Transfer Ext. Data to CPS Database RPUWEDDA
137 PC00_M01_UWUPDB Edit Pension Statement Element in DB RPUWUPDB
138 PC00_M01_ZFABZ01 Create BZ01 Notifications RPCZFAD0_BZ01
139 PC00_M01_ZFABZ02 Create BZ02 Notifications RPCZFAD0_BZ02
140 PC00_M01_ZFACLST Manage ZfA Notifications RPUZFAD0
141 PC00_M01_ZFADIRCHECK Check ZfA Notification Directories RPUZFAD1_DIR_CHECK
142 PC00_M01_ZFADISP Display ZfA Notifications RPLZFAD0
143 PC00_M01_ZFAINBOUND Process ZfA Inbound Directory RPCZFAD0_INBOUND
144 PC00_M01_ZFAKZ01 KZ01 - Generate Notifs RPCZFAD0_KZ01
145 PC00_M01_ZFAKZ02 Ind. 02: Create Notifications RPCZFAD0_KZ02
146 PC00_M01_ZFAOUTBOUND Outbound ZfA Notifications RPCZFAD0_OUTBOUND
147 PC00_M01_ZFARESET Reset B2A Outbound RPUZFAD0_RESET
148 PC00_M01_ZFAZB01 Process ZB01 Notifications RPCZFAD0_ZB01
149 PC00_M01_ZFAZK01 Process ZK01 Notifications RPCZFAD0_ZK01
150 PC00_M01_ZFAZKNN Non-Assigned ZK01 Notifications RPUZFAD0_ZKNN
151 PC00_M02 Area Menu Payroll for Switzerland MENUPC00_M02
152 PC00_M02_ASMC1 Solidarity Contribution Statement RPLASMC1
153 PC00_M02_CALC Payroll Switzerland RPCALCC0
154 PC00_M02_CALCCM Scheduler for Multiple Payroll (CH) RPCALCCM
155 PC00_M02_CALCCM_SM Simu. Scheduler Multiple Payroll CH RPCALCCM
156 PC00_M02_CALC_SIMU Payroll Simulation Switzerland RPCALCC0
157 PC00_M02_CASB0 Solidarity Contribution Statement RPCASBC0
158 PC00_M02_CDTA Preliminary Program for DME RPCDTAC0
159 PC00_M02_CDTBC0 Preprog. DTA seperate payment run RPCDTBC0
160 PC00_M02_CDTPC0 Preprogram: DME for NrP PS CH RPCDTPC0
161 PC00_M02_CEDT Remuneration Statements RPCEDTC0
162 PC00_M02_CKTO Payroll Account RPCKTOC0
163 PC00_M02_CKTO1 Revision of AHV/AIL Payroll Account RPCKTOC1
164 PC00_M02_CLJN Payroll Journal RPCLJNC0
165 PC00_M02_CLSTBV BV PCL2 Cluster Display RPCLSTBV
166 PC00_M02_CLSTR Display Payroll Results (RC) RPCLSTRC
167 PC00_M02_CPK0C0 Calculate Bonus Wage Type RPCPK0C0
168 PC00_M02_DLAW2 Wage Statement 2005 RPDLAWC2
169 PC00_M02_FFOP Swiss Payment Medium - /SAD /BAD RPU_M02_FFOP
170 PC00_M02_FFOU Swiss Payment Medium - Bank Transfer RPU_M02_FFOU
171 PC00_M02_HRF Wage Statement with HR Forms  
172 PC00_M02_IADUC0 Create BI for Legacy Data Transfer RPIADUC0
173 PC00_M02_IPKLC0 Evaluation List with BI Folder RPIPKLC0
174 PC00_M02_JAHRLICHE Area menu-Annual subsequent activity MENUPC00_M02_JAHRLICHE
175 PC00_M02_LAHV0 Employee List with AHV No. /CD RPLAHVC0
176 PC00_M02_LAHV1 AHV - Pay Statement RPLAHVC1
177 PC00_M02_LASM0 ASM - Wage and Salary Statistics RPLASMC0
178 PC00_M02_LASM1 Solidarity contribution statement RPLASMC1
179 PC00_M02_LBGA0 BFS Quarterly Employment Statistics RPLBGAC0
180 PC00_M02_LBGA1 BFS-wage level and structure RPLBGAC1
181 PC00_M02_LBGA2 BFS Quarterly Employment Statistics RPLBGAC2
182 PC00_M02_LBGA3 BFS Wage Structure Survey, Rev. 2012 RPLBGAC3
183 PC00_M02_LELM0 ELM - Data Extractor RPLELMC0
184 PC00_M02_LERC0 Employer Statement RPLERCC0
185 PC00_M02_LFAK1 Accounting of Family-Related Bonuses RPLFAKC1
186 PC00_M02_LFAK2 Calculation of Enhanced Fam.Rel.Bon. RPLFAKC2
187 PC00_M02_LFAK3 Family-Related Bonuses - Check RPLFAKC3
188 PC00_M02_LFAK6 Acctg of Family-Rel. Bonuses (ELM) RPLFAKC6
189 PC00_M02_LFAK7 Overall Monthly Report (FamRelBReg) RPLFAKC7
190 PC00_M02_LIKA1 IF Annual Payroll (Obsolete) RPLIKAC1
191 PC00_M02_LIKA2 IF Annual Payroll (AKIS-Lohn'08) RPLIKAC2
192 PC00_M02_LINF0 Infotype Overview for Employee RPLINFC0
193 PC00_M02_LJAE0 Annual Overview of Payroll Results RPLJAEC0
194 PC00_M02_LKUA0 Reduced Working Hours Payroll Run RPLKUAC0
195 PC00_M02_LLAW0 Wage Statement for Tax Declaration RPLLAWC0
196 PC00_M02_LLAW1 Wage Statement from File RPLLAWC1
197 PC00_M02_LLAW2 Wage Statement 2005 RPLLAWC2
198 PC00_M02_LLVG0 Salary Comparison RPLLVGC0
199 PC00_M02_LPFL0 Wage Type Control RPLPFLC0
200 PC00_M02_LPFL1 Wage Type Liabilities Tax RPLPFLC1
201 PC00_M02_LPFL2 WType Control - Multiple Employment RPLPFLC2
202 PC00_M02_LPFL3 Wage Type Liabilities AHV/AIL RPLPFLC3
203 PC00_M02_LPKKC0 Account evaluation RPLPKKC0
204 PC00_M02_LPKOC0 PF Evaluation Callup with Scheduler RPLPKOC0
205 PC00_M02_LPKPC0 Person Selection for Pension Fund RPLPKPC0
206 PC00_M02_LPKSC0 Pension Fund Universal Evaluation RPLPKSC0
207 PC00_M02_LPKTC0 Universal Evaluation List RPLPKTC0
208 PC00_M02_LQSB0 WTax Notific. of Official Assessment RPLQSBC0
209 PC00_M02_LQSF0 Withholding Tax Statement RPLQSTC3
210 PC00_M02_LQST0 Withholding Tax - Payroll RPLQSTC0
211 PC00_M02_LQST0_OLD Withholding Tax - Payroll RPLQSTC0_OLD
212 PC00_M02_LQST1 Withholding Tax Statement Waadt RPLQSTC1
213 PC00_M02_LQST2 Withholding Tax Statement-St Gallen RPLQSTC2
214 PC00_M02_LQST4 Gross Wage Cross-Border EE France RPLQSTC4
215 PC00_M02_LRMC0 Maternity Pay Registration RPLRMCC0
216 PC00_M02_LSTM0 HR Master Data Sheet - Switzerland RPLSTMC0
217 PC00_M02_LSUV0 UVG Annual Accounting RPLSUVC0
218 PC00_M02_LUVG Wage type capitulation RPLUVGC1
219 PC00_M02_LUVG2 Monthly Wage Type Recapitulation RPLUVGC2
220 PC00_M02_LVER0 Payroll Insurance Switzerland RPLVERC0
221 PC00_M02_OTEM Create Master Data Export RPCEMDC0_CALL
222 PC00_M02_PAP Area menu-subs. activities per payr. MENUPC00_M02_PAP
223 PC00_M02_PDUNABHAGIG Area menu - Period-indep. subs. act. MENUPC00_M02_PDUNABHAGIG
224 PC00_M02_PLZC0 Abgleich Anschriftendaten Schweiz RPUPLZC0
225 PC00_M02_PLZC1 Read Report Municip. Codes (BFS) CH RPUPLZC1
226 PC00_M02_SONSPERIOD Area menu - Subs. activities, other MENUPC00_M02_SONSPERIOD
227 PC00_M02_U45BC0 Initial Value Conversion RPU45BC0
228 PC00_M02_U46AC0 Function View Conversion RPU46AC0
229 PC00_M02_UA79C0 Purge IT Individual Values PF RPUA79C0
230 PC00_M02_UACOC0 Create accounts RPUACOC0
231 PC00_M02_UADUC0 Model Report - Legacy Data Transfer RPUADUC0
232 PC00_M02_UAHV0 Import/Display Report New AHV No. RPUAHVC0
233 PC00_M02_UAHV1 Update IT36 with New AHV No. RPUAHVC1
234 PC00_M02_UIID0 ELM - Customizing Institution IDs RPUIIDC0
235 PC00_M02_UKASC0 Global Copier for Pension Funds RPUKASC0
236 PC00_M02_UPENC0 Write Postings to Accounts RPUPENC0
237 PC00_M02_UPKSC0 Conversion of Custom. Evaluations RPUPKSC0
238 PC00_M02_UPKUC0 Master Data & Account Conversion RPUPKUC0
239 PC00_M02_UQST0 Maintain Withholding Tax Tables RPUQSTC0
240 PC00_M02_UQST2 Read Withholding Tax BWA Diskette RPUQSTC2
241 PC00_M02_USICC0 Read SI Numbers for Children RPUSICC0
242 PC00_M02_UVSCC0 Check for Processing Control RPUVSCC0
243 PC00_M02_UVSEC1 Processing Control: Schedule Editor RPUVSEC1
244 PC00_M02_VALC0 PC calculation for workflow RPUVALC0
245 PC00_M02_XR2C0 PF Interface to Data Connect RPUXR2C0
246 PC00_M03 Area Menu for Payroll Austria MENUPC00_M03
247 PC00_M03_BARB Statement of Employment RPBARBA0
248 PC00_M03_BPEN_RA Statement Pension Key Date RPBPENA0
249 PC00_M03_BVST_RA Statement Key Date for Increase RPBVSTA0
250 PC00_M03_CABF Reserves for Severance Pay/Pension03 RPCABFA2
251 PC00_M03_CALC Payroll Austria RPCALCA0
252 PC00_M03_CALC_SIMU Payroll Simulation Austria RPCALCA0
253 PC00_M03_CBET Tax Local Tax Office 03 RPCBETA1
254 PC00_M03_CBGN SI Contrib. Base Statement for GKK RPCBGNA1
255 PC00_M03_CBRU Works Council Contribution 03 RPCBRUA1
256 PC00_M03_CBVA SI Contribution Statement BVA (Old) RPCBVAA2
257 PC00_M03_CBVA2 Monthly SI Contrib.Statement BVA 03 RPCBVAA2
258 PC00_M03_CBVAA1 SI Contribution Statement BVA (A) RPCBVAA2
259 PC00_M03_CBVA_ELDA Social Ins. Contr. Statem. BVA RPCSVBA2PBS
260 PC00_M03_CBVJ SI Contrib. Base Statement BVA 03 RPCBGNA1PBS
261 PC00_M03_CBVJ1 Annual SI Statement BVA 03 RPCBVJA1
262 PC00_M03_CBVJ2 Download TemSe to PC/Server RPUBVTA0
263 PC00_M03_CDTA Payroll Transfer Prelim.Prog. DME-03 RPCDTAA0
264 PC00_M03_CEDT Payroll Remuneration Statement - 03 RPCEDTA0
265 PC00_M03_CEFZ Reimb. Applications EFZG 03 RPCEFZA1
266 PC00_M03_CEKS Income Report RPCEKSA0
267 PC00_M03_CEKS_T Income Report from TemSe RPCEKSA0_TEMSE
268 PC00_M03_CGWB Union 03 RPCGWBA2
269 PC00_M03_CIST Economic Statistics 03 RPCISTA0
270 PC00_M03_CJUB Reserves for Anniversary Pymts 03 RPCJUBA1
271 PC00_M03_CKSG List of Issued Sickness Certs 03 RPCKSGA0
272 PC00_M03_CKSJ Tax: Municipal Tax 03 RPCKSJA1
273 PC00_M03_CKSM Tax: Municipal Tax 03 RPCKSMA1
274 PC00_M03_CKTO Wage Type Edit for Payroll Acc. 03 RPCKTOA0
275 PC00_M03_CL16 Tax Payslip L16 03 RPCL16A2
276 PC00_M03_CLJN Wage Types-Edit Payroll Journal 03 RPCLJNA0
277 PC00_M03_CLPC Absence Cal. - Country-Spec. Part 03 RPCLPCA0
278 PC00_M03_CLSTAE Display Garnish. Result Cluster AE RPCLSTAE
279 PC00_M03_CLSTAF Display Garnish. Direct. Cluster AF RPCLSTAF
280 PC00_M03_CLSTEF Proc. Lists Reimb. Appls EFZG 03 RPCLSTEF
281 PC00_M03_CLSTKN Display Cluster KN - First Illnesses RPCLSTKN
282 PC00_M03_CLSTLZ Processed Lists - Payslip L16 03 RPCLSTLZ
283 PC00_M03_CLSTNS Display Cluster NS: Heavy Labor NS RPCLSTNS
284 PC00_M03_CLSTRA Display Payroll Results RPCLSTRA
285 PC00_M03_CMLIA0 Cash Breakdown List Payment Int.  
286 PC00_M03_CPCN Absence Type Search in Calendar 03 RPCPCNA0
287 PC00_M03_CPDRA0 Third-Party Debtor Decl. Sec. 301 AO RPCPDRA0
288 PC00_M03_CPEN Update Master Data after Payroll RPCPENA0
289 PC00_M03_CPFA Statement for Support Payment RPCPFAA0
290 PC00_M03_CPGTA0 Creditor Notif. Remaining Debt 03 RPCPGTA0
291 PC00_M03_CPL1A0 Evaluation of Garnishment Results RPCPL2A0RA
292 PC00_M03_CSPUA0 SP Entitl.Transfer from Payroll Acc. RPCSPUA0
293 PC00_M03_CSVB SI Contribution Statement GKK 03 RPCSVBA2
294 PC00_M03_CUBS Employer-Dependent Tax Vienna 03 RPCUBSA0RA
295 PC00_M03_CURL Leave Reserves 03 RPCURLA1
297 PC00_M03_FFOP Data Medium Transfer Format V3 RPU_M03_FFOU
298 PC00_M03_FFOU Create Payroll Transfer DME 03 RPU_M03_FFOU
299 PC00_M03_HRF Wage Statement with HR Forms  
300 PC00_M03_IBGA SI Contr. Group Transfer (Age-Dep.) RPIBGAA0
301 PC00_M03_IDABA0 Maint. IT41 (Date Types) Batch Inp. RPIDABA0
302 PC00_M03_IELD Check ELDA Records RPIELDA0_ESS
303 PC00_M03_IGVE Montly Export for Joint Taxation RPIGVEA0PBS
304 PC00_M03_IGVI Monthly Import for Joint Taxation RPIGVIA0PBS
305 PC00_M03_IGVJ Annual Export for Joint Taxation RPIGVJA0PBS
306 PC00_M03_IKSG Sick. Cert. BI - Sick Cert. Fee 03 RPIKSGA0
307 PC00_M03_IKSH Sickness Certs BI: Sickness Certs 03 RPIKSHA0
308 PC00_M03_ILSK New Tax Rates 03 RPILSKA0
309 PC00_M03_IPEN Pension Calculation RPIPENA0
310 PC00_M03_IPITA0 Create BI Session for Garnishment AT RPIPITA0
311 PC00_M03_IRRVA0 Maint. Date Type Retro.Acctg IT41 BI RPIRRVA0
312 PC00_M03_ISMR Simulation Results for Reserve RPISMRA0
313 PC00_M03_JAHRLICHE Area menu-Annual subsequent activity MENUPC00_M03_JAHRLICHE
314 PC00_M03_KB2A Upload PC File for KB RPCKSBA0_B2A
315 PC00_M03_KMAT Compare KB Notification with IT2001 RPCKSBA0_MAT
316 PC00_M03_LAEBA0 Work and Remun. Confirm. for SP/MP RPLAEBA0
317 PC00_M03_LKPH Print Sickness Certificates 03 RPLKPHA0
318 PC00_M03_NGW_RA Side Charge Bonus Points RPCNGWA0PBSRA
319 PC00_M03_PAP Area Menu: Subs. Activ. per Payr. MENUPC00_M03_PAP
320 PC00_M03_PDUNABHAGIG Area menu - Period-indep. subs. act. MENUPC00_M03_PDUNABHAGIG
321 PC00_M03_PLZA0 Check Infotype Addresses (0006) RPUPLZA0
322 PC00_M03_SONSPERIOD Area menu - Subs. activities, other MENUPC00_M03_SONSPERIOD
323 PC00_M03_SZV_RA Pay on Account Using IT 0015 for SP RPISZVA0
324 PC00_M03_T510R Display Table T510R SAPMSVMA
325 PC00_M03_T5A4S Maint. Heavy Labor Pos. Sec. 5 Reg.  
326 PC00_M03_T5APBS06 Display Table T5APBS06 SAPMSVMA
327 PC00_M03_TGEN Generation of Personal Calendar 03 RPTGENA0
328 PC00_M03_TNSH Nightshifts of Heavy Labor 03 RPTNSHA0
329 PC00_M03_UDAFA0 Create Direct. from Garn. Cluster AE RPUDAFA0
330 PC00_M03_UELD ELDA Data Medium 03 RPUELDA0
331 PC00_M03_UGVS Display TemSe Files 03 RPUGVSA0PBS
332 PC00_M03_UGVT_JE Download Annual Data Medium 03 RPUGVTA0PBS
333 PC00_M03_UGVT_JI Upload Annual Data Medium 03 RPUGVTA0PBS
334 PC00_M03_UGVT_ME Download Monthly Data Medium 03 RPUGVTA0PBS
335 PC00_M03_UGVT_MI Upload Monthly Data Medium 03 RPUGVTA0PBS
336 PC00_M03_UNSH External Data Transfer to Cluster NS RPUNSHA0
337 PC00_M03_UPDSV Table Conversion SI OED RPUSVTA0PBSRA
338 PC00_M03_UPEN Upload from External Systems RPUPENA0
339 PC00_M04 Area menu Payroll for Spain MENUPC00_M04
340 PC00_M04_C11X Generate employment tax reports RPC190E0
341 PC00_M04_C190 Generate employment tax reports RPC190E0
342 PC00_M04_CALC Payroll RPCALCE0
343 PC00_M04_CALC_SIMU Payroll run simulation Spain RPCALCE0
344 PC00_M04_CCRI Deductions certificate RPC190E0
345 PC00_M04_CDEA Delt@ - Electronic notifications RPCDEAE0
346 PC00_M04_CDEB Delt@ RATSB - Accidents w/o leave RPCDEBE0
347 PC00_M04_CDTA Prepare data exchange RPCDTAE0
348 PC00_M04_CEDT Remuneration Statement RPCEDTE0
349 PC00_M04_CEDT_XE Remuneration Statement (XE) RPCEDTE0
350 PC00_M04_CERT_EMP Company certificate RPCFINE0
351 PC00_M04_CKTO Payroll Account RPCKTOE0
352 PC00_M04_CLJN Payroll journal RPCLJNE0
353 PC00_M04_CLSTR Display payroll results RPCLSTRE
354 PC00_M04_CONTR_INEM Notification of contracts for INEM RPCINEE0
355 PC00_M04_CPEF Confirm cash payments RPCPEFE0
356 PC00_M04_CTCE Social Insurance forms RPCTC0E0
357 PC00_M04_ERE_CALEN Manage ERE calendars RPUEREE0
358 PC00_M04_ERE_EXPED Social Insurance contribution models RPCEREE0
359 PC00_M04_FFOT Prepare DME trasfers RPU_M04_FFOT
360 PC00_M04_HRF Wage Statement with HR Forms  
361 PC00_M04_JAHRLICHE Area menu-Annual subsequent activity MENUPC00_M04_JAHRLICHE
362 PC00_M04_MENS_AFI Affiliation message RPCAFIE0
363 PC00_M04_MENS_FDI FDI message RPCFDIE0
364 PC00_M04_OTEM Create Master Data Export RPCEMDE0_CALL
365 PC00_M04_PAP Area menu-subs. activities per payr. MENUPC00_M04_PAP
366 PC00_M04_PDUNABHAGIG Area menu - Period-indep. subs. act. MENUPC00_M04_PDUNABHAGIG
367 PC00_M04_RESP_FDI FDI message response evaluation RPUFRIE0
368 PC00_M04_RESP_FRA Assessment of answers to AFI msg. RPUFRAE0
369 PC00_M04_RESP_INEM Evaluation of INEM responses RPUINEE0
370 PC00_M04_RPCAFIE1 Affiliation message RPCAFIE1
371 PC00_M04_RPCDTBE0 Prep. data medium exchange RPCDTBE0
372 PC00_M04_RPCLJNE9 Payroll journal Spain RPCLJNE9
373 PC00_M04_RPCLPCE0 Display personal calendar RPCLPCE0
374 PC00_M04_RPCMLIE0 Cash breakdown list RPCMLIE0
375 PC00_M04_RPCRT2E0 Certific@2 RPCRT2E0
376 PC00_M04_RPCSPUE0 Entitlements transfer RPCSPUE0
377 PC00_M04_RPCSPXE1 Automatic special payments RPCSPXE1
378 PC00_M04_RPIMBIE0 Estimate of taxable income RPIGA0E0
379 PC00_M04_RPU31G02 XPRA for conversion of IT0090 RPU31G02
380 PC00_M04_RPU620E0 Conversion program for IT0062 RPU620E0
381 PC00_M04_RPUFORE0 Theoretical training mgmt hours RPUFORE0
382 PC00_M04_RPUOCUE0 Cut-off of infotype 0061 RPUOCUE0
383 PC00_M04_RPUP62E0 Create new record IT0062 RPUP62E0
384 PC00_M04_RPUP62E1 Create new record IT0062 RPUP62E1
385 PC00_M04_RPURT2E0 Assessment of Certific@2 replies RPURT2E0
386 PC00_M04_RPW001E0 Customize taxes (display) RPW001E0
387 PC00_M04_RPW003E0 Cutomize taxes (change) RPW001E0
388 PC00_M04_SONSPERIOD Area menu - Subs. activities, other MENUPC00_M04_SONSPERIOD
389 PC00_M04_TGEN Generate personal calendar RPTGENE0
390 PC00_M04_UTMS Display TemSe files RPUTMSE0
391 PC00_M05 Area menu - Payroll Netherlands MENUPC00_M05
392 PC00_M05_B2ACHECK Check B2A Settings H99_B2ACHECK
393 PC00_M05_CABCDA Digital Delivery Ins. Statement ER RPCVWEN0
394 PC00_M05_CABCKO Fxd-term Contr./Standby Wkrs Statem. RPCKOCN0
395 PC00_M05_CABCKV Fixed-term Contract Statement RPCKVCN0
396 PC00_M05_CABCOV Interrupt.Statem.(Paym.of HI Contr.) RPCOVKN0
397 PC00_M05_CABCV Employer Insurance Statement RPCVBPN0
398 PC00_M05_CAKH Premium Reduction Overview RPCAKHN0
399 PC00_M05_CALC Payroll Netherlands RPCALCN0
400 PC00_M05_CALC_SIMU Payroll Simulation (NL) RPCALCN0
401 PC00_M05_CAT Conversion f. Relationship Managem. RPUCATN0
402 PC00_M05_CBJO Ann.Statem.GAK RPCBJON0
403 PC00_M05_CCDS SI Notification for Cadans RPCCDSN0
404 PC00_M05_CCJO Ann.Statem.Cadans RPCCJON0
405 PC00_M05_CDTA Preliminary Prog. Data Exchange DME RPCDTAN0
406 PC00_M05_CDTB Preliminary Prog. Data Exchange DME RPCDTBN0
407 PC00_M05_CEDK Process response message RPCEDKN0
408 PC00_M05_CEDM Create Day-one-announcement RPCEDMN0
409 PC00_M05_CEDT Payroll - Payroll Journal RPCEDTN0
410 PC00_M05_CEDZ B2A Manager RPCEDZN0
411 PC00_M05_CFBR Flexible Benefits Admin. Tool RPCFBRN0
412 PC00_M05_CFBS Payroll Simulation on Ann. Basis FB RPCFBSN0
413 PC00_M05_CHSV Change of Particip. Codes/SI Groups RPCHSVN0
414 PC00_M05_CJLO Annual Statement Employment Tax RPCJLON0
415 PC00_M05_CJWN Annual Statement Employee RPCJWNN1
416 PC00_M05_CJWN_OUD Employee Annual Tax Statement RPCJWNN0
417 PC00_M05_CKTO Payroll Account RPCKTON0
418 PC00_M05_CLAA Close Wage Return RPCLAAN0
419 PC00_M05_CLAD1 Wage Return: Data Download (TemSe) RPCLADN1
420 PC00_M05_CLAE Create Data Terminated Legal Pers. RPCLAEN0
421 PC00_M05_CLAF Classify Wage Return Errors RPCLAFN0
422 PC00_M05_CLAJ Annual wage return RPCLAJN0
423 PC00_M05_CLAK Process Response Messages RPCLAKN0
424 PC00_M05_CLAL Display Wage Return Data RPCLALN0
425 PC00_M05_CLAL1 Wage Return: Display Data RPCLALN1
426 PC00_M05_CLAO Set Wage Return Status to Sent RPCLAON0
427 PC00_M05_CLAR Display Response Messages RPCLARN0
428 PC00_M05_CLAS Create Wage Return File RPCLASN0
429 PC00_M05_CLAT Crisis Tax Calculation RPCLATN0
430 PC00_M05_CLAV Collect Wage Return Data RPCLAVN0
431 PC00_M05_CLAZ B2A Manager RPCLAZN0
432 PC00_M05_CLGB Wage Tax - Green Table Spec.Payments RPCLGBNC
433 PC00_M05_CLGP Wage Tax - Green Table RPCLGPNC
434 PC00_M05_CLJN Payroll Journal RPCLJNN0
435 PC00_M05_CLKO Taxed Childcare Table Overview RPCLKONA
436 PC00_M05_CLSTR Display Payroll Results RPCLSTRN
437 PC00_M05_CLWB Wage Tax - White Table Spec.Payments RPCLWBNC
438 PC00_M05_CLWP Wage Tax (LH) - White Table RPCLWPNC
439 PC00_M05_CMBV SI Notification for GAK RPCMBVN0
440 PC00_M05_CNET Detailed Simulation RPCNETN0
441 PC00_M05_COGB Comp. Allwnce (OT) - Green Table SP RPCOGBNA
442 PC00_M05_COGP Comp. Allowance (OT) - Green Table RPCOGPNA
443 PC00_M05_COWB Comp. Allownce (OT) - White Table SP RPCOWBNA
444 PC00_M05_COWP Comp. Allowance (OT)- White Table RPCOWPNA
445 PC00_M05_CSRH Control Register RPCSRHN0
446 PC00_M05_CVZA Create registrations/deregistrations RPCVZAN0
447 PC00_M05_CVZD Download transfer file RPCVZDN0
448 PC00_M05_CVZP Select persons for registration RPCVZPN0
449 PC00_M05_CVZU Upload transfer file RPCVZUN0
450 PC00_M05_CVZZ B2A Manager RPCVZZN0
451 PC00_M05_CWCE Extract WCR Data RPCWCEN0
452 PC00_M05_CWCO WCR Overview RPLWCON0
453 PC00_M05_CWCR WCR Administration tool RPCWCRN0
454 PC00_M05_CZKML Notif. of Sickness and Recovery RPTZKMN0
455 PC00_M05_CZKO Pregnancy, Illness & Rcvy: Overview RPCZKON0
456 PC00_M05_CZKR Request Response Messages RPCZKRN0
457 PC00_M05_EH Final Levy RPCLEENB
458 PC00_M05_EHBW Different Rate Special EE Groups RPCLEBNA
459 PC00_M05_EHET Final Levy - Single Rate (Tax Table) RPCLEENA
460 PC00_M05_EHTT Final Levy - Table Rate (Tax Table) RPCLETNA
461 PC00_M05_FFOT Payroll Transfer - Create DME RPU_M05_FFOT
462 PC00_M05_IBBL Batch Input for Initialization P0060 RPIBBLN0
463 PC00_M05_ICAS Batch Input for Legal Person Entry RPICASN0
464 PC00_M05_IFBA BIS for Creating IT0378 RPIFBAN0
465 PC00_M05_IFBB BIS for Creating IT0171 RPIFBBN0
466 PC00_M05_IFBL Determine and Save Source Amounts RPIFBLN0
467 PC00_M05_ILAC Update CAO Code in infotype 0808 RPILACN0
468 PC00_M05_IMOR MoMi Task Generation RPIMORN0
469 PC00_M05_IPRE Update of Payment Reduction RPIPREN0
470 PC00_M05_ISPR Delimit Savings Schemes RPISPRN0
471 PC00_M05_ITVO Batch Input Sess.f.Ch.Tx.Cl.+Ch.OT RPITVON0
472 PC00_M05_IZKM Data Conversion RPIZKMN0
473 PC00_M05_JAHRLICHE Area menu-Annual subsequent activity MENUPC00_M05_JAHRLICHE
474 PC00_M05_LAKH Overview Master Data Prem. Reduction RPLAKHN0
475 PC00_M05_LCBS CBS Record Salary Administration RPLCBSN0
476 PC00_M05_LFBC Customizing Overview RPLFBCN0
477 PC00_M05_LFBI Total Overview Indiv. Flex. Ben.Ch. RPLFBIN0
478 PC00_M05_LFBK Complete overview of FB choices RPLFBKN0
479 PC00_M05_LFBS Overview of Flexible Benefits Source RPLFBSN0
480 PC00_M05_LFBV Overview Balance Flexible Benefits RPLFBVN0
481 PC00_M05_LLAE Overview of collective returns RPLLAEN0
482 PC00_M05_LLHB Overview Master Data for Wage Tax RPLLHBN0
483 PC00_M05_LMOM MoMi Task Monitoring RPLMOMN0
484 PC00_M05_LPLH Employment Tax and NI Return to 2005 RPLPLHN1
485 PC00_M05_LSPR Overview Master Data Spec. Provision RPLSPRN0
486 PC00_M05_LSVZ Overview Master Data for Social Ins. RPLSVZN0
487 PC00_M05_LWBA Annual Report SAMEN RPLWBAN0
488 PC00_M05_LWPA Absence Overview RPLWPAN0
489 PC00_M05_LWPM PW Monitor RPLWPMN0
490 PC00_M05_LWPO Poortwachter Overview RPLWPON0
491 PC00_M05_LZFW Overview HI Income Threshold RPLZFWN0
492 PC00_M05_OFPM Special payroll process OT_RUN_PROCESS_MODEL
493 PC00_M05_OTCL Payroll driver NL for import process RPCALCN0_CALL
494 PC00_M05_OTCP Combined payroll export RPCEPYN0_COMBINED_CALL
495 PC00_M05_OTEM Create Master Data Export RPCEMDN0_CALL
496 PC00_M05_OTEX Create Gross Payroll Export RPCEPYN0_CALL
497 PC00_M05_OTLJ Payroll Journal - Outsourcing RPCLJNN0_CALL_OUTSOURCING
498 PC00_M05_OTMM Mini master export RPCEMDN0_COMBINED_CALL
499 PC00_M05_PAP Area menu-Subs. activities per payr. MENUPC00_M05_PAP
500 PC00_M05_SONSPERIOD Area menu - Subs. activities, other MENUPC00_M05_SONSPERIOD