SAP ABAP Transaction Code - Index J, page 7
Transaction Code - J
# Transaction code Short Description Corresponding Report (if exist)
1 JXAD IS-M: Maintain Odd Bundle Group  
2 JXAE IS-M: Display Edit-OddBdleGrp.Assgmt  
3 JXAJ SM30 Maint.of Stats Grp f.Sales Doc. SAPL0JKL
4 JXAK SM30 Maint.of Update Grp Header SAPL0JKL
5 JXAL SM30 Maint.of Update Grp for Item SAPL0JKL
6 JXAM SM30 Maint.of UpdGrp for Delivery SAPL0JKL
7 JXAN Sm30 Maint.of Stats Grp per Ord.Type SAPL0JKM
8 JXAO SM30 Maint.Stats Grp per OType/I.Ass SAPL0JKM
9 JXAP SM30 Maint.Stats Grp per Billg Type SAPL0JKM
10 JXAQ SM30 Maint.UpdGrp f.Del.-Ord.Assgmt SAPL0JKL
11 JXBD IS-M/SD: Maintain Odd Bundle Group  
12 JXBDSD IS-M: Maintain Comm.Odd Bundle Group  
13 JXBE IS-M: Maint.Edit.-Odd Bdle Grp Asgt  
14 JXBESD IS-M: Maint.Edit.-Odd Bdle Grp Asgt  
15 JXG8 Assign ctry grping to shipping sch. SAPL0JV6
16 JXG9 Country Grouping for Shipping Sched. SAPL0JG9
17 JXVA IS-M: Display Post.Packing Rule Det.  
18 JXVB IS-M: Edit Post.Packing Rule Determ.  
19 JXVZ IS-M: Consist.Check for Purch.Org. RJOCUST1
20 JY10 IS-M: Formulas and Requirements SAPMJY02
21 JY20 Condition Master Data MENUJY20
22 JY81 IS-M: Test - TOA01  
23 JYA1 IS-M: Create Deliv.Sett Archive  
24 JYA2 IS-M: Delete Deliv.Sett Archive  
25 JYA3 IS-M: Reload Del.Sett Archive  
26 JYA4 IS-M: Create Deliv.Sett Archive  
27 JYA5 IS-M: Display Home Del.Sett Archive RJYARC24
28 JYA6 IS-M: Display Comm.Sett Archive RJYARC28
29 JYA9 Number Range Maintenance: ISP_ABUEB SAPMSNUM
30 JYB1 IS-M: Create Billing Archive  
31 JYB2 IS-M: Delete Billing Archive  
32 JYB3 IS-M: Reload Del.Sett Archive  
33 JYB4 IS-M: Mgmt of Billing Archive  
34 JYB5 Check Archivability of Billing Docs RJYARC30_CHECK
36 JYC1 Maintain number range doc.conditions SAPMSNUM
37 JYD1 Maintain number range: ISP_DRER SAPMSNUM
38 JYD2 Maintain number range: ISP_VA SAPMSNUM
39 JYD3 Number range maintenance: ISP_VASYNC SAPMSNUM
40 JYE1 Create Archive for Commiss.Billing  
41 JYE2 IS-M: Comm.Sett.Archive: Delete  
42 JYE3 IS-M: Comm.Sett.Archive: Reload  
43 JYE4 Comm.Sett.Archive: Administration  
44 JYF1 Maintain number range: ISP_FSAMMG SAPMSNUM
45 JYF2 Maintain number range: ISP_FUEBL SAPMSNUM
46 JYF3 Maintain number range: ISP_FAKBL SAPMSNUM
47 JYF5 Number Range Maintenance: ISM_FICOL SAPMSNUM
48 JYF6 IS-M: Display Billing Archive RJYARC33
49 JYG1 Maintain number range: ISP_GP_NR SAPMSNUM
50 JYG2 Maintain number range: ISP_ADRNR SAPMSNUM
51 JYG4 Number range maintenance: ISP_BV SAPMSNUM
52 JYG5 Maintain number range: Logs SAPMSNUM
53 JYI1 IS-M/SD: Number Ranges for Circ.Book SAPMSNUM
55 JYK1 Maintain number range: ISP_BELEG SAPMSNUM
56 JYK2 Number Range Maint. for Research SAPMSNUM
57 JYK4 Maintain number range: ISP_PROSP SAPMSNUM
58 JYKWWW Number Range Maintenance: ISM_SESSNO SAPMSNUM
59 JYL1 Maintain number range: ISP_LSAMMG SAPMSNUM
60 JYL2 Maintain number range: ISP_ABRCHN SAPMSNUM
61 JYL3 Maintain number range: ISP_JKONV SAPMSNUM
62 JYM1 Maintain number range: ISP_MAT SAPMSNUM
63 JYN2 Number range maintenance: ISP_RECHDR SAPMSNUM
64 JYPO IS-M: Print Param.f.Outpt Control RJYPROP1
65 JYR1 Maintain number range: ISP_ROUPVA SAPMSNUM
66 JYR2 Maintain number range: ISP_ROUTE SAPMSNUM
67 JYR3 Maintain number range: ISP_RVERT SAPMSNUM
68 JYRA Number Range Maintenance: ISP_ABLRGL SAPMSNUM
69 JYRB IS-M: Install Specific Report Tree  
70 JYRT IS-M: Choose Report Tree RJYREPTR
71 JYRZ Maintain report trees for pub.system SAPMKKB5
73 JYS2 IS-M: Number Ranges for Geo.Units SAPMSNUM
74 JYS3 Maintain number range: ISP_GEOPST SAPMSNUM
75 JYS4 Maintain number range: ISP_LAUFLI SAPMSNUM
76 JYSC Number Range Maintenance: ISP_ORT SAPMSNUM
77 JYSS Maintain number range: ISP_STR SAPMSNUM
79 JYV1 IS-M: Num.Range Object - Drop-Off SAPMSNUM
80 JYV2 Maintain number range: ISP_NCAEND SAPMSNUM
81 JYV3 IS-M: Maint.Carrier Route No.Range SAPMSNUM
82 JYV4 IS-M: Num.Range Maint.for Post.Packs  
83 JYV5 IS-M: Number Range for Containers SAPMSNUM
84 JYV7 Maintain number range: ISP_LFNGNR SAPMSNUM
85 JYV8 Maintain number range: ISP_JVTFV SAPMSNUM
86 JYV9 Maintain number range: ISP_BEABST SAPMSNUM
87 JYVA IS-M: Num.Range Ship.Schedule Var. SAPMSNUM
88 JYVB IS-M: Num.Range Shipping Schedule SAPMSNUM
89 JYVC Number range maintenance: ISP_PAKET SAPMSNUM
90 JYVL Maintain number range: ISP_LFBAR SAPMSNUM
91 JYVS Maintain Number Range: ISM_JVSOH SAPMSNUM
92 JYW0 IS-M: Currency Change RJY_0JYW
93 JYW2 Number Range Maintenance: ISM_PROMO SAPMSNUM
94 JYWW Maintain number range: ISP_WEKONR  
95 JYX1 IS-M: Edit Order Deadline Status RJVANDEL
96 JZ06 Maintain BU hierarchy  
97 JZ25 Maintain settlement calendar - agent  
98 JZ26 Maintain number range: ISP_FAKT SAPMSNUM
99 JZ27 Maintain agt det.proc. for media agt  
100 JZ30 Number Range Maintenance: ISP_BELEIN SAPMSNUM
101 JZ31 Number range maintenance: ISP_INHAKO SAPMSNUM
102 JZ33 Maintain date combination (fixed)  
103 JZ34 Number Range Maintenance: ISP_VERMV SAPMSNUM
104 JZ38 IS-M: Maintain Sales Agent Types  
105 JZ39 Number range maintenance: ISP_PE SAPMSNUM
106 JZ40 Maintain number range: ISP_SAMMG SAPMSNUM
107 JZ41 Copy pricing procedure and cnd.types RJHFKCOP
108 JZ43 Maintain Date Combination (Flexible)  
109 JZ44 Number Range Maintenance: ISP_EV SAPMSNUM
110 J_03 Cond.Table: Create (Sales Price) SAPMV12A
111 J_04 Cond.Table: Change (Sales Price) SAPMV12A
112 J_05 Cond.Table: Display (Sales Price) SAPMV12A
113 J_1BEFD Creation of SPED Digital Archive J_1BEFD_MAIN
114 J_3RINV Incoming Invoice Number Ranges  
115 J_3RSEXP Maintain Secondary Event Numbers SAPMSNUM
116 J_CLBALTAX Balance Sheet for Tax (Chile) J_CL_BALANCE_SHEET
117 J_CLBS Balance sheet (Chile) J_CL_BALANCE_SHEET
118 J_CLML Material Ledger (Chile) J_CL_MATERIAL_LEDGER