SAP ABAP Transaction Code - Index J, page 4
Transaction Code - J
# Transaction code Short Description Corresponding Report (if exist)
1 JGB8 IS-M: Bank con.synchronization log RJGFSY20
2 JGBA IS-M: Transfer Bank Data RJGBD__1
3 JGBD IS-M: Bank data changes RJGBANKA
4 JGBDC1 Change Bank Number in Bank Details RJGBDC_BANKKEY_CHANGE
5 JGBDC2 Bank Details Change: Create File RJGBDC_FILE_CREATE
7 JGBDC3 Bank Details Change: Read File RJGBDC_FILE_PROCESS
9 JGBP_CHANGE IS-M: Change Business Partner RJGBP_CHANGE
10 JGBP_SHOW IS-M: Display Business Partner RJGBP_SHOW
11 JGCL IS-M: BP Classification RJGCL001
12 JGKS IS-M: Sales Summary RJKUSTA1
13 JGM0 Business Partner MENUJGM0
14 JGR1 IS-M/SD: SC Employee Turnover RJGZGBV2
15 JGR2 IS-M: Service Company Employees RJGZGBV0
16 JGR3 IS-M: Overview of Fwding Agents RJGSPRV0
18 JGSEPA02 Mandate Usage (Display) RJG_SEPA_MANDATE_USAGE
19 JGV3 IS-M: Maintain Lost Time for SC EE SAPMJG03
20 JGV4 IS-M: Display Lost Time for SC EE SAPMJG03
21 JGV7 IS-M: Maintain Employment Relnship SAPMJG05
22 JGV8 IS-M: Display Employment Relnship SAPMJG05
23 JGWWWIU1 IS-M: Create Internet User SAPMJGWWWIU1
24 JGWWWIU2 IS-M: Change Acc.Data for Int.User SAPMJGWWWIU2
25 JGZ0 Check SAP BP Customizing RJGSAPBPCHECK
26 JGZ1 IS-M: Create Customer SAPMF02D
27 JGZ2 IS-M: Change Customer SAPMF02D
28 JGZ20 IS-M: Create Sales Customer RJGBUSSTART
29 JGZ21 IS-M: Change Sales Customer RJGBUSSTART
30 JGZ22 IS-M: Display Sales Customer RJGBUSSTART
31 JGZ23 IS-M: Create Retailer RJGBUSSTART
32 JGZ24 IS-M: Change Retailer RJGBUSSTART
33 JGZ25 IS-M: Display Retailer RJGBUSSTART
34 JGZ3 IS-M: Create Vendor SAPMF02K
35 JGZ30 IS-M: Create Service Company RJGBUSSTART
36 JGZ31 IS-M: Change Service Company RJGBUSSTART
37 JGZ32 IS-M: Display Service Company RJGBUSSTART
38 JGZ33 IS-M: Create Carrier RJGBUSSTART
39 JGZ34 IS-M: Change Carrier RJGBUSSTART
40 JGZ35 IS-M: Display Carrier RJGBUSSTART
41 JGZ36 IS-M: Create Researcher RJGBUSSTART
42 JGZ37 IS-M: Change Researcher RJGBUSSTART
43 JGZ38 IS-M: Display Researcher RJGBUSSTART
44 JGZ39 IS-M: Create Field Collector RJGBUSSTART
45 JGZ4 IS-M: Change Vendor SAPMF02K
46 JGZ40 IS-M: Change Field Collector RJGBUSSTART
47 JGZ41 IS-M: Display Field Collector RJGBUSSTART
48 JGZ42 IS-M: Create Commission Recipient RJGBUSSTART
49 JGZ43 IS-M: Change Commission Recipient RJGBUSSTART
50 JGZ44 IS-M: Display Commission Recipient RJGBUSSTART
51 JGZ50 IS-M: Create Publisher RJGBUSSTART
52 JGZ51 IS-M: Change Publisher RJGBUSSTART
53 JGZ52 IS-M: Display Publisher RJGBUSSTART
54 JGZ60 IS-M: Create Media Customer RJGBUSSTART
55 JGZ61 IS-M: Change Media Customer RJGBUSSTART
56 JGZ62 IS-M: Display Media Customer RJGBUSSTART
57 JGZ70 IS-M: Create Media Sales Agent RJGBUSSTART
58 JGZ71 IS-M: Change Media Sales Agent RJGBUSSTART
59 JGZ72 IS-M: Display Media Sales Agent RJGBUSSTART
60 JGZ90 IS-M: Create Household RJGBUSSTART
61 JGZ91 IS-M: Change Household RJGBUSSTART
62 JGZ92 IS-M: Display Household RJGBUSSTART
63 JH00 IS-M: Condition Refs Check List RJHBEZKO
64 JH01 IS-M: Condition Refs Check List  
65 JH51 Display UM for pricing  
66 JH52 Design Ad Type: Admissibility  
67 JH53 General Ad Type: Admissibility  
68 JH54 UM for Ads & Pricing (Display)  
69 JH55 Ad Type Design Admissibility (Displ)  
70 JH56 General Ad Type Admissibility(Displ)  
71 JH57 BU Grouping for Ad Type Admissibilty  
72 JH60 Generate schedule lines RJHAEG00
73 JH61 Display generation period RJHAEG01
74 JH62 Item list according to date type RJHAEG02
75 JH64 Status/char.attributes for item RJHSTAT1
76 JH65 Data transfer for new orders RJHADU01
77 JH66 Data transfer for old orders RJHADU03
78 JH67 Data transfer for COAs RJHADU02
79 JH68 Status/char.attributes bill.dataset RJHSTAT2
80 JH69 Status/Char.Attributes S.Line/Ad Spc RJHSTAT3
81 JH70 Status/Char.Attributes for AI SLine RJHSTAT4
82 JH72 Status/char.attributes for com.SLine RJHSTAT5
83 JH73 Status/Char.Attribute DT Sched.Line RJHSTAT6
84 JH75 Manual on-screen mark up check RJHPRDFI
85 JH76 Data trans.for new commercial orders RJHADU04
86 JH77 Status/Char.Attributes S.Line/Ad Spc RJHSTAT7
87 JH78 Return Actual Online Data Manually RJHOLRETURN_ACT_DATA
88 JH84 Grouping for Fixed Spaces Planning  
89 JH85 Fixed spaces capacity  
90 JH86 Date-spec. capacity for fixed spaces  
91 JH89 IS-M/AM: Order Transfer to TS Online RJHOLEXP
92 JH91 Create Conditions SAPMV13B
93 JH92 Create conditions using template SAPMV13B
94 JH93 Change Conditions SAPMV13B
95 JH94 Display Conditions SAPMV13B
96 JH99 Order transfer from emerg.sys.ACCESS RJHNOT01
97 JHA0 IS-M: Sales Area Menu MENUJHA0
98 JHA1 IS-M/AM: Create Order SAPMJHA1
99 JHA1N IS-M/AM: Create Order SAPMJHA1
101 JHA2 IS-M/AM: Change Order SAPMJHA1
102 JHA2N IS-M/AM: Change Order SAPMJHA1
104 JHA3 IS-M/AM: Display Order SAPMJHA1
105 JHA3N IS-M/AM: Display Order SAPMJHA1
107 JHA4 IS-M: Maintain Fast Entry SAPMJHA1
108 JHA6 IS-M/AM: Central Access SAPMJHA6
109 JHA7 Advertisement orders 1 RJHALI01
110 JHA8 Business partner usage RJHALI02
111 JHAD IS-M: Positioning Information RJHAPLZI
112 JHAE IS-M: Error List for Tech.System RJHTECER
113 JHAF IS-M: Todo List for Technical System RJHTECTD
114 JHAG Cam.rdy cpy with past reminder date RJHDVWVL
115 JHAH IS-M: Payment Cards: Authorization RJHCCARD_AUT_01
116 JHAI IS-M/AM: Credit Check for Orders RJHCM_ORDER_RECHECK
117 JHAJ Payment Cards:Coll.Process.Overview RJHSAMMG
118 JHAK Credit Mgmt: Coll.Process.Overview RJHSAMMG
121 JHAP IS-M/AM Order Update Collective Log  
124 JHAW IS-M/AM: IAC Enter Classified Ad SAPMJHAW
125 JHAW_ADMIN IS-M/AM: IAC Classified Ads Adminis. SAPMJHAW
127 JHB1 IS-M: Ad Insert Planning RJHBEDP1
128 JHB10 IS-M/AM: Online Planning RJHBEDP5
129 JHB2 IS-M: Commercial Planning RJHBEDP2
130 JHB3 IS-M: Commercial Planning Export RJHDPEXP
131 JHB4 IS-M/AM: Fixed Spaces Planning RJHBEDP3
132 JHB4_IAC IS-M/AM: IAC Display Free Spaces SAPMJHB4_IAC
133 JHB5 IS-M/AM: Local Windows Planning RJHBEDP4
134 JHB6 IS-M: Display BU Hierarchy RJHBE002
135 JHB7 IS-M: Change BU Hierarchy RJHBE003
136 JHB9 IS-M: M/AM Order Qty <> M/SD Del.Qty RJHBEMG_AVM
137 JHBA Cond.Maint.Using Index: Display JC  
138 JHBB Cond.Maint.Via Index: Create JC SAPMV13A
139 JHBC Cond.Maint.Using Index: Display JE  
140 JHBD Cond.Maint.Using Index: Create JE SAPMV13A
141 JHBE Cond.Maint.Using Index: Change JC  
142 JHBO Cond.Maint.Using Index: Change JE  
143 JHBW IS-M: AI Plant Data Assignment List RJHSIWRKSE
145 JHC2 Maintain positioning factor  
146 JHCA Archive  
147 JHCB Archive  
149 JHCP_CHANGE Change Contact Person SAPMJH14
150 JHCP_CONV Media Contact: Convert Order/Contrct RJH_SL_CONTACT_PERSON_CONVERT
151 JHCP_CONV_CAS Media CP: Sales Support Conversion RJH_SL_CONTACT_VBKA_CONVERT
153 JHCP_DISPLAY Display Contact Person SAPMJH14
154 JHD1 Create Condition Records (JA) SAPMV13A
155 JHD2 Change Condition Records (JA) SAPMV13A
156 JHD3 Display Condition Records (JA) SAPMV13A
157 JHD4 Create Condition Records (JB) SAPMV13A
158 JHD5 Change Condition Records (JB) SAPMV13A
159 JHD6 Display Condition Records (JB) SAPMV13A
160 JHD7 IS-M: Create Condition Table (JD) SAPMV12A
161 JHD8 IS-M: Change Condition Table (JD) SAPMV12A
162 JHD9 IS-M: Display Condition Table (JD) SAPMV12A
163 JHDA Create Condition List Prices JC SAPMV14A
164 JHDB IS-M: Change Cond.List Prices JC SAPMV14A
165 JHDC IS-M: Display Cond.List Prices JC SAPMV14A
166 JHDD IS-M: Execute Condition List JC SAPMV14A
167 JHDE IS-M: Create Cond.List Prices JE SAPMV14A
168 JHDF IS-M: Change Cond.List Prices JE SAPMV14A
169 JHDG IS-M: Display Cond.List Prices JE SAPMV14A
170 JHDH IS-M: Execute Condition List JE SAPMV14A
171 JHE0 Account Determination: Display Table SAPMV12A
172 JHE1 Account Determination: Create Table SAPMV12A
173 JHE2 Account Determination: Change Table SAPMV12A
174 JHE7 Dynam.cond.maint.f.pricng for c.ord.  
175 JHEB Account Determination: Create Table SAPMV12A
176 JHEC Account Determination: Change Table SAPMV12A
177 JHED Account Determination: Display Table SAPMV12A
178 JHEF1 Sales Volume Proof Media Partnership RJHEF001
179 JHEF2 IS-M: VBOX Restructure RJHEF002
180 JHEM IS-M: Create Media Partnership RJHFEP02
181 JHEM1 IS-M: Create Media Partnership  
182 JHEN IS-M: Change Media Partnership  
183 JHEO IS-M: Display Media Partnership  
184 JHEOBA IS-M/AM: Update Revenue Object Docs RJHEOB_FOR_GA_ACTUALIZE
185 JHEOBA_RRREL IS-M/AM: Convert Orders for ROD  
186 JHF0 IS-M: Billing MENUJHF0
187 JHF1 IS-M/AM: Create Billing Document RJHFAKDI
188 JHF2 IS-M/AM: Change Billing Document SAPLJHFF
189 JHF3 IS-M/AM: Display Billing Document SAPLJHFF
190 JHF7 IS-M/AM: Collective Billing Run RJHFAKT
191 JHF8 IS-M/AM: Reverse Bill.Coll.Processng RJHSTOSG
192 JHF9 IS-M: Contract Settlement RJHAAB00
193 JHFA Coll.Proc.Contract Settlement Log RJHSAMMG
194 JHFB IS-M/AM: Billing Overview RJHFRAJO
195 JHFC IS-M/AM: Release to Accounting RJHFEUF1
196 JHFD Billing Document Reversal BCat-Ind. RJHFESTO
197 JHFE IS-M/AM: Revenue Distribution RJHFERL
198 JHFK IS-M: Cntrct Settlement Billing Doc. RJHAABF0
199 JHFL IS-M/AM: Bill.Log for Cntrct Sttlmnt RJHSAMMG
200 JHFP IS-M/AM: Overview Coll.Billing Run RJHSAMMG
201 JHFR IS-M/AM: Individual Release (Dialog) RJHFER2A
202 JHFS IS-M/AM: Billing - Ind.Reversal RJHFESTO
203 JHFT IS-M: General Receivables Charge-Off RJHFEFAB
204 JHFU IS-M/AM: Release Customer Accounting RJHFAEUF
205 JHG1 Create Condition Table (JC) SAPMV12A
206 JHG2 Change Condition Table (JC) SAPMV12A
207 JHG3 Display Condition Table (JC) SAPMV12A
208 JHGP IS-M/AM: Overview Coll.Billing Run RJHSAMMG
209 JHGR IS-M/AM: Individual Release (Dialog) RJHFER2A
210 JHGS IS-M/AM: CSetBill. Reverse Dialog RJHFESTO
211 JHGT IS-M: Charge Off Contract Settlement RJHFEFAB
212 JHH1 IS-M: Display Revenue Object Doc. RJHEOANZ
213 JHINSSERT_DET Enter Series Determ.Rule Parameters  
214 JHK1 IS-M: Pricing Proc.Det.for Pricing  
215 JHK4 Activate Condition Index  
216 JHK8 Condition table: Change index (JA) SAPMV12A
217 JHK9 Reorganize condition indexes  
218 JHKD Condition table: Change index (JC) SAPMV12A
219 JHKE Condition table: Change index (JE) SAPMV12A
220 JHKH Reorganize condition indexes  
221 JHKI Reorganize condition indices JE  
222 JHKJ Condition table: Change index (JD) SAPMV12A
223 JHKL IS-M/AM: Sales Activity List RJHKOLST
224 JHKM Cond.maint.using index: Create SAPMV13A
225 JHKN Cond.maint.using index: Change SAPMV13A
226 JHKO Cond.maint.using index: Display SAPMV13A
227 JHKP Define campaigns  
228 JHKR Reorganize condition indices JE  
229 JHKS Cond.maint.using index: Create JA  
230 JHKS2 Cond.Maint.Using Index: Create JD  
231 JHKT Reorganize condition indices JD  
232 JHKU Cond.Maint.Using Index: Change JA  
233 JHKU2 Cond.Maint.Using Index: Change JD  
234 JHKX Cond.maint.using index: Display JA  
235 JHKX2 Cond.Maint.Using Index: Display JD  
236 JHM0 IS-M/AM: Interface Records Contents RJHADU_SHOWDATA
237 JHM1 IS-M/AM: Data Generat.for New Order RJHADU01_GENERDATA
238 JHM2 IS-M/AM: Generate Contract Data RJHADU02_GENERDATA
239 JHM3 IS-M/AM: Data Gen.for Legacy Order RJHADU03_GENERDATA
240 JHM4 File Check for Order Migration RJHADU_CHECKDATA
241 JHN1 IS-M: Create Condition Table (JK) SAPMV12A
242 JHN2 IS-M: Change Condition Table (JK) SAPMV12A
243 JHN2JM IS-M: Change Condition Table (JK) SAPMV12A
244 JHN3 IS-M: Display Condition Table (JK) SAPMV12A
245 JHN4 IS-M: Create Condition Records (JK) SAPMV13B
246 JHN5 IS-M: Change Condition Records (JK) SAPMV13B
247 JHN6 IS-M: Display Condition Records (JK) SAPMV13B
248 JHO2 IS-M: Change Responses SAPMJHO1
249 JHO3 IS-M: Display Responses SAPMJHO1
250 JHO4 Number range maintenance: ISP_CHINR SAPMSNUM
251 JHO5 Display Box No.Resubmission Date RJHOFWVL
252 JHP0 IS-M: Sales Agent Settlement MENUJHP0
253 JHP1 IS-M: Create Sales Agent Settlement RJHFPADI
254 JHP2 IS-M: Change Sales Agent Settlement SAPLJHFF
255 JHP3 IS-M: Display Sales Agent Settlement SAPLJHFF
256 JHP7 IS-M: SlsAgent Settlement Coll.Proc. RJHFPRAB
257 JHP8 IS-M/AM: Reverse Coll.SlsAgnt Sett. RJHSTOSG
258 JHPA Account Determination: Create Table SAPMV12A
259 JHPB Account Determination: Change Table SAPMV12A
260 JHPC Account Determination: Display Table SAPMV12A
261 JHPP IS-M/AM Evaluate Sls Agent Coll.Proc RJHSAMMG
262 JHPR IS-M/AM: Individual Release (Dialog) RJHFER2A
263 JHPS IS-M:Ind.Vendor Bill.Doc.Reversal RJHFESTO
264 JHPU IS-M/AM: Release Vendor Documents RJHFPEUF
265 JHR0 IS-M: Contract Settlement MENUJHR0
266 JHR1 IS-M/AM: Create Final Settlement SAPMJHW1
267 JHR2 IS-M/AM: Change Settlement SAPMJHW1
268 JHR3 IS-M/AM: Display Settlement SAPMJHW1
269 JHR4 IS-M/AM: Settlements List SAPMJHW1
270 JHR5 IS-M/AM: Create Interim Settlement SAPMJHW1
271 JHR6 IS-M: Alt.Payer in Contract Settlemt  
272 JHRE IS-M: Complaints List RJHREKLA
273 JHSA Evaluate Collective Processing Run RJHSAMMG
274 JHSP IS-M: Collective Processing Log RJHSAMPR
275 JHSR IS-M/AM: Reorganize Coll.Processing RJJREO10
276 JHT1 Create Condition Table (JA) SAPMV12A
277 JHT2 IS-M: Change Condition Table (JA) SAPMV12A
278 JHT3 Display Condition Table (JA) SAPMV12A
279 JHT4 Create Condition Table (JC) SAPMV12A
280 JHT5 Change Condition Table (JC) SAPMV12A
281 JHT6 Display Condition Table (JC) SAPMV12A
282 JHTB IS-M: Create Condition Table (JE) SAPMV12A
283 JHTC IS-M: Change Condition Table (JE) SAPMV12A
284 JHTD IS-M: Display Condition Table (JE) SAPMV12A
285 JHV1 IS-M: Create Contract Requirements SAPMJHV1
286 JHV2 IS-M: Change Contract Requirement SAPMJHV1
287 JHV3 IS-M: Display Contract Requirement SAPMJHV1
288 JHV4 Maintain number range: COA SAPMSNUM
289 JHV5 IS-M: Maintain Substitute Reqs  
290 JHV6 Overview of Contract Requirements SAPMJHV1
291 JHVCATVASTD_SM34 IS-M: Issue Shift: Order Item Pool  
292 JHW0 IS-M: Contract Monitoring SAPMJHW0
293 JHW1 IS-M: Create Contract SAPMJHW1
294 JHW2 IS-M: Change Contract SAPMJHW1
295 JHW3 IS-M: Display Contract SAPMJHW1
296 JHW3_IAC IS-M/AM: Query Contract SAPMJHWW
297 JHW4 IS-M: Display BP Hierarchy RJHABS07
298 JHW5 IS-M: Create External Sales Volume SAPMJHW1
299 JHW6 Maintain number range: COA SAPMSNUM
300 JHW8 IS-M: Change Contract Billing Doc. SAPLJHFF
301 JHW9 IS-M: Display Contract Billing Doc. SAPLJHFF
302 JHWA IS-M: Create Media-Mix Contract SAPMJHW2
303 JHWB IS-M: Change Media-Mix Contract SAPMJHW2
304 JHWC IS-M: Display Media-Mix Contract SAPMJHW2
305 JHWD IS-M: Maintain Media-Mix Packages  
306 JHWE IS-M: Define No.Range Intervals  
307 JHWF IS-M: Create Media-Mix Settlement SAPMJHW2
308 JHWF1 IS-M: Media-Mix Interim Settlement  
309 JHWF2 IS-M: Media-Mix Final Settlement  
310 JHWG IS-M: Change Media-Mix Settlement SAPMJHW2
311 JHWH IS-M: Display Media Mix Settlement SAPMJHW2
312 JHWI IS-M: Media-Mix Settlement Coll.Proc RJHAABM0
313 JHWJ Media-Mix Initial Screen Tree Strct. RJHW2MES
314 JHWL IS-M: Subsequent Contract Assignment RJHABS09
315 JHWM IS-M: Select Assignments RJHABS13
316 JHWN IS-M: Subsequent Assignment of BDst RJHABS12
317 JHWWWTEMP Edit Order Data from the Internet RJKWWWTEMP_MAM_CALL
318 JHZ1 IS-M/AM: Number Range Obj.for Order  
319 JH_COPY_FUNC_CALL IS-M: Access Copying Function RJH_COPY_FUNC_CALL
320 JH_P Maintain Print Parameters RJHPROP1
321 JH_PUB_CHANGE Publications Collective Change Order RJH_PUB_CHANGE
322 JI20 IS-M: IVW Audit Report (General) RJIMLD10
323 JI21 IS-M: IVW Audit Rep.for Daily Papers RJIMLD20
324 JI22 IS-M: IVW Audit Report for Magazine RJIMLD30
325 JI30 IS-M: Average Audit Report Qties RJIDMV10
326 JI31 IS-M: Period Comparison of AR Qties RJIDMV20
327 JI32 IS-M: AR Monthly Revenue Accrual RJIEAB10
328 JI33 IS-M: AR Distribution Analysis RJIVBRAN
329 JI34 Daily CAR Statistics (w/o Hierarchy) RJITST10
330 JI35 CAR Quantity Statement for Period RJITST20
331 JI36 IS-M: AR Revenue Accrual per Issue RJIEAB20
332 JI37 IS-M: IVW Revenue Accrual/Month RJIEAB15
333 JI40 Edit PCode Area Evaluation Variants  
334 JI41 Display PCode Area Eval.Variants  
335 JI42 Edit Postal Code Evaluation Areas  
336 JI43 Display Postal Code Evaluation Areas  
337 JI44 Assign Postal Codes to Eval.Areas  
338 JI45 Display PCode-Eval.Area Assignment  
339 JI46 Create Geo.Hierarchy Variant RJKSTF00
340 JI47 Delete Geo.Hierarchy Variant RJKSTF10
341 JIA0 Update Circulation Book for ABC RJIABC00
342 JIA1 Manage Audit Reports (Period) RJIABC10
343 JIA2 Delete Circulation Book Records RJIABCDE
344 JIA3 Display ABC Update Log RJIABCLG
345 JIA4 Recompile Returns in Circ.Book RJIABCRE
346 JIAA IS-M/SD: Circulation Book Overview RJICBL10
349 JII0 Update Circulation Book for Audit RJIIVW00
350 JII1 Close/Open IVW Audit Period RJIIVW10
351 JII2 Delete Daily AR Statistics Data RJIIVWDE
352 JII3 Update Circulation Book for Audit RJIIVW01
353 JIM1 IS-M/SD: Circulation Auditing MENUJIM1
356 JISDSCSDORD Audit Report Categorization SD Order RJI_CB_CAT_SDORDER
357 JIT0 Sequenced JIT Call - Main Screen MENUJIT0
358 JIT1 JIT Call Inbound SAPLJIT05
359 JIT2 Change JIT Call SAPLJIT05
360 JIT3 Display JIT Call SAPLJIT05
361 JIT4 JIT Call Inbound: Simulation SAPLJIT05
362 JIT5 JIT Call Fast Change (1 screen) SAPLJIT05
363 JIT6 JIT: Action Entry (Barcode) SAPLJIT05
364 JIT6H JIT: Action Entry (Barcode) SAPLJIT05
365 JIT6RF Barcode Handheld 16 x 20 SAPLJIT05
366 JIT7 JIT: Action Entry (Specified) SAPLJIT05
367 JIT7H JIT: Action Entry (Specified) SAPLJIT05
368 JIT7RF Barcode (Specified) Handheld 16 x 20 SAPLJIT05
369 JITA Component list RJITKMP001
370 JITB Reprocess Pool of Confirmations RJITBFL001
371 JITC JIT Basic Data-Individual Maint. RJITCUSTOMER01
372 JITE Emergency Monitoring RJITMON001
373 JITEMRA Emergency Creation of Bundled SumJCs RJITEMRANGES
374 JITF Progress Confirmation RJITFER001
375 JITFX Progress Confirmation (without tabs) RJITFER003
376 JITG JIT Cockpit SAPLJIT10
377 JITH Matching JIT call w.Fcst/JIT Del.Sch RJITLAB001
378 JITI IDoc List for Specified JIT Calls RJITMOED01
379 JITJ Signal Monitor SAPLJIT10
380 JITK Summarized JIT Calls Due for Dely  
381 JITL Maintenance Dialog JIT Material RJITPP01
382 JITLOG Display Action Log RJITACTIONLOG01
384 JITM JIT Monitoring RJITMON001
385 JITMAT Create Material Table from SchedAgmt RJITLPP001
386 JITMX JIT Monitoring (Simple Selection) RJITMON002
387 JITN Color Profile Maintenance  
388 JITO Check Delivery Combination RJITDLVYCH
389 JITO1 Create/Change: Outbound Call SAPLJITOUT05
390 JITO3 Display: Outbound Call SAPLJITOUT05
391 JITO6 Bar Code Entry SAPLJITOUT11
392 JITOA Archiving JIT Outbound  
393 JITOE Status Correction RJITOUTMON01
394 JITOG JIT Cockpit Outbound SAPLJIT10
395 JITOM Monitoring JIT Outbound RJITOUTMON01
396 JITOXML XML-Download of Calls RJITOUTMON01
397 JITQ Display Action Network SAPLJIT05
398 JITR Reorganisation Material Master Data RJITMREO01
399 JITS Graphic Progress Confirmation SAPLJIT10
400 JITT JIT: Maintennace Dialog Lead Times  
401 JITU User Assignment - Display Variant  
402 JITV Maintain JIT Control Data  
403 JITW Lean JIT Monitoring RJITWPL001
404 JITX JIT Excel Download Monitoring RJITXLS001
406 JITY Archiving JIT Inbound SAPMAADM
407 JITZ Display Documentation Data RJITDOCDATA
408 JIU1 Change Edition Audit Report Type RJIUTI00
409 JJ/0 IS-M: Maintain Forms SAPMSSCF
410 JJ/C IS-M: Billing Print Parameters  
411 JJ11 Create Conditions SAPMV13A
412 JJ12 Create conditions using template SAPMV13A
413 JJ13 Change Conditions SAPMV13A
414 JJ14 Display Conditions SAPMV13A
415 JJ20 IS-M/AM: Order Archiving  
416 JJ21 IS-M/AM: Order Archiving Order-Del.  
417 JJ23 IS-M: Archiving Order Management  
418 JJ24 IS-M: Display Archive Orders RJJARC13
419 JJ25 IS-M/AM: Archive Display Full Run RJJARC14
420 JJ26 IS-M/AM: Archive Order Check RJJARC15
421 JJ30 IS-M/AM: Billing Archiving  
422 JJ31 Billing Archiving - Billing-Delete  
423 JJ33 IS-M: Billing Archiving Management  
424 JJ34 IS-M: Display Billing Archive RJJARC23
425 JJ35 IS-M/AM: Archive Display Full Run RJJARC24
426 JJ36 IS-M/AM: Archive Billing Check RJJARC25
427 JJ40 IS-M/AM: Contract Archiving  
428 JJ41 IS-M/AM: Contract Archiving Delete  
429 JJ43 IS-M: Archiving Contract Management  
430 JJ44 IS-M: Display Archive Contract RJJARC33
431 JJ45 IS-M/AM: Archive Display Full Run RJJARC34
432 JJ46 IS-M/AM: Archive Contract Check RJJARC35
433 JJ50 IS-M: Display M/AM Address Changes RJJADAEN
434 JJ60 IS-M/AM: Media-Mix Archiving  
435 JJ61 IS-M/AM: Archiving Med-Mix Delete  
436 JJ63 IS-M: Media-Mix Archive Management  
437 JJ64 IS-M/AM: Display Media-Mix Archive RJJARC43
438 JJ65 IS-M/AM: Archive Display Full Run RJJARC44
439 JJ66 IS-M/AM: Archive Media-Mix Check RJJARC45
440 JJA0 IS-M: Sales Support MENUJJA0
441 JJA1 IS-M/AM: Create Contact Person SAPMJJA1
442 JJA2 IS-M/AM: Change Contact Person SAPMJJA1
443 JJA3 IS-M/AM: Display Contact Person SAPMJJA1
444 JJA4 IS-M/AM: Number Range Maint. PARTNER SAPMSNUM
445 JJADVSLSZ_WEEKDAYS Define Weekdays for AdvertSalesZones  
446 JJAM (empty) MENUJJAM
447 JJB0 (empty) MENUJJB0
448 JJB1 IS-M: Create Booking Unit SAPMJJB1
449 JJB2 IS-M: Change Booking Unit SAPMJJB1
450 JJB3 IS-M: Display Booking Unit SAPMJJB1
451 JJB7 IS-M: Create Date-Specific BU SAPMJJB7
452 JJB8 IS-M: Change Date-Specific BU SAPMJJB7
453 JJB9 IS-M: Display Date-Specific BU SAPMJJB7
454 JJBB IS-M: Create/Change Date-Specific BU RJJDBE01
455 JJBC Check BU Completeness RJJSTCHK
456 JJBD Delete Individual booking units RJJDELBE
457 JJBE IS-M: Display BU Assignments RJJANZBE
458 JJBF IS-M: M/AM PCirQy <> M/SD Del.Qties RJHBEMG_MD
459 JJBG IS-M: Copy BU Hierarchies RJJCPBEH
460 JJBH Check BU Hierarchies RJJCHBEH
461 JJBI Check Content Component Master Data RJJCHIKO
462 JJBJ Maintain Alternative Dates  
463 JJBK CM_BU: Maintain content  
464 JJBL CM-BU: Maintain Date-Specific Cont.  
465 JJBM Check BU completeness new RJHIECH1
466 JJBN Check Booking Unit Content RJJCHOBJ
467 JJBO Distribution BU Planned Quantities  
468 JJBO_FPLZ IS-M: Maintain Online Fixed Spaces RJJTFPLZONL_MAINTAIN
469 JJBO_KTZHL IS-M: Maintain Plan.Gross Impressns RJJVKNTKTZHL_MAINTAIN
470 JJBO_ZUO IS-M: Maintain Online Assignments  
471 JJBP Check production unit content RJJCHOBD
472 JJBV IS-M: Maintain AI BU Variant  
473 JJBW AI-BU: Maintain Date-Specific Capac.  
474 JJBY IS-M: Gen. Work Area for BU Hier. RJHIEWRK2
475 JJBZ IS-M: AI BU Admissibility  
476 JJC1 IS-M: Ad Insert Processing Type  
477 JJCAMPAIGN_CRM IS-M: Campaigns With CRM Reference  
478 JJCAMPAIGN_NOCRM IS-M: Campaigns Without CRM Refernce  
480 JJCP_CHANGE IS-M: Change Contact Person RJJCP_CHANGE
483 JJCP_CLA3 CP Class.: Copy Classifications RJJ_MD_CP_CONV_CLASSIFICATION
484 JJCP_CLA4 CP Class.: Delete Classification RJJ_MD_CP_CONV_DEL_CLASSIFICAT
485 JJCP_CONV_FS Convert Free Subscription RJJ_MD_CP_FREE_SUB
486 JJCP_CONV_RB Convert Responsibility RJJ_MD_CP_RESPONSIB
487 JJCP_SHOW IS-M: Display Contact Person RJJCP_SHOW
488 JJCP_STATUS Media Cnt: Define Conversion Status RJJ_MD_SET_CONV_STATUS
489 JJD0 IS-M: Services MENUJJD0
490 JJD1 IS-M: Create Service SAPMJJD1
491 JJD2 IS-M: Change Service SAPMJJD1
492 JJD3 IS-M: Display Service SAPMJJD1
493 JJD4 Maintain number range: ISP_DIEN SAPMSNUM
494 JJF2 IS-M: Change Condition Table (JF) SAPMV12A
495 JJF3 IS-M: Change Condition Table (JG) SAPMV12A
496 JJF5 IS-M: Change Condition Records (JF) SAPMV13B
497 JJF7 IS-M: Change Condition Table (JA) SAPMV12A
498 JJFK IS-M: Requirement for output deter.  
499 JJFM IS-M: Change Condition Table (JH) SAPMV12A
500 JJG0 (empty) MENUJJG0