SAP ABAP Transaction Code - Index I, page 2
Transaction Code - I
# Transaction code Short Description Corresponding Report (if exist)
1 IE06 Change Equipment RIEQUI20
2 IE07 Equipment List (Multi-level) RIEQUI30
3 IE08 Create Equipment SAPMIEQ0
4 IE10 Multiple Equipment Entry SAPMIEQ5
5 IE20 Replacement Equipment Search RIEQUI_ALT_SEARCH
6 IE25 Create Production Resource/Tool SAPMIEQ0
7 IE31 Create Fleet Object SAPMIEQ0
8 IE36 Display Vehicles RIFLET20
9 IE37 Change Vehicles RIFLET20
10 IE4N Equipment Installation and Dismant. SAPLIPW4
11 IE4NCGP Maintain General Settings for IE4N  
12 IE4NORG User-Group-Specific Settings  
13 IE4NUSR User-Specific Settings  
14 IECS Technical Objects MENUIECS
15 IEQCM1 Change of Equipment History RIEQCM1
16 IE_RCT_SUBMIT Transaction to execute RCT program J_1IE_RCT_UPDATE
17 IE_RCT_UPDATE Transaction to update RCT Response J_1IE_RCT_UPD_RESPONSE
18 IF00 Production Resources/Tools MENUIF00
19 IFCU Consumption Transaction SAPLITOBFLTCON
20 IFW_DELETE Invoice forecasting deletion IFW_DELETE
21 IFW_FORECAST Invoice forecasting run  
22 IGN1 Create Policyholder BUSSTART
23 IGN2 Change Policyholder BUSSTART
24 IGN3 Display Policyholder BUSSTART
25 IGN_SEARCH_APPLIC01 Create Search Application IGN_SEARCH
26 IGN_SEARCH_APPLIC02 Change Search Application IGN_SEARCH
27 IGN_SEARCH_APPLIC03 Display Search Application IGN_SEARCH
28 IGN_SEARCH_CONCAT02 Change Logical Operators IGN_SEARCH
29 IGN_SEARCH_CONCAT03 Display Logical Operators IGN_SEARCH
32 IGN_SEARCH_TYPE02 Change Search Categories IGN_SEARCH
33 IGN_SEARCH_TYPE03 Display Search Categories IGN_SEARCH
34 IH01 Functional Location Structure RIIFLO10
35 IH02 Reference Location Structure RIIRLO10
36 IH03 Equipment Structure RIEQUI10
37 IH04 Equipment Structure RIEQUI10
38 IH05 Material Structure RIMARA10
39 IH06 Display Functional Location RIIFLO20
40 IH07 Display Reference Location RIIRLO20
41 IH08 Display Equipment RIEQUI20
42 IH09 Display Material RIMARA20
43 IH10 Display Equipment RIEQUI20
44 IH11 Display Functional Location RIIFLO20
45 IH12 FunctLocation Structure RIIFLO10
46 IH18 Ref. Location List (Multi-Level) RIIRLO30
47 IH20 Where-Used List Time RIIBAS10
48 IH22 Where-Used List Time Interval RIIBAS30
49 IHB0101 Account Holder In-House Cash: Create BUSSTART
50 IHB0102 Account Holder In-House Cash: Change BUSSTART
51 IHB0103 Account Holder In-House Cash:Display BUSSTART
52 IHC0 Payment Order Browser  
53 IHC01 Cross-Bank Area Orders IHC_BCAREVPO_ALV01
54 IHC02 Reverse Additional POs from Currency  
55 IHC1ED Create External Payment Order  
56 IHC1EP Create External Payment Order  
57 IHC1ID Create Internal Payment Order  
58 IHC1IP Create Internal Payment Order  
59 IHC1IP_MUL Manual Int. PO for several recipient IHC_INTPAY_MULTI_RECIPIENT
60 IHC2 Change Payment Order  
61 IHC3 Display Payment Order  
62 IHCCM0 Setup IHC Financial Status  
65 IHCCM3 Consistency Check for Customizing IHC_CASH_MANAGEMENT_CHECK
66 IHCFX FX netting with In House Cash RBFXNET
67 IHCLOGBASTA Logs for Account Statement Postings  
68 IHCLOGRVS Display Logs for IHC Reversals  
69 IHCN1 Number Range Maintenance: IHC_LOG  
70 IHCN3 Number Range Maintenance: IHC_NRO_PN  
71 IHCRT IHC: Set of Rules Def. for Route Det IHC_APPL_ROUTING
72 IHCRVS Reversal of IHC Payment Orders RFCHAINRVS
73 IHCWTKA Reversal of Crcy Conv.-Pymt Orders RBCAREVPO_BS
74 IHC_AUTH Amount Group in IHC  
75 IHC_INB_CUST Customizing IHC IDoc Incoming  
76 IHC_MAIN_CUST Customizing IHC Clearing  
77 IHC_PI_INB_CUST Customizing IHC Inbound IDOC  
78 IHC_REFERENCE Display Reference Document IHC_UTIL_COCKPIT
80 IK01 Create Measuring Point SAPLIMR0
81 IK01R Create Reference Measuring Point SAPLIMR0
82 IK02 Change Measuring Point SAPLIMR0
83 IK02R Change Reference Measuring Point SAPLIMR0
84 IK03 Display Measuring Point SAPLIMR0
85 IK03R Display Reference Measuring Point SAPLIMR0
86 IK04 Create Measuring Points for Object SAPLIMR0
87 IK04R Create Ref. Measuring Points for Obj SAPLIMR0
88 IK05 Change Measuring Points for Object SAPLIMR0
89 IK05R Change Ref. Measuring Points for Obj SAPLIMR0
90 IK06 Display Measuring Points for Object SAPLIMR0
91 IK06R Display Ref Measuring Points for Obj SAPLIMR0
92 IK07 Display Measuring Points RIIMPT20
93 IK07R Display Reference Measuring Point RIIMPT25
94 IK08 Change Measuring Points RIIMPT20
95 IK08R Change Reference Measuring Point RIIMPT25
96 IK09 Maintain Number Range for Table IMPT SAPMSNUM
97 IK10R Transfer Data from Ref Measuring Pnt SAPMILO2
98 IK11 Create Measurement Document SAPLIMR0
99 IK12 Change Measurement Document SAPLIMR0
100 IK13 Display Measurement Document SAPLIMR0
101 IK14 Collective Entry of MeasDocuments SAPLIMR0
102 IK15 Take Up Measurement Reading Transfer SAPLIMR0
103 IK16 Collective Entry of MeasDocuments SAPLIMR0
104 IK17 Display Measurement Documents RIIMR020
105 IK18 Change Measurement Documents RIIMR020
106 IK19 Maintain Number Range for Table IMRG SAPMSNUM
107 IK21 Collective Entry of MeasDocuments SAPLIMR0
108 IK22 Collective Entry of MeasDocuments SAPLIMR0
109 IK31 Create MeasReading Entry List SAPLIMR7
110 IK32 Change MeasReading Entry List SAPLIMR7
111 IK33 Display MeasReading entry list SAPLIMR7
112 IK34 Collective Entry of MeasDocuments SAPLIMR0
113 IK39 Nummernkreispflege: IMEL SAPMSNUM
114 IK41 Display MeasDocs From Archive RIARCMRI
115 IK51 MeasReading Transfer Structure RIMPHIER
116 IK52 MeasReading Transfer History RIMPHIST
117 IK71 Create Meas. Document in Internet SAPLIMRI
118 IK81 Create Linear Reference Pattern SAPLEAML_LRP_UI
119 IK82 Change Linear Reference Pattern SAPLEAML_LRP_UI
120 IK83 Display Linear Reference Pattern SAPLEAML_LRP_UI
122 IKKW Valuation Variant Generic Object  
123 IKKZ Costing Variant Generic Object  
124 IL01 Create Functional Location SAPMILO0
125 IL02 Change Functional Location SAPMILO0
126 IL03 Display Functional Location SAPMILO0
127 IL04 Create FunctLocation: List Entry SAPMILO1
128 IL05 Change Functional Location RIIFLO20
129 IL06 Data Transfer From FunctLocation SAPMILO2
130 IL07 Funct. Location List (Multi-Level) RIIFLO30
131 IL08 Create Functional Location SAPMILO0
132 IL09 User Profile for Labeling RIFLUSPR
133 IL10 Reusability of Historical Labels RI_IFLOS_REUSE
134 IL11 Create Reference Location SAPMILO0
135 IL12 Change Reference Location SAPMILO0
136 IL13 Display Reference Location SAPMILO0
137 IL14 Create RefLocation: List Entry SAPMILO1
138 IL15 Change Reference Location RIIRLO20
139 IL16 Data Transfer from RefLocation SAPMILO2
140 IL17 Take up Data Transfer SAPMILO2
141 IL18 Data Transfer From Equipment SAPMILO2
142 IL20 Change Functional Location RIIFLO20
143 IL21 Heal from INHB EQ_FL_HEAL
144 ILMAPK Audit Package Maintenance  
145 ILMAPT Audit Package Template Processing  
146 ILMARA Audit Area Processing  
147 ILMAUT Call Audit Trail Wrapper Report RIWP_S_AUT10_LPD_WRAPPER
148 ILMCHECK ILM Check Sums  
149 ILMDOWLB Download Browser local reporting  
150 ILMDOWLB_S Download Browser local reporting  
152 ILMPRLISTRW Print Lists: Find and Display in RW ARLNK_SHOW_PRINTLISTS_RW
153 ILMREPOS ILM Repository  
154 ILMSIM ILM Rule Simulation IRM_SIM
155 ILMSTOREADM SRS Store Administration  
156 ILMTABLB Table Browser local reporting  
157 ILMVIEW ILM View Definition in RW  
158 ILMVIEWM View Maintenance for ILM  
159 ILM_AL_EOL Set ArchiveLink References in RW ARLNK_SET_EOL_REFERENCES
160 ILM_AL_REF Set ArchiveLink References (Att.) ARLNK_SET_PROXYS_ALDOCUMENTS
161 ILM_AO_CUST Object-Specific Customizing Settings ILM_ARC_CALL_AOBJ
164 ILM_C_APPL Define Applications  
165 ILM_C_CON Configure Segments  
166 ILM_C_C_CON Configure Customer-Specific Segments  
167 ILM_C_OBJECTS Define Archiving Objects  
168 ILM_C_RAOB Register Archiving Objects  
169 ILM_C_RAOB_TAB Register Archiving Objects Tables  
170 ILM_C_RELA Relation between segments  
171 ILM_C_SOEX Define Segments to Extract  
172 ILM_C_STRC Define Structures  
175 ILM_EQM1 Create Equipment SAPLILM_UI_EQM
176 ILM_EQM2 Change Equipment SAPLILM_UI_EQM
177 ILM_EQM3 Display Equipment SAPLILM_UI_EQM
180 ILM_GENERIC_CDE Trigger Generic CDE from RW  
181 ILM_LHM Legal Hold Management  
183 ILM_LH_AL Legal Hold Propagation (ArchiveLink) ARLNK_LHM_PROPAGATE_LEGAL_HOLD
185 ILM_SB ILM Store Browser  
186 ILM_SN_EXTENSION SN Extension Tool (Swiss Knife) S_ILM_SWISS_KNIFE
187 ILM_TRANS_ADMIN Transfer of Archive Administration ARC_TRANS_ADMIN_UI
188 ILM_TRANS_ADMIN_ONLY Transfer Administration Data Only  
190 ILM_TRANS_ALDL Transfer Attachments and Print Lists  
191 ILM_TRANS_CONST Convert and Store Data  
192 ILM_TRANS_CREP Transfer Content Repository Def.  
193 ILM_TRANS_META_ADMIN Administration Data for SN_META Only  
194 ILM_TRANS_META_CONST Convert and Store Metadata  
195 ILM_TRANS_OBJECTS Transfer Transaction Data to RW  
196 ILM_TRANS_OBJ_CONST Convert and Store Transaction Data  
197 ILM_TRANS_SN Context Data/Snapshots to RW  
198 ILM_TRANS_SN_CONST Convert and Store Context Data/SN  
199 ILM_TRANS_SN_META Transfer Metadata to RW  
200 ILM_WOC1 Create Notification SAPLILM_UI_WOC
201 ILM_WOC2 Change Notification SAPLILM_UI_WOC
202 ILM_WOC3 Display Notification SAPLILM_UI_WOC
203 IM00 Investment programs MENUIM00
204 IM01 Create Investment Program SAPLAIP2
205 IM02 Change Investment Program SAPLAIP2
206 IM03 Display Investment Program SAPLAIP2
207 IM05 Reassign Measures/Approp.Requests RAIMACHG
208 IM11 Create Investment Program Position SAPLAIP2
209 IM12 Change Investment Program Position SAPLAIP2
210 IM13 Display Inv. Program Position SAPLAIP2
211 IM20 Ongoing settings for inv. program  
212 IM22 Change Investment Program Structure SAPLAIP2
213 IM23 Display Investment Program Structure SAPLAIP2
214 IM24 Create Investment Program RAIM_GEN_FROM_ORG
215 IM25 Create Investment Program RAIM_GEN_FROM_HIER
216 IM27 IM: Open new approval year RAIMCOPY
217 IM27_CLOSE IM: Close old approval year RAIMCOPY
218 IM27_REPEAT IM: Open New Approv. Yr- Repeat Run RAIMCOPY
219 IM28 Copy investment program RAIMCOPY
220 IM30 Change Supplement to Inv.Prog.Pos. SAPMKBUD
221 IM31 Display Supplement to Inv.Prog.Pos. SAPMKBUD
222 IM32 Change Budget of Inv. Prog. Position SAPMKBUD
223 IM33 Display Budget of Inv.Prog.Position SAPMKBUD
224 IM34 Determining Default Plan Value IM RAIMCOPY
225 IM35 Change Plan on Inv. Program Position SAPMKBUD
226 IM36 Display plan on prog. position SAPMKBUD
227 IM38 Change return on program position SAPMKBUD
228 IM39 Display return on program position SAPMKBUD
229 IM40 Change supplement on operative objs SAPMKBUD
230 IM41 Display suppmt on operative objects SAPMKBUD
231 IM42 Change budget operative objects SAPMKBUD
232 IM43 Display budget operative objects SAPMKBUD
233 IM44 Determining Default Budget Value IM RAIMCOPY
234 IM48 Change return on operative objects SAPMKBUD
235 IM49 Display return on operative objects SAPMKBUD
236 IM52 Process budget distribution RAIMSELM
237 IM53 Display budget distribution RAIMSELM
238 IM54 Investment Program Reorganization RAIMCOPY
239 IM64 Transfer from Old Investment Program RAIMCOPY
240 IMA0 Appropriation Requests MENUIMA0
241 IMA1 Create appropriation request SAPLAIA1
242 IMA11 Individual Processing SAPLAIA1
243 IMA12 Individual Processing (Planner) SAPLAIA1
244 IMA13 Individual Processing (Web Trans.) SAPLAIA1
245 IMA1N Create Appropriation Request SAPLAIA1
246 IMA2 Change appropriation request SAPLAIA1
247 IMA20 Ongoing settings for app. request  
248 IMA2N Change Appropriation Request SAPLAIA1
249 IMA3 Display appropriation request SAPLAIA1
250 IMA3N Display Appropriation Request SAPLAIA1
251 IMA4 Delete appropriation request SAPLAIA1
252 IMA4N Delete Appropriation Request SAPLAIA1
253 IMA6 Copy version assignmt to measure RAIMAVCY
254 IMAI CI Management Info System RKKBRPTR
255 IMAM Mass maintenance of approp.requests  
256 IMAMB Automatic Mass Change MASSBACK
257 IMAMP Blanket Change to Plan Values RAIMARED
258 IMAN Number range maintenance: IMAK SAPMSNUM
259 IMAP Change plan for appropriation req. SAPMKBUD
260 IMAPL Overview Planning (Planner) SAPLAIAWEB1
261 IMAPL2 Overview Planning SAPLAIAWEB1
262 IMAPL3 Overview Planning (Easy Web) SAPLAIAWEB1
263 IMAQ Display plan for appropriation req. SAPMKBUD
264 IMAR Plan investment portion of app.req. SAPMKBUD
265 IMAS Display plan: Appropriation request SAPMKBUD
266 IMAV Change plan revenues SAPMKBUD
267 IMAW Display plan revenues SAPMKBUD
268 IMB0 IM Summariz: Replicate hierarchy RAICHIER
269 IMB1 IM Summariz: Replicate curr. values RAICDAR1
270 IMB2 IM Summariz: Replicate entities RAICENR1
271 IMB3 IM Summariz: Current values in file RAICDAS2
272 IMB4 IM Summariz: Entities in file RAICENS2
273 IMB5 IM Summariz: Values from file RAICDAR2
274 IMB6 IM Summariz: Entities from file RAICENR2
275 IMB7 IM Summarization: Copy values RAICDAC1
276 IMB8 IM Summariz: Summarized val. in file RAICDAS3
277 IMBC IM Summariz: Settings in file RAICCUS1
278 IMBD IM Summariz: Delete values/hierarchy RAICDHD1
279 IMBE IM Summarization: Delete entities RAICEND2
280 IMBM IM Summarization: Monitor RAICMON1
281 IMBPUP Plan/Budget Rollup RAIMBPUP
282 IMC0 IM Summarization: Execute Report SAPMKCEE
283 IMC1 IM Summarization: Create report SAPMKCEE
284 IMC2 IM Summarization: Change report SAPMKCEE
285 IMC3 IM Summarization: Display report SAPMKCEE
286 IMC4 IM Summarization: Create form SAPMKES1
287 IMC5 IM Summarization: Change form SAPMKES1
288 IMC6 IM Summarization: Create form SAPMKES1
289 IMC8 IM Summarization: Client copy report RCNRCJES
290 IMC9 IM Summarization: Client copy form RCNRCJEW
291 IMCAOV Budget Carryfwd for Inv.Programs RAIMCAOV
292 IMCB IM Summarization: Background report RKDBAT02
293 IMCBR3 Mass Budget Release for Projects RAIMCCP3
294 IMCC IM Summarization: Curr. transl. type SAPMKCC0
295 IMCCP1 Copy Plan -> Budget (Inv.Prog) RAIMCCP1
296 IMCCP2 Transfer App.Req. Plan -> Meas. Plan RAIMCCP2
297 IMCCP3 Copy Plan -> Budget (Projects) RAIMCCP3
298 IMCCP4 Copy Plan -> Budget (Orders) RAIMCCP4
299 IMCCV1 Copy Plan Vers. -> PlanVers(InvProg) RAIMCCP1
300 IMCDISPATCH Forward IMC Event  
301 IMCG Summariz. IM: Gen. User-Def. Char. RAIMGENCHAR
302 IMCK IM Summariz: Calculated key figures RICTIMCK
303 IMCM IM Summariz: Test monitor f. reports SAPMKCB9
304 IMCO IM Summarization: Transport reports RKCOBTR2
305 IMCOC1 Consistency Check (Inv.Prog.) RAIMCCP1
306 IMCOC3 Consistency Check (Projects) RAIMCCP3
307 IMCOC4 Consistency Check (Orders) RAIMCCP4
308 IMCP IM Summarization: Transport forms RKCOBTR4
309 IMCRC1 Currency Reacalculation (Inv.Prog.) RAIMCCP1
310 IMCRC2 Currency Recalculation (App.Req.) RAIMCRC2
311 IMCRC3 Currency Recalculation (Projects) RAIMCCP3
312 IMCRC4 Currency Recalculation (Orders) RAIMCCP4
313 IMCT IM Summar: Translation of drilldowns RKCTRTX1
315 IMCTX Intermode Communication RSIMCTRX
316 IMCU Config. menu Investment Management MENUIMCU
317 IMCV IM Summarization: Global variables RKES0101
318 IMCX IM Summarization: Reorg. reports RKDREOBE
319 IMCY IM Summarization: Reorg. report data RKDREODA_NEW
320 IMCZ IM Summarization: Reorg. forms RKDREOFO
321 IMD0 App.req: Execute report SAPMKCEE
322 IMD1 App.req: Create report SAPMKCEE
323 IMD2 App.req: Change report SAPMKCEE
324 IMD3 App.req: Display report SAPMKCEE
325 IMD4 App.req: Create form SAPMKES1
326 IMD5 App.req: Change form SAPMKES1
327 IMD6 App.req: Display form SAPMKES1
328 IMD8 App.req: Client copy report RCNRCJES
329 IMD9 App.req: Client copy form RCNRCJEW
330 IMDB App.req: Execute report in backgrnd RKDBAT02
331 IMDC App. req: Currency translation key SAPMKCC0
332 IMDG Generate User-Defined Characteristic RAIMGENCHAR
333 IMDK App.req: Calculated key figures RIRTIMDK
334 IMDM App.req: Test monitor report SAPMKCB9
335 IMDO App. req: Transport reports RKCOBTR2
336 IMDP App. req: Transport forms RKCOBTR4
337 IMDT App. req: Translate drilldown RKCTRTX1
338 IMDV App. req: Global variables RKES0101
339 IMDX App. req: Reorganization reports RKDREOBE
340 IMDY App. req: Reorganization report data RKDREODA_NEW
341 IMDZ App. req: Reorganization of forms RKDREOFO
342 IME0 Execute Inv. Program Report SAPMKCEE
343 IME1 Create cap.inv.program report SAPMKCEE
344 IME2 Change cap.inv.program report SAPMKCEE
345 IME3 Display cap.inv.prog. report SAPMKCEE
346 IME4 Create layout set for inv.prog. rep. SAPMKES1
347 IME5 Change layout set for inv.prog. rep. SAPMKES1
348 IME6 Display layout set for inv.prog.rep. SAPMKES1
349 IME8 Client transport-inv. prog.reports RCNRCJES
350 IME9 Client transport of forms RCNRCJEW
351 IMEB Background processing of reports RKDBAT02
352 IMEC Maint. of currcy.conv. type inv.prg. SAPMKCC0
353 IMEG Generate User-Defined Characteristic RAIMGENCHAR
354 IMEK Maintain ratios RIPTIMEK
355 IMEM Test monitor - inv. prog. reports SAPMKCB9
356 IMEO Transport inv. prog. reports RKCOBTR2
357 IMEO1 Create Inv.Program in Enterprise Org OM_START_NF
358 IMEO2 Change Inv.Program in Enterp. Org. OM_START_NF
359 IMEO3 Display Inv.Program in Enterp. Org. OM_START_NF
360 IMEO_GEN Generate Inv.Program frm Ent.Organiz RAIM_GEN_FROM_EO
361 IMEP Transport forms for inv. program RKCOBTR4
362 IMEQ Import inv.prog. rep. frm client 000 RKCOBTR3
363 IMER Import forms from client 000 RKCOBTR5
364 IMET Transl. tool - Dr.-down rep. inv.prg RKCTRTX1
365 IMEU Euro conversion: IM postproces.prog. RAIPEWU1
366 IMEV Maintain global variables RKES0101
367 IMEX Reorganize invest. program reports RKDREOBE
368 IMEY Reorganize inv. prog. report data RKDREODA_NEW
369 IMEZ Reorganize forms for RKDREOFO
370 IMI0 CI Management Info System RKKBRPTR
371 IMIG Incremental Migration SAPLSDB9
372 IMKBUD Original Budget = Current Budget RAIMKBUD
373 IML1 Define Long Text Templates  
374 IML1W Define Long Text Templates - Word  
375 IMLX Define Long Text Templates  
376 IMLXW Define Long Text Templates - Word  
377 IMP Start of Mass Processing IMP_START
378 IMPBA3 Plan/Budget Adjustment (Projects) RAIMCCP3
379 IMPBA4 Plan/Budget Adjustment (Orders) RAIMCCP4
380 IMP_CUST Maintenance Mass Processng Customzng  
382 IMP_TRIGGER_NUMBERS Number Range Maintenance: IMP001 SAPMSNUM
383 IMR1 Values for Capital Investment Prog. RAIMINFO
384 IMR1_ALV ALV Reporting Investment Program RAIMINFO_ALV
385 IMR3 Delete Whole Capital Investment Prg. RAIMDELE
386 IMR4 App.Req. w/o Distrib., w/o Variants RAIMAVAR1
387 IMR5 App.Req. w/ Distrib., w/o Variants RAIMAVAR2
388 IMR6 App.Req. w/o Distrib., w/ Variants RAIMAVAR3
389 IMR7 App. Request w/ Distrib. w/ Variants RAIMAVAR4
390 IMR8 Non-Assigned Measures/App.Req. RAIMNOTCON
391 IMR9 Check of Inheritance in Inv.Program RAIMHERCHK
392 IMR_PREINV Recalculate preinv. analysis figures RAIM_CORR_PREINVESTMENT
393 IMSL Set language for text RAIMLANG
394 IMV1 Changes to Investment Programs RAIMAETP
395 IMV2 Changes to CI Program Positions RAIMAEPR
396 IM_ARCR Archiving of Approp. Requests  
397 IM_ARDE Delete Archived App. Requests  
398 IM_ARMA Admin. of App. Request Archives  
399 IM_AVCHANA Monitor Avail.Ctr. for Inv.programs RAVCHANA
400 IM_AVCHANA_ORD Monitor Avail.Ctr. for Inv.programs RAVCHANA_ORD
401 IM_AVCHANA_WBS Avail. Ctrl Monitor for WBS Elements RAVCHANA_WBS
402 IM_DLAS Detach and Reass. Meas./Approp. Req. RAIMDLAS
403 IM_LKZS Set Deletion Indicator RAIR_ARC_LVM_TO_LKZ
404 IN01 Create object link SAPMINE0
405 IN02 Change object link SAPMINE0
406 IN03 Display object link SAPMINE0
407 IN04 Create FunctLoc Object Link SAPMINE0
408 IN05 Change FunctLoc Object Link SAPMINE0
409 IN06 Display FunctLoc Object Link SAPMINE0
410 IN07 Create Object Link for Equipment SAPMINE0
411 IN08 Change Object Link for Equipment SAPMINE0
412 IN09 Display Object Link for Equipment SAPMINE0
413 IN15 Change FunctLoc Object Network RINET0T0
414 IN16 Display Object Network for FunctLoc RINET0T0
415 IN18 Change Object Network for Equipment RINET0E0
416 IN19 Display Object Network for Equipment RINET0E0
417 IN20 Object link number ranges SAPMSNUM
418 IN21 Create Object Network SAPLEAML_NWM_UI
419 IN22 Change Object Network SAPLEAML_NWM_UI
420 IN23 Display Object Network SAPLEAML_NWM_UI
421 IN24 Multi-Level FuncLoc Network List RIINET10
422 IN25 Multi-Level Equipment Network List RIINET20
423 IN26 Change Network List RIINET30
424 IN27 Display Network List RIINET30
425 IN30 Number Range Maintenance: NetwAttr  
426 IN31 Create Network Attribute Values SAPLEAML_EVT_UI
427 IN32 Change Network Attribute Values SAPLEAML_EVT_UI
428 IN33 Display Network Attribute Values SAPLEAML_EVT_UI
429 IN34 Network Attribute List EAML_NW_ATT_LIST
430 INEX Initial Data Entry of ExtractINSTSET REAPROTEXTR
431 INM_DFM_CUST Synchronization customizing INM_DFM_CUST
432 INM_HCG Generate Hana Content INM_HC_GENERATE
434 INSO Area Menu for Insurance in BDT MENUINSO
435 INSO0001 BDT Control: Applications BUSVIEWS
436 INSO0002 BDT Control: Field Groups BUSVIEWS
437 INSO0003 BDT Control: Views BUSVIEWS
438 INSO0004 BDT Control: Sections BUSVIEWS
439 INSO0005 BDT Control: Screens BUSVIEWS
440 INSO0006 BDT Control: Screen Sequences BUSVIEWS
441 INSO0007 BDT Control: Times BUSVIEWS
442 INSO0008 BDT Control: CUA Standard Funct. BUSVIEWS
443 INSO0009 BDT Control: CUA Addit. Funct. BUSVIEWS
444 INSO0011 BDT Control: Assign ScrnFld->DB Fld BUSVIEWS
445 INSO0012 BDT Control: Field modif. criteria BUSVIEWS
446 INSO0013 BDT Control: Role Categories BUSVIEWS
447 INSO0014 BDT Control: Role Categories Grpg BUSVIEWS
448 INSO0015 BDT Control: Application Transaction BUSVIEWS
449 INSO0016 BDT Control: Tables BUSVIEWS
450 INSO0017 BDT Control: External Applications BUSVIEWS
451 INSO0018 BDT Control: Field Modif. Activities BUSVIEWS
452 INSO0019 BDT Ctrl: Field Mod. IO Categories  
453 INSO0020 BDT Control: Authorization Types BUSVIEWS
454 INSO0021 BDT Control: Ass. DI Field->DB Field BUSVIEWS
455 INSOARCH FS-CD: Insurance Object Archive  
456 INSOCHANGE Change Insurance Object BUSSTART
457 INSOCREATE Create Insurance Object BUSSTART
458 INSODISP Display Insurance Object BUSSTART
460 INSOSN Cust: Field Groups for Authorization BUSVIEWS
461 INTERV Installn Interval for Backlog Set INSTKOMPR
465 INVDOC02 Bill Dialog - Sales Tax Statement SAPLEE_INVOICE_RECEIPT_DIALOG
466 INVMASSPROC Mass Act: Bill/Paym.Adv.Note Proc. SAPLFKKAKTIV2
467 INVMON Inbound Bill Monitoring RINV_MONITORING
468 INVRETPER Define Retention Period  
469 INVSARA01 Archiving: Bill Documents  
470 INVSARA02 Archiving: Transfer Lines  
471 INVSARJ01 Activate ArchInfStruct. for Bill Doc  
472 INVSARJ02 Activate ArchInfStruct f. TrnsfrLine  
473 INV_DISPLAY_MAT Display Material Master/Price Analys INV_DISPLAY_MATERIAL_WAO
474 IOBJATTR_IDL Iobjects attr - attr val Download IOBJECTS_ATTR_VAL_DOWNLOAD
476 IOCI_FCON2 OCI:Convert HTML Field Values  
477 IOCI_FCONV OCI: Convert HTML - SAP Field  
478 IOCI_FUNCM OCI: Conversion Functions  
479 IOCI_ORGU OCI: Assign Catalogs to Order Type  
481 IP00 Maintenance Planning Menu MENUIP00
482 IP01 Create Maintenance Plan SAPLIWP3
483 IP02 Change Maintenance Plan SAPLIWP3
484 IP03 Display Maintenance Plan SAPLIWP3
485 IP04 Create Maintenance Item SAPLIWP3
486 IP05 Change Maintenance Item SAPLIWP3
487 IP06 Display Maintenance Item SAPLIWP3
488 IP10 Schedule Maintenance Plan SAPLIWP3
489 IP11 Maintain Maintenance Strategies RISTRA00
490 IP11U Rescheduling of Maintenance Plans RI_MPLAN_START_CYCLE
491 IP11Z Maintain Cycle Set RISTRA00
492 IP12 Display Maintenance Strategies RISTRA00
493 IP12Z Display Cycle Set RISTRA00
494 IP13 Package Order RMSTRA00
495 IP14 Where-Used List by Strategy RMSTRA30
496 IP15 Change Maintenance Plan RIMPLA00
497 IP16 Display Maintenance Plan RIMPLA00
498 IP17 Change Maintenance Item RIMPOS00
499 IP18 Display Maintenance Item RIMPOS00
500 IP19 Maintenance scheduling overview RIMHIS00