SAP ABAP Transaction Code - Index G
Transaction Code - G
# Transaction code Short Description Corresponding Report (if exist)
1 GA11 Create FI-SL Actual Assessment SAPMKAL1
2 GA11N Create FI-SL Actual Assessment SAPLKAL1
3 GA12 Change FI-SL Actual Assessment SAPMKAL1
4 GA12N Change FI-SL Actual Assessment SAPLKAL1
5 GA13 Display FI-SL actual assessment SAPMKAL1
6 GA13N Display FI-SL Actual Assessment SAPLKAL1
7 GA14 Delete FI-SL Actual Assessment SAPMKAL1
8 GA14N Delete FI-SL Actual Assessment SAPLKAL1
9 GA15 Execute FI-SL actual assessment SAPMKGA2
10 GA16 Actual Assessment Overview SAPMKGA1
11 GA1D Delete allocation line items RGALLOC3
12 GA27 Create FI-SL Planned Assessment SAPMKAL1
13 GA27N Create FI-SL Planned Assessment SAPLKAL1
14 GA28 Change FI-SL Planned Assessment SAPMKAL1
15 GA28N Change FI-SL Planned Assessment SAPLKAL1
16 GA29 Display FI-SL Planned Assessment SAPMKAL1
17 GA29N Display FI-SL Planned Assessment SAPLKAL1
18 GA2A Delete FI-SL Planned Assessment SAPMKAL1
19 GA2AN Delete FI-SL Planned Assessment SAPLKAL1
20 GA2B Execute FI-SL Planned Assessment SAPMKGA2
21 GA2C Plan Assessment Overview SAPMKGA1
22 GA31 Create FI-SL actual distribution SAPMKAL1
23 GA31N Create FI-SL Actual Distribution SAPLKAL1
24 GA32 Change FI-SL actual distribution SAPMKAL1
25 GA32N Change FI-SL Actual Distribution SAPLKAL1
26 GA33 Display FI-SL actual distribution SAPMKAL1
27 GA33N Display FI-SL Actual Distribution SAPLKAL1
28 GA34 Delete FI-SL actual distribution SAPMKAL1
29 GA34N Delete FI-SL Actual Distribution SAPLKAL1
30 GA35 Execute FI-SL actual distribution SAPMKGA2
31 GA36 Actual Distribution Overview SAPMKGA1
32 GA47 Create FI-SL Planned Distribution SAPMKAL1
33 GA47N Create FI-SL Planned Distribution SAPLKAL1
34 GA48 Change FI-SL Planned Distribution SAPMKAL1
35 GA48N Change FI-SL Planned Distribution SAPLKAL1
36 GA49 Display FI-SL Planned Distribution SAPMKAL1
37 GA49N Display FI-SL Planned Distribution SAPLKAL1
38 GA4A Delete FI-SL Planned Distribution SAPMKAL1
39 GA4AN Delete FI-SL Planned Distribution SAPLKAL1
40 GA4B Execute FI-SL Planned Distribution SAPMKGA2
41 GA4C Plan Distribution Overview SAPMKGA1
42 GACNFIAA Golden Audit: Assets (China) RAIDCN_GAFIAA_XML
43 GACN_APAR Golden Audit: Cust./Vendors (China) RFIDCNAPAR
44 GACN_COMMON Golden Audit: Common Info. (China) RFIDCNGBT_COMMON
46 GACN_GL Golden Audit: General Ledger (China) RFIDGACNGL
50 GADBCOR Corrections to Monthly Average Bals. SAPMGBUK
53 GADBMM2 ADB Move + Merge, + Avg Bal. Calc. RGLE_ADB_MOVE_AND_MERGE
56 GADB_SNUM_RUNID Number Range Maintenance ADB Run ID  
57 GAL1 Update Assignment Table EDIMAP RGUCALE1
58 GAL2 Generate Export/Import RGUCALE2
59 GAL3 Export of G/L acct transactn figures RGLEXE02
60 GALILEO Galileo Bypass RFTP_BYPASS2
61 GALILEO_SYNCH Synchronization of Galileo PNRs GET_GALILEO_PNR
63 GAOV Cycle Overview FI-SL RGAOV
64 GAR1 Create Archive  
65 GAR5 Display Structure of Local DBs RGULDB00
66 GAR8 RW/RP Reports for FI-SL Archives  
67 GAR9 Generate FI-SL Archive/DB Reports  
68 GB01 Document Entry for Local Ledgers SAPMGBUK
69 GB02 Number Range Maint.for Local Ledgers SAPMSNUM
70 GB03 Number Range Maint.f.Global Ledgers SAPMSNUM
71 GB04 Number Range Maint.for Local Ledgers SAPMSNUM
72 GB05 Number Range Maint.f.Global Ledgers SAPMSNUM
73 GB06 Reverse Local FI-SL Actual Documnts RGUSTORL
74 GB11 Document Entry for Global Ledgers SAPMGBUK
75 GB16 Reverse Global FI-SL Actual Docmnts RGUSTORG
76 GBC1 GBC: Method Repository RIGC0004
77 GBC2 GBC: Task Definition RIGC0005
78 GBC3 GBC: Field and Value Allocations RIGC0006
79 GBC4 GBC:No.Range Maintenance(ISU_GBCCON)  
80 GBC5 GBC:No.Range Maint. (ISU_GBCLNK)  
81 GBCA GBC: Link Log RIGC0003
82 GC01 Call GS01 for LC RGCCGS01
83 GC10 FI-LC: Print Companies RGCT880
84 GC11 Create Company Master Record SAPMF10G
85 GC12 Change Company Master Record SAPMF10G
86 GC13 Display Company Master Record SAPMF10G
87 GC14 Delete Company Master Record SAPMF10G
88 GC16 Create Subgroup Master Record SAPMF10S
89 GC17 Change Subgroup Master Record SAPMF10S
90 GC18 Display Subgroup SAPMF10S
91 GC19 FI-LC: Print Subgroups RGCT852
92 GC21 Enter Individual Fin.Statement Data SAPMF10I
93 GC22 Display Individual Fin. Stmt Data SAPMF10I
94 GC23 FI-LC: Document Entry SAPMF10B
95 GC24 FI-LC: Display Document RGCSHD00
96 GC25 Maintain Consolidation Number Ranges SAPMSNUM
97 GC26 FI-LC: Journal Entry Report SAPMK21L
98 GC27 FI-LC: Customize Journal Entry Reprt SAPMV76A
99 GC28 Status Display SAPMF10F
100 GC29 Status Management SAPMF10F
101 GC30 FI-LC: Mass Reversal SAPMK21L
102 GC31 FI-LC: Customize Curr. Translation SAPMF10Q
103 GC32 FI-LC: Customizing Consolidation SAPMF10K
104 GC33 FI-LC: Financial Data Table Maint. SAPMF10T
105 GC34 FI-LC: Reported Data Table Display SAPMF10T
106 GC35 FI-LC: Transport Table Entries/Sets SAPMF10N
107 GC36 Transport connection: Cons.Inv.Cust. SAPMF10N
108 GC38 Data transfer SAPMF10H
109 GC39 Change Local Valuation Data RGCMOT00
110 GC41 GLT3 - Maintain GLT3 sub-assignments SAPMF10V
111 GC44 Send Financial Statement Data SAPMF10E
112 GC45 Delete Subgroup RGCDELTK
113 GC4P FI-LC Print Step-Consolidated Group RGCHRY00
114 GC50 Report Selection RKKBRPTR
115 GC51 Report Selection SAPMKKB5
116 GC60 Data for elim. of IC profit/loss RGCZGECD
117 GC61 Export of Transaction Data RGCTDE00
118 GC62 Import of Transaction Data RGCTDI00
119 GC63 Liability Method RGCLIA00
120 GC99 Consolidation Test Data SAPMF10X
121 GCA1 FI-SL: Field Usage for Assessment  
122 GCA2 FI-SL: Data Control for Assessment  
123 GCA3 FI-SL: Allocations: Data fld descr.  
124 GCA4 FI-SL: Allocation Field Grp Texts  
125 GCA5 FI-SL: Allocation Table Information  
126 GCA6 FI-SL: Field Usage for Distribution  
127 GCA7 FI-SL: Data Control for Distributn  
128 GCA8 Sender-Receiver Relationship  
129 GCA9 Check allocation customizing RGALLOC4
130 GCAC Ledger comparison RGUCOMP4
131 GCACH Compare Totals Records ERP - HANA FAGL_HANA_RECON
132 GCAE Ledger comparison w/diff. clearing RGUCOMP4
133 GCAG Generate FI-SL Archiving RGUGLG05
134 GCAN Analysis of FI-SL Database Contents RGUDBANA
135 GCAR Ledger Comparison Remote RGUCOMP4
136 GCB1 Change FI-SL Customizing Comp. Code SAPMGCU0
137 GCB2 Display FI-SL Customizing Comp.Code SAPMGCU0
138 GCB3 Copy FI-SL Customizing Company Code SAPMGCU0
139 GCB4 FI-SL: Delete Company Code SAPMGCU0
140 GCBA FI-SL: Valid Document Types  
141 GCBE Texts for Document Types  
142 GCBR Document Types for Rollup  
143 GCBT Texts for Document Types  
144 GCBW1 Generate TransStruct. for Totals Tbl RGUCBIW0
145 GCBW2 Generate summ.table trans. structure RGUCBIW1
146 GCBX FI-SL: Valid Document Types  
147 GCCG Generate Code for FI-SL RGBCFL00
148 GCD0_EXPORT_DETAILS Display eBilanz Global Common Data  
149 GCD0_EXPORT_SHLDR Shareholders of Global Common Data  
150 GCD1 FI-SL Customizing: Diagnosis Tool SAPMGCU1
152 GCD2 List of FI-SL Direct Posting Tables RGULIST0
154 GCD3 Graphical Navigation in FI-SL SAPMGRAP
155 GCD4 Check General Ledger RGULED00
156 GCD5 Check Currencies in FI-SL RGUCURRC
157 GCD6 Graphic Display of FI-SL Tables RGUGRA03
158 GCDE Delete FI-SL Transaction Data RGUDEL00
159 GCDF Delete FI-SL Transaction Data SAPMGCU3
160 GCDH G/L diagnosis  
161 GCE1 Maintain User  
162 GCEA Maintain FI-LC ledgers  
163 GCEB Maintain FI-LC ledgers for conversn  
164 GCEC Maintain companies for conversion  
165 GCED Make special settings for conversion  
166 GCEE FI-LC: Reconcil. of bal. carried fwd RGCEUR00
167 GCEF FI-LC: Reconcil. of fin. data tables RGCEUR10
168 GCEG Ingeration: Euro transaction types RGCEUR50
169 GCEH Make settings for integration  
170 GCEJ Suggest FI-LC package assignment RGCORG00
171 GCEK Reconcil. integration <_> CF FILCT RGCEUR30
172 GCEL Item substitution/Ret. earn. (CF) RGCCHPEU
173 GCEM Post extract in carryforward period RGCMBUEU
174 GCEN Check whether balance carried fwd RGCEUR02
175 GCEP Delete period values for current yr RGCEUR60
176 GCEQ KONS-EURO: End Package RGCEUR90
177 GCEU Item can be Included in Bal.Sheet RGEURBAL
178 GCF1 Create FI-SL Customizng Fld Assign. SAPMGCU0
179 GCF2 Change FI-SL Customizng Fld Assign. SAPMGCU0
180 GCF3 Display FI-SL Customizng Fd Assign. SAPMGCU0
181 GCF4 FI-SL: Delete Field Assignment SAPMGCU0
182 GCG1 Create FI-SL Customizing Glob.Comp. SAPMGCU0
183 GCG2 Change FI-SL Customizing Glob.Comp. SAPMGCU0
184 GCG3 Display FI-SL Customizing Glob.Comp SAPMGCU0
185 GCG4 Copy FI-SL Customizing Global Comp. SAPMGCU0
186 GCG5 FI-SL Customizing: Delete Companies SAPMGCU0
187 GCGE Activate Global Plan Line Items RGPLEP02
188 GCGG Generation of GLU1 RGICGLU1
189 GCGR Activity Groups  
190 GCGS Reconciliation of Total Line Items RGUSLSEP
191 GCGV C FI Maintain Table T009  
192 GCI1 Installation of FI-SL Tables SAPMGCU2
193 GCI2 FI-SL: Installation of Object Tables SAPMGCU2
194 GCI3 FI-SL Table Directory  
195 GCI4 FI-SL Fixed Field Movements  
196 GCIN Maintain FI-SL tables SAPLGINS
197 GCIQ Quick installation FI-SL SAPLGINS
198 GCJU Diagnosis: Direct Access to Function RGUJUMP0
199 GCL1 Create FI-SL Customizing Ledger SAPMGCU0
200 GCL2 Change FI-SL Customizing Ledger SAPMGCU0
201 GCL3 Display FI-SL Customizing Ledger SAPMGCU0
202 GCL4 Delete FI-SL Customizing Ledger SAPMGCU0
203 GCL6 FI-SL: Copy Ledger SAPMGCU0
204 GCLE Activate Local Plan Line Items RGPLEP01
205 GCM1 Conversion SAPMGUMS
206 GCP1 FI-SL: Local Posting Periods  
207 GCP2 FI-SL Customizing: T001C  
208 GCP3 FI-SL: Local Fisc.Yr-Dep.Vers.Param  
209 GCP4 FI-SL: Global Fisc.Yr-Dep.Vers.Para  
210 GCP5 FI-SL: Local Plan Periods  
211 GCP6 FI-SL: Global Plan Periods  
212 GCR1 Rollup: Create Field Assignment SAPMGCU0
213 GCR2 Rollup: Change Field Assignment SAPMGCU0
214 GCR3 Rollup: Display Field Assignment SAPMGCU0
215 GCR4 FI-SL: Rollup Substitution  
216 GCR5 FI-SL: Rollup Substitution  
217 GCR6 FI-SL Customizing:Del.Rollup Fld.A. SAPMGCU0
218 GCR7 Rollup: Direct Access SAPMGCU0
219 GCR8 Rollup: Direct Access SAPMGCU0
220 GCRB Report Selection SAPMKKB5
221 GCRE1 Activate drilldown rep. for SL table RGUCREP0
222 GCRE2 Deactivate drilldown rep. - SL table RGUCREP1
223 GCRF Translation Factors  
224 GCRS Languages for Report Writer  
225 GCS1 FI-SL: Master Data T800D  
226 GCS5 Balance Carr. Forward Fld Movements  
227 GCS6 Global Standard Accounts  
228 GCS7 Bal.Carr.Forward: Global Std Accts  
229 GCT0 Transport of Substitutions SAPLGBLT
230 GCT1 Transport Ledger SAPMGTRA
231 GCT2 FI-SL Activation SAPMGTRA
232 GCT3 Control Information SAPMGTRA
233 GCT4 Transport Rollup SAPMGTRA
234 GCT5 Transport: Planning Parameters SAPMGTRA
235 GCT6 Transport Distribution Key SAPMGTRA
236 GCT7 Transport: Cycles SAPMGTRA
237 GCT8 Transport: Document Types SAPMGTRA
238 GCT9 Transport of Validations SAPLGBLT
239 GCTA Transport Rules SAPLGBLT
240 GCTR Transport from Report Writer objects SAPMGTRA
241 GCTS Transport of sets and variables SAPMGTRA
242 GCU0 Customizing FI-GLX Menu MENUGCU0
243 GCU1 Data Transfer from FI RGUREC10
244 GCU1N Data Transfer from FI RGUREC10
245 GCU2 Generate G1U2 RGICGLU2
246 GCU3 Transfer Data From CO RGUREC20
247 GCU4 Subsequent Posting of Data From MM RGUREC30
248 GCU5 Subsequent Posting of Data frm Sales RKEPCU40
249 GCU6 CO plan doc subs. posting to FI-SL RGUREC50
250 GCU9 Delete Transaction Data RGUUMS03
251 GCUP Subsequently posting CO data to FISL RKEPCU20
252 GCUT Maintain user tables  
253 GCV1 FI-SL: Create Activity SAPMGCU0
254 GCV2 Change FI-SL Customizing Activity SAPMGCU0
255 GCV3 Display FI-SL Customizing Activity SAPMGCU0
256 GCV4 FI-SL Customizing: Delete Activity SAPMGCU0
257 GCVB Update Type in FI-SL RGISETGL
258 GCVI FI-SL: Actual Versions  
259 GCVO Preparation for FI-SL Customizing SAPMGCU0
260 GCVP FI-SL: Plan Periods  
261 GCVV FI-SL Validation / Local  
262 GCVW FI-SL Validation / Global  
263 GCVX FI-SL Substitution / Local  
264 GCVY FI-SL Substitution / Global  
265 GCVZ Rule Maintenance RGUGBT00
266 GCW1 Versions for Currency Translation  
267 GCW2 Local Translation Methods  
268 GCW3 Global Translation Methods  
269 GCW4 Sp.Purpose Ldgr Currency Translation SAPMF10Q
270 GCW5 FI-SL: Historical Curr. Translation  
271 GCW6 FI-SL: Exchange Rates  
272 GCW7 Transport Currency Translation Mthd SAPMGTRA
273 GCW8 Exchange Rate Types  
274 GCW9 Methods for Currency Translation  
275 GCWU Assign tables to translation methods  
276 GCX1 FI-SL: Client-independent user exits  
277 GCX2 FI-SL: Client-dependent user exits  
278 GCZ3 Generate Report Groups RGUUMS10
279 GC_GR_NV Indirect call of GCD3  
280 GD00 Report Selection RKKBRPTR
281 GD02 FI-SL line item plan documents SAPLGD23
282 GD12 Flex.G/L: Totals Record Display SAPLGD24
283 GD13 Totals Record Display SAPLGD13
284 GD20 Start Selectin FI-SL Line Items SAPLGD23
285 GD21 Flexible G/L: Document Selection SAPLGD24
286 GD22 Flex. G/L: Actual Document Display SAPLGD24
287 GD23 FI-SL: Local Actual Document Display SAPLGD23
288 GD33 FI-SL: Global Actual Doc. Display SAPLGD23
289 GD42 Flex. G/L: Plan Document Display SAPLGD24
290 GD43 FI-SL: Local Plan Document Display SAPLGD23
291 GD44 FI-SL: Global Plan Document Display SAPLGD23
292 GD51 Enter Local FI-SL Master Data SAPMGUM1
293 GD52 Change Local FI-SL Master Data SAPMGUM2
294 GD53 Display Local FI-SL Master Data SAPMGUM3
295 GD54 Delete Local FI-SL Master Data SAPMGUM6
296 GD60 Create Code Combinations SAPMGUOB
297 GD61 Maintain Code Combinations SAPMGUOB
298 GD62 Display Code Combinations SAPMGUOB
299 GD63 Code combinations activation SAPMGUOB
300 GD64 Code combinations deactivation SAPMGUOB
303 GENC Generate Source Code GENCODE
304 GENEPXML Generate Enterprise Portal Navb. XML GEN_EP_NAVBAR_XML
306 GENIL_BOL_BROWSER Browser for Business Object Layer GENIL_GUI_BOL_BROWSER_N
307 GENIL_MODEL_BROWSER Model Browser for genIL Applications GENIL_GUI_MODEL_EDITOR
309 GENIOS_LOG GENIOS: Log Display  
310 GENIOS_PARAM GENIOS: Parameter Customizing  
311 GENIOS_SOLVER GENIOS: Solver customizing  
312 GENSTATUS Generation Status GN_GENSTATUS
313 GENSTATUS2 Generation Status Overview SMOG_GENERATION_STATUS2
315 GEN_US_2 Activate/deactivate US enhancements RGEN_US_CUST
316 GFSRFW Fastsearch Replication Monitor SFSRFW_MONITOR
317 GFSWB Generic Fast Search Workbench GFSWB
318 GFTR_C0001 FTTR: Applications BUSVIEWS
319 GFTR_C0002 TR-TM: Define Field Groups BUSVIEWS
321 GFTR_C0011 TR-TM: Screen Field <--> DB Field BUSVIEWS
322 GFTR_C0012 TR-TM: Field Modification Criteria BUSVIEWS
323 GFTR_C0023 FTTR: Data Sets BUSVIEWS
324 GFTR_C0101 GFTR: Field Modification Prod. Cat.  
325 GFTR_C0102 TR Transaction Mgmt: Field Selection  
326 GFTR_C0200 Customizing Field Selection Process  
327 GFTR_CATTR Treasury Sample Transactions  
328 GFTR_C_MENU Transaction: Task Menu MENUGFTR_C_MENU
329 GGB0 Validation Maintenance RGMGBR10
330 GGB1 Substitution Maintenance RGMGBR20
331 GGB3 Maintain Boolean Class  
332 GGB4 Analysis tool for valid./subst. SAPLGBL1
333 GHODOI DOI Cust: Number Ranges  
334 GHONET GHONET : Number Ranges  
335 GHOPPC Cleanup Report Planning Table GHO_PP_PTABLE_CLEANUP_REPORT
336 GHOTRO TRO Cust: Number Ranges  
337 GHOVARID Network object number range  
338 GJ01 Net Cash Call to Equity Group SAPMGJC1
339 GJ02 JV Gross Cash Call To Equit Group SAPMGJC1
340 GJ03 JV Net Cash Call To Project SAPMGJC1
341 GJ04 JV Gross Cash Call To Project SAPMGJC1
342 GJ05 JV Non-operated cash call to eq grp SAPMGJC1
343 GJ06 JV Non-Operated Cash Call to Project SAPMGJC1
344 GJ09 Joint Venture detailed information RGJJVD00
345 GJ0A Non-Operated Billing by Operator V.2 SAPMGJB2
346 GJ0B Non-Operated Billing by Venture V.2 SAPMGJB2
347 GJ10 Yearly balance shifting RGJVCF00
348 GJ11 Joint Venture master data catalog RGJINF00
349 GJ12 Billing Ledger Extract RGJVBE01
350 GJ13 Joint Venture Ledger Extract RGJVBE02
351 GJ14 Hard Copy Billing RGJVBR10
352 GJ15 Billing Schedule Manager R_GJVB_SCHEDULEMAN
353 GJ16 EDI Billing RGJVEDIO
354 GJ17 Suspense Project / Equity Group RGJVRU00
355 GJ18 Partner Suspense Clearing SAPFGJRC
356 GJ19 Equity Adjustments RGJVEA10
357 GJ20 Venture Bank Account Switching RGJVBASW
358 GJ21 Recovery indicator  
359 GJ22 Internal recovery indicator  
360 GJ23 Change JV partners  
361 GJ24 Venture classes  
362 GJ25 Cutback rules / accounts  
363 GJ26 Cutback rules / accounts  
364 GJ27 Cutback rules / cost centers  
365 GJ28 Cutback rules / cost centers  
366 GJ29 Cutback rules / projects  
367 GJ2A Display JV partners  
368 GJ2B Maintain JV partners  
369 GJ30 Cutback / project intercompany code  
370 GJ31 Cutback tables / orders  
371 GJ32 Cutback rules / orders  
372 GJ33 Equity types  
373 GJ34 JV project in suspense  
374 GJ35 Bank accounts  
375 GJ36 Funding groups  
376 GJ37 Funding group assignment  
377 GJ39 JV Billing indicator  
378 GJ3A Display JV project in suspense  
379 GJ3B Cutback rules / intercompany assets  
380 GJ3C Cutback rule: Networks  
381 GJ3D Cutback - Intercompany networks  
382 GJ3R Reconsile Intercompany Mapping RGJV_ICMAP_CHECK_ALL
383 GJ40 Accounts for supplemental billing  
384 GJ41 JV Projects for supplemental billing  
385 GJ42 JV Material Batch-Cond code x-ref  
386 GJ44 Net profit interest groups  
387 GJ45 JVA functions / function item types  
388 GJ47 Billing methods  
389 GJ49 Billing method posting rules  
390 GJ4A Periodic updates for company code RGJVGJ4A
391 GJ4A_MCC Periodic updates for company code RGJVGJ4A_MCC
392 GJ50 JV Posting rule detail customizing  
393 GJ51 Bank accounts for cash call print  
394 GJ52 Non-operated billing forms  
395 GJ53 Non-operated billing form lines  
396 GJ54 JOA detailed information RGJOAD00
397 GJ55 JV valuation area  
398 GJ56 Accounts for exchange differences  
399 GJ57 JIB/JIBE classes  
400 GJ58 JIB/JIBE subclasses  
401 GJ59 JV Conditional code  
402 GJ60 EDI Outbound Base Configuration RGJVEDIX
403 GJ61 JV Clearing billing indicator  
404 GJ62 JV Bi.Meth./CompCd. assignment  
405 GJ63 JV Project types  
406 GJ64 JV Cost center types  
407 GJ65 JV Order types  
408 GJ66 JIB master data  
409 GJ67 JIB account mapping  
410 GJ68 JIB class/account mapping  
411 GJ69 JIB class/subclass/account mapping  
412 GJ70 JOA-maintenance  
413 GJ72 JOA classes  
414 GJ73 Special cost elements  
415 GJ74 Stepped rate rules  
416 GJ75 JV stepped rate thresholds  
417 GJ76 Partner process groups  
418 GJ77 Drilling statistical ratios  
419 GJ78 Producing statistical ratios  
420 GJ80 JIB account mapping for AFE  
421 GJ81 JV Billing structure  
422 GJ82 Create BTCI Sessions for Cash Calls SAPUGJC1
423 GJ83 JV Automatic posting RGJVAP00
424 GJ84 JVA NPI/CI Netting (without CI Grp) SAPFGJCG
425 GJ85 JV Automated Postings (Cost Calcs) RGJVAPCC
426 GJ86 Customize report selection  
427 GJ87 Display summary ledger totals RGJJVTO1
428 GJ88 Display billing ledger totals RGJJVTO2
429 GJ89 Automatic Adjust of Overhead Rates RGJESC00
430 GJ90 JV Realized exchange differences RGJVRXDT
431 GJ91 JV Unrealized exchange RGJVUXDT
432 GJ92 JV Goods receipt expense orders RGJVW001
433 GJ93 JV Goods receipt inventory orders RFWERE00
434 GJ94 International Cost Calculations RGJPCO00
435 GJ95 North American Overhead Calculations RGJOVR00
436 GJ96 Payroll Burden Clearing RGJBUR00
437 GJ97 Compare FI with JV document RGJVUDOC
438 GJ97N JV Document Comparison RGJV_DOC_COMPARE
439 GJ98 North America Overhead Detail Report RGJOHD00
440 GJ99 EDI mapping  
441 GJA1 Create joint operating agreement SAPMGJVA
442 GJA2 Change joint operating agreement SAPMGJVA
443 GJA3 Display joint operating agreement SAPMGJVA
444 GJA4 JOA master data catalog RGJAIN00
445 GJA5 Display changes for Joint Op. Agreem RGJACD00
446 GJA7 (empty) SAPMGJVJOA
448 GJAA JOA Master Transaction SAPMGJVAUP
449 GJAC Activate JVA in a Client GJV2_ACT_IN_CLIENT
450 GJB1 BI for supplemental detail  
451 GJB2 Account for supplemental detail  
452 GJB3 Project type for supplemental detail  
453 GJB4 Cost center type for suppl. detail  
454 GJB5 Order type for supplemental detail  
455 GJB6 SDS protocol  
456 GJBA Balance sheet accounts for splitting  
457 GJBM GJ BAPI parameter mapping  
458 GJBR Billing reconciliation RGJVBR22
459 GJBS Assign substitution to JV company  
460 GJBT Billing threshold check RGJVBRTH
461 GJBV Assign Validation to JV Company  
462 GJC1 Activate company in JV RGJGLXC1
463 GJC2 Deactivate company in JV RGJGLXC2
464 GJCA Housebank switching RGJVHBCH
465 GJCB JV Cutback Program RGJVCB10
467 GJCC Copy configuration from company code RGJVCC00
468 GJCG Carried interest groups  
469 GJCM Change message control for JVA  
470 GJCN Convenience netting RGJVCNET
471 GJCS JV settlement manipulation rules  
472 GJCU Cutback Ledger Update SAPMGJCG
473 GJCUST JV Customizing RGJVIMG1
475 GJDC Dunning  
476 GJDE Delete Joint Venture Data RGJJVDEL
477 GJE0 EDI invoice service codes  
478 GJE2 JV Customize EDI Suppl Seg Drivers  
479 GJE3 JV Customize EDI Segment Components  
480 GJE4 EDI JIBE condition codes  
481 GJE5 JV EDI Communications Code  
482 GJE6 JV EDI Bill Ind to Svc Code mapping  
483 GJE7 JV EDI Outbound: Company Config.  
484 GJE8 JV EDI Terms of Payment  
485 GJE9 JV EDI Contact Function Codes  
486 GJEA EDI inbound: company configuration  
487 GJEB JV EDI Outbound: Control Processed  
488 GJEC Pre-Cutback Equity_Change Management RGJVEC00
489 GJED JV EDI Inbound: Sender's JIBE No  
490 GJEE JV EDI Inbound: Property Table  
491 GJEF EDI inbound: withhold code  
492 GJEG EDI inbound: mapping qualifier  
493 GJEH JV EDI Inbound: Cost Object Mapping  
494 GJEI JV EDI Inbound: 819 CO Ref  
495 GJEJ JV EDI Inbound: 819 CO Ref+Class  
496 GJEK JV EDI Inbound: 819 CO Ref+Class+Sub  
497 GJEL JV EDI Inbound: 819 CO Class  
498 GJEM JV EDI Inbound: 819 CO Class+Sub  
499 GJEN JV EDI Inbound: Memo AFE  
500 GJEO EDI inbound: 819 account mapping