SAP ABAP Program RGJVW001 (Valuation of foreign currency PO's assigned to an account)
EA-FIN (Software Component) EA-FIN
   CA-JVA (Application Component) Joint Venture und Production Sharing Accounting
     GJVB (Package) Joint venture billing
Basic Data
Program RGJVW001 Valuation of foreign currency PO's assigned to an account  
Program Type 1 Executable program  
Application G General ledger  
Authorization Group  
Logical database ENM Purchasing Documents per Document Number  
Selection screen  
Editor lock Fixed point arithmetic  
Unicode checks active Start using variant  
Transaction Code
Transactions reference to this program
# Transaction Code Short Description
1 GJ92 JV Goods receipt expense orders 
# Screen Short Description
1 1000  SEL_SCREEN 1000 INFO:170000220000000000000000000049104325687 
Last changed by/on SAP  20020108 
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