SAP ABAP Table - Index V, page 4
Table - V
# Table name Short Description Table Category Delivery Class
1 VTB_RULESET_PA FTR Rule Management: Business Partner Rules TRANSP A
2 VTB_RULESET_TT FTR Rule Management: Transaction Type Rules TRANSP A
3 VTB_WEB_ORGA FTR Web: Organization Mapping to Service TRANSP C
5 VTB_WEB_SERVICE Define Web Service and Link to Business Connector TRANSP C
6 VTB_WEB_SERV_URL FTR Web: Service Declaration TRANSP C
10 VTCFPP Freight Planning Transfer Profile TRANSP C
11 VTCFPPT Text for Freight Planning Communication Profiles TRANSP C
12 VTDST Status of deliveries within transportation planning TRANSP A
13 VTDSTC Condition of Deliveries for Freight Planning by Fwdng Agent TRANSP A
14 VTFA Shipment Document Flow TRANSP A
15 VTIAFINKO Alternative Conditions Underlying TRANSP A
16 VTIDERI Master Data Listed Options and Futures TRANSP A
17 VTIFHA Underlying transaction TRANSP A
18 VTIFHAPO Underlying transaction flows TRANSP A
19 VTIFHAZU Underlying transaction status table TRANSP A
20 VTIFINKO Underlying transaction conditions TRANSP A
21 VTIOF Additional Option Data TRANSP A
22 VTIOFZU Allocation of Option/Future to Underlying TRANSP A
23 VTIPZBPM_MELD CRE<>PM: Meldungstransaktionen TRANSP C
24 VTIRATE Rates for Option/Future class TRANSP A
25 VTIS_FIELDS TIS: Renaming of Fields TRANSP S
26 VTIUL Underlying Objects POOL A
27 VTLST Status of Gen. Location in Ext. Transportatn Planning System TRANSP A
28 VTPA Shipping Partner TRANSP A
29 VTPPOLI Cross-Securities-Account Position TRANSP A
30 VTPRG Transport. planng system cumulation proc. for delivery item TRANSP C
31 VTPRK Cond. Sequence for Loc. Subst. in Transportation Planning TRANSP C
32 VTPRL Transportation Planning System Route Limitations TRANSP C
33 VTPRS Det. Procedure for Loc. Subst. in Transportation Planning TRANSP C
34 VTPRST Texts for Determination Procedures for Location Substitution TRANSP C
35 VTRDI Shipment Planning Index TRANSP A
36 VTRKH Tracking Data - Header TRANSP A
37 VTRKP Tracking Data - Item TRANSP A
38 VTSFF Updating Sequence: Statistics Shipment TRANSP C
39 VTSGD Shipment: Statistic Groups, Transportation Service Agent TRANSP C
40 VTSGDT Shipment: Stat. Groups, Transportation Service Agent: Texts TRANSP C
41 VTSGT Shipment: Statistic Groups, Shipment Types TRANSP C
42 VTSGTT Shipment: Statistics Groups, Shipment Types: Texts TRANSP C
43 VTSP Stage of Transport / Item Allocation TRANSP A
44 VTSPLS Assignment Forwarding Agent - Log. System for Freight Plng TRANSP C
45 VTTK Shipment Header TRANSP A
46 VTTP Shipment Item TRANSP A
47 VTTS Stage of Shipment TRANSP A
48 VTVAUTGR RM: Authorization Group TRANSP C
49 VTVAUTGRT RM: Authorization Group (Text) TRANSP C
50 VTVBAR NPVs of OTC transactions TRANSP A
51 VTVBEWZUMRM Flows Relevant to Market Risk TRANSP C
52 VTVBFCF Assignment of Calculation Categories FIMA to Cash Flow Ind. TRANSP S
53 VTVBKKBW RM: Link BCA Product to Valuation Rule TRANSP C
54 VTVBKKBW02 RM: Assignment of Valuation Rule to BCA Product (New) TRANSP C
55 VTVBWCF Assignment of Flow Types to Cash Flow Indicator TRANSP C
56 VTVCLUST Cluster for Distributed Data Use TRANSP L
57 VTVDEMORMXX RM: Path Name for External Price Calculator Demonstration TRANSP L
58 VTVFG0FM Risk Object: Field Modifications for TFORM TRANSP C
59 VTVFGKOGF Permissible Forms of Transaction in IS-B Risk Management TRANSP E
60 VTVFGKOGFT Text Table for Forms of Transaction in IS-B Risk Management TRANSP E
61 VTVFGKOGFX Exclusive/Inclusive Transaction Forms for Online Maint. TRANSP E
62 VTVFGKOZU Assignment TR Product Category Risk Management Indicator TRANSP S
63 VTVMTASK RM: Parallel Processing Control TRANSP A
64 VTVMTSK RM: Settings for Parallel Processing TRANSP A
65 VTVRAMAIN Risk Analyzer: Analyzer Control Information TRANSP A
66 VTVRAPARAM Risk Analyzer: Analyzer Control Information TRANSP A
67 VTVRMAWT Risk Management: Evaluation Categories TRANSP S
68 VTVRMAWTT Risk Management: Texts for Evaluation Category TRANSP S
69 VTVSVCARCX RM: Data Cluster for Index per Set TRANSP A
70 VTVSZCR Scenario Database: Exchange Rates TRANSP A
71 VTVSZCVO Scenario database: exchange rate volatilities TRANSP A
72 VTVSZIDX Scenario Database: Stock Indices TRANSP A
73 VTVSZIDXVO Scenario Database: Index Volatilities TRANSP A
74 VTVSZIN Scenario Database: Interest TRANSP A
75 VTVSZIVO Scenario database: interest volatilities TRANSP C
76 VTVSZKO Scenario Header Table TRANSP A
77 VTVSZVERL Scenario Progression: List of Scenarios and Validity Dates TRANSP A
78 VTVSZVLKO Scenario Progression Header TRANSP A
79 VTVSZWPKUR Scenario Database: Security Prices TRANSP A
80 VTVSZWPKUV Scenario Database: Security Price Volatilities TRANSP A
81 VTVSZYC Scenario Database: Yield Curve Types TRANSP A
82 VTVTRBW RM: Link TR Product Type to Valuation Rule TRANSP C
83 VTVXCMRT CM Data from Risk Objects Derived from Cash Management TRANSP A
84 VVBAG Table for Writing Off Trivial Amounts TRANSP C
85 VVKKCFCLH Clearing: Notes to Clerk for Clearing TRANSP A
86 VVKKCFCSTEL Insurance Dunning: Telephone Collections TRANSP A
87 VVKKCFREC Cash Receipts to be Transferred to Claims System TRANSP A
88 VVKKCPH Current Policyholder TRANSP A
89 VVKKDEPOT Deposit Int. Calc. Table TRANSP A
90 VVKKDRKO Dunning Printout:Header Items TRANSP A
91 VVKKDRZE Dunning Notice Output: Repetition Items TRANSP A
92 VVKKERR Incorrect Structure and Related Error Message(s) TRANSP L
93 VVKKEXPTRIGGER Trigger for Expiry Notes TRANSP A
94 VVKKFAPOS Invoicing Items in FS-CD TRANSP A
95 VVKKFCSTR Help Table for Posting Data Transfer TRANSP C
96 VVKKFKO Doc Header Posting Data Interface TRANSP A
97 VVKKFKOT Table for FS-CD Test Data of Structure vkkkfko TRANSP A
98 VVKKFOP Single Doc in Posting Data Interface TRANSP A
99 VVKKFOPT Table for FS-CD Test Data of Structure VKKKFOP TRANSP A
100 VVKKFPRO Log Tybel for Posting Data Interface TRANSP A
101 VVKKFST Control Table for Posting Data Transfer Program TRANSP A
102 VVKKICLAR Depost Int Calc: Clarif. Cases for Int Calc TRANSP A
103 VVKKICLARIOB Sec. Acct Int. Calc. Acc. to Ins. Obj.: Clarification Cases TRANSP A
104 VVKKIHIST Deposit Acct Interest Calc: History (Detail) TRANSP A
105 VVKKIHISTIOB Sec. Acct Int. Calc. Acc. to Ins. Obj.: History (Detail) TRANSP A
106 VVKKISUMIOB Bal. Interest Calc. Acc. to Ins. Obj.: Interest Total TRANSP A
107 VVKKJOBGRP Jobs and Job Groups for Function Group VKKO TRANSP A
108 VVKKKDTRIG Trigger for Cust. Field Check DME Media TRANSP A
109 VVKKMAKT Executed Dunning Activities TRANSP A
110 VVKKMHIST Contract-Related Dunning History TRANSP A
111 VVKKPAYHX Additional Specif. For Payment (Insurance-Related) TRANSP A
112 VVKKREPCL Money Laundering Clarification Worklist TRANSP A
113 VVKKREPCL_REP FS-CD: Money Laundering Law Reporting State TRANSP A
114 VVKKREPNH Coinsurance Reporting: Report Header OBSOLETE TRANSP A
115 VVKKREPNP Coinsurance Reporting: Report Item OBSOLETE TRANSP A
116 VVKKREPPROG Coinsurance Reporting: Generated Subprogram OBSOLETE TRANSP L
117 VVKKREPRH Coinsurance Reporting: Recording Header OBSOLETE TRANSP A
118 VVKKREPRP Coinsurance Reporting: Recording Item OBSOLETE TRANSP A
119 VVKKRESETTAX Italian Taxes - Trigger Table for Correction Run TRANSP A
120 VVKKRESETTAXF Italian Taxes - Subsequent Processing TRANSP C
121 VVKKRESETTAXSC Italian Taxes - Assignment of Old/New Payment Plan Items TRANSP A
122 VVKKRKBEZ Legal Relationships-Account TRANSP A
123 VVKKSOLLC Debit Entry - Control Records TRANSP A
124 VVKKSORES Reservation Table for Simultaneous Runs TRANSP A
125 VVKKTAXCORR Tax Reporting ITA: Correction Totals for On Account/Clarif. TRANSP A
126 VVKKTAXREP Tax Reporting ITA: Data for Tax Report TRANSP A
127 VVKKTAXTRIG Tax Reporting ITA: Trigger Table for Payment Documents TRANSP A
129 VVKKTRIMA Trigger for Checking Dunning Status TRANSP A
130 VVKKUMSAC Open Item Clearing - Control Records TRANSP A
131 VVKKVSNT Trigger for FS-CD Interface to VTG (EA Generali) TRANSP L
132 VVKKVTRG Contract data TRANSP A
133 VVKK_COINSH Coinsurance Shares Header Table TRANSP A
134 VVKK_COINSP Coinsurance Shares Item Table TRANSP A
135 VVKK_COINS_BASIC Transactions Posting Coinsurance Shares TRANSP C
136 VVKK_COINS_CUST Coinsurer Specifications TRANSP A
137 VVKK_COINS_INTGR Integration with Other Functions that Transfer Shares TRANSP S
138 VVKK_COINS_PROG Coinsurance Reporting: Generated Subprograms TRANSP L
139 VVKK_COINS_REV Reversal Documents for Coinsurance Reporting TRANSP A
140 VVKK_TAX_REPORTS Tax Reporting for Italy: Data TRANSP A
141 VVKK_TAX_TOTALS Italian Tax Reporting: Totals TRANSP A
142 VVKK_TRANSF_REF Document References for FPU5 TRANSP A
143 VVNOPT RE Transfer Table Option Rates TRANSP A
144 VVNVSTBE Legacy Data Transfer: Transf.Table Input Tax Correct. Values TRANSP A
145 VVSCCLINFO Bill Scheduling: Clearing Information TRANSP A
146 VVSCITEM Bill Scheduling: Scheduling Document TRANSP A
147 VVSCITEML Bill Scheduling: for General Ledger TRANSP A
148 VVSCITEM_MAN Scheduling Items: Temp. Storage for Manual -> Auto Change TRANSP A
149 VVSCLOCKAMT Scheduling: Premium Lock Period Share Already Transferred TRANSP A
150 VVSCPOS Bill Scheduling: Scheduling Item TRANSP A
151 VVSCPOSESR Payment Plan Item: ISR Attachment TRANSP A
152 VVSCPOS_REV Payment Plan: Business Transaction - Reversal Table TRANSP A
153 VVSCPOS_REV_DETA Payment Plan: Detail Reversal Table TRANSP A
154 VVSCRESPAYMENT Bill Scheduling: Universal Life TRANSP A
155 VVSCTRANSFER Payment Plan: Business Partner Transfer TRANSP A
156 VVSCULCFC Customer-Initiated Payment Clearing TRANSP A
158 VVWKN1 OBSOLETE - Fields as factors for secondary data TRANSP C
159 VVWKN2 Allocation of values to value groups TRANSP C
160 VVWKN6 Alloc. of to second.term via the invoice no. TRANSP C
161 VVWKN7 - Secondary values alloc. (via the TRANSP C
162 VVWL7 Context TRANSP C
163 VVWL8 Output sequence TRANSP C
164 VVZSFELD Internal transfer structure for VZSFELD TRANSP S
165 VWACTCLASSIF Capitalization of Classification for Product Types TRANSP C
166 VWBEKI Treasury Securities: Actual Flows - Header TRANSP A
167 VWBEPI Treasury Securities: Actual Flows - Item TRANSP A
168 VWBEPP Treasury Securities: Planned Flows TRANSP A
169 VWBWKM TRTM-PM: Flow table for corporate actions TRANSP A
170 VWFL1 Assign Flow Categories from TR Transaction to Security TRANSP S
171 VWFL2 Assign Flow Types from TR Transaction to Security TRANSP C
172 VWFL3 Assign Transaction Number to Position Number TRANSP A
173 VWFLZPKT Event Control: Assign Function Module to Event TRANSP C
174 VWFL_FT_DE CFM: Assign Update Type to Flow Type TRANSP C
175 VWGFKTYPE Table for 2D Graphic Categories TRANSP S
176 VWIRPPOOLCLASSIF Classification for Asset Pool TRANSP C
177 VWIRPPOOLCL_T Text Table for Pool Classification TRANSP C
178 VWIRPTRANCLASSIF Tranche Classification TRANSP C
179 VWIRPTRANCL_T Definition of Classification Terms (Tranche) TRANSP C
180 VWKMKO Corporate actions (header) TRANSP A
181 VWKMPO Corporate actions (items) TRANSP A
182 VWORDE Order Data TRANSP A
183 VWPAKTI Stock, subscription rights, investment certificates TRANSP A
184 VWPANAN Asset master/asset master relationship TRANSP A
185 VWPANIN Assign Security Class to Security Index TRANSP C
186 VWPANLA Asset master for securities TRANSP A
187 VWPANLE Interest-bearing securities TRANSP A
188 VWPBDEP Bank Securities Account Position TRANSP A
189 VWPBONO Securities listing TRANSP A
190 VWPBUKR Company Code Position TRANSP A
191 VWPCSPREAD Credit Spread per Security TRANSP A
192 VWPDEPO Securities Account Position TRANSP A
193 VWPOSTDOC TR-TM-SE: Securities Posting Document TRANSP A
195 VWPPOOLRATING Rating for an Asset Pool TRANSP A
196 VWPPOOLREMARK Comments for Asset Pool TRANSP A
198 VWPSHARECAP Securities - Information about Share Capital and Votes TRANSP A
199 VWPSHARECAPITAL TR: Secuirity Share Capital and Votes TRANSP A
201 VWPT_ATTRSUF Suffix to Security Attribute TRANSP S
202 VWPT_ATTRSUF_T Texts for Suffixes of Free Security Attributes TRANSP S
203 VWPT_ATTR_DESC Description of Free Security Attribute TRANSP C
204 VWPT_ATTR_L Attribute Values for Long Attributes TRANSP C
205 VWPT_ATTR_L_T Texts for Attribute Values for Long Attributes TRANSP C
206 VWPT_ATTR_S Attribute Values for Short Attributes TRANSP C
207 VWPT_ATTR_S_T Texts for Attribute Values for Long Attributes TRANSP C
208 VWPT_FREE_ATTR Free Security Attributes TRANSP A
209 VWPT_TABNAME Tab Page Name: Modifiable in Customizing TRANSP C
211 VWPT_TAB_NAME Tab Page Name: Modifiable in Customizing TRANSP C
213 VWPWPKU Security prices TRANSP A
214 VWPZUSA Securities additional information TRANSP A
215 VWRPLTAF Output sequences for list tool applic. in sec. reportingc TRANSP C
216 VWRPLTAFLT List of output sequences for securities reporting TRANSP C
217 VWRPLTFVAF Fields for generating field catalogs and output sequences TRANSP C
218 VWT_DEFDEP_PT CFM: Default Value Securities Account per Product Type TRANSP A
219 VWT_DEFDEP_SEC CFM: Default Value Securities Account per ID Number TRANSP A
220 VWVORTR Securities: Carry-Forward Totals TRANSP A
221 VWZUORD Securities Assignment Table for Restraints on Disposal TRANSP A
222 VXSIFN Express Dlv. Company: Funct. Module for VXSITDL Data Fields TRANSP E
223 VXSIFNT Small Parcel Carrier: Function Module Description TRANSP A
224 VXSIG Express Delivery Company: Weight Codes TRANSP A
225 VXSIP Express Delivery Company: Product Codes TRANSP A
226 VXSIPS Packing Station TRANSP C
227 VXSIPST Description of Packing Station TRANSP C
228 VXSIPT Express Delivery Company: Product Code Description TRANSP A
229 VXSIQ Small Parcel Carrier: Qualifier for Communication TRANSP E
230 VXSIQE Small Parcel Carrier: Conversion into External Qualifier TRANSP A
231 VXSIQT Small Parcel Carrier: Descr. of Qualifier for Ext. Comm. TRANSP G
232 VXSIS Small Parcel Carrier: Special Processing (Service Code) TRANSP A
233 VXSISP Express Delivery Company: Delivery Priority -> Service Code TRANSP A
234 VXSISR Small Parcel Carrier: Route -> Service Code TRANSP A
235 VXSISV Small Parcel Carrier: Shipping Condition (Service Code) TRANSP A
236 VXSITD Express Delivery Company TRANSP G
237 VXSITDL Express Delivery Company: Meta Description Data Field TRANSP C
238 VXSITDLT Small Parcel Carrier: Data Field (Type Description) TRANSP C
239 VXSITDLV Small Parcel Carrier: Data Fields per Shipping Point TRANSP A
240 VXSITDNSO Number Range Sub-object TRANSP A
241 VXSITDT Express Delivery Company: Description TRANSP C
242 VXSITDU Express Delivery Company: URLs TRANSP C
243 VXSITS Express Delivery Company: Service Codes TRANSP A
244 VXSITST Small Parcel Carrier: Service Codes Description TRANSP A
245 VXSIV Express Delivery Company: Shipping Point: Control TRANSP A
246 VXTRKS Tracking Status Details TRANSP A
247 VXTRKST Tracking Status Details TRANSP A
249 VZBAVF BAV Master Data Without History Management TRANSP A
250 VZBAVF_AEND BAV-Stammdaten ohne historische Führung - alte Zuführungsart TRANSP A
251 VZBAVF_BCK BAV-Stammdaten ohne historische Führung - alte Zuführungsart TRANSP A
253 VZBAVV Variable BAV Master Data TRANSP A
254 VZBAVV_AEND variable BAV-Stammdaten - alte Zuführungsart TRANSP A
255 VZBAVV_BCK variable BAV-Stammdaten - alte Zuführungsart TRANSP A
256 VZBAVZ Stock totals for PRF-O TRANSP A
257 VZDFELD Attributes for output fields TRANSP G
258 VZDTXT Attributes for display fields: Country texts TRANSP G
259 VZFGD Release data (Informative data for the release procedure) TRANSP A
260 VZFZE Central entry table for release procedure TRANSP A
261 VZGPO Partner/role object relationship TRANSP A
262 VZKNA1 Collector for batch input KNA1 from RF-VV TRANSP A
263 VZKNB1 Collector for batch input KNB1 from RF-VV TRANSP A
264 VZLOG Log Analysis of x/y Tables TRANSP A
265 VZOBJECT Object Data (Virtual Object) TRANSP A
267 VZPARUS User data central partner and address management TRANSP A
268 VZPARZA Partner addit. data (general part) TRANSP A
269 VZROLLE Partner / role list TRANSP A
270 VZSFELD Sort field ID's: Version 2.0 TRANSP G
271 VZSKOKO Condition header for stock, subscrip.rights, investments TRANSP A
272 VZSORT Sort values for object TRANSP A
273 VZSTXT Sort field names: Texts TRANSP G
274 VZWDVL Buffer for sends within Financial Assets Management TRANSP A
275 VZWVA Check table for deadline monitoring TRANSP A
276 VZZKOKO Table condition header TRANSP A
277 VZZKOPA Alternative condition item - conditions TRANSP A
278 VZZKOPO Table condition items TRANSP A
279 VZZKOPO_DM Amount fields for VZZKOPO in original currency TRANSP A
280 VZZPARO Partner / Role / Object relationship TRANSP A
281 VZZUSP Payment splitting TRANSP A