Function Group - O
# Function Group Package Software Component Short Description
1 O0CF FTDF    Mkt data: Maintain views - Commodities  
3 O2_CROSS_SERVICES SO2_TOOL SAP_BASIS  Where-Used List for Pages  
5 O2_NAVIGATION_EDITOR SO2_TOOL SAP_BASIS  O2: Graphical Navigation Editor  
6 O2_OBJECT_TREE SO2_TOOL SAP_BASIS  O2: Hierarchy Display for O2 Application  
7 O2_PAGE SO2_TOOL SAP_BASIS  Oxygen Tool (Pages)  
8 O2_SUPPORT SO2_DBLAYER SAP_BASIS  O2: Help Functions  
9 O2_TAGLIB SBSP_DEVTAGLIB SAP_BASIS  Modules/Screens for Extension Editor  
11 O2_THEME_CUST SO2_THEME SAP_BASIS  Customizing Theme <-> BSP Application  
12 O2_UTILITIES SO2_TOOL SAP_BASIS  O2: Help Functions  
14 O2_WB_SERVICES SO2_DBLAYER SAP_BASIS  Workbench Services for Pages  
15 O2_XMLDESC SO2_TOOL SAP_BASIS  (!)WCF: XML Description: Editor  
16 O2_XSLTDESC SXSLT_TOOL SAP_BASIS  XSLT Programs: Function Group  
17 O80F VZ0C    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
18 OA01 SAOA    SAP ArchiveLink: Workflow FMs  
19 OA03 CVOA    Application-dependent Functions  
20 OA04 SAOA    SAP ArchiveLink: TWFDB method modules  
21 OA05 SAOA    SAP ArchiveLink: Store Office/FAX-Eing  
22 OA06 SAOA    SAP ArchiveLink: Workflow FM 2.  
23 OA07 SAOA    SAP ArchiveLink: Storage scenarios  
24 OA08 SAOA    SAP ArchiveLink: Workflow Wizard  
25 OA0817 SAOO    ArchiveLink Test Object  
26 OA09 SAOP    SAP ArchiveLink: Document type wizard  
27 OA10 SAOA    SAP ArchiveLink: Maintain presettings  
28 OA11 AC    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
29 OA12 SAOA    SAP ArchiveLink: Object specific FM  
30 OA2C_TYPES_CUST SOAUTH2_CLIENT_CONFIG_CGP SAP_BASIS  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
32 OA2_REVOCATION SOAUTH2 SAP_BASIS  OAuth 2.0 Revocation  
33 OA2_SCDO SOAUTH2    CHDO OA2_CLIENT => Gen. by RSSCD000  
34 OA2_SD_SC_TOOL_UI SOAUTH2 SAP_BASIS  UI Template for ABAP Workbench Tool  
35 OACCR ACCR     
36 OAF_CUST_VIEWS FS_OAF_CORE FSAPPL  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
38 OAF_SCHED_AUXILIARY FS_OAF_CORE FSAPPL  Job Scheduling: Auxiliary Func. Modules  
39 OAHE SAOA    SAP ArchiveLink: Check+ input help FM  
40 OASE SAOP    Search in Print Lists  
41 OBJ1_CONVERT OBJ1_46A    Interfaces for Release 4.6A  
42 OBJ1_DISPLAY OBJ1    Display Functions for Variance Calc.  
43 OBJ1_DISPLAY_46A OBJ1_46A    Function Group for Release 4.6A  
44 OBJ1_EXTRACT OBJ1    Load, Save, Display Extracts  
45 OBJ1_PROCESSING_INTERNAL OBJ0_LOG    Internal Functions for Basic List  
46 OBJ1_PROCESSING_LOG OBJ0_LOG    Processing Log  
47 OBJ1_VIEW OBJ1    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
48 OBJ2_EXTRACT PROC_LIST    Load, Save, Display Extracts  
49 OBJ2_PROCESSING_INTERNAL PROC_LIST    Internal Functions for Basic List  
50 OBJ2_PROCESSING_LOG PROC_LIST    Processing Log  
52 OCCV VB    Batch Number Conversion  
53 OCSB SOCS    OCS: Basic RFC Functions  
54 OCSI SOCS    OCS Information Tools  
55 OCS_ALM SPAM SAP_BASIS  OCS - CCMS Alert Monitoring  
56 OCS_ALV_UI SPAM SAP_BASIS  SPAM: User Interface  
57 OCS_API SPAM SAP_BASIS  Interface for External Control  
58 OCS_BATCH SPAM SAP_BASIS  OCS Batch Processing Interface  
59 OCS_CONFLICTS SPAM SAP_BASIS  Conflict Calculation for OCS  
60 OCS_CORE SPAM    Central FBs for OCS Transactions  
61 OCS_CRM SPAM SAP_BASIS  External Interfaces for SPAM/SAINT  
62 OCS_EXTIF SPAM    OCS: Internal Interfaces  
63 OCS_FILEMGMT SPAM    Central FM for file management  
64 OCS_LOG SPAM SAP_BASIS  Central FB for Logging in OCS  
65 OCS_MODADJUST SPAM SAP_BASIS  Functions for Modification Adjustment  
66 OCS_QUEUE_OPTIMIZATION SPAM SAP_BASIS  Optimierung von Import-Queues  
67 OCS_SEMAPHORE SPAM SAP_BASIS  Sempahoren Behandlung im OCS  
68 OCS_SYSTEM_RESTART SPAM    Funktionen zum Restarten des Systems  
69 OCS_UI SPAM SAP_BASIS  Central FBs for User Interfaces of OCS  
70 OCS_UI_CONTROLS SPAM SAP_BASIS  FM for User Interface with OO Controls  
71 OCS_UPG SPAM SAP_BASIS  OCS Upgrade FBs (After Switch)  
73 OCS_XML SPAM SAP_BASIS  Stack XML Handling  
74 ODATA_PP_MRP_CUS ODATA_PP_MRP SAP_APPL  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
75 ODATA_PP_POR_VAR ODATA_PP_SFC_PRODORDER_RELEASE SAP_APPL  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
76 ODQ_MONITOR SODQS SAP_BASIS  Monitor for Operational Delta Queue  
77 ODQ_QUEUE_SERVICE SODQS SAP_BASIS  Operational Delta Queue: Posting & RFC  
78 ODQ_SEARCH_HELP SODQS SAP_BASIS  Search Helps for Operational Delta Queue  
79 ODS1 FTDF SAP_APPL  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
80 OEPL FMKO    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
81 OEWA SOCS SAP_BASIS  EarlyWatch Alert: Hardware Information  
82 OF5B FVVI    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
83 OFCT FVVD    Customizing VIEWS  
84 OFED FTPC    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
85 OFHC KAP0    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
86 OFHD KAP0    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
87 OFHE KAP0    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
88 OFIK VS    SD Master Data Bus. Transaction Events  
89 OFIL WLIF    LO Master Data Bus. Transaction Events  
90 OFI_CMPCD CRM_OFI_APPLICATION BBPCRM  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
91 OFI_DIALOGUE CRM_OFI_APPLICATION BBPCRM  Generated Maintce Dialog for CUS Table  
92 OFI_READ CRM_OFI_APPLICATION BBPCRM  Orgfinder: Customizing Access Modules  
93 OFVL FVVI    View cluster for RE customizing  
94 OFVX FVVI    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
95 OFWB00 FVVIDE    erweiterte Tabellenpflege (generiert)  
96 OFXALS FBZI    Application Level Security for OFX  
98 OFX_PAYMENT FBZI    OFX: Payment  
99 OG02 HT_SW_LICENSE_BUMP_VERS    GG: DES17 - material listing  
100 OG05 HT_SW_PRICE_PROTECTION    Price Protection Function Group  
101 OG22 HT_SW_CONTRACT_MGMT DIMP  Billing plan proposal  
102 OG28 HT_SW_SMP    SMP 'push' material customizing  
103 OG29 HT_SW_SMP    SMP profile and variant maintenance  
104 OGDM HT_SW_SMP    SMP message logging  
105 OGI2 HT_SW_GENERAL    Bump delta pricing in variant config.  
106 OGJE GJV2    erweiterte Tabellenpflege (generiert)  
107 OGRL HT_SW_SMP    SMP Order Due List  
108 OGSL HT_SW_SMP    SMP variant maintenance extensions  
109 OGSM HT_SW_SMP    Software Maintenance Process: Advanced  
110 OGSS HT_SW_SMP    SMP selection process (order creation)  
111 OGV1 HT_SW_CONTRACT_MGMT    IS-Software Contract Processing  
112 OGVL HT_SW_SMP    SMP order type and rejection code cust.  
113 OGW1 HT_SW_GENERAL    Golden Gate Workflow Function Group  
114 OG_IMG_PA_SWITCH HT_SW_PARTNER_INHERITANCE DIMP  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
115 OG_IMG_SMP HT_SW_SMP DIMP  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
116 OG_V_TVAK_VW HT_SW_LICENSE_BUMP_VERS DI  Version change listing proc. assignment  
117 OH12 SP0E    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
118 OHN9 NNL1 IS-H  erweiterte Tabellenpflege (generiert)  
119 OHPP0M PP0M    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
120 OHUINV HU_BADI SAP_APPL  Customizing: Inventory and Stock Diff.  
121 OI00 OI0    Oil cross application function modules  
122 OI01 OI0_COMMON    ALE/IDOC functions within IS-Oil  
123 OI0A OI0_COMMON    erweiterte Tabellenpflege (generiert)  
124 OI0BW1 OI0_BW    EXG Data extractors  
125 OI0BW2 OI0_BW    Help functions for oil BW  
126 OI0BW3 OI0_BW    TD Data extractors for oil tables  
127 OI0BW4 OI0_BW    MRN Data extractors  
128 OI0PROXY OI0_COMMON IS-OIL  Encapsulate FM calls  
129 OI0_ACTIVE OI0_IF IS-OIL  Check if IS-Oil Is Active  
130 OI0_BAPI OI0_IF IS-OIL  IS-Oil: Common BAPI Functions  
131 OI0_BAPI_GOODS_MOVEMENT OI0_IF IS-OIL  FM's for BAPI GoodsMovementsOil  
132 OI0_BAPI_MM_CONTRACT OI0_IF IS-OIL  RFC for Contract Create/Change  
133 OI0_CP OI0_COMMON IS-OIL  Compatibility Check  
134 OI0_CUST1 OI0 IS-OIL  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
135 OI0_DELCHG OI0_COMMON    For Oil Outbound Delivery Change  
136 OI0_IF_CONDITION_UI OI0_IF_CONDITION IS-OIL  Call User Interface F&A / CPE Formula  
137 OI0_IF_DOC_REL OI0_IF IS-OIL  Determine document relevance  
138 OI0_IF_FM1 OI0_IF IS-OIL  FM to create/change documents  
139 OI0_IF_PRODUCT_ETAX OI0_IF_PRODUCT IS-OIL  Interface Product for Plug-In  
140 OI0_IF_REL OI0_IF IS-OIL  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
141 OI0_JUNC OI0_IF    IS-Oil: Customizable junctions  
142 OI0_JUNCJ OI0_IF IS-OIL  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
143 OI0_MCS OI0 IS-OIL  Oil specific processing in package MCS  
144 OI0_MCS_TEST OI0 IS-OIL  Oil specific test for CM / FSCM  
145 OI0_MF02D OI0_COMMON IS-OIL  Customer master additions for Oil&Gas  
146 OI0_MF02K OI0 IS-OIL  Vendor master enhancements Oil & Gas  
147 OI0_MM_EBAN OI0 IS-OIL  Archiving Add-on specific data IS-OIL  
148 OI0_MM_EINA OI0 IS-OIL  Archiving Add-on specific data IS-OIL  
149 OI0_MM_EKKO OI0 IS-OIL  Archiving Add-on specific data IS-OIL  
150 OI0_MM_INVBEL OI0 IS-OIL  Archiving Add-on specific data IS-OIL  
151 OI0_MM_MATBEL OI0 IS-OIL  Archiving Add-on specific data IS-OIL  
152 OI0_PARTNER_OGSD_BADI OID IS-OIL  Creation of Instances for OGSD BADIs  
153 OI0_RV_LIKP OI0 IS-OIL  Archiving Add-on specific data IS-OIL  
154 OI0_SALESDOCUMENT OI0_IF_SALESDOCUMENT IS-OIL  Interface Sales Document for Plug-In  
155 OI0_SD_COND OI0 IS-OIL  Archiving Add-on specific data IS-OIL  
156 OI0_SD_VBAK OI0 IS-OIL  Archiving Add-on specific data IS-OIL  
157 OI0_SD_VBRK OI0 IS-OIL  Archiving Add-on specific data IS-OIL  
158 OI0_SD_VBRK_DB OI0 IS-OIL  Archiving Add-on specific data IS-OIL  
159 OIAA OIA    Locical Inventory Update  
160 OIAB OIA    Exchange Balance  
161 OIAC OIA    F-Group Exchanges (Quantity schedule)  
162 OIAD OIA    erweiterte Tabellenpflege (generiert)  
163 OIAE OIA    Exchange Statement Print Requests  
164 OIAF OIA    Exchange functions invoice verification  
165 OIAG OIA    Exchange Statement Maintenance  
166 OIAH OIA    erweiterte Tabellenpflege (generiert)  
167 OIAI OIA    Netting Proposal Functions  
168 OIAJ OIA    Netting Selection Criteria and Selection  
169 OIAK OIA     
170 OIAL OIA    Purchase Assignment (Exchange Loading)  
171 OIAM OIA    Price reference plant valuation  
172 OIAN OIA    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
173 OIAO OIA    Overall/general function modules  
174 OIAQ OIA    erweiterte Tabellenpflege (generiert)  
175 OIAS OIA    Buffer Read of Exchange Tables  
176 OIAT OIA    erweiterte Tabellenpflege (generiert)  
177 OIAV OIA    IS-Oil EXG Enhancement for Reporting  
178 OIA_FEE OIA    Fee Pricing Subscreens  
179 OIA_IF_EXGAGRMNT OIA_IF IS-OIL  Exchange Agreement BAPIs  
181 OIA_NETT_IDOC OIA_IF IS-OIL  Idoc for netting document (exg. stmnt.)  
182 OIB2_EXT_1 OIB    HPM-Interfaces  
183 OIB3 OIB    IS-Oil Material Master  
184 OIBC OIB_QCI    Customizing HPM OIB Tables Module  
185 OIBC_AROM OIB_QCI    Customizing VCF functions  
186 OIBC_OTHER OIB_QCI IS-OIL  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
187 OIBC_PPP OIB_QCI    Customizing physical properties data  
188 OIBC_QCI OIB_QCI    Customizing views for QCI and defaults  
189 OIBU OIB_QCI    Update functions for QCI default sets  
191 OIB_MEPO_BADI OIB IS-OIL  Function group for HPM implementation  
192 OIB_MGD1 OIB IS-OIL  Subscreens for the OIL Material master  
193 OIB_MGD2 OIB IS-OIL  Subscreens for the OIL article master  
195 OIB_MUNIT OIB_QCI IS-OIL  UoM Maintenance + Update  
196 OIB_QCI OIB_QCI    Quantity Conversion Interface  
197 OIB_QCI_EXAMPLES OIB_QCI    Example function modules for LPG,Asphalt  
198 OIB_QCI_SERVICES OIB_QCI IS-OIL  Service function modules for RFC calls  
199 OIB_QCI_SERVICES_RFC OIB_QCI IS-OIL  Service function modules for RFC calls  
200 OIB_QCI_SGERG88 OIB_QCI IS-OIL  Example Implementation GERG88  
201 OIB_QCI_SUB_SCREEN OIB IS-OIL  Sub screen for the QCI conversion  
202 OIB_QCI_TEST OIB IS-OIL  Function group for transaction O3QCITEST  
203 OIB_QCI_TOOLS OIB_QCI    Quantity Conversion Interface - Tools  
205 OIB_SD_BSPLIT_OB OIB    Items of Batch Split - Object Buffer  
206 OIB_SD_COLLECT_UOMS_OW OIB    Collect UoMs for Additional Quantities  
207 OIB_SD_CONTEXT_OW OIB    Specific processing for QCI Context  
208 OIB_SD_GUI_INTEGRATION OIB    HPM Integration into SAPGUI in ERP  
209 OIB_SD_LIPSO1_DB OIB    Conv. Parameters for Delivery -DB Buffer  
210 OIB_SD_LIPSO1_DU OIB    Conv. Parameters for Delivery -DB Update  
211 OIB_SD_LIPSO1_OB OIB    Conv. Parameters for Delivery-Obj.Buffer  
212 OIB_SD_LIPSO2_DB OIB    Additional Quantities for Delivery - DB  
213 OIB_SD_LIPSO2_DU OIB    Additional Quantities for Del.-DB Update  
214 OIB_SD_LIPSO2_OB OIB    Additional Quantities Deliv.-Obj.Buffer  
215 OIB_SD_OILBOM_OB OIB    Last Items of Oil BOM - Obj.Buffer  
216 OIB_SD_QCI_API OIB    Additional Quantities for Delivery - API  
217 OIB_SD_QCI_CONVERSION OIB    IS-Oil: QCI conversion for Automatic Bat  
218 OIB_SD_TEST OIB    Test of old HPM / SD integration  
219 OIB_SD_TVPODO1_DB OIB    Conv. Parameters for POD -DB Buffer  
220 OIB_SD_TVPODO1_DU OIB    Conv. Parameters for POD -DB Update  
221 OIB_SD_TVPODO1_OB OIB    Conv. Parameters for POD -Obj.Buffer  
222 OIB_SD_TVPODO2_DB OIB    Additional Quantities for POD - DB  
223 OIB_SD_TVPODO2_DU OIB    Additional Quantities for POD.-DB Update  
224 OIB_SD_TVPODO2_OB OIB    Additional Quantities POD -Obj.Buffer  
225 OIB_TST_SUB_SCREEN OIB IS-OIL  Two Step Transfer/Tank Management  
226 OICA OIC    Enhanced table maintenance (generated)  
227 OICC OIC    Head Office / Branch Procedure  
228 OICF OIC    Formula and Average Pricing  
229 OICI OIC_SDP IS-OIL  Customizing screen for Interest  
230 OICJ OIC    MAP Customizing Transactions  
231 OICQ OIC    Formula and Average Pricing  
232 OICQ1_DB OIC IS-OIL  F&A - Rep Formula Header - DB Access  
233 OICQ2_DB OIC IS-OIL  F&A - Rep Formula Item - DB Access  
234 OICQ3_DB OIC IS-OIL  F&A - Rep Formula Term Item - DB Access  
235 OICQ4_DB OIC IS-OIL  F&A - Cond Formula Header - DB Access  
236 OICQ5_DB OIC IS-OIL  F&A - Cond Formula Item - DB Access  
237 OICQ6_DB OIC IS-OIL  F&A - Cond Formula Term Item - DB Access  
238 OICQ7_DB OIC IS-OIL  F&A - Formula Header - DB Access  
239 OICQ7_DU OIC IS-OIL  F&A - Formula Header - DB Upd.  
240 OICQ7_OB OIC IS-OIL  F&A - Formula Header - O. Buffer  
241 OICQ8_DB OIC IS-OIL  F&A - Formula Term - DB Access  
242 OICQ8_DU OIC IS-OIL  F&A - Formula Term - DB Upd.  
243 OICQ8_OB OIC IS-OIL  F&A - Formula Term - O. Buffer  
244 OICQ9_DB OIC IS-OIL  F&A - Formula Term Item - DB Access  
245 OICQ9_DU OIC IS-OIL  F&A - Formula Term Item - DB Upd.  
246 OICQ9_OB OIC IS-OIL  F&A - Formula Term Item - O. Buffer  
247 OICQ_TEST OIC IS-OIL  Tests the function modules  
248 OIC_CNDFORMULA_ALL_DB OIC IS-OIL  F&A - Condition Formula - DB Access  
250 OIC_DOCFORMULA_ALL_DB OIC IS-OIL  F&A - Document Formula - DB Access  
251 OIC_DOCFORMULA_ALL_OB OIC IS-OIL  F&A - Document Formula - O. Buffer  
252 OIC_IF_CONDITION OIC IS-OIL  F&A - Process F&A Formula  
253 OIC_IF_CONDITION_UI OIC IS-OIL  Call User Interface F&A / CPE Formula  
254 OIC_MIGR_CD OIC_MIGR IS-OIL  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
255 OIC_MIGR_CPE OIC_MIGR IS-OIL  F&A Migration - Specific Processing  
256 OIC_MIGR_DU OIC_MIGR IS-OIL  F&A Migration - Update of DB Tables  
257 OIC_REPFORMULA_ALL_DB OIC IS-OIL  F&A - Repository Formula - DB Access  
258 OIC_SDP OIC_SDP IS-OIL  SDP Billing functions  
259 OIDA OID    Function Module for MCOE  
260 OIDB OID    MCOE Fast-Order-Entry  
261 OIDC OID    MCOE Customizing Transactions  
262 OIDD OID    MCOE Customizing table view maintenance  
263 OIDE OID    erweiterte Tabellenpflege (generiert)  
264 OID_BADI OID IS-OIL  Instances creation and managing  
265 OIFA OIF    Business Location master data (IS-Oil)  
266 OIFC OIF    CHDO OIF_PBL => Gen. by RSSCD000  
267 OIFD OIF    IS-Oil MRN create change documents  
268 OIFG OIF    SD document integration (IS-Oil MRN)  
269 OIFH OIF    Help view management (IS-Oil MRN)  
270 OIFI OIF    erweiterte Tabellenpflege (generiert)  
271 OIFI_SCREEN_CONF OIF    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
272 OIFJ OIF    erweiterte Tabellenpflege (generiert)  
273 OIFK OIF    Location processing SAPMF02D - IS-Oil  
274 OIFL OIF    LIS integration routines (IS-Oil MRN)  
275 OIFORBFCR OIF    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
276 OIFR OIF    MRN General Retail integration functions  
277 OIFT OIF    MRN functions used by other OIL applics  
278 OIFX OIF    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
279 OIFY OIF    Maint.dialog for view V_OIFORCPR  
280 OIF_BOBL OIF IS-OIL  Object number for business location  
282 OIG0 OIG    TD - Functions for Master data  
283 OIG1 OIG    TD Transportaion and Distribution  
284 OIG2 OIG    TD Views Shipment  
285 OIG9 OIG    View maintenance - tolerance check  
286 OIGA OIG    TD - Compatibilities  
287 OIGB OIG    TD - Transport Unit  
288 OIGC OIG IS-OIL  TD - Shipment change history  
289 OIGD OIG    TD Driver  
290 OIGF OIG    TD-F Shipment costing  
291 OIGI OIG    TD RFC Create/change Shipment  
292 OIGI_WEB OIG IS-OIL  Function Modules for Web. Del. Conf.  
293 OIGM OIG    TD Vehicle Meter  
294 OIGO OIG    TD Communication with ALV  
295 OIGR OIG    TD Rack Meter  
296 OIGS OIG    TD Bulk Shipment posting routines  
297 OIGS_BR OI0_CV_BR IS-OIL  TD Shipment Enhancements for Brazil  
298 OIGT OIG    IDOC Distribution  
299 OIGV OIG    IS-Oil TD Master Data Vehicles Trans.  
300 OIGW OIG    Delivery Confirmation RFC  
301 OIGX OIG    Logs in the application log  
303 OIG_ARCH OIG    TD Archiving  
304 OIG_BATCH OIG IS-OIL  Batch master data creation  
305 OIG_DBACCESS OIG IS-OIL  TD Database Read functions  
306 OIH1 OIH    TDP Sales Functions - IS-Oil Downstream  
307 OIHA OIH    CHDO OIH_OIHL => Gen. by RSSCD000  
308 OIHB OIH    Handling Type  
309 OIHC OIH    Extended Table Maintenance (generated)  
310 OIHC_A OIH IS-OIL  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
311 OIHC_BR OIH_CV_BR    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
312 OIHD OIH    Extended Table Maintenance (generated)  
313 OIHL OIH    IS-OIL TDP License Master Data Update  
314 OIHS OIH IS-OIL  Buffer Read of Excise Duty Tables  
315 OIHV OIH    Extended Table Maintenance (generated)  
316 OIH_BADI OIH IS-OIL  instances creation and managing  
317 OIH_BR OIH_CV_BR    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
318 OIH_ETAX_COND OIH_ETAX IS-OIL  Replicate OIH01 in Condition Table  
319 OIH_ETAX_CONDMAP OIH_ETAX IS-OIL  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
320 OIH_ETAX_CONVERSION OIH_ETAX IS-OIL  Convert OIH01 into Condition Table  
321 OIH_ETAX_DB_READ OIH_ETAX IS-OIL  Read Modules for OIH_ETAX Tables  
322 OIH_ETAX_GRP OIH_ETAX IS-OIL  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
323 OIH_ETAX_GRP_MAP OIH_ETAX IS-OIL  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
324 OIH_ETAX_TB070 OIH_ETAX IS-OIL  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
325 OIH_EXCISE_DUTY OIH IS-OIL  Sub-screen with TDP relevant information  
326 OIH_EXT OIH    Extended Table Maintenance (generated)  
327 OIH_J1BR_01 OIH_CV_BR     
328 OIH_J1BR_GS_02 OIH_CV_BR IS-OIL  Gains and Losses related functions  
329 OIH_MEPO_BADI OIH IS-OIL  Function group for TDP implementation  
330 OIH_REQ_BADI OIH IS-OIL  Function group for TDP implementation  
331 OIH_TAX_REVALUATION OIH    General Tax Revaluation Modules  
332 OIH_TAX_REVALUATION_F OIH    Tax Postings  
333 OIH_TAX_REVALUATION_V OIH    Modules Between Appl. and RWIN  
334 OII6 OII    BDRP: Operations time window maintenance  
335 OII7 OII    erweiterte Tabellenpflege (generiert)  
336 OIIA OII    Storage object assignment maintenance  
337 OIIB OII    BDRP common functions (IS Oil BDRP)  
338 OIIC OII    Linear/volumetric conversion for SO  
339 OIIC_DIP OII    Functions for Tank Dip handling  
340 OIIC_DIP_CUST OII    Silo management customizing  
341 OIID OII    Meter assignment maintenance  
342 OIIE OII    BAPI Functions IS-Oil BDRP  
343 OIIH OII    General meter history  
344 OIII OII    erweiterte Tabellenpflege (generiert)  
345 OIIJ OII    Extended table maintenance (generated)  
346 OIIM OII    General Meter  
347 OIIO OII    OIL-BDRP: SOC SD document entry  
348 OIIP OII    Site control parameters (IS-Oil BDRP)  
349 OIIQ OII    OIL-BDRP: Core doc. interface routines  
350 OIIS OII    Storage object charact. maintenance  
351 OIIU OII    Update routines SO/Meters  
352 OIIV OII    Conversion/calculation (OIL BDRP)  
353 OIIW OII    Replenishm: Parameter maint.  
354 OIIX OII    OIL-BDRP: Common routines w/o DB access  
355 OII_READ OII IS-OIL  BDRP DB access modules  
356 OIJB OIJ    OIL-TSW: Generate documents  
357 OIJC OIJ    OIL-TSW: Nomination/TS/Location  
358 OIJC_TS OIJ    CHDO OIJ_TS => Gen. by RSSCD000  
359 OIJD OIJ    OIL-TSW: Common DB access utilities  
360 OIJD_M OIJ IS-OIL  Marine scheduling: DB access utilities  
361 OIJE OIJ    OIL-TSW: External details handling  
362 OIJF OIJ    OIL-TSW: Inbound EDI Processing  
363 OIJFN OIJ_IF IS-OIL  OIL-TSW new EDI Processing  
364 OIJG OIJ    OIL-TSW: Outbound Nomination Processing  
365 OIJH OIJ    OIL-TSW: Code list translation for EDI  
366 OIJI OIJ    OIL-TSW: Table maintenance (generated)  
367 OIJL OIJ    OIL-TSW: Loc - DB access & validation  
368 OIJP OIJ    OIL-TSW: Planning Functions  
369 OIJR OIJ    OIL-TSW: Roles - DB access & validation  
370 OIJT OIJ    OIL-TSW: Ticket entry (manual enter)  
371 OIJTS_CD OIJ IS-OIL  Transport system create change documents  
372 OIJT_IO OIJ IS-OIL  Ticket screens  
373 OIJT_LIST OIJ    OIL-TSW: Ticket Reporting  
374 OIJU OIJ IS-OIL  Stock Projection  
375 OIJU_SP OIJ IS-OIL  Stock projection  
376 OIJW OIJ IS-OIL  OIL-TSW: Worklist  
377 OIJX OIJ    OIL-TSW: Common routines w/o DB access  
378 OIJY OIJ    OIL-TSW: Non-TSW specific functions  
379 OIJ_3WP_BCKEND OIJ IS-OIL  TSW: 3WP Data Selection  
380 OIJ_3WP_GUI OIJ IS-OIL  TSW: 3WP Presentation layer  
381 OIJ_APODP_FCST OIJ IS-OIL  Release APO DP Forecaste to SAP TSW SPW  
382 OIJ_BADI_EXAMLE OIJ IS-OIL  Badi example Customer Screen Ticket  
383 OIJ_BERTH OIJ IS-OIL  Berth Master Data Maintenance  
384 OIJ_BPB_GUI OIJ IS-OIL  New Berth Planning Board UI  
385 OIJ_CD_NOM OIJ    CHDO OIJ_NOM => Gen. by RSSCD000  
387 OIJ_CU_VALGRP OIJ IS-OIL  Customizing: Validation (generated)  
388 OIJ_DB_CORETAB OIJ IS-OIL  DB access functions for Core tables  
389 OIJ_EL_A OIJ_EL    Handling of Ticket tables  
390 OIJ_EL_B OIJ_EL    OIL TSW: Handling of Documents  
391 OIJ_EL_BW OIJ_EL IS-OIL  APO-TSW : BW-related Functions  
392 OIJ_EL_C OIJ_EL    OIL TSW: TSW details pop-up  
393 OIJ_EL_D OIJ_EL IS-OIL  Real time rundown function module  
394 OIJ_EL_DOCG OIJ_EL    Document generation functions for CIP  
395 OIJ_EL_ETS OIJ_EL IS-OIL  APO-TSW: ETS-Enhancements for IS-Oil  
397 OIJ_EL_MEGUI OIJ_EL IS-OIL  Display of TSW screens in MEGUI  
398 OIJ_EL_MVSCEN OIJ_EL IS-OIL  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
399 OIJ_EL_PD OIJ_EL IS-OIL  Capture production data  
400 OIJ_EL_REL OIJ_EL    TSW Relevance processing  
401 OIJ_EL_T OIJ_EL IS-OIL  Process tickets  
402 OIJ_FM OIJ IS-OIL  Fleet Management  
403 OIJ_GENERIC OIJ IS-OIL  TSW: Generic functions  
404 OIJ_IF_CIF OIJ_IF IS-OIL  APO-TSW CIF Functions for interface  
405 OIJ_IF_LOC OIJ_IF    Location Master Data Interfaces TSW  
406 OIJ_IF_NOM OIJ_IF    Nomination Interfaces TSW  
407 OIJ_IF_PART OIJ_IF    Partner Role Master Data Interfaces TSW  
408 OIJ_IF_TS OIJ_IF    Transport System Master Data Interf. TSW  
409 OIJ_IMG OIJ IS-OIL  TSW: Cross application customizing  
410 OIJ_IMG_LAYOUT OIJ IS-OIL  Screen layout customizing  
411 OIJ_LB_FUNC OIJ IS-OIL  TSW: Location balancing Functions  
412 OIJ_LB_GUI OIJ IS-OIL  TSW: Location balancing User Interface  
413 OIJ_LDSCHED OIJ IS-OIL  Berth Scheduling Application  
414 OIJ_LT OIJ IS-OIL  Laytime and demurrage  
415 OIJ_METER OIJ IS-OIL  Meter handling in TSW  
416 OIJ_NOM_BATCH OIJ IS-OIL  Pipeline Batch handling  
417 OIJ_NOM_BPR OIJ IS-OIL  Nomination Busienss process implmntns  
418 OIJ_NOM_CHECKS OIJ IS-OIL  Nomination validation checks  
419 OIJ_NOM_COMM OIJ IS-OIL  Nomination Communication  
420 OIJ_NOM_CORE OIJ IS-OIL  TSW Kernel Business Object  
421 OIJ_NOM_GUI OIJ IS-OIL  TSW: Nomination Presentation layer  
422 OIJ_NOM_IF_GEN OIJ IS-OIL  Interface functions for Nom. Generation  
423 OIJ_NOM_IMG OIJ IS-OIL  Nomination customizing  
424 OIJ_NOM_LOG OIJ IS-OIL  Nomination Application Log  
425 OIJ_NOM_SIM OIJ IS-OIL  Maintain potential/simulated nominations  
426 OIJ_NOM_STATUS OIJ IS-OIL  Nomination status handling  
427 OIJ_NOM_TEXT OIJ IS-OIL  TSW: Nomination Text Handling  
428 OIJ_NOM_UPDATE OIJ IS-OIL  Nomination Database Update  
429 OIJ_PEGGING OIJ IS-OIL  TSW: Pegging of scheduled movements  
430 OIJ_PERS OIJ IS-OIL  Personalisation  
431 OIJ_PRORATE OIJ IS-OIL  TSW: Proration  
432 OIJ_PRORATE2 OIJ IS-OIL  TSW: Proration  
433 OIJ_QUERY OIJ IS-OIL  Oil TSW: Abap Query Processing  
434 OIJ_REQ OIJ IS-OIL  Requisitions function group  
435 OIJ_RES OIJ_EL IS-OIL  Reservation functions  
436 OIJ_SCHED OIJ IS-OIL  OIJ_SCHED Function Group  
437 OIJ_SCHED_MD OIJ IS-OIL  Maintain OIJ_SCHED related master data  
438 OIJ_SHIPSHORE_COMP OIJ IS-OIL  ship/shore comp. for marine scheduling  
439 OIJ_SPVIEWS OIJ IS-OIL  OIL TSW:Stock Proj. customising views  
440 OIJ_SS OIJ IS-OIL  Shipshore Calculation  
441 OIJ_TEMP_BUFFER OIJ IS-OIL  Access routines to global temp. TSW data  
442 OIJ_TKT_LOG OIJ IS-OIL  Ticket Application Log  
443 OIK1 OIK    IS-OIL TAS/TPI Generated Functions  
444 OIK2 OIK    IS-Oil TAS - Create SD documents  
445 OIK3 OIK    IS-Oil - TAS - IDOC Input  
446 OIK4 OIK    IS-Oil/TAS: LID master data distribution  
447 OIK5 OIK    IS-OIL/TAS: IDoc Order Outgoing  
448 OIK6 OIK    IS-OIL/TAS: Messaging TAS  
449 OIK7 OIK    TD TAS LID Functions  
450 OIK9 OIK    IS-OIL/TAS: Maintenance TAS-Data  
452 OIKB OIK    IS-OIL TAS Loaddata output  
453 OIKC OIK    TAS TD Shipment processing  
454 OIKD OIK    IS-OIL/TPI: Shadow Table Maintenance  
455 OIKDC OIK_DC IS-OIL  Delivery confirmation process  
456 OIKE OIK IS-OIL  IS-OIL / Unified Shipment Interface  
457 OIKF OIK IS-OIL  IS-OIL / Shipment Comparer  
458 OIKI OIK    OIL-TPI control table maintenance (gen.)  
460 OIKQ OIK    OIK37 Maintenance  
461 OIKR OIK    TPI - Manual Schedule Functions  
462 OIKS OIK    OIL-TPI: Ext. TPS definition & control  
464 OIKU OIK    CHDO OILDRIVER => Gen. by RSSCD000  
465 OIKV OIK    CHDO OILLID => Gen. by RSSCD000  
466 OIKW OIK    CHDO OIK_QTS => Gen. by RSSCD000  
471 OIKZ OIK    IS-Oil TAS - General functions  
472 OIK_BSP OIK IS-OIL  Functions for SAP Web Application Server  
473 OIK_DC_GEN OIK_DC IS-OIL  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
474 OIK_MM OIK_I    IS-Oil - TAS MM  
475 OIL1 OIL SAP_APPL  Gen. IS-Oil in Std (Component Active...)  
476 OIL2_CUST OIL SAP_APPL  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
477 OIO0 OIO IS-OIL  General functions for OLM  
478 OIO_C1 OIO    OffLog: Oil and gas containers  
479 OIO_C1_CD OIO    CHDO OIO_CNTNR => Gen. by RSSCD000  
480 OIO_C1_CUSTOMISE OIO    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
481 OIO_C2 OIO    OffLog: PM equiment containers  
482 OIO_C3 OIO    OffLog: Internet containers  
483 OIO_C4 OIO    OffLog: One-off containers  
484 OIO_CATT OIO IS-OIL  Functions for OLM CATT Scripts  
485 OIO_CL OIO    Offshore logistics container location  
486 OIO_CM OIO    Offshore logisitcs: common functions  
487 OIO_CM_CUSTOMISE OIO    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
488 OIO_CT OIO    OffLog: Container handling  
489 OIO_CT_MATERIAL OIO IS-OIL  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
490 OIO_CU_CUSTOMISE OIO IS-OIL  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
491 OIO_CV OIO IS-OIL  OLM conversion exits  
492 OIO_CX OIO    OffLog: Container function templates  
493 OIO_CX_CUSTOMISE OIO IS-OIL  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
494 OIO_DD OIO IS-OIL  OLM processing for delivery due list  
495 OIO_DOCFLOW OIO    RLM document/object flow  
496 OIO_DOCFLOW_OBJ_DISP OIO IS-OIL  Display functions for doc. flow objects  
497 OIO_DOCFLOW_UPD OIO IS-OIL  RLM document flow update routines  
498 OIO_FS OIO IS-OIL  Field status handling  
499 OIO_FS_CUSTOMISE OIO IS-OIL  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
500 OIO_FX_CUSTOMISE OIO IS-OIL  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)