SAP ABAP Package SMO8 (Flow Control I)
Basic Data
Package SMO8   
Short Description   Flow Control I    
Super package CRM_MIDDLEWARE   CRM Middleware 
Main package indicator       Development Package 
Created on/by 00000000  SAP 
Package Content
Contained Tables / Views
Table Name Short Description Table Category Delivery Class
SMO8DBGDAT Flow Control Debugger: Message Store  TRANSP   L  
SMO8DBGHDR Flow Control Debug / Headers  TRANSP   L  
SMO8DBGS Flow Control Debugger: Debug settings  TRANSP   A  
SMO8ERRSG Flow Service Error Segments  TRANSP   L  
SMO8FDCND Flow Definition - Transition Conditions  TRANSP   C  
SMO8FDCUS Customer assignment BDoc type to Flow Variant  TRANSP   C  
SMO8FDHDR Flow Definition - Header  TRANSP   C  
SMO8FDSVC Flow Definition - Services  TRANSP   C  
SMO8FDTPL Flow Definition Template: BDoc Types/Default Flow Variant  TRANSP   S  
SMO8FTCFG Flow Control Trace: Current configuration  TRANSP   L  
SMO8FTSTP Flow Control Trace: Process step (Configuration)  TRANSP   L  
SMO8FVCND Flow Definition Variant: Transition conditions  TRANSP   E  
SMO8FVDOC Flow Definition Variant: Supported BDoc Types  TRANSP   E  
SMO8FVHDR Flow Definition Variant: Header  TRANSP   E  
SMO8FVHDRT Flow Definition Variant: Short text  TRANSP   E  
SMO8FVIND Flow Definition Variant: Supported industries  TRANSP   E  
SMO8FVSV Flow Defintion Variant: Used services  TRANSP   E  
SMO8FVSVI Flow Defintion Variant: Used services  TRANSP   E  
SMO8FVSVT Flow Definition Variant: Short text for service  TRANSP   E  
SMO8QUEUE CRM Middleware Queue Registration  TRANSP   A  
SMO8SITEAC Site access to MW (send)  TRANSP   A  
SMO8TCASE Flow Control Test case  TRANSP   L  
SMO8TEST Test table for Flow Test BDoc Type  TRANSP   S  
SMO8_ATCH Middleware Transaction Prsistent Attachements  TRANSP   L  
SMO8_DLIST Middleware BDoc Distribution List  TRANSP   L  
SMO8_HBEAT Middleware Scheduler Heartbeats  TRANSP   L  
SMO8_LOG Middleware Log  TRANSP   L  
SMO8_LOG2 Middleware Log, Container for BAPIRETURN  TRANSP   L  
SMO8_LQU Lock Managment for qRFC Queues  TRANSP   L  
SMO8_ROUTE Flow Definition and Routing  TRANSP   E  
SMO8_SCHLO Middleware Scheduler Log Table  TRANSP   L  
SMO8_SCHMO Middleware Scheduler Monitor Table  TRANSP   L  
SMO8_SCHPA Middleware Scheduler Parameter Table  TRANSP   L  
SMO8_SCHQU Middleware Queue Worklist  TRANSP   L  
SMO8_TMDAT Middleware Message Data Cluster  TRANSP   L  
SMO8_TMSG Middleware BDoc Header  TRANSP   L  
SMO8_TSTR Middleware Transaction Store Data Cluster (Debug, Test)  TRANSP   L  
SMOGSRVFUI Mapping to Function Modules independend of BDoctype  TRANSP   E  
SMOG_SERV Middleware Services  TRANSP   E  
SMOG_SRVFU Middleware Services: Mapping to Function Modules  TRANSP   E  
SMOG_TPROG Defines the Flow ABAP program for a message type id  TRANSP   L  
Contained Transaction Codes
Transaction Code Short Description Program
SM0FM Function modules for services only     
SM0FMI Function modules for services/ bdocs     
SMO8FD Flow Definitions: Check and Display  SMW3_FLOWDEF_DISPLAY  
SMO8FDC Flow Definitions: Check and Display  SMW3_FLOWDEF_DISPLAY  
Software Component BBPCRM  BBPCRM 
SAP Release Created in      
Application Component CRM-MW-SRV (ABC0000002) Flow / Services 
Package SMO8  Flow Control I