SAP ABAP Application Component BW (Without Description)
Basic Data
Application Component ARS0000008  
Application Component ID BW  
Short Description   Without Description  
First Release Date 19980709 
First Release   40B 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
BW Without Description  ARS0000001 
BW Without Description  ARS0000002 
BW Without Description  ARS0000003 
BW Without Description  ARS0000009 
BW SAP Business Information Warehouse  ARS0000025 
BW-BCT Without Description  ARS0000006 
BW-BCT Business Content and Extractors  ARS0000023 
BW-BCT-AFS Apparel and Footwear Industry  B520000003 
BW-BCT-AII Auto-ID Infrastructure  B750000051 
BW-BCT-AM Automotive  B520000027 
BW-BCT-ANA BI Content Analyzer  B750000052 
BW-BCT-ANA BI Content Analyzer  BH20000004 
BW-BCT-AP Application Platform  B530000011 
BW-BCT-AP-BP Master Data - Business Partner  B750000053 
BW-BCT-APD Analysis Process Designer  B520000024 
BW-BCT-APO APO Extractors  B520000025 
BW-BCT-AUD Audit Management  B720000004 
BW-BCT-BBP Business-to-Business Procurement  B520000051 
BW-BCT-BC BI Content for Basis  B520000032 
BW-BCT-BEV Beverage  B520000018 
BW-BCT-BPM Business Process Management  B750000054 
BW-BCT-BPM Business Process Management (BW Adapter)  BH20000005 
BW-BCT-BPM-BPM BI Content for NW BPM  B750000135 
BW-BCT-BPM-WFM Business Workflow (BW Adapter)  KIW0000001 
BW-BCT-CA Cross-Application  B520000012 
BW-BCT-CCM Commodity Management  BH20000012 
BW-BCT-CFM Corporate Finance Management  B520000005 
BW-BCT-CGV Corporate Governance  B720000002 
BW-BCT-CGV-MIC Management of Internal Controls  B750000055 
BW-BCT-CL Classification system  B520000004 
BW-BCT-CMM Commodity Management  BH20000021 
BW-BCT-CMS Computing Center Management System  B530000007 
BW-BCT-CO Controlling  B520000036 
BW-BCT-CO-OM Management of Internal Controls  B750000056 
BW-BCT-CO-PA Profitability Analysis  B750000057 
BW-BCT-CPG Consumer Products General  B520000033 
BW-BCT-CPG-CMC Categorie Management Consumer Products  B750000058 
BW-BCT-CRM Customer Relationship Management  B520000052 
BW-BCT-CRM-BE Connection CRM - BW  B750000151 
BW-BCT-CRM-FM CRM Fund Management Analysis  B750000041 
BW-BCT-CRM-FM-DF Funds management Dynamic Funding  BHH0000001 
BW-BCT-CRM-FM-LR CRM Live Rates  B750000042 
BW-BCT-CRM-FS Financial Services  B750000141 
BW-BCT-CRM-HR BW Content for SSF HR  BH20000002 
BW-BCT-CRM-SAL Sales Analytics  B750000059 
BW-BCT-CRM-SRV Service Analytics  B750000060 
BW-BCT-CRM-WFD Workforce Deployment  B750000061 
BW-BCT-CRM-WFD-RTL Workforce Deployment in Retail Stores  B750000062 
BW-BCT-CRM-WFR Retail, Work Force Management  B750000063 
BW-BCT-CS Customer Service  B520000023 
BW-BCT-CSC Country-Specific Reporting  B520000006 
BW-BCT-CSC-BR Brasil  B750000064 
BW-BCT-CSC-RU Russia - insurance legal reporting  B750000152 
BW-BCT-DC SCM Demand Combination  B710000002 
BW-BCT-DFS BI Content Defense & Public Security  B720000001 
BW-BCT-DOC Documentation  B520000009 
BW-BCT-DPE Dynamic Pricing Engine  B520000010 
BW-BCT-EC Enterprise Controlling  B520000038 
BW-BCT-EC-CS Legal Consolidation  B750000153 
BW-BCT-EHS Environment, Health and Safety  B520000026 
BW-BCT-EM Event Management  B520000021 
BW-BCT-EPM Spend Analytics Content  B750000154 
BW-BCT-ERC E-Recruiting  B530000003 
BW-BCT-EWM Extended Warehouse Management (not Data Warehouse!)  B750000065 
BW-BCT-EX Exchanges  B520000007 
BW-BCT-FI Financial Accounting  B520000001 
BW-BCT-FI-BD Biller Direct  B750000066 
BW-BCT-FI-CA Financials Contract Accounts  B750000067 
BW-BCT-FI-CDM Business Content SAP Credit Management  B750000068 
BW-BCT-FI-COL Collections Management  B750000069 
BW-BCT-FI-DIM FSCM Dispute Management  B750000070 
BW-BCT-FI-TV Business Trip Management  B750000072 
BW-BCT-FIP Fresh Item Procurement  B750000071 
BW-BCT-FRE Forecasting and Replenishment Engine Analytics  B520000030 
BW-BCT-FS Financial Services  B520000014 
BW-BCT-FS-BA Bank Analyzer  B750000073 
BW-BCT-FS-BA-DR Disclosure & Reporting  B750000074 
BW-BCT-FS-BA-FDM Subledger Scenario  B750000075 
BW-BCT-FS-BP Business Partner BI  B750000136 
BW-BCT-FS-CM Claims Management  B750000076 
BW-BCT-FS-CML Core Banking Mortgage Loans  B750000077 
BW-BCT-FS-CMS Collateral Management System  B750000078 
BW-BCT-FS-RC Reconciliation Hub  B750000079 
BW-BCT-FS-TB Transaction Banking  B750000080 
BW-BCT-GEN BI Content - Generic  B750000021 
BW-BCT-GRC Governance Risk and Compliance  B750000081 
BW-BCT-GRC-AC SAP GRC Compliance Calibrator  B750000083 
BW-BCT-GRC-PC GRC Process Control  B750000133 
BW-BCT-GRC-RM GRC Risk Management  B750000134 
BW-BCT-GRC-SAE SAP GRC Access Enforcer  B750000082 
BW-BCT-HER Higher Education and Research  B530000005 
BW-BCT-HT High Tech  B520000013 
BW-BCT-ICH Inventory Collaboration Hub  B530000002 
BW-BCT-ICM Business Warehouse Content for ICM  B710000001 
BW-BCT-IDM BI-Content for SAP NetWeaver Identity Management  B750000033 
BW-BCT-ILM ILM Retention Warehouse  B750000132 
BW-BCT-ILM-RW ILM Retention Warehouse Content  B750000131 
BW-BCT-IM Investment Management  B520000037 
BW-BCT-IMP In-Memory Business Planning BI Content  BH90000001 
BW-BCT-IMP-TPM Accelerated Trade Promotion Planning BI Content  BH90000002 
BW-BCT-ISH Hospital  B520000053 
BW-BCT-ISM Media  B520000054 
BW-BCT-ISM-IPM Intellectual Property Management  B750000084 
BW-BCT-ISR Retail and Consumer Goods  B520000055 
BW-BCT-ISR-AA Analytical Applications  B750000085 
BW-BCT-ISR-AB Agency Business  B750000086 
BW-BCT-ISR-GT Global Trade  B750000087 
BW-BCT-ISR-LOM Customer Loyalty Marketing  B750000088 
BW-BCT-ISR-LPA Loss Prevention Analytics  B750000001 
BW-BCT-ISR-LPA-BI Loss Prevention Analytics - BI Analytics  B750000002 
BW-BCT-ISR-LPA-EXP Loss Prevention Analytics - Exceptions  B750000003 
BW-BCT-ISR-PIP Point of Sales Inbound Processing Engine  B750000156 
BW-BCT-ISR-POS Point of Sales  B750000089 
BW-BCT-ISR-PRM Promotion Analytics  B750000011 
BW-BCT-ISR-RSL Retail Stock Ledger  B750000090 
BW-BCT-ISU Utilities Industry  B520000056 
BW-BCT-JVA Joint Venture Accounting  B520000031 
BW-BCT-LBK Enterprise Asset Management Logbook  B730000001 
BW-BCT-LE Logistics Execution  B520000043 
BW-BCT-LIM Logistics Inventory Management Engine  B530000001 
BW-BCT-LMN BW with long material number  B750000091 
BW-BCT-LO Logistics - General  B520000040 
BW-BCT-LSO SAP-Learning Solution  B520000020 
BW-BCT-MDG Master Data Governance  B750000043 
BW-BCT-MM Materials Management  B520000042 
BW-BCT-MM-IV Invoice Verification  B750000092 
BW-BCT-MSP Inspection Planning  B520000034 
BW-BCT-MTD Metadata  B520000057 
BW-BCT-OER Object Event Repository  B750000093 
BW-BCT-OIL BW Content IS-OIL  B520000011 
BW-BCT-PA Personnel Management  B520000047 
BW-BCT-PA-PF Pensionsfund  B750000137 
BW-BCT-PAY Payment Engine  B750000004 
BW-BCT-PE Training and Event Management  B520000050 
BW-BCT-PH Pharmaceuticals/Life Sciences  B520000015 
BW-BCT-PLA Business planning  AB10000001 
BW-BCT-PLA-MCB PLM Maintenance Cost Budgeting  B750000094 
BW-BCT-PLA-MKT Marketing & Campaign Planning  B750000095 
BW-BCT-PLA-PER Performance Planning Content  B750000096 
BW-BCT-PLA-RAP Retail Assortment Planning  B750000097 
BW-BCT-PLA-RMP Retail Merchandise Planning  B750000098 
BW-BCT-PLA-RRW Retail Release Workbench  B750000099 
BW-BCT-PLA-RSM Retail Slow Seller Management  B750000100 
BW-BCT-PLA-SOP MAP to SOP Integration  B750000101 
BW-BCT-PLM Product Lifecycle Management  B520000016 
BW-BCT-PLM-CFO Collaboration Folders  B750000102 
BW-BCT-PM Plant Maintenance  B520000022 
BW-BCT-PP Production Planning and Control  B520000045 
BW-BCT-PP-AHD Alternative historical data  B750000103 
BW-BCT-PP-KAN Kanban  B750000157 
BW-BCT-PPM Portfolio and Project Management  B750000104 
BW-BCT-PPM-CF Common Functions  B750000105 
BW-BCT-PPM-PFM Portfolio Management  B750000106 
BW-BCT-PPM-PRO Project Management  B750000107 
BW-BCT-PPS Procurement for Public Sector  B750000044 
BW-BCT-PPS-IOA PPS - Interest on Arrears Functionality for France  B750000045 
BW-BCT-PS Project System  B520000046 
BW-BCT-PSC BW-Integration Vertragskontokorrent für Public Sector  B750000158 
BW-BCT-PSM Public Sector Management  B520000028 
BW-BCT-PSM-FG US Federal Government  B750000108 
BW-BCT-PSM-FM Funds Management  B750000109 
BW-BCT-PSM-GTE Grantee Management  B750000110 
BW-BCT-PT Time Management  B520000048 
BW-BCT-PY Payroll  B520000049 
BW-BCT-QM Quality Management  B520000044 
BW-BCT-RCN Payroll Reconciliation  B750000046 
BW-BCT-RE Real Estate Management  B520000039 
BW-BCT-RPM Resource and Program Management  B520000017 
BW-BCT-SBO SAP Business One - SAP BW Integration  B520000029 
BW-BCT-SCM Supply Chain Management Content  B750000155 
BW-BCT-SD Sales and Distribution  B520000041 
BW-BCT-SD-BW SD Content im BW System  B750000111 
BW-BCT-SLC SAP Supplier Lifecycle Management  BH20000007 
BW-BCT-SLL Global Trade Services GTS  B720000003 
BW-BCT-SMG SAP Solution Manager  B750000112 
BW-BCT-SMG SAP Solution Manager  BH20000001 
BW-BCT-SOP Sales & Operations Planning  B750000113 
BW-BCT-SPL BCT Supply Chain Management Service Part Logistics  B530000004 
BW-BCT-SPL-GOB General Objects  B750000138 
BW-BCT-SPL-INB Inbound Monitor  B750000114 
BW-BCT-SPL-SDR Supplier Delivery Performance Rating  B750000139 
BW-BCT-SPL-SFA Service Fill Analysis  B750000115 
BW-BCT-TCT Technical Content  B520000008 
BW-BCT-TCT-BAC BW Administration Cockpit  B750000116 
BW-BCT-TE Telecommunications  B750000117 
BW-BCT-TM Talent Management  B750000118 
BW-BCT-TMS Transportation Management (no software transports)  B750000119 
BW-BCT-TR Treasury  B520000035 
BW-BCT-WA BI Content for Waste and Recycling  B750000142 
BW-BCT-WEB E-Analytics  B520000002 
BW-BCT-WTY Warranty Analytics  B520000019 
BW-BCT-XAP Collaborative Cross Application  B530000006 
BW-BCT-XAP-CQM Cost and Quotation Management  B750000120 
BW-BCT-XAP-PD Product Definition  B750000121 
BW-BEX Without Description  ARS0000004 
BW-BEX Without Description  ARS0000012 
BW-BEX Business Explorer  ARS0000021 
BW-BEX-ET End User Technology  BR81000011 
BW-BEX-ET-XC Xcelsius Integration  BRA0000031 
BW-BEX-MMR BI Java Metamodel Repository  BR81000014 
BW-BEX-OT OLAP Technology  BR81000012 
BW-BEX-OT-BICS BI Consumer Services (ABAP)  KIW0000031 
BW-BEX-OT-BICS-CONS BICS Consumer  KIW0000032 
BW-BEX-OT-BICS-EQ BICS Easy Query  KIW0000033 
BW-BEX-OT-BICS-INA BW INA provider  KIW0000052 
BW-BEX-OT-BICS-PROV BICS Provider  KIW0000034 
BW-BEX-OT-BICS-RSRT BICS Query Monitor  KIW0000035 
BW-BEX-OT-ODP Query based on Operational Data Provisioning (ODP)  BY30000001 
BW-BEX-OT-WSP BW Workspace  B3S0000011 
BW-BEX-UDI Universal Data Integration  BR81000013 
BW-DXT Without Description  ARS0000010 
BW-EI Expanded Infrastructure  BR81000021 
BW-EI-APD Analysis Process Designer  BR81000041 
BW-EI-DM Data Mining  BR81000022 
BW-EI-RTR Retraction  BR81000023 
BW-MT Modeling Tools (Eclipse)  KIW0000017 
BW-PLA Planning  BR81000031 
BW-PLA-BPC BPC 'unified model'  KIW0000053 
BW-PLA-BPC-ADM BPC 'unified model' - Admin UI  KIW0000054 
BW-PLA-BPC-ADM-AUD BPC 'unified model' - Audit management  KIW0000056 
BW-PLA-BPC-ADM-ENV BPC 'unified model' - Environment management  KIW0000057 
BW-PLA-BPC-ADM-MOD BPC 'unified model' - Model Management  KIW0000055 
BW-PLA-BPC-ADM-SEC BPC 'unified model' - Security management  KIW0000058 
BW-PLA-BPC-ADM-WS BPC 'unified model' - Work Status management  KIW0000059 
BW-PLA-BPC-BPF BPC 'unified model' - Business Process Flow  KIW0000060 
BW-PLA-BPC-BPF-ACT BPC 'unified model' - BPF Activities Page  KIW0000061 
BW-PLA-BPC-BPF-AW BPC 'unified model' - BPF Activity Workspace  KIW0000062 
BW-PLA-BPC-BPF-DEF BPC 'unified model' - BPF Definition  KIW0000063 
BW-PLA-BPC-BPF-PM BPC 'unified model' - BPF Process Monitor  KIW0000064 
BW-PLA-BPC-BPF-REP BPC 'unified model' - BPF report  KIW0000065 
BW-PLA-BPC-BPF-RUN BPC 'unified model' - BPF execution  KIW0000066 
BW-PLA-BPC-DOC BPC 'unified model' - Documentation  KIW0000074 
BW-PLA-BPC-INF BPC 'unified model' - Infrastructure  KIW0000075 
BW-PLA-BPC-INF-WP BPC 'unified model' - Workspace infrastructure  KIW0000076 
BW-PLA-BPC-SR BPC 'unified model' - System reporting  KIW0000077 
BW-PLA-BPC-SR-AR BPC 'unified model' - System reporting: Audit  KIW0000079 
BW-PLA-BPC-SR-BR BPC 'unified model' - System reporting: BPF  KIW0000078 
BW-PLA-BPC-SR-WR BPC 'unified model' - System reporting: Workstatus  KIW0000080 
BW-PLA-BPC-TMM BPC 'unified model' - Transport & Metadata Management  KIW0000067 
BW-PLA-BPC-TMM-BPF BPC 'unified model' - TLOGO for BPF  KIW0000070 
BW-PLA-BPC-TMM-ENV BPC 'unified model' - TLOGO for environment  KIW0000068 
BW-PLA-BPC-TMM-MOD BPC 'unified model' - TLOGO for model  KIW0000069 
BW-PLA-BPC-TMM-MT BPC 'unified model' - TLOGO for mail template  KIW0000071 
BW-PLA-BPC-TMM-TEA BPC 'unified model' - TLOGO for Team  KIW0000072 
BW-PLA-BPC-TMM-WS BPC 'unified model' - TLOGO for workspace  KIW0000073 
BW-PLA-BPC-WS BPC 'unified model' - Work Status  KIW0000081 
BW-PLA-BPC-WS-INP BPC 'unified model' - Work status input enablement check  KIW0000083 
BW-PLA-BPC-WS-RCK BPC 'unified model' - Work status role check  KIW0000082 
BW-PLA-BPS Business Planning and Simulation  BR81000032 
BW-PLA-DOC Documentation  BRA0000011 
BW-RUI BW Integration of Reporting User Interfaces  KIW0000021 
BW-RUI-BPC BPC - Reporting User Interfaces  KIW0000042 
BW-RUI-BPC-WEB BPC - Ui5 Web Client  KIW0000041 
BW-RUI-BPC-WEB-CON BPC - Web content Library  KIW0000043 
BW-RUI-BPC-WEB-FLY BPC - Web connector 'unified' model  KIW0000049 
BW-RUI-BPC-WEB-INP BPC - Web input form  KIW0000048 
BW-RUI-BPC-WEB-LGN BPC - Web log-on  KIW0000050 
BW-RUI-BPC-WEB-MSEL BPC - Web member Selector  KIW0000044 
BW-RUI-BPC-WEB-PLAN BPC - Web planning functions  KIW0000046 
BW-RUI-BPC-WEB-REST BPC - Web connector 'classic' model  KIW0000051 
BW-RUI-BPC-WEB-RPT BPC - Web reporting  KIW0000047 
BW-RUI-BPC-WEB-WS BPC - Web work Status  KIW0000045 
BW-RUI-FPM FPM Analytical GUIBB  KIW0000022 
BW-SYS Basis System and Installation  ARS0000024 
BW-SYS-DB BW Database platforms  J040000001 
BW-SYS-DB-DB2 BW DB2 for OS/390  J040000005 
BW-SYS-DB-DB4 BW DB2 for AS/400  J040000006 
BW-SYS-DB-DB6 BW DB2 Universal Database  J040000007 
BW-SYS-DB-INF BW Informix  J040000003 
BW-SYS-DB-IQ BW on HANA with Sybase IQ Near-line Storage  KIW0000101 
BW-SYS-DB-MSS BW Microsoft SQL Server  J040000004 
BW-SYS-DB-NV BW Neoview  BRA0000052 
BW-SYS-DB-ORA BW Oracle  J040000002 
BW-SYS-DB-SDB BW MaxDB  BR81000001 
BW-SYS-DB-SYB BW on Sybase ASE Database Platform  BY30000002 
BW-SYS-DB-TD BW Teradata  BRA0000053 
BW-SYS-GUI BW Frontend GUI  BR81000020 
BW-WHM Without Description  ARS0000005 
BW-WHM Without Description  ARS0000011 
BW-WHM Warehouse Management  ARS0000022 
BW-WHM-AWB Data Warehousing Workbench  BR81000017 
BW-WHM-DBA Data Basis  BR81000018 
BW-WHM-DBA-COPR CompositeProvider  KIW0000011 
BW-WHM-DBA-HPR HybridProvider  BRA0000054 
BW-WHM-DBA-ODSV Open ODS View  KIW0000091 
BW-WHM-DBA-SPO Semantically Partitioned Object  BRA0000055 
BW-WHM-DOC Documentation  BR81000015 
BW-WHM-DST Data Staging  BR81000019 
BW-WHM-DST-HAP HANA Analysis Process  KIW0000016 
BW-WHM-ESH Enterprise Search Hub  BRA0000021 
BW-WHM-MTD Metadata (Repository)  BR81000016 
BW-WHM-MTD-HMOD HANA Model Generation in BW  KIW0000015 
BW-WHM-TC Technical Configuration  KIW0000012 
BW-WHM-TC-CTC System Configuration Automation  KIW0000013 
BW-WHM-TC-SCA System Copy Automation  KIW0000014 
BW-XX Without Description  ARS0000007 
Software Component SAP_BW  SAP Business Warehouse 
SAP Release Created in