SAP ABAP Application Component BW-BCT-CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
Basic Data
Application Component B520000052  
Application Component ID BW-BCT-CRM  
Short Description   Customer Relationship Management  
First Release Date 20040119 
First Release   640 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
BW-BCT-CRM-BE Connection CRM - BW  B750000151 
BW-BCT-CRM-FM CRM Fund Management Analysis  B750000041 
BW-BCT-CRM-FM-DF Funds management Dynamic Funding  BHH0000001 
BW-BCT-CRM-FM-LR CRM Live Rates  B750000042 
BW-BCT-CRM-FS Financial Services  B750000141 
BW-BCT-CRM-HR BW Content for SSF HR  BH20000002 
BW-BCT-CRM-SAL Sales Analytics  B750000059 
BW-BCT-CRM-SRV Service Analytics  B750000060 
BW-BCT-CRM-WFD Workforce Deployment  B750000061 
BW-BCT-CRM-WFD-RTL Workforce Deployment in Retail Stores  B750000062 
BW-BCT-CRM-WFR Retail, Work Force Management  B750000063 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
RSAN Analytical Applications: General Tools 
RSAN_CLTV Analytical Applications: CLTV 
RSAN_MAREO Analytical CRM: Direct Marketing Optimization 
RSAN_RFM CRM Analytics: RFM Analysis 
RSAN_RPM Marketing Response Modeling 
RSAN_SURV Analytical Applications: Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty 
RSAN_SURV_B Analytical Applications: Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty ( 
RSAN_TOOLS CRM Analytics: Tools 
RSAN_TOPAS Analytical CRM: Assignment Optimizer 
RSMRM_ACCR Accrual Models 
RSMRM_CORM Coupon Redemption Modeling 
RSMRM_GENERAL MRM: General objects 
RSMRM_MKTCAL MRM: Marketing Calendar / Gantt Charts 
RS_BCT_BE BW: Content BE (Billing Engine) 
RS_BCT_BE_B BW: Content BE (Billing Engine) (Basis) 
RS_BCT_CRM BW: Content CRM (Customer Relationship Management) 
RS_BCT_CRMSPA BW: Content CRM Sales Performance Analysis 
RS_BCT_CRM_AA CRM Content for Analytic Composites 
RS_BCT_CRM_ALERT BW Content: Alert Integration CRM/BW 
RS_BCT_CRM_B BW: Content CRM (Customer Relationship Management) (Basis) 
RS_BCT_CRM_CHM BW Business Content for Channel Management 
RS_BCT_CRM_CHM_AA BI Content for Channel Management for Analytic Composites 
RS_BCT_CRM_CHM_B BW Business Content for Channel Management (Basis) 
RS_BCT_CRM_CIC_EVENTLOG BI Content: IC Event Log Analysis 
RS_BCT_CRM_CIC_EVENTLOG_B BI Content: IC Event Log Analysis (Basis) 
RS_BCT_CRM_CMS BW: Content Channel Management 
RS_BCT_CRM_CMS_B BW: Content Channel Management (Basis) 
RS_BCT_CRM_CXP BI Content: Tools for CRM on Demand 
RS_BCT_CRM_ENG BW: CRM English Content 
RS_BCT_CRM_ENG_AA BI Content in English for CRM Analytic Composites 
RS_BCT_CRM_ENG_B BW: CRM English Content (Basis) 
RS_BCT_CRM_FIN BW: Content CRM Financing 
RS_BCT_CRM_FIN_B BW: Content CRM Financing (Basis) 
RS_BCT_CRM_IC BW: Content CRM Interaction Center 
RS_BCT_CRM_ICM BW: Content CRM Incentives and Commission Management 
RS_BCT_CRM_ICM_B BW: Content CRM Incentives and Commission Management (Basis) 
RS_BCT_CRM_IC_AA BI Cont.: CRM Interaction Center for Analytic Composites 
RS_BCT_CRM_IC_B BW: Content CRM Interaction Center (Basis) 
RS_BCT_CRM_IC_RTOM BI Content: CRM IC Real-Time Offer Management 
RS_BCT_CRM_IC_RTOM_B BI Content: CRM IC Real-Time Offer Management (Basis) 
RS_BCT_CRM_IC_RTOM_EXT Real Time Offer Management (Extension) 
RS_BCT_CRM_IOBJECT BW: Content CRM Individual Objects 
RS_BCT_CRM_IOBJECT_B BW: Content CRM Individual Objects (Basis) 
RS_BCT_CRM_RDL BW: Content for CRM Rebate Due List 
RS_BCT_CRM_RDL_B BW: Content for CRM Rebate Due List (Basis) 
RS_BCT_CRM_SERVICE_AA BI Content for CRM Service for Analytic Composites 
RS_BCT_CRM_SERVICE_B BW: Content CRM Service (Basis) 
RS_BCT_CRM_SVY_CAT BW: Conttent CRM Survey Catalogs 
RS_BCT_CRM_SVY_CAT_B BW: Conttent CRM Survey Catalogs (Basis) 
RS_BCT_CRM_WEBUTIL BW: Content CRM Analytics Web Reporting Utilities 
RS_BCT_CRM_WFM BW: Content CRM Workforce Management 
RS_BCT_CRM_WFM_AA BI Cont.: CRM Workforce Management for Analytic Composities 
RS_BCT_CRM_WFM_B BW: Content CRM Workforce Management (Basis) 
RS_BCT_DB BW: Content D&B (Dun & Bradstreet) 
RS_BCT_DB_B BW: Content D&B (Dun & Bradstreet) (Basis) 
RS_BCT_EE BW: Content Entitlement Analytics 
RS_BCT_EE_B BW: Content Entitlement Analytics (Basis) 
RS_BCT_ELM Business Content External List Management 
RS_BCT_ELM_B Business Content External List Management (Basis) 
RS_BCT_PCRM Business Content CRM SAP Portals 
Software Component BI_CONT  Business Intelligence Content 
SAP Release Created in   352