SAP ABAP Application Component BW-BCT (Business Content and Extractors)
Basic Data
Application Component ARS0000023  
Application Component ID BW-BCT  
Short Description   Business Content and Extractors  
First Release Date 19980729 
First Release   40B 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
BW-BCT Without Description  ARS0000006 
BW-BCT-AFS Apparel and Footwear Industry  B520000003 
BW-BCT-AII Auto-ID Infrastructure  B750000051 
BW-BCT-AM Automotive  B520000027 
BW-BCT-ANA BI Content Analyzer  B750000052 
BW-BCT-ANA BI Content Analyzer  BH20000004 
BW-BCT-AP Application Platform  B530000011 
BW-BCT-AP-BP Master Data - Business Partner  B750000053 
BW-BCT-APD Analysis Process Designer  B520000024 
BW-BCT-APO APO Extractors  B520000025 
BW-BCT-AUD Audit Management  B720000004 
BW-BCT-BBP Business-to-Business Procurement  B520000051 
BW-BCT-BC BI Content for Basis  B520000032 
BW-BCT-BEV Beverage  B520000018 
BW-BCT-BPM Business Process Management  B750000054 
BW-BCT-BPM Business Process Management (BW Adapter)  BH20000005 
BW-BCT-BPM-BPM BI Content for NW BPM  B750000135 
BW-BCT-BPM-WFM Business Workflow (BW Adapter)  KIW0000001 
BW-BCT-CA Cross-Application  B520000012 
BW-BCT-CCM Commodity Management  BH20000012 
BW-BCT-CFM Corporate Finance Management  B520000005 
BW-BCT-CGV Corporate Governance  B720000002 
BW-BCT-CGV-MIC Management of Internal Controls  B750000055 
BW-BCT-CL Classification system  B520000004 
BW-BCT-CMM Commodity Management  BH20000021 
BW-BCT-CMS Computing Center Management System  B530000007 
BW-BCT-CO Controlling  B520000036 
BW-BCT-CO-OM Management of Internal Controls  B750000056 
BW-BCT-CO-PA Profitability Analysis  B750000057 
BW-BCT-CPG Consumer Products General  B520000033 
BW-BCT-CPG-CMC Categorie Management Consumer Products  B750000058 
BW-BCT-CRM Customer Relationship Management  B520000052 
BW-BCT-CRM-BE Connection CRM - BW  B750000151 
BW-BCT-CRM-FM CRM Fund Management Analysis  B750000041 
BW-BCT-CRM-FM-DF Funds management Dynamic Funding  BHH0000001 
BW-BCT-CRM-FM-LR CRM Live Rates  B750000042 
BW-BCT-CRM-FS Financial Services  B750000141 
BW-BCT-CRM-HR BW Content for SSF HR  BH20000002 
BW-BCT-CRM-SAL Sales Analytics  B750000059 
BW-BCT-CRM-SRV Service Analytics  B750000060 
BW-BCT-CRM-WFD Workforce Deployment  B750000061 
BW-BCT-CRM-WFD-RTL Workforce Deployment in Retail Stores  B750000062 
BW-BCT-CRM-WFR Retail, Work Force Management  B750000063 
BW-BCT-CS Customer Service  B520000023 
BW-BCT-CSC Country-Specific Reporting  B520000006 
BW-BCT-CSC-BR Brasil  B750000064 
BW-BCT-CSC-RU Russia - insurance legal reporting  B750000152 
BW-BCT-DC SCM Demand Combination  B710000002 
BW-BCT-DFS BI Content Defense & Public Security  B720000001 
BW-BCT-DOC Documentation  B520000009 
BW-BCT-DPE Dynamic Pricing Engine  B520000010 
BW-BCT-EC Enterprise Controlling  B520000038 
BW-BCT-EC-CS Legal Consolidation  B750000153 
BW-BCT-EHS Environment, Health and Safety  B520000026 
BW-BCT-EM Event Management  B520000021 
BW-BCT-EPM Spend Analytics Content  B750000154 
BW-BCT-ERC E-Recruiting  B530000003 
BW-BCT-EWM Extended Warehouse Management (not Data Warehouse!)  B750000065 
BW-BCT-EX Exchanges  B520000007 
BW-BCT-FI Financial Accounting  B520000001 
BW-BCT-FI-BD Biller Direct  B750000066 
BW-BCT-FI-CA Financials Contract Accounts  B750000067 
BW-BCT-FI-CDM Business Content SAP Credit Management  B750000068 
BW-BCT-FI-COL Collections Management  B750000069 
BW-BCT-FI-DIM FSCM Dispute Management  B750000070 
BW-BCT-FI-TV Business Trip Management  B750000072 
BW-BCT-FIP Fresh Item Procurement  B750000071 
BW-BCT-FRE Forecasting and Replenishment Engine Analytics  B520000030 
BW-BCT-FS Financial Services  B520000014 
BW-BCT-FS-BA Bank Analyzer  B750000073 
BW-BCT-FS-BA-DR Disclosure & Reporting  B750000074 
BW-BCT-FS-BA-FDM Subledger Scenario  B750000075 
BW-BCT-FS-BP Business Partner BI  B750000136 
BW-BCT-FS-CM Claims Management  B750000076 
BW-BCT-FS-CML Core Banking Mortgage Loans  B750000077 
BW-BCT-FS-CMS Collateral Management System  B750000078 
BW-BCT-FS-RC Reconciliation Hub  B750000079 
BW-BCT-FS-TB Transaction Banking  B750000080 
BW-BCT-GEN BI Content - Generic  B750000021 
BW-BCT-GRC Governance Risk and Compliance  B750000081 
BW-BCT-GRC-AC SAP GRC Compliance Calibrator  B750000083 
BW-BCT-GRC-PC GRC Process Control  B750000133 
BW-BCT-GRC-RM GRC Risk Management  B750000134 
BW-BCT-GRC-SAE SAP GRC Access Enforcer  B750000082 
BW-BCT-HER Higher Education and Research  B530000005 
BW-BCT-HT High Tech  B520000013 
BW-BCT-ICH Inventory Collaboration Hub  B530000002 
BW-BCT-ICM Business Warehouse Content for ICM  B710000001 
BW-BCT-IDM BI-Content for SAP NetWeaver Identity Management  B750000033 
BW-BCT-ILM ILM Retention Warehouse  B750000132 
BW-BCT-ILM-RW ILM Retention Warehouse Content  B750000131 
BW-BCT-IM Investment Management  B520000037 
BW-BCT-IMP In-Memory Business Planning BI Content  BH90000001 
BW-BCT-IMP-TPM Accelerated Trade Promotion Planning BI Content  BH90000002 
BW-BCT-ISH Hospital  B520000053 
BW-BCT-ISM Media  B520000054 
BW-BCT-ISM-IPM Intellectual Property Management  B750000084 
BW-BCT-ISR Retail and Consumer Goods  B520000055 
BW-BCT-ISR-AA Analytical Applications  B750000085 
BW-BCT-ISR-AB Agency Business  B750000086 
BW-BCT-ISR-GT Global Trade  B750000087 
BW-BCT-ISR-LOM Customer Loyalty Marketing  B750000088 
BW-BCT-ISR-LPA Loss Prevention Analytics  B750000001 
BW-BCT-ISR-LPA-BI Loss Prevention Analytics - BI Analytics  B750000002 
BW-BCT-ISR-LPA-EXP Loss Prevention Analytics - Exceptions  B750000003 
BW-BCT-ISR-PIP Point of Sales Inbound Processing Engine  B750000156 
BW-BCT-ISR-POS Point of Sales  B750000089 
BW-BCT-ISR-PRM Promotion Analytics  B750000011 
BW-BCT-ISR-RSL Retail Stock Ledger  B750000090 
BW-BCT-ISU Utilities Industry  B520000056 
BW-BCT-JVA Joint Venture Accounting  B520000031 
BW-BCT-LBK Enterprise Asset Management Logbook  B730000001 
BW-BCT-LE Logistics Execution  B520000043 
BW-BCT-LIM Logistics Inventory Management Engine  B530000001 
BW-BCT-LMN BW with long material number  B750000091 
BW-BCT-LO Logistics - General  B520000040 
BW-BCT-LSO SAP-Learning Solution  B520000020 
BW-BCT-MDG Master Data Governance  B750000043 
BW-BCT-MM Materials Management  B520000042 
BW-BCT-MM-IV Invoice Verification  B750000092 
BW-BCT-MSP Inspection Planning  B520000034 
BW-BCT-MTD Metadata  B520000057 
BW-BCT-OER Object Event Repository  B750000093 
BW-BCT-OIL BW Content IS-OIL  B520000011 
BW-BCT-PA Personnel Management  B520000047 
BW-BCT-PA-PF Pensionsfund  B750000137 
BW-BCT-PAY Payment Engine  B750000004 
BW-BCT-PE Training and Event Management  B520000050 
BW-BCT-PH Pharmaceuticals/Life Sciences  B520000015 
BW-BCT-PLA Business planning  AB10000001 
BW-BCT-PLA-MCB PLM Maintenance Cost Budgeting  B750000094 
BW-BCT-PLA-MKT Marketing & Campaign Planning  B750000095 
BW-BCT-PLA-PER Performance Planning Content  B750000096 
BW-BCT-PLA-RAP Retail Assortment Planning  B750000097 
BW-BCT-PLA-RMP Retail Merchandise Planning  B750000098 
BW-BCT-PLA-RRW Retail Release Workbench  B750000099 
BW-BCT-PLA-RSM Retail Slow Seller Management  B750000100 
BW-BCT-PLA-SOP MAP to SOP Integration  B750000101 
BW-BCT-PLM Product Lifecycle Management  B520000016 
BW-BCT-PLM-CFO Collaboration Folders  B750000102 
BW-BCT-PM Plant Maintenance  B520000022 
BW-BCT-PP Production Planning and Control  B520000045 
BW-BCT-PP-AHD Alternative historical data  B750000103 
BW-BCT-PP-KAN Kanban  B750000157 
BW-BCT-PPM Portfolio and Project Management  B750000104 
BW-BCT-PPM-CF Common Functions  B750000105 
BW-BCT-PPM-PFM Portfolio Management  B750000106 
BW-BCT-PPM-PRO Project Management  B750000107 
BW-BCT-PPS Procurement for Public Sector  B750000044 
BW-BCT-PPS-IOA PPS - Interest on Arrears Functionality for France  B750000045 
BW-BCT-PS Project System  B520000046 
BW-BCT-PSC BW-Integration Vertragskontokorrent für Public Sector  B750000158 
BW-BCT-PSM Public Sector Management  B520000028 
BW-BCT-PSM-FG US Federal Government  B750000108 
BW-BCT-PSM-FM Funds Management  B750000109 
BW-BCT-PSM-GTE Grantee Management  B750000110 
BW-BCT-PT Time Management  B520000048 
BW-BCT-PY Payroll  B520000049 
BW-BCT-QM Quality Management  B520000044 
BW-BCT-RCN Payroll Reconciliation  B750000046 
BW-BCT-RE Real Estate Management  B520000039 
BW-BCT-RPM Resource and Program Management  B520000017 
BW-BCT-SBO SAP Business One - SAP BW Integration  B520000029 
BW-BCT-SCM Supply Chain Management Content  B750000155 
BW-BCT-SD Sales and Distribution  B520000041 
BW-BCT-SD-BW SD Content im BW System  B750000111 
BW-BCT-SLC SAP Supplier Lifecycle Management  BH20000007 
BW-BCT-SLL Global Trade Services GTS  B720000003 
BW-BCT-SMG SAP Solution Manager  B750000112 
BW-BCT-SMG SAP Solution Manager  BH20000001 
BW-BCT-SOP Sales & Operations Planning  B750000113 
BW-BCT-SPL BCT Supply Chain Management Service Part Logistics  B530000004 
BW-BCT-SPL-GOB General Objects  B750000138 
BW-BCT-SPL-INB Inbound Monitor  B750000114 
BW-BCT-SPL-SDR Supplier Delivery Performance Rating  B750000139 
BW-BCT-SPL-SFA Service Fill Analysis  B750000115 
BW-BCT-TCT Technical Content  B520000008 
BW-BCT-TCT-BAC BW Administration Cockpit  B750000116 
BW-BCT-TE Telecommunications  B750000117 
BW-BCT-TM Talent Management  B750000118 
BW-BCT-TMS Transportation Management (no software transports)  B750000119 
BW-BCT-TR Treasury  B520000035 
BW-BCT-WA BI Content for Waste and Recycling  B750000142 
BW-BCT-WEB E-Analytics  B520000002 
BW-BCT-WTY Warranty Analytics  B520000019 
BW-BCT-XAP Collaborative Cross Application  B530000006 
BW-BCT-XAP-CQM Cost and Quotation Management  B750000120 
BW-BCT-XAP-PD Product Definition  B750000121 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
/IMO/RS_BCT_IMO_GENERAL BW: in-memory optimized Content (general objects) 
/IMO/RS_BCT_IMO_GENERAL_B BW: in-memory optimized Content (general objects - basis) 
/IMO/RS_BCT_STRUPAK BW/HANA: in-memory optimized Content 
BW_CONTENT_ANALYZER BW Content Analyzer - Main Package 
BW_EARLY_WATCH BW Early Watch - Main Package 
BW_EXTERNAL_BCT Content for External Applications on BW 
RSAN_REGR APD: Regression 
RSAN_TANGO Analytical CRM: Assignment Optimizer 
RSEPM Enterpise Procurement Model Repository Objects 
RSTCC_IMG BW: IMG for Adminstration Cockpit 
RS_BCT_ABAP Business Content Move For BC6 
RS_BCT_ABAP_B Business Content Move For BC6 (Basis) 
RS_BCT_AD BW: Content IBU Aerospace&Defense 
RS_BCT_AD_B BW: Content IBU Aerospace&Defense (Basis) 
RS_BCT_BI_ABAP BI Content: ABAP Coding 
RS_BCT_BPM BW: Content Business Process Management 
RS_BCT_CATS BW: Content CATS (Worksheet) 
RS_BCT_CATS_B BW: Content CATS (Worksheet) (Basis) 
RS_BCT_CB BW: Content Content Browser 
RS_BCT_CCMS_CPH BW: Content CCMS System Management Data 
RS_BCT_CCMS_WEBAS_STAT BW Content: Integration OF WebAs Statistics Data 
RS_BCT_CHEM BW: Content Chemical Industry 
RS_BCT_CHEM_AA BW: Content Chemical Industry for Analytic Composites 
RS_BCT_COPYTOOLS BI Content Copy Tools (Queries + Views) for SAP Analytics 
RS_BCT_DEMO_DATA BW: Content DEMO (Demo Content, partly with CSV files) 
RS_BCT_DEMO_DATA_B BW: Content DEMO (Demo Content, partly with CSV files) (Basi 
RS_BCT_ESM ESA Sales Model 
RS_BCT_EWM_XT Package for Dashboard/reports of eWM 
RS_BCT_FC_AA BW Content: Cont.Accts. Rec. and Payable for Analytic Comps. 
RS_BCT_FC_AA_B BW Content: Cont.Accts. Rec. and Payable for Analytic Comps. 
RS_BCT_GENERAL BW: Content General 
RS_BCT_GN_B BW: Content Generic InfoObjects (Basis) 
RS_BCT_HAP BW Business Content for Objective Setting and Appraisals 
RS_BCT_HAP_B BW Business Content for Objective Setting and Appraisals (Ba 
RS_BCT_HR_MSS Business Content: HR - Manager Self-Service 
RS_BCT_LOPD BW: Content Spanish Data Protection Law 
RS_BCT_MA BW: Content Marketplace 
RS_BCT_MA_B BW: Content Marketplace (Basis) 
RS_BCT_NWV BW: Content Netweaver Voice 
RS_BCT_NWV_B BW: Content Netweaver Voice (Basis) 
RS_BCT_OPM BW Content for Operation Performance Management 
RS_BCT_OPM_B BW Content for Operation Performance Management (Basis) 
RS_BCT_PFO BW: Content for Portfolio Assignment 
RS_BCT_PFO_B BW: Content for Portfolio Assignment (Basis) 
RS_BCT_PPP_AA Business Content PP SAP Portals for Analytic Composites 
RS_BCT_PSV BW: Content Professional Service 
RS_BCT_PSV_AA BW: Content Professional Service for Analytic Composites 
RS_BCT_SBS2 BW: Content Small Business Solution - SAP BI Integration 
RS_BCT_SBS2_B BW: Content Small Business Solution - SAP BI Integration (Ba 
RS_BCT_SP BW: IBU Service Provider Content 
RS_BCT_STRUPAK_B BW Content Structure Package (Basic BI Content Objects) 
RS_BCT_STRUPAK_II BW Content Structure Package II 
RS_BCT_WEBREP BW: Content WebReporting 
RS_DME_AAP Data Mining: Analytical Application Provider 
RS_DME_MSSQL Interface Between MS Analysis Services and Data Mining 
RS_TCO_EPM Enterprise Procurement Model 
RS_TCT BW: Technical Content 
Software Component SAP_BW  SAP Business Warehouse 
SAP Release Created in