SAP ABAP Application Component BW-BCT-GRC (Governance Risk and Compliance)
Basic Data
Application Component B750000081  
Application Component ID BW-BCT-GRC  
Short Description   Governance Risk and Compliance  
First Release Date 20091125 
First Release   700 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
BW-BCT-GRC-AC SAP GRC Compliance Calibrator  B750000083 
BW-BCT-GRC-PC GRC Process Control  B750000133 
BW-BCT-GRC-RM GRC Risk Management  B750000134 
BW-BCT-GRC-SAE SAP GRC Access Enforcer  B750000082 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
RS_BCT_GRC_AC BW Content: GRC Access Controls - BI model abstration 
RS_BCT_GRC_AC_DS GRC AC DataSources - translation irrelevant 
RS_BCT_GRC_AR BW Content: GRC Analytical Reporting Scenarios 
RS_BCT_GRC_FN BW Content: GRC BI Foundation 3.0 (shared objects) 
RS_BCT_GRC_FN_B BW Content: GRC BI Foundation 3.0 (shared objects) (Basis) 
Software Component BI_CONT  Business Intelligence Content 
SAP Release Created in   705