SAP ABAP Application Component BW-WHM-DBA (Data Basis)
Basic Data
Application Component BR81000018  
Application Component ID BW-WHM-DBA  
Short Description   Data Basis  
First Release Date 20030711 
First Release   640 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
BW-WHM-DBA-COPR CompositeProvider  KIW0000011 
BW-WHM-DBA-HPR HybridProvider  BRA0000054 
BW-WHM-DBA-ODSV Open ODS View  KIW0000091 
BW-WHM-DBA-SPO Semantically Partitioned Object  BRA0000055 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
RSB Business Information Warehouse: Data Marts 
RSBO Open Hub - Maintenance and Execution 
RSB_GUI Open Hub Service - GUI - Release 7.1 
RSCNV Package for Metadata Remodeling 
RSCNV_API Remodeling API 
RSDDMD Load Master Data; Delete (Copied from RSDD) 
RSDD_DBA Data Manager: Write InfoCube,... 
RSDG BW: Data basis generation 
RSDMD Master Data Update 
RSDMDD Delete Master Data by Package 
RSDMDM Master Data Maintenance 
RSDRC_DBA Data Manager InfoCube Access 
RSDRI_DBA Data Manager InfoCube Access 
RSDRI_DBA_HDB HDB-Specific RSDRI Development 
RSDRI_DF_DBA WHM Part of Facade for Data Federator 
RSDRU_DBA Interface for porting-relevant functions (DBA. objects) 
RSDRV_DBA Data Manager Virtual InfoProviders: DBA Share 
RSDSO_ACTIVATION Activation modules for ADSO 
RSDSO_DATA DataStore Object (ADSO): Managing Data 
RSDSO_DTP DataStore Object (ADSO): Transformation and DTP 
RSDSO_MANAGE Advanced DataStore Object - Manage UI and functions 
RSDSO_ROLLBACK rollback/deletion modules for ADSO 
RSDSO_RUNTIME Runtime Measurements 
RSDSO_TBLSRV Table Service For DataStore Objects 
RSDSO_TBLSRV_DBMS Database specific implementations for table service 
RSDSO_TEST Tests for advanced DataStore Objects 
RSDSO_UPDATE Update modules for DataStore Objects (ADSO) 
RSD_DTA Core InfoProvider Services 
RSD_IPRO BI InfoProvider 
RSD_MAPPING Mapping Service for InfoObjects 
RSFBP BW: Field-based Provider framework 
RSIWP ILM: Connection to BW 
RSIWP_RWC_CONTENT Content for Retention Warehouse 
RSIWP_RWC_PRODLIAB Product Liability 
RSIWP_RWC_TAX Tax Auditing 
RSLPO Logical Partitioning - Independent Objects 
RSLPO_BADI Semantic Partitioning: Business Add-Ins (BAdIs) 
RSLPO_CHECK Logical Partitioning: Consistency Checks 
RSLPO_DFG Logical Partitioning: Data-Flow Generation 
RSLPO_GEN Logical Partitioning: Generation 
RSLPO_GENERAL Package for general Objects(Avoid Package Check Problems) 
RSLPO_GUI Logical Partitioning: GUI 
RSLPO_LOCKS Logical Partitioning: Lock 
RSLPO_PARTGUI UI for Specifying Partitioning Criteria 
RSLPO_PC Logical Partitioning: Process Chain Integration 
RSLPO_PC_TEMPLATE Logical Partitioning: Generate Process Chains 
RSLPO_STATUS Status overview 
RSLPO_TLOGO Semantic Partitioning: Metadata / TLOGO Implementation 
RSLPO_TOOLS Diverse Tool Classes for Logical Partitioning 
RSMD Master Data Conversion (Alpha) 
RSMDM_BI_INTEGRATION Business Information Warehouse: MDM Integration DEV STOPPED! 
RSMDP Master Data Processing 
RSMD_UC Master Data Services: Where-Used-Check 
RSNDI Interface for NDIs (SEM, CRM) 
RSODSO Main Package for All RSODSO_* Packages 
RSODSO_ACTIVATION DataStore Object: Activation of Data 
RSODSO_ACT_MPP DSO activation using SQL mass processing 
RSODSO_API APIs for DataStore Objects (Read, Write, Create, etc.) 
RSODSO_DTP DTP-Relevant Implementation for ODS Objects 
RSODSO_GUI UI Framework for DataStore objects 
RSODSO_GUI_SER UI Framework for DataStore objects 
RSODSO_MPP_TEST MPP-Relevant DataStore Tests 
RSODSO_RDA Real-Time Data Acquisition for DataStore Objects 
RSODSO_ROLLBACK DataStore Object: Deletion of Requests 
RSODSO_RSDRO DataStore Object: 3.0/3.5 Development 
RSODSO_RUNTIME Runtime Measurement 
RSODSO_SETTINGS Parameter Maintenance for DataStores 
RSODSO_SID SID Generation in Context of DataStore Objects 
RSODSO_SID_MPP MPP-Optimized Generation of SIDs 
RSODSO_TEST Test-Relevant Objects - Transport within the SAP Landscape 
RSODSO_TOOLS Tools for DataStore Objects 
RSODSO_UPDATE DataStore Object: Loading of Data 
RSOOL BW: Open ODS Layer Object 
RSPP Partition Pruning for MultiProviders 
RSQBW BW-Specific Parts of the InfoSet Query 
RSR_CORE Processor for Core Objects Reporting 
RSSEM SEM Connection to BW 
RSSH BW: Hierarchy Processing - General 
RSSHMT BW: Frontend Hierarchy Processing 
RSSH_DTP Hierarchies: Data Transfer Process and Transformation 
RSSZ BW: General Services for Customer Master Data 
RS_DTEL_LOCKED BI: Locked Data Elements 
Software Component SAP_BW  SAP Business Warehouse 
SAP Release Created in   400