SAP ABAP Application Component BW-PLA-BPS (Business Planning and Simulation)
Basic Data
Application Component BR81000032  
Application Component ID BW-PLA-BPS  
Short Description   Business Planning and Simulation  
First Release Date 20030922 
First Release   640 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
BW_BPS BPS: Main Package 
RSRQ BW Tools (BWT) for BPS 
UPARA Extensions for Merchandise and Assortment Planning 
UPARI Retail Assortment Planning Data Interface 
UPARS SEM: Slow Seller Management 
UPARU Retail Assortment Planning User Interface 
UPBPM Planning Folders 
UPC SEM-BPS: General Functions 
UPCPG Consumer Packaged Goods 
UPF SEM-BPS: Planning Functions 
UPP SEM-BPS: Planning Processor and Layout Builder 
UPS Status and Tracking System 
UPUC SEM-BPS for Utilities Industry Business Solution 
UPW Web Development SEM-BPS 
UPWB Graphic Builder for Planning Applications with BSP 
UPX CRM Sales Planning - Kernel 
UPX_CUST Customizing Framework 
UPX_EXEC CRM Sales Planning Execution 
UPX_KPI UPX: CRM Planning - SEM Part 
UPX_WEB Sales Planning: Roadrunner Implementation 
UPY SEM for Public Sector: Budget Preparation 
Software Component SAP_BW  SAP Business Warehouse 
SAP Release Created in   400