SAP ABAP Package UPBPM (Planning Folders)
Basic Data
Package UPBPM   
Short Description   Planning Folders    
Super package BW_BPS   BPS: Main Package 
Main package indicator       Development Package 
Created on/by 20030730  SAP 
Package Content
Contained Tables / Views
Table Name Short Description Table Category Delivery Class
UPB_AREA_ATR Balance Sheet Planning: Attributes of Application on Area  TRANSP   C  
UPB_IA_SUBCL Planning Applications: Subclass  TRANSP   S  
UPB_IA_SUBCLT Planning Applications: Subclass - Text Table  TRANSP   S  
UPB_MAIN_PROFILE Planning Profiles of Planning Applications  TRANSP   G  
UPB_PM_APPLC Application-Specific Attributes in Planning Folders  TRANSP   S  
UPB_PM_DETAIL Technical Detail Settings of Folder  TRANSP   G  
UPB_PM_EXE_TYPES Planning Folder Variants  TRANSP   S  
UPB_PM_EXE_TYPET Planning Folder Variants, Texts  TRANSP   S  
UPB_PM_GRAPH Graphic Settings for POBs of a Planning Folder  TRANSP   G  
UPB_PM_GRAPH_TYP Display Possibilities of Graphical Output  TRANSP   S  
UPB_PM_GRAPH_TYT Text Table for Graphical Display Types  TRANSP   S  
UPB_PM_LEGENDE Planning Folders: Legend  TRANSP   S  
UPB_PM_LEGENDET Planning Folders: Legend  TRANSP   S  
UPB_PM_POFO_PROP Customizing of Portfolio Graphics  TRANSP   G  
UPB_PM_POFO_XML Customizing of Portfolio Graphics  TRANSP   G  
UPB_PM_SETTINGS Planning Folders: Technical Settings of All Folders  TRANSP   S  
UPB_PM_VARIABLE Variables of Planning Folders  TRANSP   G  
UPB_PS_DESIGN Structure of Planning Interfaces  TRANSP   G  
UPB_PS_DESIGN_T Text Table of Planning Objects  TRANSP   G  
UPB_PS_NAME Balance Sheet Planning Interfaces  TRANSP   G  
UPB_PS_NAME_T Text Table of Planning Books  TRANSP   G  
UPB_PS_PROP Attributes of Planning Objects  TRANSP   G  
UPB_SPFIE Balance Sheet Planning: Fields with Special Semantics  TRANSP   C  
Contained Transaction Codes
Transaction Code Short Description Program
UPSPL Execute Generic Planning Folder  UPB_PM_CUST_START  
UPSPM Edit Generic Planning Folder  UPB_PM_CUST_START  
UPSPMD Display Generic Planning Folders  UPB_PM_CUST_START  
UPSX Direct Start of Generic Folders     
Software Component SAP_BW  SAP Business Warehouse 
SAP Release Created in   350   
Application Component BW-PLA-BPS (BR81000032) Business Planning and Simulation 
Package UPBPM  Planning Folders