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# View Name Short Description View Type Basis Table
1 /MAP/M_D_CHA MAP: Database View of Active Characteristic InfoObjects D RSDIOBJ 
2 /MAP/M_D_CLOSING MAP: View of Influencing Factors of Type Event or Exit D /MAP/M_FIF 
3 /MAP/M_D_COEFF MAP: View as Foreign Key for Regression Coefficients D RSDKYF 
4 /MAP/M_D_FIF_NSD MAP: View as Foreign Key for Infl. Factor Not #Sales Days D /MAP/M_FIF 
5 /MAP/M_D_KYF MAP: View as Foreign Key for Forecastable Key Figure IO D RSDKYF 
6 /MAP/M_D_SDAYS MAP: View of Influencing Factors with Effect #Sales Days D /MAP/M_FIF 
7 /MAP/M_D_TODS MAP: View as Foreign Key for Transactional ODS Objects D RSDODSO 
8 /MAP/M_V_FCMOD Forecast Model Basic Data C /MAP/M_FCMOD 
9 /MAP/M_V_FCMOD_F Influencing Factors Assignment C /MAP/M_FCMOD_FIF 
10 /MAP/M_V_FCMOD_L Forecast Level C /MAP/M_FCMOD_LEV 
11 /MAP/M_V_FIF_BPS Settings for Influencing Factor Type BPS Key Figure C /MAP/M_FIF 
12 /MAP/M_V_FIF_EV Settings for Influencing Factor Type Event C /MAP/M_FIF 
13 /MAP/M_V_FIF_EX Settings for Influencing Factor Type Exit C /MAP/M_FIF 
14 /MAP/M_V_FIF_SD Settings for Influencing Factor Type #Sales Days C /MAP/M_FIF 
15 /MAP/V_AD_CUST General Settings for Assortment Maintenance C /MAP/TC_AD_CUST 
16 /MAP/V_AD_DIMEN Settings for Dimensions C /MAP/TC_AD_DIMEN 
17 /MAP/V_FISCYV Retail: Maintenance of Fiscal Year Variants C /MAP/TC_FISCYV 
18 /MAP/V_QUOTSCL MAP: Quota Scale Customzing C /MAP/TC_QUOTSCL 
19 /MAP/V_RMP_CUST MAP: General Settings C /MAP/TC_RMP_CUST 
20 /MAP/V_SSM01 Settings for Markdown Control C /MAP/TC_SSM01 
21 /MAP/V_SSMA1 Values for Characteristic 1 of a Markdown Profile C /MAP/TC_SSMA1 
22 /MAP/V_SSMA1DB Extractor for Flexible Characteristic 1 of Markdown Profile D /MAP/TC_SSMA1 
23 /MAP/V_SSMA2 Value for Characteristic 2 of a Markdown Profile C /MAP/TC_SSMA2 
24 /MAP/V_SSMA2DB Extractor for Flexible Characteristic 2 of Markdown Profile D /MAP/TC_SSMA2 
25 /MAP/V_SSMA3 Values for Characteristic 3 of a Markdown Profile C /MAP/TC_SSMA3 
26 /MAP/V_SSMA3DB Extractor for Flexible Characteristic 3 of Markdown Profile D /MAP/TC_SSMA3 
27 /MRSS/E_ASS Lock Object for Assignments   /MRSS/T_ASSIGNMENT_EXT 
28 /MRSS/E_CAG_CG_H Capacity Graph Type: H   /MRSS/D_CAG_CG_H 
29 /MRSS/E_CH_DEM Lock Object for Demand Change tables   /MRSS/D_CH_DEM 
30 /MRSS/E_COMMENT Lock for Comments   /MRSS/T_RM_COMMENT_LCK 
32 /MRSS/E_DEMAND_I Lock Object for Demands (ITEM, SINGLE DEMAND)   /MRSS/D_DEM_ADM 
33 /MRSS/E_DEM_PROF Lock Object for Demand Profile   /MRSS/D_SQP_PROF 
34 /MRSS/E_DESTSLOT Sperrobjekt für RCCF Zieladressenbelegungen   /MRSS/D_DESTSLOT 
35 /MRSS/E_EMP_PROF Lock Object for Employee Profile   /MRSS/D_SQP_PROF 
36 /MRSS/E_LINK Lock Object for Links   /MRSS/D_LINK 
37 /MRSS/E_NN_RES Lock for MRS resources   /MRSS/T_NN_RES_LOCK 
38 /MRSS/E_NOTE Lock object for Note   /MRSS/T_NOTELOCK 
39 /MRSS/E_RESOURCE Lock Object for Resources   /MRSS/T_GUID_W_DATE_LOCK 
41 /MRSS/E_RES_ONLY Locking of resource irrespective of time period   /MRSS/T_GUID_W_DATE_LOCK 
42 /MRSS/E_RES_TP Lock Object for Template   /MRSS/D_RES_TP 
43 /MRSS/E_RES_ZIPA Maintain Postal Code Areas for Resources   /MRSS/D_RES_ZIPA 
44 /MRSS/E_RI Lock Object - Resource Integration   /MRSS/D_SGE_RI 
45 /MRSS/E_SGW_VAR Lock object for Variant   /MRSS/D_VARIANT 
46 /MRSS/E_SQM_CAT Qualifications Catalog   /MRSS/D_SQM_KH 
47 /MRSS/E_SQM_CATF Qualification Catalog: Personal Filter   /MRSS/D_SQM_KH 
48 /MRSS/E_SQM_CATO Qualification Catalog: Organization-Specific Filter   /MRSS/D_SQM_KH 
49 /MRSS/E_SQM_MAT Qualification Matrix   /MRSS/D_SQM_MH 
50 /MRSS/E_SQM_POSI Qualification number   /MRSS/T_SQM_POSID_STRUC 
51 /MRSS/E_SQP_PROF Profile Lock Object   /MRSS/D_SQP_PROF 
52 /MRSS/E_SRVA Lock object for Service Area   /MRSS/D_SRVA 
53 /MRSS/E_TENDER Lock for Tender Demand   /MRSS/D_TENDER 
54 /MRSS/E_TIMESPEC Lock Object for Time Allocations   /MRSS/T_TIMESPEC 
55 /MRSS/E_USR_CPOS Lock object for user persistent control info   /MRSS/D_USR_CPOS 
56 /MRSS/MV_ABSTAT Abstract Status C /MRSS/C_ABSTAT 
57 /MRSS/MV_MOB_ABS Abstrakte Einsatzzustände mobile Integration C /MRSS/C_MOB_ABS 
58 /MRSS/RMS_VROGRP View for Request Owner Groups H HRP1000 
59 /MRSS/RM_T006_NW IS-H*MED: View Determine Units of Measurement for Time D T006 
60 /MRSS/VRM_CAND View for RM Candidates D /MRSS/D_PARTNER 
61 /MRSS/V_1TO1_REL 1:1 Relationship Between Assignment and Demand C /MRSS/C_1TO1_REL 
62 /MRSS/V_ABROLE Abstract Partner Role C /MRSS/C_ABROLE 
63 /MRSS/V_ABROLE_R Relevant for Demand Based Resource Determination C /MRSS/C_ABROLE 
64 /MRSS/V_ABSTAT Abstract Status H /MRSS/C_ABSTAT 
65 /MRSS/V_AIG Maintain Date Interval Group C /MRSS/C_AIG 
66 /MRSS/V_AIG_INT Date Interval based on Time Interval ID C /MRSS/C_AIG_INT 
67 /MRSS/V_AIG_INTD Date Interval based on Duration C /MRSS/C_AIG_INTD 
68 /MRSS/V_ALERTS Alert Monitor Messages C /MRSS/C_ALERTS 
69 /MRSS/V_AL_PAST Customizing View for alert creation in past C /MRSS/C_AL_PAST 
70 /MRSS/V_AL_PROF Maintenance of Alert Profiles C /MRSS/C_AL_PROF 
71 /MRSS/V_AL_TYPE Alerttypen C /MRSS/C_AL_TYPE 
72 /MRSS/V_AL_TYP_N Non-Relevant Alert Types C /MRSS/C_AL_TYP_N 
73 /MRSS/V_ANON_RES Anonymous Resources Name C /MRSS/C_ANON_RES 
74 /MRSS/V_APPOINT Customizing for Appointment Offerings C /MRSS/C_APPOINT 
75 /MRSS/V_APPT_STG Appointment Strategies C /MRSS/C_APPT_STG 
76 /MRSS/V_APPT_TYP Maintain Appointment booking type C /MRSS/C_APPT_TYP 
77 /MRSS/V_APP_CANC Status to cancel Appointment C /MRSS/C_APP_CANC 
78 /MRSS/V_APP_HOLD Status Customizing for Remote Service Area C /MRSS/C_APP_HOLD 
79 /MRSS/V_APP_MAT Appointment Offering: Total Matching C /MRSS/C_APP_MAT 
80 /MRSS/V_APP_NOTE Time Constraints C /MRSS/C_APP_NOTE 
81 /MRSS/V_APP_PROC General Settings for Appointment Booking C /MRSS/C_APP_PROC 
82 /MRSS/V_APT_TRVD Travel time determination for appointments C /MRSS/C_APT_TRVD 
83 /MRSS/V_AUT_ASGR Control Automatic Assignment Creation Based On Resource Type C /MRSS/C_AUT_ASGR 
84 /MRSS/V_AUT_ASGS Control Automatic Assignment Creation Based On Status Type C /MRSS/C_AUT_ASGS 
85 /MRSS/V_BACK_INT Back Integration of Data C /MRSS/C_BACK_INT 
86 /MRSS/V_BAS_TA Maintain Time Allocation Type C /MRSS/C_BAS_TA 
87 /MRSS/V_BP_ROLE Mapping Role type to BP role C /MRSS/C_BP_ROLE 
88 /MRSS/V_BRK_SHDL Maintenance for Break Schedule C /MRSS/C_BRK_SHDL 
91 /MRSS/V_BUND_MSG Message Type for Bundling Messages C /MRSS/C_BUND_MSG 
92 /MRSS/V_BUND_STA User Status to Be Excluded from Bundling C /MRSS/C_BUND_STA 
93 /MRSS/V_BUT_NAVI Navigation buttons to launch transactions C /MRSS/C_BUT_NAVI 
94 /MRSS/V_BUT_NAVT Database view to read button texts D /MRSS/C_BUT_NAVI 
95 /MRSS/V_BUT_PAR Parameters for transactions C /MRSS/C_BUT_PARA 
96 /MRSS/V_CAG_CUST Include Capacitive Assignments During Slot-Based Avail. Det. C /MRSS/C_CAG_CUST 
97 /MRSS/V_CAG_EXCU Exclude Demands from Capacity Calculation Based on Status C /MRSS/C_CAG_EXC 
98 /MRSS/V_CAG_PROC Process Customizing for Planning Node Capacity Calculation C /MRSS/C_CAG_PROC 
99 /MRSS/V_CAND View for RM Candidates D /MRSS/D_PARTNER 
100 /MRSS/V_CAP_DATE Capacitive Assignment - Dates C /MRSS/C_CAP_DATE 
101 /MRSS/V_CAP_RES Definition of Capacity Reserve C /MRSS/C_CAP_RES 
102 /MRSS/V_CAR_CAL First Weekday in Capacity and Demand Overview C /MRSS/C_CAR_CAL 
103 /MRSS/V_CAR_UNIT Day Unit Conversion C /MRSS/C_CAR_UNIT 
104 /MRSS/V_CD_OPPOR Maintainance view for CD Opportunity C /MRSS/C_CD_OPPOR 
105 /MRSS/V_CHECK_AC Scheduling Engine: Active Checks C /MRSS/C_CHECK_AC 
106 /MRSS/V_CHECK_CL Definition of Check Classes C /MRSS/C_CHECK_CL 
107 /MRSS/V_CHECK_P Check Profile for Resource Planning Tool C /MRSS/C_CHECK_P 
108 /MRSS/V_CHECK_PO Check for Percentage of Completion C /MRSS/C_CHECK_PO 
109 /MRSS/V_CHECK_T Parameters for Time Difference Checks C /MRSS/C_CHECK_T 
110 /MRSS/V_CHNG_FRM Classes for handling the Change Framework C /MRSS/C_CHNG_FRM 
111 /MRSS/V_CM_INACT Disable Context Menu Entries C /MRSS/C_CM_INACT 
112 /MRSS/V_COLL Collision Settings C /MRSS/C_COLL 
113 /MRSS/V_CRM_ASG Assignment Status Integration C /MRSS/C_CRM_ASG 
114 /MRSS/V_CSG_CTRL Order rel for CRM Service orders C /MRSS/C_CSG_CTRL 
115 /MRSS/V_CSG_LOC Location of service C /MRSS/C_CSG_LOC 
116 /MRSS/V_CSG_ORG Origin of Organizational Unit Information in Service Order C /MRSS/C_CSG_ORG 
117 /MRSS/V_CSG_PROF Demand window profile C /MRSS/C_CSG_PROF 
118 /MRSS/V_CSG_SL Unit of Measurement for Slots C /MRSS/C_CSG_SL 
119 /MRSS/V_CSG_WNDW Demand window C /MRSS/C_CSG_WNDW 
120 /MRSS/V_CUP_RT Residence Time of Deletion Objects C /MRSS/C_CUP_RT 
121 /MRSS/V_CUSTPARM RCCF: Experteneinstellungen C /MRSS/C_CUSTPARM 
122 /MRSS/V_CUST_AT Customer Attribute C /MRSS/C_CUST_AT 
123 /MRSS/V_CUST_ATH Customer Atrribute C /MRSS/C_CUST_ATH 
124 /MRSS/V_CUST_ATT Customer Attribute Text Maintenance C /MRSS/C_CUST_ATT 
125 /MRSS/V_DAG_CALC Total Demand Calculation C /MRSS/C_DAG_CALC 
126 /MRSS/V_DEF_FRZN Define Frozen Period based on the Resource Group C /MRSS/C_DEF_FRZN 
127 /MRSS/V_DEMSCHED Demand Scheduling Active? C /MRSS/C_DEMSCHED 
128 /MRSS/V_DEM_AS Assignment of the Demand Item Categories to Subobjects C /MRSS/C_DEM_AS 
129 /MRSS/V_DEM_GRP Demand Group and PM Activity Details C /MRSS/C_DEM_GRP 
130 /MRSS/V_DEM_ITEM Subobjects of demand items D /MRSS/D_DEM_PLR 
131 /MRSS/V_DEM_SO Subobjects of demand items C /MRSS/C_DEM_SO 
132 /MRSS/V_DEM_TY Demand Types C /MRSS/C_DEM_TY 
133 /MRSS/V_DEM_TYI Demand Item Categories C /MRSS/C_DEM_TYI 
134 /MRSS/V_DEM_WL_F WL fields as Gantt cols in Demand View C /MRSS/C_DEM_WL_F 
136 /MRSS/V_DLY_W_SD Maintenance for Daily Work Schedule C /MRSS/C_DLY_W_SD 
137 /MRSS/V_DM_ABROL Partner Types for Assignment-Based Resource Selection C /MRSS/C_DM_ABROL 
138 /MRSS/V_DPR_ACCL Color code for Assignment Calendar C /MRSS/C_DPR_ACCL 
139 /MRSS/V_DPR_ASG Degree of Coverage of Demands C /MRSS/C_DPR_ASG 
140 /MRSS/V_DPR_FORM Forms for Communication via E-Mail and Groupware C /MRSS/C_DPR_FORM 
141 /MRSS/V_DPR_ORDR MRSS/DPR: View to display Org ID for Item Demand D /MRSS/D_DEM_ADM 
142 /MRSS/V_DPR_REJ Reason for rejection of candidates: Customizing C /MRSS/C_DPR_REJ 
143 /MRSS/V_DPR_ROLE Customizing: MRS relevant setting for the project role type C /MRSS/C_DPR_ROLE 
144 /MRSS/V_DPR_STAT To store the status for CPRO C /MRSS/C_DPR_STAT 
145 /MRSS/V_DPR_UI View for configuration of UI elements in C Projects C /MRSS/C_DPR_UI 
146 /MRSS/V_DWS_VAR Display Daily Work Schedule Variant in substitution details C /MRSS/C_DWS_VAR 
147 /MRSS/V_EMP_PRNT Employee profiles smartforms C /MRSS/C_EMP_PRNT 
148 /MRSS/V_ENGINES Externe Engines im RCCF C /MRSS/C_ENGINES 
149 /MRSS/V_ENG_DEST RCCF: Destinationen für Engines C /MRSS/C_ENG_DEST 
150 /MRSS/V_FAV_LINK Links in Left Frame C /MRSS/C_FAV_LINK 
151 /MRSS/V_FIL_UPLD Define File Upload Settings C /MRSS/C_FILE_UPL 
152 /MRSS/V_GANTT_CL Gantt Classes C /MRSS/C_GANTT_CL 
153 /MRSS/V_GANT_DES Gantt Class names D /MRSS/C_GANTT_CL 
154 /MRSS/V_GEOLOC Maintain RFC Destination for Geographical Service C /MRSS/C_GEOLOC 
155 /MRSS/V_GEO_CODE Define settings for GEO coding C /MRSS/C_GEO_CODE 
156 /MRSS/V_GEO_MAP Map Profiles C /MRSS/C_GEO_MAP 
157 /MRSS/V_GEO_SYS Define settings for Geo Information System C /MRSS/C_GEO_SYS 
158 /MRSS/V_GIS_ACT Active GIS Connectors C /MRSS/C_GIS_ACT 
159 /MRSS/V_GIS_CONN Configuration of GIS connectors C /MRSS/C_GIS_CONN 
160 /MRSS/V_HIER_EVA Maintainance view for Evaluation path C /MRSS/C_HIER_EVA 
161 /MRSS/V_HRES_DAT Define Communication Data for Resources C /MRSS/C_HRES_DAT 
162 /MRSS/V_HR_ACTI Maintain HR Subtype for Hiring and Termination C /MRSS/C_HR_ACTI 
163 /MRSS/V_INT_QUEU OBSOLETE - Inbound Queue Processing C /MRSS/C_INT_QUEU 
164 /MRSS/V_LN_ATTR View for Logical Node Attributes C /MRSS/C_LN_ATTR 
165 /MRSS/V_LN_OBJ View for Objects of a Demand at header level and item level C /MRSS/C_LN_OBJ 
166 /MRSS/V_LN_SGR View for Status Group for Status Combination C /MRSS/C_LN_SGR 
167 /MRSS/V_LN_SGRS View for Individual Status of Status Group C /MRSS/C_LN_SGRS 
168 /MRSS/V_MATCHING Customizing table for general qualification matching C /MRSS/C_MATCHING 
169 /MRSS/V_MAT_CHK MRS Material Availability Check Customizing C /MRSS/C_MAT_CHK 
170 /MRSS/V_MAT_L_RS Mapping between Res.Stocks and Storage Location C /MRSS/C_MAT_L_RS 
171 /MRSS/V_MAT_RS MRS Material Availability Resource Stock C /MRSS/C_MAT_RS 
172 /MRSS/V_MAT_RS_R MRS Material Availability: Mapping of Resources to Res.Stock C /MRSS/C_MAT_RS_R 
173 /MRSS/V_MIMETYPE Maintenance View: Allowed MIME Types C /MRSS/C_MIMETYPE 
174 /MRSS/V_MOB_ABS Abstract Status for Mobile Transfer H /MRSS/C_MOB_ABS 
175 /MRSS/V_MULT_DEM Demand Settings for Multiday Scheduling C /MRSS/C_MULT_DEM 
176 /MRSS/V_MULT_RES Resource Settings for Scheduling of Multiday Assignments C /MRSS/C_MULT_RES 
177 /MRSS/V_M_WEIGHT Rating factors for matching criteria C /MRSS/C_M_WEIGHT 
178 /MRSS/V_NW_ABS_A Customizing for Abstract Assignments C /MRSS/C_NW_ABS_A 
179 /MRSS/V_NW_AFD Assignment follows Demand (NW Addon) C /MRSS/C_NW_AFD 
180 /MRSS/V_NW_AVAIL Control creation of concretization attributes(Netweaver dem) C /MRSS/C_NW_AVAIL 
181 /MRSS/V_NW_CAP_A Capacitive planning C /MRSS/C_NW_CAP_A 
182 /MRSS/V_NW_MAPRO Map Partner roles to abstract roles C /MRSS/C_NW_MAPRO 
183 /MRSS/V_NW_MAPST Abstract Status Mapping C /MRSS/C_NW_MAPST 
184 /MRSS/V_NW_STCTR Status Control for Assignment Operations C /MRSS/C_NW_STCTR 
185 /MRSS/V_NW_STR_A Stretched assignments allowed ? C /MRSS/C_NW_STR_A 
186 /MRSS/V_NW_SUPVI Site Supervisor Indicator(Netweaver demands) C /MRSS/C_NW_SUPVI 
187 /MRSS/V_NW_TRV_T MAintnance View for table /MRSS/C_NW_TRV_T C /MRSS/C_NW_TRV_T 
188 /MRSS/V_NW_TZONE Time Zone To Be Used for the Integration of Demands C /MRSS/C_NW_TZONE 
189 /MRSS/V_ONCALL Maintain On Call Types C /MRSS/C_ONCALL 
190 /MRSS/V_ONCALL_D On call Type Determination C /MRSS/C_ONCALL_D 
192 /MRSS/V_ONCL_TSP On call types for particular time allocations C /MRSS/C_ONCL_TSP 
193 /MRSS/V_OPT_DEM Bedarfsabhängige Kosten-Parameter für Optimierung C /MRSS/C_OPT_DEM 
194 /MRSS/V_OPT_DPRI Zuordnung von Bedarfsprioritäten zu Faktoren C /MRSS/C_OPT_DPRI 
195 /MRSS/V_OPT_FIL Demand Filter Definition for Optimization C /MRSS/C_OPT_FIL 
196 /MRSS/V_OPT_LOG Logging Settings C /MRSS/C_OPT_LOG 
197 /MRSS/V_OPT_MSG Customizing for individual error level of optimizer messages C /MRSS/C_OPT_MSG 
198 /MRSS/V_OPT_QUAL Qualification based costs for assignments C /MRSS/C_OPT_QUAL 
199 /MRSS/V_OPT_RES Resource-Dependent Optimization Parameters C /MRSS/C_OPT_RES 
200 /MRSS/V_OPT_SCE Optimization Scenarios C /MRSS/C_OPT_SCE 
201 /MRSS/V_OPT_SYS Define Optimization Profile C /MRSS/C_OPT_SYS 
202 /MRSS/V_PHASE Maintain Phases C /MRSS/C_PHASE 
203 /MRSS/V_PHASE_RL Define Phases C /MRSS/C_PHASE_RL 
204 /MRSS/V_PLANSTAT Determination of Planning Status for a Demand C /MRSS/C_PLANSTAT 
205 /MRSS/V_PLBOMGR Settings for Planning Board Manager C /MRSS/C_PLBOMGR 
206 /MRSS/V_PLB_UNIT Time unit for planning board profile C /MRSS/C_PLB_UNIT 
207 /MRSS/V_PN_BREAK Break information for Planning nodes C /MRSS/C_PN_BREAK 
208 /MRSS/V_PN_CAPA Define Distribution of Demand Work C /MRSS/C_PN_CAPA 
209 /MRSS/V_PN_CONF Automatic Routing for Demand Confidentiality C /MRSS/RM_PN_CONF 
210 /MRSS/V_PN_TEAM Customizing to specify how to link Team to Planning Node C /MRSS/C_PN_TEAM 
211 /MRSS/V_POT_INTV Maintain Capacity Pot Time Intervals C /MRSS/C_POT_INTV 
212 /MRSS/V_POT_PHPR Define Mapping Between Phase and Priority C /MRSS/C_POT_PHPR 
213 /MRSS/V_POT_PROC Customizing to indicate Pot sceanrio C /MRSS/C_POT_PROC 
214 /MRSS/V_POT_QCAT Define Qualification Category and Hierarchy C /MRSS/C_POT_QC 
215 /MRSS/V_POT_SLAP Define SLA Priority C /MRSS/C_POT_SLAP 
216 /MRSS/V_POT_TZN Maintenance of Time Zones for Capacity Pots C /MRSS/C_POT_TZN 
217 /MRSS/V_PRD_W_SD Maintenance for Periodic Work Schedule C /MRSS/C_PRD_W_SD 
218 /MRSS/V_PREF_TEC Preferred Resource for Second Visit C /MRSS/C_PREF_TEC 
219 /MRSS/V_PRO_SERV Maintainance View of Project Service C /MRSS/C_PRO_SERV 
220 /MRSS/V_QUEUEPAR Parameters for Queue processing C /MRSS/C_QUEUEPAR 
221 /MRSS/V_RAL_DSEL Data Selection in Resource Assignment List C /MRSS/C_RAL_DSEL 
222 /MRSS/V_REL_INT Relationship Integration C /MRSS/C_REL_INT 
223 /MRSS/V_REL_UNIT Time Units to Be Used for Relationships C /MRSS/C_REL_UNIT 
224 /MRSS/V_REQ_ONCA View: Req Profile and On Call type description D /MRSS/D_SQP_RHDR 
225 /MRSS/V_REQ_PRNT Requirement profiles smartforms C /MRSS/C_REQ_PRNT 
226 /MRSS/V_REQ_RWL Regional Worklist View D /MRSS/C_REQ_RWK 
227 /MRSS/V_REQ_RWLM Maintenance View for Regional Worklists C /MRSS/C_REQ_RWK 
228 /MRSS/V_REQ_STAT View to get status based Portal data D /MRSS/D_TENDER 
229 /MRSS/V_REQ_WL Worklist Keys C /MRSS/C_REQ_WK 
230 /MRSS/V_REQ_WUSD Whereused list execution C /MRSS/C_REQ_WUSD 
231 /MRSS/V_RESSTAT Possible Resource Status C /MRSS/C_RESSTAT 
232 /MRSS/V_RESSTATT Short and Longtexts for Resource Status C /MRSS/C_RESSTATT 
233 /MRSS/V_RES_GRP Maintenance of Resource Group C /MRSS/C_RES_GRP 
234 /MRSS/V_RES_PLAN Base Resources from Explicit Planning Node C /MRSS/C_RES_PLAN 
235 /MRSS/V_RES_SLOT Slot Maintenance C /MRSS/C_RES_SLOT 
236 /MRSS/V_RES_TA Assignment of Resource Types and Time Allocation Types C /MRSS/C_RES_TA 
237 /MRSS/V_RES_TYP Maintain the resource C /MRSS/C_RES_TYP 
238 /MRSS/V_RES_ZIPA Assignment of Postal Code Areas to Resources C /MRSS/D_RES_ZIPA 
239 /MRSS/V_RMORG Responsible RM Orgs C /MRSS/C_RM_ORG 
240 /MRSS/V_RMS_CAND Candidate Status Profiles C /MRSS/C_RM_CAND 
241 /MRSS/V_RM_ACSU Maintenance view for Automatic candidate status updation C /MRSS/C_RM_ACSU 
242 /MRSS/V_RM_ADDNL Additional Broadcast Targets C /MRSS/C_RM_ADDNL 
243 /MRSS/V_RM_AGNFL Database view for Assignment filter D /MRSS/C_RM_ASSFL 
244 /MRSS/V_RM_ALERT DB View for MRS Alert data D /MRSS/D_COMPO 
245 /MRSS/V_RM_ASG_S Map Booking Types to MRS Assignment Status C /MRSS/C_RM_ASG_S 
246 /MRSS/V_RM_ASSFL Assignment Filters C /MRSS/C_RM_ASSFL 
247 /MRSS/V_RM_ASSGC Maintain Colors for Assignments Display C /MRSS/C_RM_ASSGC 
248 /MRSS/V_RM_AT Assignment Types C /MRSS/C_RM_AT 
249 /MRSS/V_RM_BCCON Broadcast Information for Countries C /MRSS/C_RM_BCCON 
250 /MRSS/V_RM_BCOAC View for Trigger action for Other RM Targets/Groups C /MRSS/C_RM_BCOAC 
251 /MRSS/V_RM_BCOT2 Other RM Targets/Groups C /MRSS/C_RM_BCOT2 
252 /MRSS/V_RM_BCOTH Other RM Targets/Groups C /MRSS/C_RM_BCOTH 
253 /MRSS/V_RM_BCPRT Portal Broadcast Details C /MRSS/C_RM_BCPRT 
254 /MRSS/V_RM_BCRMC RM Groups for Countries C /MRSS/C_RM_BCRMC 
255 /MRSS/V_RM_BCRMO RM Groups for Other Groups C /MRSS/C_RM_BCRMO 
256 /MRSS/V_RM_BCRMV RM Groups for Vendor Groups C /MRSS/C_RM_BCRMV 
257 /MRSS/V_RM_BCVEN Assigned Vendors C /MRSS/C_RM_BCVEN 
258 /MRSS/V_RM_BCVGP Vendor Group Details C /MRSS/C_RM_BCVGP 
259 /MRSS/V_RM_BOOK Map Booking Type to Candidate Statuses C /MRSS/C_RM_BOOK 
260 /MRSS/V_RM_BT Broadcast Targets C /MRSS/C_RM_BT 
262 /MRSS/V_RM_CAND View for RM Candidates D /MRSS/D_PARTNER 
263 /MRSS/V_RM_CATEG View of Req/Role Categories C /MRSS/C_RM_CAT 
264 /MRSS/V_RM_CC Corporate Companies C /MRSS/C_RM_CC 
265 /MRSS/V_RM_CDOPR CD Opportunities C /MRSS/C_RM_CDOPR 
266 /MRSS/V_RM_CDRF Activate Refinement E-Mail C /MRSS/C_RM_CDRF 
267 /MRSS/V_RM_CO Corporate Organizations C /MRSS/C_RM_CO 
268 /MRSS/V_RM_COLS Column Display for WDA ALV C /MRSS/C_RM_COLS 
270 /MRSS/V_RM_CT Contract Types C /MRSS/C_RM_CT 
271 /MRSS/V_RM_CUST Custom Fields for RM C /MRSS/C_RM_CUST 
272 /MRSS/V_RM_CVUI Configure Consultant View C /MRSS/C_RM_CVUI 
273 /MRSS/V_RM_DEMDT MRS Demands view D /MRSS/D_DEM_H 
274 /MRSS/V_RM_DEMRO MRS Demands view D /MRSS/D_DEM_H 
275 /MRSS/V_RM_DT RM Default Date Ranges C /MRSS/C_RM_DT 
276 /MRSS/V_RM_ET Escalation Types C /MRSS/C_RM_ET 
277 /MRSS/V_RM_FD Flow Down Terms C /MRSS/C_RM_FD 
278 /MRSS/V_RM_HTF Call Filters C /MRSS/C_RM_HTF 
279 /MRSS/V_RM_HTFIL Maint. View for Hard To Fill Flag C /MRSS/C_RM_HTF 
280 /MRSS/V_RM_INTP Portal broadcasts C /MRSS/C_RM_INTP 
281 /MRSS/V_RM_IOL Maintenance view for /MRSS/D_RM_IOL C /MRSS/D_RM_IOL 
282 /MRSS/V_RM_JT Job Texts C /MRSS/C_RM_JT 
283 /MRSS/V_RM_KRED Help View for Vendors H /MRSS/C_RM_BCVGP 
284 /MRSS/V_RM_LOB Lines of Business C /MRSS/C_RM_LOB 
285 /MRSS/V_RM_MBODY Smart Forms for E-Mail Message Body C /MRSS/D_RM_MBODY 
286 /MRSS/V_RM_MDATA Settings for Resource Management C /MRSS/D_RM_MDATA 
287 /MRSS/V_RM_MDISC Smart Forms for E-Mail Message Disclaimer C /MRSS/D_RM_MDISC 
288 /MRSS/V_RM_MRWL Maintenance View for Regional Worklist C /MRSS/C_RM_RWL 
289 /MRSS/V_RM_MSUBJ Smart Forms for E-Mail Message Subject C /MRSS/D_RM_MSUBJ 
290 /MRSS/V_RM_MTRIG E-Mail Triggers C /MRSS/D_RM_MTRIG 
291 /MRSS/V_RM_NNRES N.N. Resource Settings C /MRSS/C_RM_NNRES 
292 /MRSS/V_RM_OP Order Probability (PTC) C /MRSS/C_RM_OP 
293 /MRSS/V_RM_OR Request Origins C /MRSS/C_RM_OR 
294 /MRSS/V_RM_ORG Responsible RM Group C /MRSS/C_RM_ORG 
295 /MRSS/V_RM_PA Role Activity Types C /MRSS/C_RM_PA 
296 /MRSS/V_RM_PRC Candidate Rejection Codes C /MRSS/C_RM_PRC 
297 /MRSS/V_RM_PRSRV Maintainance View of Project Service C /MRSS/C_RM_PRSRV 
298 /MRSS/V_RM_PS Partner (Candidate) Statuses C /MRSS/C_RM_PSTAT 
299 /MRSS/V_RM_PSRV Project Services C /MRSS/C_RM_PRSRV 
300 /MRSS/V_RM_PSTA2 Candidate Status C /MRSS/C_RM_PSTA2 
301 /MRSS/V_RM_P_BT Broadcast Targets D HRP1000 
302 /MRSS/V_RM_QK_C Quick Save Configuration C /MRSS/C_RM_QK_C 
303 /MRSS/V_RM_QUAL Help view for Structured Qualifications D /MRSS/D_SQM_MH 
304 /MRSS/V_RM_RC Codes for Closing Reasons C /MRSS/C_RM_RC 
305 /MRSS/V_RM_RT Request Types C /MRSS/C_RM_RT 
306 /MRSS/V_RM_RTE View for Routing Table C /MRSS/C_RM_ROUTE 
307 /MRSS/V_RM_RTY Role Types C /MRSS/C_RM_RTY 
308 /MRSS/V_RM_RWL Regional Worklist View D /MRSS/C_RM_RWL 
309 /MRSS/V_RM_SCALE Scales for HR skills D T77SP 
310 /MRSS/V_RM_SCEN PS integration Scenario with RM C /MRSS/C_RM_SCEN 
311 /MRSS/V_RM_SLA SLA Exclusion Codes C /MRSS/C_RM_SLA 
312 /MRSS/V_RM_SR Sub-Regions for Countries C /MRSS/C_RM_SR 
313 /MRSS/V_RM_SRCHC Colors for Search Results C /MRSS/C_RM_SRCHC 
314 /MRSS/V_RM_STAT Additional Status information C /MRSS/C_RM_STAT 
315 /MRSS/V_RM_T005S Regions D T005S 
316 /MRSS/V_RM_TRULE Default Values for Time Rules C /MRSS/C_RM_TRULE 
317 /MRSS/V_RM_UNIT Duration Units C /MRSS/C_RM_UNIT 
318 /MRSS/V_RM_USR Unstructured Qualification Types C /MRSS/C_RM_USR 
319 /MRSS/V_RM_VALI Activation of Validation E-Mail C /MRSS/C_RM_VALI 
320 /MRSS/V_RM_WF_IC Alert Icon Configuration C /MRSS/C_RM_WF_IC 
321 /MRSS/V_RM_WL Worklist View C /MRSS/C_RM_WL 
322 /MRSS/V_RQ_WK_ST Maintaing worklsit status C /MRSS/C_RQ_WK_ST 
323 /MRSS/V_RSG_STAT Maintenance view for status object C /MRSS/C_RSG_STAT 
324 /MRSS/V_SCEN_ACT Active scenario C /MRSS/C_SCEN_ACT 
325 /MRSS/V_SGE_CD Collision Definition C /MRSS/C_SGE_CD 
326 /MRSS/V_SGE_CH Activate Creation of Change Documents C /MRSS/C_SGE_CH 
327 /MRSS/V_SGE_HCMD RFC Destination des HCM C /MRSS/C_SGE_HCMD 
328 /MRSS/V_SGE_HCMI Function Modules for MRS Transfer to HR C /MRSS/C_SGE_HCMI 
329 /MRSS/V_SGE_NOTE Note Management Settings C /MRSS/C_NOTE 
330 /MRSS/V_SGE_PREB Pre-Booking Status C /MRSS/C_SGE_PREB 
331 /MRSS/V_SGE_PRNT Activate Printing for Demand Types C /MRSS/C_SGE_PRNT 
332 /MRSS/V_SGE_PROC Business Process Customizing C /MRSS/C_SGE_PROC 
333 /MRSS/V_SGE_PR_D Determination of Planning Board Profile C /MRSS/C_SGE_PR_D 
334 /MRSS/V_SGE_PR_R Maintenance of Scheduling Engine Profile C /MRSS/C_SGE_PR 
335 /MRSS/V_SGE_RFC Define RFC for Logical System C /MRSS/C_SGE_RFC 
336 /MRSS/V_SGE_SCAC Define Resource Planning Nodes and Evaluation Paths C /MRSS/C_SGE_SCAC 
337 /MRSS/V_SGE_TECH Technical Settings for the Resource Selection C /MRSS/C_SGE_TECH 
338 /MRSS/V_SGU_ABRS Assignment-Based Resource Selection C /MRSS/C_SGU_ABRS 
339 /MRSS/V_SGU_ATXT Assignment description/tooltip in planning board Gnatt C /MRSS/C_SGU_ATXT 
340 /MRSS/V_SGU_CFLD To customize fieldname & corresponding value for a color key C /MRSS/C_SGU_CFLD 
341 /MRSS/V_SGU_CNTR Maintain container positions in the layout C /MRSS/C_SGU_CNTR 
342 /MRSS/V_SGU_COLR To display different colors in hotlist C /MRSS/C_SGU_COLR 
343 /MRSS/V_SGU_CON Maintain container items in layout C /MRSS/C_SGU_CON 
344 /MRSS/V_SGU_CONT Maintain container positions in the layout C /MRSS/C_SGU_CON 
345 /MRSS/V_SGU_CPRO MRSS/DPR: View to display Org ID for Item Demand D /MRSS/D_DEM_ADM 
346 /MRSS/V_SGU_CVAR Screen content items C /MRSS/C_SGU_CVAR 
347 /MRSS/V_SGU_DEF Default Settings for Planning Board C /MRSS/C_SGU_DEF 
348 /MRSS/V_SGU_ENH Customer Menu Entries C /MRSS/C_SGU_ENH 
349 /MRSS/V_SGU_GANT UI Planning Profile: Gantt Charts C /MRSS/C_SGU_GANT 
350 /MRSS/V_SGU_GRPH Customizing of Graphic Elements in GANTT chart C /MRSS/C_SGU_GRPH 
351 /MRSS/V_SGU_LAY Container layout name C /MRSS/C_SGU_LAY 
352 /MRSS/V_SGU_LAYO Container layout view D /MRSS/C_SGU_LAY 
353 /MRSS/V_SGU_LTS Display Time Allocations C /MRSS/C_SGU_LTS 
354 /MRSS/V_SGU_PRO Status Maintenance View C /MRSS/C_SGU_PRO 
355 /MRSS/V_SGU_RES Cusotmizing View: Resource list fields on Resource Gantt C /MRSS/C_SGU_RES 
356 /MRSS/V_SGU_SGD Status groups for Demands C /MRSS/C_SGU_SGD 
357 /MRSS/V_SGU_SGDS Individual status in status groups C /MRSS/C_SGU_SGDS 
358 /MRSS/V_SGU_SGR Status groups C /MRSS/C_SGU_SGR 
359 /MRSS/V_SGU_SGRS Individual status in status groups C /MRSS/C_SGU_SGRS 
360 /MRSS/V_SGU_SORT Sort Resource Based on Resource Type C /MRSS/C_SGU_SORT 
361 /MRSS/V_SGU_SRTG Sort groups C /MRSS/C_SGU_SRTG 
362 /MRSS/V_SGU_SRTP Features of sort groups C /MRSS/C_SGU_SRTP 
363 /MRSS/V_SGU_STT Status Maintenance View: Time Data C /MRSS/C_SGU_STT 
364 /MRSS/V_SGU_VIE Maintenance View for Planning Board Views C /MRSS/C_SGU_VIE 
365 /MRSS/V_SGW_CUST Maintain the Webdynpro Component for Additional Attributes C /MRSS/C_SGW_CUST 
366 /MRSS/V_SGX_CTPO Maintain Color Positions C /MRSS/C_SGX_CTPO 
367 /MRSS/V_SGX_CTYP Maintain Color Definitions C /MRSS/C_SGX_CTYP 
368 /MRSS/V_SGX_DV_F Worklist Fields to Be Added in Demand View C /MRSS/C_SGX_DV_F 
369 /MRSS/V_SGX_LTYP Maintain Text Formatting C /MRSS/C_SGX_LTYP 
370 /MRSS/V_SGX_NTYP Maintain Bar Types C /MRSS/C_SGX_NTYP 
372 /MRSS/V_SGX_TTYP Maintain Text Templates C /MRSS/C_SGX_TTYP 
373 /MRSS/V_SGX_WCOL Collision Types: Graphical Element Allocation C /MRSS/C_SGX_WCOL 
374 /MRSS/V_SGX_WDGS Demand Status Groups C /MRSS/C_SGX_WDGS 
375 /MRSS/V_SGX_WGNT View for Customizing Functions C /MRSS/C_SGX_WGNT 
376 /MRSS/V_SGX_WLDB Demand Bar Properties C /MRSS/C_SGX_WLDB 
377 /MRSS/V_SGX_WLLK Link Settings C /MRSS/C_SGX_WLLK 
378 /MRSS/V_SGX_WLTS Bind Time Allocation Types C /MRSS/C_SGX_WLTS 
379 /MRSS/V_SGX_WNAV Navigatable demand types C /MRSS/C_SGX_WNAV 
380 /MRSS/V_SGX_WPRO Maintain Profiles of the Web-Based User Interface C /MRSS/C_SGX_WPRO 
381 /MRSS/V_SGX_WSCA Maintain Scales C /MRSS/C_SGX_WSCA 
382 /MRSS/V_SGX_WSGR Bind Assignment Status Groups C /MRSS/C_SGX_WSGR 
383 /MRSS/V_SGX_WSGS Maintain Assignment Status Groups C /MRSS/C_SGX_WSGS 
384 /MRSS/V_SHIFTS Determination of Standard Shift Schedule C /MRSS/D_SHIFTS 
385 /MRSS/V_SMS_BP Communication Types for Short Messages C /MRSS/C_SMS_BP 
386 /MRSS/V_SMS_DEST Communication Types for Short Messages C /MRSS/C_SMS_DEST 
387 /MRSS/V_SPAREPRT Maintain the Item Category for Spare parts C /MRSS/C_SPAREPRT 
388 /MRSS/V_SQE_DEF Define Default Plant for Qualifications C /MRSS/C_SQE_DEF 
389 /MRSS/V_SQE_OBJ Organisational Unit H HRP1000 
390 /MRSS/V_SQE_ONCA Define fulfillment values for matching on-call types C /MRSS/C_SQE_ONCA 
391 /MRSS/V_SQE_PSEL Preselection of Employee Qualification Check C /MRSS/C_SQE_PSEL 
392 /MRSS/V_SQE_TREX Enter RFC destination of TREX interface C /MRSS/C_SQE_TREX 
393 /MRSS/V_SQE_UQLG Define language for matching unstructured qualifications /M C /MRSS/C_SQE_UQLG 
394 /MRSS/V_SQM_CAT Define system parameters for qualification catalogs C /MRSS/C_SQM_CAT 
395 /MRSS/V_SQM_CH Activate Creation of Change Documents for Master Data C /MRSS/C_SQM_CH 
396 /MRSS/V_SQM_MNT Maintenance Groups C /MRSS/C_SQM_MNT 
397 /MRSS/V_SQP_HRTY Mapping of subtype for HR infotype 0105 (webuser) C /MRSS/C_SQP_HRTY 
398 /MRSS/V_SQP_RHDR Database View to combine Header and Text Information D /MRSS/D_SQP_RHDR 
399 /MRSS/V_SQP_RPRF Profile Details with the Requirement Profile Header D /MRSS/D_SQP_PROF 
400 /MRSS/V_SQP_RSTR Requirements profile structured qualifications D /MRSS/D_SQP_RSTR 
401 /MRSS/V_SQP_WFC Approval Workflow: Define Infotypes and Fields C /MRSS/C_SQP_WFC 
402 /MRSS/V_SQP_WURL Portal Settings for Web UI C /MRSS/C_SQP_WURL 
403 /MRSS/V_SQU_USRT Unstructured Qual Types C /MRSS/C_SQU_USR 
404 /MRSS/V_SRCHHELP Search Helps for Resources and Demands C /MRSS/C_SRCHHELP 
405 /MRSS/V_STATUSES Pushbutton for User Status C /MRSS/C_STATUSES 
406 /MRSS/V_STAT_ACT MRS: Customizing for mapping of Status to Action on Assignm. C /MRSS/C_STAT_ACT 
407 /MRSS/V_STAT_ORG Status Origins D DD07T 
408 /MRSS/V_STAT_PRG Assignments in Progress C /MRSS/C_STAT_PRG 
409 /MRSS/V_STAT_TAB Customizing table for Tab Strips C /MRSS/C_STAT_TAB 
410 /MRSS/V_SUMBAR Assignment Totals Bar C /MRSS/C_SUMBAR 
411 /MRSS/V_S_CUST Partner Function of a S-Customer C /MRSS/C_S_CUST 
412 /MRSS/V_TBS_RES REsource fields to be displayed on TBS C /MRSS/C_TBS_RES 
413 /MRSS/V_TBS_WL_F WL fields in Table Based Scheduling C /MRSS/C_TBS_WL_F 
414 /MRSS/V_THRESHLD Define Thresholds C /MRSS/C_THRSHOLD 
415 /MRSS/V_TJ30HLP Help View for TJ30 H TJ30 
416 /MRSS/V_TOBJ_INT Technical Object Integration C /MRSS/C_TOBJ_INT 
417 /MRSS/V_TOUR Calculation of Travel Route Midpoint C /MRSS/C_TOUR 
418 /MRSS/V_TRAVEL_P Database view for Travel-type profiles D /MRSS/C_TRV_PROF 
419 /MRSS/V_TRV_PROF Customizing for Travel-type profiles C /MRSS/C_TRV_PROF 
420 /MRSS/V_TRV_RES Travel time relevant parameters per resource C /MRSS/C_TRV_RES 
421 /MRSS/V_TRV_SYS General Travel Time Settings C /MRSS/C_TRV_SYS 
422 /MRSS/V_UNIT_T Time Units H T006 
423 /MRSS/V_WFM_DEST RFC Destination of WFM Core C /MRSS/C_WFM_DEST 
424 /MRSS/V_WFM_TOLT Time Allocation Type for Tools C /MRSS/C_WFM_TOLT 
425 /MRSS/V_WL_CSTAT Customer status C /MRSS/C_WL_CSTAT 
426 /MRSS/V_WL_F Maintenance of Worklist Attributes C /MRSS/C_WL_F 
427 /MRSS/V_WL_FPR Assignment of Worklist Attributes to Profile C /MRSS/C_WL_FPR 
428 /MRSS/V_WL_F_CL Classes for Determination of Worklist Fields C /MRSS/C_WL_F_CL 
429 /MRSS/V_WL_F_DAT Attributes of Dates in the Worklist C /MRSS/C_WL_F_DAT 
430 /MRSS/V_WL_F_G Origin of Worklist Fields from Generic Demand C /MRSS/C_WL_F_G 
431 /MRSS/V_WL_PR Maintenance of Worklist Profiles C /MRSS/C_WL_PR 
432 /MRSS/V_WRK_RSV View for Work Reserve Object Type C /MRSS/C_WRK_RSV 
433 /MRSS/V_W_SCD_RL Maintenance for Work Schedule Rule C /MRSS/C_W_SCD_RL 
434 /MRSS/V_ZIPAREA Postal Code Areas C /MRSS/C_ZIPA_DT 
435 /NFM/EPROVMAS Provision Master for NF Metals   /NFM/TPROVMAS 
436 /NFM/EPROVMOV Lock for Re-Editing Incorrect Provision Postings   /NFM/TPROVMOV 
437 /NFM/ETBASIC NF Metals: Basic Settings   /NFM/TBASIC 
438 /NFM/ETCOVMAS NF Metals Coverage Master   /NFM/TCOVMAS 
439 /NFM/ETDEFAULT NF Metals Default Values   /NFM/TDEFAULT 
440 /NFM/ETRATES NF Rates Table   /NFM/TRATES 
442 /NFM/ETVGW NF Charge Weights Lock Object   /NFM/TVGW 
443 /NFM/NF NF Rate Determination Modules and Routines   /NFM/TNFM 
444 /NFM/T700_V /NFM/: Checks on Inbound IDoc Order Confirmation C /NFM/T700 
445 /NFM/TBOESL_V Exchange Key C /NFM/TBOESL 
446 /NFM/TBWE_V Company Code-Dependent NF Reporting Bases C /NFM/TBWE 
447 /NFM/TBWE_V99 Reporting Base Values for Base Key 99 C /NFM/TBWE 
448 /NFM/TCO_V Assignment of Controlling Area and Origin to NF Keys C /NFM/TCO 
449 /NFM/TKBB_V Movement Types for NF Provisions C /NFM/TKBB 
450 /NFM/TNEB_ORG_V Different Base Key Data on Organizational Level C /NFM/TNEB_ORG 
451 /NFM/TNEB_V NF Metal Keys and Base Keys C /NFM/TNEB 
452 /NFM/TNES_ORG_V Different NF Key Data on Organizational Level C /NFM/TNES_ORG 
453 /NFM/TNES_V NF Metal Keys with Base Quantities C /NFM/TNES 
454 /NFM/TNFS_V Rate Determination Key: Definition C /NFM/TNFS 
455 /NFM/TNFS_V1 Field Control for Rate Determination Key C /NFM/TNFS_FIELD 
456 /NFM/TNKTYP_V Assignment, Condition Type - Cond. Cat./Raw Material Key C /NFM/TNKTYP 
457 /NFM/TTOL_V Include NF Metal Rates in Invoice Verification Tolerance C T169G 
458 /NFM/T_MM_SD_V Rate Reference: Purchasing Organization to Sales Org. C /NFM/T_MM_SD 
459 /OLC/V_OLCCUST OLC: Define OLC (Oper. Level Acc.) f. Order Types and Plants C T399X 
460 /ORM/ORMVCLSF ILD Attribute Main View C /ORM/ORMTCLSF 
462 /ORM/ORMVCLSFIT ILD Attributes - native items C /ORM/ORMTCLSFIT 
463 /ORM/ORMV_IMP_LT Maintenance dialog for impact levels C /ORM/ORMT_IMP_L 
464 /ORM/ORMV_PRBDEF Probability Definitions C /ORM/ORMT_PRBDEF 
465 /ORM/ORMV_PRBLV Probability Levels C /ORM/ORMT_PRBLV 
466 /ORM/ORMV_PRRITY Maintain Risk and Opportunity priority IDs C /ORM/ORMT_PRRTY 
468 /ORM/ORMV_RSK_PM Maintain Risk and Opportunity Priority Matrix C /ORM/ORMT_PRY_CT 
469 /ORM/ORMV_RSP_CM Maintenance dialog for response type combinations C /ORM/ORMT_RSP_CM 
470 /ORM/ORMV_RSP_TY Maintenance dialog for response types C /ORM/ORMT_RSP_T 
471 /ORM/ORMV_RS_L_D Maintain Risk And Opportunity Level Matrix C /ORM/ORMT_RS_L_D 
472 /ORM/ORMV_TIMEFR Maintenance Dialog for Speed of Onset C /ORM/ORMT_TIMEFR 
473 /ORM/ORMV_TLWAFS Three-Point Analysis C /ORM/ORMT_TLWAFS 
474 /OSP/E_CJS_J Lock for journal tables   /OSP/T_CJS_GJ 
475 /OSP/V_BHV_ADMIN Application Behaviour Settings C /OSP/T_MDR_SETVL 
476 /OSP/V_BHV_APPL Applications C /OSP/T_MDR_APPL 
477 /OSP/V_BHV_SCN Scenario C /OSP/T_MDR_SCN 
478 /OSP/V_BM_RLV OSP: Maintainence View - Display Rule violation Types C /OSP/T_BM_RLV 
479 /OSP/V_GD_SETS OSP: Global definition setting type maintenance C /OSP/T_GD_SETNG 
480 /OSP/V_GD_VALUES OSP: Global Definitions Setting Values C /OSP/T_GD_VALUE 
481 /OSP/V_RAUI_CHR OSP: Maintenance View for Chart Report Selection C /OSP/T_RAUI_CHR 
482 /OSP/V_RAUI_CHRD Database view for chart report details D /OSP/T_RAUI_CHR 
483 /OSP/V_RAUI_CMVD Database View for chart report multiple values parameter det D /OSP/T_RAUI_CMVL 
484 /OSP/V_RAUI_CMVL OSP: Maintenance View for Chart Rep Param's Multiple Values C /OSP/T_RAUI_CMVL 
485 /OSP/V_RAUI_CPVD Database view for chart report parameter details D /OSP/T_RAUI_CPVL 
486 /OSP/V_RAUI_CPVL OSP: Maintenance View for Chart Report Param's Default Value C /OSP/T_RAUI_CPVL 
487 /OSP/V_RAUI_CSED Database View for Chart setting. D /OSP/T_RAUI_CSET 
488 /OSP/V_RAUI_CSER OSP: Maintenance View for Chart Report Series C /OSP/T_RAUI_CSER 
489 /OSP/V_RAUI_CSET OSP: Maintenance View for Chart Reports Settings C /OSP/T_RAUI_CSET 
490 /OSP/V_RAUI_CTG OSP: Maintenance View for Report Categories C /OSP/T_RAUI_CTG 
491 /OSP/V_RAUI_DC OSP: Maintenance View for Data Change Events C /OSP/T_RAUI_DC 
492 /OSP/V_RAUI_DCDB Database View for datachange in a report D /OSP/T_RAUI_RDC 
493 /OSP/V_RAUI_DELV Restrict Delivery View C /OSP/T_RAUI_DELV 
494 /OSP/V_RAUI_GRPD OSP : Database View for Context Group Details D /OSP/T_CON_GRP 
495 /OSP/V_RAUI_MROL Admin UI Multiple Roles view. C /OSP/T_RAUI_ROLE 
496 /OSP/V_RAUI_MT OSP: Maintenance View for Mendocino Timepoints C /OSP/T_RAUI_MT 
497 /OSP/V_RAUI_MTD OSP: DB view for Mendocino Time point selection for Reports D /OSP/T_RAUI_MT 
498 /OSP/V_RAUI_MVDB Database View for Multiple values D /OSP/T_RAUI_MVL 
499 /OSP/V_RAUI_MVL OSP: Maintenance View for Report Parameter's Multiple Values C /OSP/T_RAUI_MVL 
500 /OSP/V_RAUI_PBDB Database View for report parameter details D /OSP/T_RAUI_PBH