SAP ABAP Transaction Code - Index K, page 4
Transaction Code - K
# Transaction code Short Description Corresponding Report (if exist)
1 KSV1 Create Actual Distribution SAPMKAL1
2 KSV1N Create Actual Distribution SAPLKAL1
3 KSV2 Change Actual Distribution SAPMKAL1
4 KSV2N Change Actual Distribution SAPLKAL1
5 KSV3 Display Actual Distribution SAPMKAL1
6 KSV3N Display Actual Distribution SAPLKAL1
7 KSV4 Delete Actual Distribution SAPMKAL1
8 KSV4N Delete Actual Distribution SAPLKAL1
9 KSV5 Execute Actual Distribution SAPMKGA2
10 KSV6 Actual Distribution: Overview SAPMKGA1
11 KSV6N Actual Distribution: Overview SAPLKAL1
12 KSV7 Create Plan Distribution SAPMKAL1
13 KSV7N Create Plan Distribution SAPLKAL1
14 KSV8 Change Plan Distribution SAPMKAL1
15 KSV8N Change Plan Distribution SAPLKAL1
16 KSV9 Display Plan Distribution SAPMKAL1
17 KSV9N Display Plan Distribution SAPLKAL1
18 KSVA Delete Plan Distribution SAPMKAL1
19 KSVAN Delete Plan Distribution SAPLKAL1
20 KSVB Execute Plan Distribution SAPMKGA2
21 KSVC Plan Distribution: Overview SAPMKGA1
22 KSVCN Plan Distribution: Overview SAPLKAL1
23 KSW1 Create Periodic Reposting SAPMKAL1
24 KSW1N Create Periodic Reposting SAPLKAL1
25 KSW2 Change Periodic Reposting SAPMKAL1
26 KSW2N Change Periodic Reposting SAPLKAL1
27 KSW3 Display Periodic Reposting SAPMKAL1
28 KSW3N Display Periodic Reposting SAPLKAL1
29 KSW4 Delete Periodic Reposting SAPMKAL1
30 KSW4N Delete Periodic Reposting SAPLKAL1
31 KSW5 Execute Actual Periodic Reposting SAPMKGA2
32 KSW6 Periodic Repostings: Overview SAPMKGA1
33 KSW6N Periodic Repostings: Overview SAPLKAL1
34 KSW7 Create Plan Periodic Reposting SAPMKAL1
35 KSW7N Create Plan Periodic Reposting SAPLKAL1
36 KSW8 Change Plan Periodic Reposting SAPMKAL1
37 KSW8N Change Plan Periodic Reposting SAPLKAL1
38 KSW9 Display Plan Periodic Reposting SAPMKAL1
39 KSW9N Display Plan Periodic Reposting SAPLKAL1
40 KSWA Delete Plan Periodic Reposting SAPMKAL1
41 KSWAN Delete Plan Periodic Reposting SAPLKAL1
42 KSWB Execute Plan Periodic Reposting SAPMKGA2
43 KSWC Plan Periodic Repostings: Overview SAPMKGA1
44 KSWCN Plan Periodic Repostings: Overview SAPLKAL1
45 KSWUSL Where-Used List: Cycles in CCA KGALWUSL
46 KTPF View Maint.: Find Template  
47 KVA0 Maintain Assignment Cost Ctr./KF SAPL0KOZ
48 KVA1 Display Plan Assignment CCtr/KF SAPL0KOZ
49 KVA2 Maintain Actual Assignment CCtr/KF SAPL0KOZ
50 KVA3 Display Actual Assignment CCtr/KF SAPL0KOZ
51 KVA4 Transfer Plan Statistical Key Figure SAPMKWM1
52 KVA5 Transfer Actual Stat. Key Figure SAPMKWM1
53 KVA6 Copy Assignment CCtr/KF SAPL0KOZ
54 KVB0 Maintain Plan Assignment Process/KF SAPL0KOZ
55 KVB1 Display Plan Assignment Process/KF SAPL0KOZ
56 KVB2 Change Actual Assignment Process/KF SAPL0KOZ
57 KVB3 Display Actual Assignment Process/KF SAPL0KOZ
58 KVB4 PROZ: Copy Plan Stat. Key Figures SAPMKWM1
59 KVB5 PROZ: Copy Actual Stat. Key Figures SAPMKWM1
60 KVB6 Copy Assignment Processes/KF SAPL0KOZ
61 KVBI Sales Documents: Line Items Actual RKAEP000
62 KVBO Sales Documents: Commit. Line Items RKAEP000
63 KVC0 Change Plan Assignment CObj/KF SAPL0KOZ
64 KVC1 Display Plan Assignment CObj/KF SAPL0KOZ
65 KVC2 Change Actual Assignment CObj/KF SAPL0KOZ
66 KVC3 Display Actual Assignment CObj/KF SAPL0KOZ
67 KVC4 KSRTG: Copy Plan Stat. Key Figures SAPMKWM1
68 KVC5 KSRTG: Copy Actual Stat. Key Figures SAPMKWM1
69 KVC6 Copy Assignment Cost Object/Key Fig. SAPL0KOZ
70 KVD0 Maintain Plan Assignment ATyp/KF SAPL0KOZ
71 KVD1 Display Plan Assignment ATyp/KF SAPL0KOZ
72 KVD2 Change Actual Assignment ATyp/KF SAPL0KOZ
73 KVD3 Display Actual Assignment ATyp/KF SAPL0KOZ
74 KVD4 LSTAR: Copy Plan Stat. Key Figures SAPMKWM1
75 KVD5 LSTAR: Copy Actual Stat. Key Figures SAPMKWM1
76 KVD6 Copy Assignment ActType/Key Figure SAPL0KOZ
77 KW3P WWW: Internal Price List SAPLKW3P
78 KWSTAT KW Statistics Functions KWSTAT_PROJECT_MAN
79 KW_IO_DEL Deletion of KW Contents KW_CONTENT_DELETION
80 KW_IO_DEL_TR Requests for Deleted Contents KW_FOLDER_REPORTS
81 KW_IO_DISP Results List or Transaction Call RSIWB020
82 KXH1 Create Group (Hierarchical) SAPLKKHI
83 KXH2 Change Group (Hierarchical) SAPLKKHI
84 KXH3 Display Hierarchy (Hierarchical) SAPLKKHI
85 KXX3 Start a CO Display Transaction CO_OBJECT_DISPLAY
86 KZA1 Select Overhead SAPMKACZ
87 KZB2 Maintain Calculation Base  
88 KZB4 Calculation Base Cost Ctr/Activ.Type  
89 KZE2 Maintain Credit  
90 KZM2 Maintain quantity-based overhead  
91 KZO2 Maintain Basis of Output Quantity  
92 KZS2 Maintain Costing Sheet  
93 KZZ2 Maintain Percentage Overhead