Function Group - J
# Function Group Package Software Component Short Description
1 JKSDSPLIT44444 JSDI    Determine Mix  
2 JKSDSQPROD01 JSDI IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
3 JKSDSQPROD02 JSDI IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
4 JKSDTOOLBAR JSDI IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
5 JKSDTOOLBARFUNCT JSDI IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
6 JKSDTRANSFER JSDI    IS-M: Goods Transfer  
7 JKSDTRANSFERCUST JSDI IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
8 JKSDTRANSFERPOSTING JSDI    IS-M: Goods Repostings for BP  
9 JKSDTRANSFERREQUEST JSDI    IS-M: Create Reposting Request  
10 JKSDTVAK JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Allowed Contract Type for Sorting  
11 JKSDUNIT JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Unit of Measure  
12 JKSDUNSOLD01 JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Post Returns  
13 JKSDUNSOLDEVENT JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Events for Return  
14 JKSDUNSOLDQUAN JSDI IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
15 JKSDUNSOLDSEL JSDI    IS-M: Selection Modules for Return  
17 JKSDVERSION JSDI IS-M  IS-M/SD: Requirements Planning Version  
18 JKSDVIEW01 JSDI    Enhanced Table Maintenance (Generated)  
19 JKSDVIEW02 JSDI    Enhanced Table Maintenance (Generated)  
20 JKSDVIEW03 JSDI    Enhanced Table Maintenance (Generated)  
21 JKSDVTVAK JSDI IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
22 JKSDWWW10 JSDI IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
23 JKSDY01 JSDI IS-M  Quantity Plan: Tools  
24 JKSD_KNVP_VIEW JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Maint.View for Time-Dep.Ptnr Roles  
25 JKSD_TVAK JSDI IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
27 JKSECONTRACT04 JSD_ISP IS-M  IS-M: Activate Contract  
28 JKSECONTRACTINDEX JSD_ISP IS-M  IS-M: Compile Contract Index  
29 JKSECREATECONTRACT JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Create Contract with Event  
30 JKSECUST01 JSD_ISP IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
31 JKSECUST02 JSD_ISP IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
32 JKSECUST03 JSD_ISP IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
33 JKSECUST04 JSD_ISP IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
34 JKSECUST05 JSD_ISP IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
35 JKSECUST06 JSD_ISP IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
36 JKSECUST07 JSD_ISP IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
37 JKSECUST08 JSD_ISP IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
38 JKSECUST09 JSD_ISP IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
39 JKSECUST10 JSD_ISP IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
40 JKSECUST11 JSD_ISP IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
41 JKSECUST12 JSD_ISP IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
42 JKSECUST13 JSD_ISP IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
43 JKSECUST15 JSD_ISP IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
44 JKSECUST16 JSD_ISP IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
45 JKSECUST17 JSD_ISP IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
46 JKSECUST18 JSD_ISP IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
47 JKSECUST19 JSD_ISP IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
48 JKSECUST20 JSD_ISP IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
49 JKSECUST21 JSD_ISP IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
50 JKSECUST22 JSD_ISP IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
51 JKSECUST23 JSD_ISP IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
52 JKSECUST24 JSD_ISP IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
53 JKSECUST25 JSD_ISP IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
54 JKSECUST26 JSD_ISP IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
55 JKSECUST27 JSDI IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
56 JKSECUST28 JSDI IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
57 JKSECUST29 JSD_ISP IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
58 JKSECUST30 JSD_ISP IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
59 JKSECUST31 JSD_ISP IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
60 JKSECUST34 JSD_ISP IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
61 JKSECUST40 JSD_ISP IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
62 JKSEDELIVERYPLAN02 JSD_ISP IS-M  IS-M: Delivery Schedule Records  
64 JKSEMWCRM JSD_ISP IS-M  IS-M: Enhancements for MW Levels  
65 JKSENIP JSD_ISP IS-M  IS-M: Aux.Modules for Shipping Planning  
66 JKSEORDER01 JSD_ISP IS-M  IS-M: ISP Order Generation  
67 JKSEORDER02 JSD_ISP IS-M  IS-M: Contract Selection  
68 JKSEORDER022 JSD_ISP IS-M  IS-M: Contract Selection  
69 JKSEORDER03 JSD_ISP IS-M  IS-M: General Selection Modules  
70 JKSEORDER04 JSD_ISP IS-M  IS-M: Aux.Mods for Order PCP  
71 JKSEORDER05 JSD_ISP IS-M  IS-M: Query Order Generation  
73 JKSEORDER08 JSD_ISP IS-M  IS-M: Delete Generated Orders  
74 JKSEORDER09 JSD_ISP IS-M  IS-M: Quantity Det. for Order Gen.  
75 JKSEORDER10 JSD_ISP IS-M  IS-M: Next Issue Determination Routines  
76 JKSEORDER11 JSD_ISP IS-M  IS-M: Create SD Order  
77 JKSEORDER12 JSD_ISP IS-M  IS-M: Check Modules  
78 JKSEORDER120 JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Modules for DB Interface  
79 JKSEORDER13 JSD_ISP IS-M  IS-M: Det. Modules for Additional Issue  
80 JKSEORDER14 JSD_ISP IS-M  IS-M: Number Modules  
81 JKSEORDER16 JSD_ISP IS-M  IS-M: Modules for Additional Processes  
82 JKSEORDER17 JSD_ISP IS-M  IS-M: Create Delivery Schedule Records  
83 JKSEORDER20 JSD_ISP IS-M  IS-M: Selection Modules for Order Type  
84 JKSEORDER21 JSD_ISP IS-M  IS-M: Requirements  
85 JKSEORDER24 JSD_ISP IS-M  Framework for Creating Orders  
86 JKSEORDER35 JSD_ISP IS-M  IS-M: Copy Order Items  
88 JKSEORDER60 JSD_ISP IS-M  IS-M: CIC Processing  
89 JKSEORDER65 JSD_ISP IS-M  IS-M: Selection Modules for ISP  
90 JKSEORDER7 JSD_ISP IS-M  IS-M: Post-Run Update of Orders  
91 JKSEORDER70 JSD_ISP IS-M  IS-M: Function Modules for CIC Interface  
92 JKSEORDER95 JSD_ISP IS-M  IS-M: Semaphore Restart Log  
95 JKSEPRODUCT01 JSD_ISP IS-M  IS-M: Help Modules for Product  
96 JKSERENEWAL JSD_ISP IS-M  IS-M: Function Modules for Renewals  
97 JKSESAPMV45A JSD_ISP IS-M  IS-M: Del.Sched.Modif. ISP for SAPMV45A  
98 JKSESAPMV45A02 JSD_ISP IS-M  IS-M: Modification History ISP SAPMV45A  
99 JKSESAPMV45A03 JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Initialization of Suspensions  
100 JKSESAPMV45A04 JSD_ISP IS-M  IS-M: Explode Product Hierarchy  
101 JKSESAPMV45A05 JSD_ISP IS-M  IS-M: Discount Modification SAPMV45A  
102 JKSESAPMV45B JSD_ISP IS-M  IS-M: Enhancements for SAPMV45B  
103 JKSEVEDAMODIF JSD_ISP IS-M  IS-M: Modifications for Contract Data  
104 JKSI JSD    IS-M/SD: Maintain sales items  
105 JKSI_TOOLS JSD IS-M  IS-M: Tools for Order Item Maintenance  
106 JKSO JSD    IS-M/SD: Maintain sales order  
107 JKSOCREATE JSD IS-M  IS-M: Funcs for Creating Sub. for Offer  
108 JKSOCREATE01 JSD IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
109 JKSOD JSD    IS-M/SD: Simplified Order Processing  
110 JKSODB JSD IS-M  IS-M/SD: Order Dialog in BTCI Mode  
111 JKSODP JSD    IS-M/SD: Simpl.Order Proc. - Dialog Box  
112 JKSTAT JSD    IS-M/SD: Statistics (Sales Order)  
113 JKU0 JSD    IS-M/SD: Update sales order  
114 JKU1 JSD    Is-M/SD: Modify basic order  
115 JKU2 JSD    Is-M/SD: Update Ad Pre-Print Order  
116 JKU3 JSD IS-M  IS-M/SD: Update Publishing Sales Order  
117 JKU4 JSD    IS-M/SD: Updates for ref.acct/pyt logs  
118 JKU5 JSD    IS-M/SD: Update Liability Acct.Transfer  
119 JKUD JSD IS-M  IS-M/SD: Notification from Shipping Agt  
120 JKVALIDITY JSD    IS-M/SD: Functions for Subs. Validity  
121 JKVIAC_SUSPEND JSD    IS-M/SD: Suspend Changes by IAC  
122 JKW0 JSD    IS-M/SD: Promotion in sales order  
123 JKW1 JSD    IS-M/SD: Edit Promotion Data in Order  
124 JKW3 JSD    IS-M/SD: WBZ processing  
125 JKWBZ1 JSD    IS-M/SD: WBZ, BTCI for WBZ Order  
126 JKWWW JSD IS-M  IS-M: Addit. Functions in WWW Environmt  
127 JKWWWCOMPL JSD IS-M  IS-M/SD: Functions for IAC Create Compl.  
128 JKWWW_BTCI JSD    IS-M/SD: BTCI Data for Order Change  
129 JKWWW_DELIV JSD    IS-M/SD: WWW Deliv. Viability Functions  
130 JKZ0 JSD    IS-M/SD: Generate direct access  
131 JKZ1 JSD    IS-M/SD: Generate direct access  
132 JKZ2 JSD    Buffered Read Access (Generated)  
133 JKZ3 JSD    Buffered Read Access (Generated)  
134 JKZUD JSD IS-M  IS-M/SD: Buffered Access UD Processing  
135 JKZWWW JSD    IS-M: Single Access Web Customizing  
136 JL01 JSD    IS-M/SD: Determine tax indicator  
137 JL02 JSD    IS-M/SD: Contract arrangement/emp.reln.  
138 JL03 JSD    IS-M/SD: Organization structures  
139 JL10 JSD    IS-M/SD: Service settlement  
140 JL15 JSD    IS-M/SD: Reorg.service settlement  
141 JL20 JSD    IS-M/SD: Transfer prep.to human res.  
142 JL23 JSD    IS-M/SD: Connection to FI for Settlement  
143 JL30 JSD    IS-M/SD: Interface to HR  
144 JL40 JSD    IS-M/SD: Postal settlement  
145 JL41 JSD    IS-M/SD: Auth.checks for postal charges  
146 JL50 JSD    IS-M/SD: Conditions  
147 JL51 JSD    Conditions for settlement printout  
148 JL99 JSD    IS-M/SD: Object Types  
149 JLA0 JSD    Trace for deliverer settlement  
150 JLH0 JSD    IS-M/SD: Input utilities for cluster L  
151 JLSDHDEXTINTERFACE JSD IS-M  IS-M: Ext. Interface for Home Del. Sett.  
152 JLU0 JSD    IS-M/SD: Update service settlement  
153 JLU1 JSD    IS-M/SD: Update Commission Index  
154 JLZ0 JSD    IS-M/SD: Generate direct access  
155 JLZ1 JSD    IS-M/SD: Generate direct access  
156 JLZ2 JSD    IS-M/SD: Direct access in buffer  
157 JM01 JSD    IS-M: Material master data  
158 JMSD2SD JSD IS-M  IS-M/SD: LES Interface  
159 JMU0 JSD    IS-M: Updates for material cluster  
160 JN00 JSD    Function group - edit research  
161 JN01 JSD    IS-M/SD: Reorg. output  
162 JNU0 JSD    Is-M/SD: Update research  
163 JNZ0 JSD    IS-M/SD: Buffered table access  
164 JPACK001 JSDI IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
165 JPACKC1 JSDI IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
166 JPARC JMM IS-M  Archiving for Media Product Master  
167 JPARC01 JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Media Product Archiving: Checks  
168 JPARC02 JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Media Product Archiving - Delete  
169 JPATTRMAP JIPM IS-M  Attribute Values Mapping  
170 JPBAPIDELSEQ JSDI IS-M  IS-M: BAPIs for Issue Seq. (Func. Mod.)  
171 JPBAPI_ISSUE_SEQUENCE JSDI IS-M  IS-M: APIs for Issue Sequence  
172 JPBO JMM IS-M  FMods for Business Obj.Media Prod.Master  
173 JPBOTTL JMM IS-M  FMods for Business Object Title Master  
174 JPCP00 JMM IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
175 JPCP01 JMM IS-M  Copy Char.Valuation, BP Assgts, ...  
176 JPCT JMM    IS-M: Prod.Master Data Customizing Table  
177 JPDI JMM IS-M  Direct Input for Media Product Master  
178 JPD_PATTVAL JMM IS-M  IS-M: Read Modules for Model Value  
179 JPD_PROFILE JMM IS-M  IS-M: Master Data Template - Gen.Profile  
180 JPD_SCRIPT JMM IS-M  IS-M: Master Data Template Scripts  
181 JPESSTP JMM IS-M  Execution Service Standard Price  
182 JPICSV0008 JMM IS-M  Template for Enhancement ICSV0008  
184 JPINVOICE JIPM IS-M  IP-M: Billing Auxiliary Modules  
185 JPISM JMM    Cross-Application Module  
186 JPISM01 JMM IS-M  Read Table Settings  
187 JPISM02 JMM IS-M  Media Master - External Data Retrieval  
188 JPISM03 JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Media Product Issue - Buffered  
189 JPISM04 JSDI IS-M  Buffered Read Access (Generated)  
190 JPISM05 JMM IS-M  Buffered Read Access (Generated)  
191 JPISM06 JMM IS-M  Conversion Exit Period Type  
192 JPISM_CALL_TRANSACTIONS JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Branch to Media Product  
195 JPMASS JMM IS-M  IS-M: ALE/Mass Media Product Maintenance  
196 JPMG JSDI    IS-M: Media Product Generation  
197 JPMG1 JSDI IS-M  IS-M: ALV Lists in Media Prod.Generation  
198 JPMM JMM    Subscreens: User-Spec. Material Master  
199 JPMM01 JSDI    IS-M: Create Media Products  
200 JPMM02 JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Model for Media Issue Issue Seq.  
201 JPMM03 JMM IS-M  IS-M: Read Issue Seq.for Media Prod.  
202 JPMM04 JSDI IS-M  Check M/SD Prods.for Med.Prod.Synchron.  
203 JPMM05 JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Create Media Products (Migration)  
204 JPMM06 JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Checks for Publication Migration  
205 JPMM07 JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Checks on Media Product Migration  
206 JPMM08 JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Change Media Issue  
207 JPMM09 JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Issue Sequence Evaluations  
208 JPMM10 JSDI IS-M  Search Help Exits for Issue Sequence  
209 JPMM11 JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Retail Articles in Issue Sequence  
210 JPMM12 JSD IS-M  IS-M: Next Issue Pointer in Issue Seq.  
211 JPMPD01 JMM    IS-M/PMD: ID Code Administration  
212 JPMPD02 JMM IS-M  IS-M/PMD: Modules for Check Digit Det.  
213 JPMPD03 JMM IS-M  Conversion Exit for ID Code Type  
214 JPMS JMM    IS-M Announcements Product Master Data  
215 JPMSD01 JMM    ISMSD: MSD Product Master Data Plausibil  
216 JPMSG JMM    Enhanced Table Maintenance (Generated)  
217 JPOR JIPM    Link Betw. SD Sales and Outgoing Royalt.  
218 JPOR01 JIPM IS-M  Buffered Direct Accesses to Tables  
219 JPORCT JIPM IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
220 JPPMBP JMM IS-M  IS/M-PD: SAP BP for App.Req.and Project  
221 JPPMBPCT JMM IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
222 JPRODCUST JMM IS-M  Master Data Template Cust. (Media-Spec.)  
223 JPROD_CRMDOWNLOAD JSDI IS-M  Download Media Product to CRM  
224 JPTBP JMM    ISM: Bus.Partner Assignmt Screen for MP  
226 JPTITLE JMM    Title Integration in PLM for Media  
228 JPTREE JMM IS-M  ISM-PMD: Browser  
229 JPUP JMM IS-M  CRM Upload for Title Relationships  
231 JR01 JSD    IS-M/SD: Truck Route Master Data  
232 JR02 JSD    IS-M/SD: Maintain loading/drop-off pts  
233 JR03 JSD    IS-M/SD: Determine Daily Truck Routes  
234 JR04 JSD    Problem Route Processing  
235 JR05 JSD    IS-M/SD: Buffered Read JSTROUBEA  
236 JR06 JSD    IS-M/SD: Buffered Read ROUTE  
237 JR07 JSD    Is-M/SD: Display/maintain drop-off rules  
238 JR07A JSD    IS-M: Gen.Unl.Rules for Carrier Route  
239 JR07B JSD    IS-M/SD: Gen.Unl.Rules for Unl.Point  
240 JR07WF JSD    IS-M: Events for Unloading Rules  
241 JR08 JSD    IS-M/SD: Read deliveries using drop-off  
242 JR09 JSD    IS-M/SD: Check Daily Truck Routes  
243 JR10 JSD    IS-M/SD: Overview of Daily Truck Routes  
244 JR11 JSD    IS-M: Shipping analyses  
245 JRABLBAR JSD    IS-M: Methods for Unl.Viability Sets  
246 JRETCOLLECTVIEW JSD IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
247 JRU0 JSD    IS-M/SD: Truck Route Cluster Updates  
248 JRU1 JSD    Update drop-off rules w/o change mgmt  
249 JRU5 JSD    IS-M/SD: Update func.mods.for drop-off  
250 JRU6 JSD    IS-M/SD: UPDATE FMs for Postal Packs  
251 JS01 JMDGEN    IS-M/SD: General Structure Maintenance  
252 JS02 JMDGEN    IS-M/SD: Change Management  
253 JS02WF JMDGEN    IS-M: Change Management WF Link  
254 JS02_BAPI JMDGEN    IS-M: Methods for Change Number  
255 JS03 JMDGEN    IS-M/SD: Structure Assignment  
256 JS04 JMDGEN    IS-M/SD: General Structures  
257 JS05 JMDGEN    IS-M/SD: Round Sequence Administration  
258 JS06 JMDGEN    IS-M/SD: Read Standard Postal Data  
259 JS07 JMDGEN    IS-M/SD: Selects on Postal Data  
260 JS08 JMDGEN    IS-M/SD: Change Number Processing  
261 JS09 JMDGEN    IS-M/SD: Dialog Box in Structure Admin.  
262 JS10 JMDGEN    IS-M/SD: Determine Potential Values  
263 JS11 JMDGEN    IS-M/SD: Read Streets in Buffer  
264 JS12 JMDGEN    IS-M/SD: Functions for Structures  
265 JS20 JMDGEN    IS-M/SD: Read Master Data Objects  
266 JS21 JMDGEN    IS-M/SD: Release Order Change  
267 JS21A JMDGEN    IS-M: Change Management - Release  
268 JS21B JMDGEN    IS-M: Utility Structures/Change Mgmt.  
269 JS21I JMDGEN    IS-M: Functions (Int.) for Change Mgmt  
270 JS21P JMDGEN    IS-M: Change Number Checks (Trsc.Data)  
271 JS30 JMDGEN    IS-M: Struc.Changes for Postal Ch.Serv.  
272 JSBAPI01 JMDGEN    IS-M: Change Number BAPIs  
273 JSBAPI13 JMDGEN    IS-M: Del. Viability Sets (BAPI Methods)  
274 JSBEZ JMDGEN    IS-M: Carrier Route  
275 JSBEZ01 JSD    Carrier Route Selection  
276 JSBW0 JSBW IS-M  Buffered Read Access (Generated)  
277 JSBW_MAM_COA JSBW    IS-M/AM: BW Contract  
278 JSBW_MAM_HIERA JSBW    IS-M/AM: Hierarchies  
281 JSBW_MASTER_DATA JSBW    IS-M: BW Master Data  
283 JSBW_MEDPROD_DATA JSBW IS-M  IS-M: Media Product Extractors  
284 JSBW_MSD_CIRCBOOK JSBW    IS-M/SD: BW Extractors Circulation Book  
285 JSBW_MSD_COMPLAINT JSBW    IS-M/SD: BW Extractors for Complaint  
286 JSBW_MSD_DELIVERY JSBW    IS-M/SD: BW Extractors for Delivery  
287 JSBW_MSD_HIERA JSD IS-M  IS-M/SD: MSD Hierarchy Extractors  
288 JSBW_MSD_ORDER JSBW    IS-M/SD: BW Extractors for Order  
289 JSBW_MSD_ORTR JSBW    IS-M: BW Extractors for Order Transactns  
290 JSBW_MSD_RETURN JSBW    IS-M/SD: BW Extractors for Complaint  
291 JSBW_ORDER_APPE JSBW IS-M  Append BW DataSources for Order  
292 JSBW_PLM JMM IS-M  Extractors for PLM  
293 JSBW_SD_COMPLAINT JSBW IS-M  Extract IS-M/SD Complaints  
294 JSBW_SD_CONTRACT JSBW IS-M  Extractors for Contracts in MPS  
295 JSBW_SD_INVOICE JSBW IS-M  Extract IS-M/SD Billing Documents  
296 JSBW_SD_ORD_ABO JSBW IS-M  Extraction IS-M/SD Subscription Order  
297 JSBW_SERVICE JSBW    IS-M: BW Global Delta Management  
298 JSDC01 JSDI IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
299 JSDRETURN JSDI    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
300 JSELECTBP JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Business Partner Selections  
301 JSELECTGP JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Business Partner Selections  
302 JSG1 JMDGEN    IS-M/SD: Order Block for Geo. Units  
303 JSGEO JMDGEN    IS-M/SD: Maintain Geographical Unit  
304 JSGEOORDER JMDGEN    IS-M: Geography Orders  
305 JSH1 JMDGEN    IS-M/SD: Matchcode for Employment Rel.  
306 JSHNO JMDGEN    IS-M: House Number Checks  
307 JSISMGEO JMDGEN    IS-M: Generic Methods  
308 JSITAL JMDGEN    Italian Postal Data  
309 JSKLAS_CBCM JSD    Classification  
310 JSPOST JMDGEN    IS-M: Access to Postal Databases  
311 JSROUBEA JMDGEN    IS-M: Edit Truck Route Unl.Point Seq.  
312 JSS1 JMDGEN    IS-M/SD: Address Check  
313 JSS2 JMDGEN    IS-M/SD: Postal Unit Input Check  
314 JSS3 JMDGEN    IS-M/SD: Select Addresses for Post.Units  
315 JSS4 JMDGEN    IS-M/SD: Transfer Postal Data  
316 JSS5 JMDGEN    IS-M/SD: Checks on Postal Units  
317 JSS6 JMDGEN    IS-M: Transfer of Foreign Postal Data  
318 JSS7 JMDGEN    Generate JSTxxxUPDA Records  
319 JSS8 JMDGEN    IS-M: Memory for Postal Data Changes  
320 JSSDK JMDGEN    IS-M: SDK for Structures  
321 JSS_USA_CHECKS JMDGEN    Special Checks for USA  
322 JSTJS09 JMDGEN    IS-M: Buffer TJS09  
323 JSTR JMDGEN    IS-M/SD: String Processing  
324 JSU0 JMDGEN    IS-M/SD: Update Structures  
325 JSU1 JMDGEN    IS-M/SD: Update Change Number  
326 JSU2 JMDGEN    IS-M/SD: Update Postal Structures  
327 JSU3 JMDGEN    IS-M/SD: Update Structures  
328 JSU4 JMDGEN    IS-M/SD: Update Round Sequences  
329 JSU5 JMDGEN    Is-M/SD: Upd.Problem Truck Route Editing  
330 JSU6 JMDGEN    IS-M/SD: Update FMs for Update Tables  
331 JSU7 JMDGEN    IS-M: Updates for USPS Data  
332 JSV1 JMDGEN    IS-M/SD: Check Entries - Check Table  
333 JSV2 JMDGEN    IS-M/SD: View Maintenance Structures  
334 JSZ0 JMDGEN    IS-M/SD: Direct access in buffer  
335 JSZ1 JMDGEN    Buffered Access to Postal Databases  
336 JS_PDU JMDGEN IS-M  Postal Data Upgrade  
337 JU00 JSD    IS-M/SD: Configurations for RFC  
338 JU02 JSD    IS-M/SD: Vendor Processing  
339 JUPDA JSD    IS-M: Selects in JSTxxxUPDA Tables  
340 JUZ0 JSD    Modules for Direct Read  
341 JV00 JSD IS-M  General FMods for Shipping  
342 JV01 JSDI    IS-M/SD: Insert/Update/Delete Carr.Route  
343 JV02 JSD    IS-M/SD: Selection Lists  
344 JV03 JSD    IS-M/SD: Utility FMod.Module for ShDocs.  
345 JV04 JSD    IS-M/SD: Read/Interpret SDoc.Settings  
346 JV05 JSD    IS-M/SD: Shipping Document Creation  
347 JV06 JSD    IS-M/SD: Read Bus.Partner Deliv.Via.Set  
348 JV07 JSD    IS-M/SD: Delivery Functions  
349 JV08 JSD    IS-M/SD: ZEBU Maintenance  
350 JV09 JSD    IS-M/SD: Create ShDocs.f.Postal Shipping  
351 JV10 JSD    Is-M/SD: Delivery Round-BP Assignments  
352 JV11 JSD    IS-M/SD: Sample Shipping Docs.in File  
353 JV12 JSD    IS-M/SD: Del.Via.Set-BP Assignments  
354 JV13 JSD    IS-M/SD: Read Insert Mix/Combination  
355 JV14 JSD    IS-M/SD: Drop-Offs and Post.Packs, Qties  
356 JV15 JSD    IS-M/SD: Checks for Specific Dates  
357 JV16 JSD    IS-M/SD: Display Dialog Box  
358 JV17 JSD    IS-M/SD: Default Value for Del.Round  
359 JV18 JSD    IS-M/SD: Read ZEBU Tables in Buffer  
360 JV19 JSD    IS-M/SD: Print Delivery Viability Sets  
361 JV20 JSD    IS-M/SD: Deliveries  
362 JV21 JSD    IS-M/SD: DB Interface for Shipp.Schedule  
363 JV22 JSD    IS-M/SD: Shipping Documents  
364 JV23 JSD    IS-M/SD: Buffer for Shipping Schedule  
365 JV24 JSD    IS-M/SD: Selection of Sh.ched.Variants  
366 JV25 JSD    IS-M/SD: Edit Shipping Schedule Variants  
367 JV26 JSD    IS-M/SD: Dialog Proc.of Sh.chedule Data  
368 JV27 JSD    IS-M/SD: Edit Shipping Schedule  
369 JV28 JSD    IS-M/SD: Print Billing Documents  
370 JV29 JSD IS-M  IS-M/SD: Buffer for Deliveries  
371 JV30 JSD    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
372 JV31 JSD    Is-M/SD: ZBEU Type Determination  
373 JV39 JSD    IS-M/SD: Determine Notification Texts  
374 JV40 JSD    IS-M/SD: Distribution error message  
375 JV50 JSD    IS-M/SD: Bundling - Production  
376 JV51 JSD    IS-M/SD: Production - Bundles (Sorting)  
377 JV53 JSD    IS-M/SD: External Interface - Prod.Data  
378 JV54 JSD    IS-M/SD: Shipping Document Production  
379 JVAUFGEO_ENQ JSD IS-M  Unlock Registration Order-Geo.  
380 JVC5 JSD    IS-M/SD: Planning Trigger Checks  
381 JVC6 JSD    IS-M/SD: Completeness Check on Pl.Trigg.  
382 JVC7 JSD    IS-M/SD: Check on Shipping Outsorting  
383 JVC8 JSD    IS-M/SD: Checks on Order Deadline  
384 JVDE JSD    IS-M/SD: Plan.Funcs.for Planning/Netch.  
385 JVDK JSD    IS-M/SD: Shipping Document Dev.Kit  
386 JVDP JSD    IS-M/SD: Shipping Documents - Examples  
387 JVEI GJV2    xxxxxx  
388 JVHK CKCO SAP_APPL  Origin Processing for Joint Venture  
389 JVMC JSD    IS-M/SD: LIS Update for Distribution  
390 JVP0 JSD    IS-M/SD: General FMod.for Shipping Docs  
391 JVP1 JSD    IS-M/SD: Bundling - Home Delivery  
392 JVP2 JSD    IS-M/SD: Bundling - Home Deliv.Distrib.  
393 JVP3 JSD    IS-M/SD: Container Packing  
394 JVP4 JSD    IS-M/SD: Postal Packs per Ship-To Party  
395 JVP5 JSD    IS-M/SD: Bundling-Post-Shipping Schedule  
396 JVP6 JSD    IS-M/SD: Bundling - Orders  
397 JVPH JSDI IS-M  IS-M/SD: Phase Shipping  
398 JVPP JSD    IS-M/SD: Goods Arrival List for Per.Post  
399 JVPR JSD    IS-M/SD: Drop-Off Rule Interpretation  
400 JVPZ JSD    IS-M/SD: Bundling Logs  
401 JVP_SD JSDI IS-M  IS-M/SD: SD Bundling  
402 JVR3 JSD    IS-M Read Delivery Types  
403 JVR4 JSD    IS-M/SD: Read Funcs.for Deliv.Via.Sets  
404 JVR5 JSD    IS-M/SD: Read/Check Planning Trigger  
405 JVR8 JSD    IS-M/SD: Data Retrieval f.Planng/Netch.  
406 JVR9 JSD    IS-M/SD: Read Planning Trigger in Buffer  
407 JVSD01 JSDI    IS-M: SD Deliveries  
408 JVSD04 JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Order - Mixes  
409 JVSD10 JSDI    IS-M/SD: Mixes  
410 JVSD2MSD JSDI IS-M  IS-M/SD: SD-M/SD Shipping Interface  
411 JVSDADDMIX02 JSDI    IS-M/SD: Selection Screen for Orders  
412 JVSDADDMIX03 JSDI    IS-M: Mix Workbench (Product)  
413 JVSDADDMIX04 JSDI IS-M  IS-M/SD: Mix Planning Hierarchy  
414 JVSDARC02 JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Archiving Media Sales & Dist.Prod.  
415 JVSDBOM01 JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Create Bills of Material  
416 JVSDCUST01 JSDI IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
417 JVSDCUST02 JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Customizing Views  
418 JVSDFIXPROCEDURE JSDI IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
419 JVSDGEO JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Geo. Units  
420 JVSDGEOCODE JSD IS-M  Geography Coding  
421 JVSDHD JSDI IS-M  IS-M: MSD Home Delivery for SD Orders  
422 JVSDINSERTPLANDIALOG JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Dialogs for Insert Planning  
423 JVSDINSGRPCHECK JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Insert Groups Media Product S&D  
424 JVSDISSUEAD03 JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Internal (Ad Inserts for Issue)  
425 JVSDISSUEAD05 JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Ad Insert-Contract Assignment  
426 JVSDISSUEADLIST JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Collect AIs for Display  
427 JVSDISSUEMIX01 JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Media Issue Mix Planning  
428 JVSDMAP JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Cards  
429 JVSDMAP_CARRIER_ROUTE JSD IS-M  GIS for Carrier Route Display  
430 JVSDMIX01 JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Media Issue Mix Type Definition  
431 JVSDMM01 JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Media Product  
432 JVSDPACKGROUP JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Odd Bundle Group  
433 JVSDPACKRULE JSDI IS-M  IS-M/SD: Packing Rules for Media Issue  
434 JVSDPLANT JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Plant Determination  
435 JVSDPRODCOMP01 JSDI IS-M  IS-M/SD: Media Product - Components  
436 JVSDSPLIT01 JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Determine Mixes  
437 JVSO JSD    IS-M/SD: Shipping Order  
438 JVSO_COMPL JSD IS-M  IS-M/SD: Shipping Order Complaint  
440 JVTMCI_MERGE JSD IS-M  IS-M: TMCI Subscription Merge (N.Active)  
441 JVTMCI_READ JSD IS-M  IS-M: TMCI Buffered Single Access  
442 JVTMCI_SHIPORD JSD IS-M  IS-M: TMCI Shipping Orders  
443 JVTMCI_SI_ORDERS JSD IS-M  IS-M: TMCI Ad Insert Orders  
444 JVTMCP_BUFFERED_READ JSD IS-M  IS-M: TMCP Buffered Single Access  
445 JVTMCP_EXCL_ST JSD IS-M  IS-M: TMCP Excluded CRoutes/Geo.Units  
446 JVTMCP_MERGE JSD IS-M  IS-M: TMCP Subscription Merge  
450 JVTMC_STRUCTURE JSD IS-M  IS-M: Explode Structures for TMC  
452 JVU2 JSD    IS-M/SD: Update JVTxxxZEBU Tables  
453 JVU3 JSD    IS-M/SD: Update Order Deadline  
454 JVU4 JSD    IS-M/SD: Update Insert Mix/Combination  
455 JVU5 JSD    IS-M/SD: Ins/Upd. Plan.Trigger/NC Recs.  
456 JVU6 JSD    IS-M/SD: Update Circ.Planning/Netchange  
457 JVU7 JSD    IS-M/SD: Update Ship.Doc.Control Tables  
458 JVU8 JSD    IS-M/SD: Shipping Sched.Variant Update  
459 JVU9 JSD    IS-M/SD: Shipping Schedule Update  
460 JVVG JSD    Is-M/SD: Generate Shipping Date  
461 JVVH JSD    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
462 JVVSDPLANTPROD JSDI IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
463 JVY0 JSD    IS-M/SD: Shipping Preparation Functions  
464 JVY1 JSD    IS-M/SD: Postal Pack/Container Numbering  
465 JVY2 JSD    IS-M/SD: Aux.Functions f.ShDoc.Creation  
466 JVZ0 JSD    IS-M/SD: Read JVTLIEFBAR in Buffer  
467 JVZ2 JSD IS-M  Buffered Read Access (Generated)  
468 JV_DPAM JSD    IS-M/SD: Order Management for DP AG  
469 JV_PRE_SHIP JSD IS-M  Products Delivered in Advance  
470 JW00 JSD    Check Functions for Promotion Cluster  
471 JW01 JSD    Actual Data Update - Promotion  
472 JW10 JSD    Error Log  
473 JWU0 JSD    IS-M/SD: Update Promotion Data  
474 JWZ0 JSD    IS-M/SD: Gen.Direct Access to Prom.Data  
475 JX01 JSDH    IS-M/SD: HR -> IS-M/SD Integration  
476 JXTAXUSEX JSD    IS-M/SD: External Tax Determination -USA  
477 JY00 JSD    IS-M/SD: General IS-P Function Modules  
478 JY01 JSD    IS-M: Display User Data  
479 JY02 JSD    Is-M/SD: Functions for Media Info System  
480 JY03 JSD    IS-M: Basic Funcs.for Time Slice Admin.  
481 JY05 JSD    IS-M/SD: Texts for Post  
482 JY06 JSD    IS-M/SD: Authoriz.Checks for Reporting  
483 JY07 JSD    IS-M/SD: Read Tables in Buffer  
484 JY08 JSD    IS-M/SD: Units of Measure  
485 JY09 JSD    Currency-Dependent Rounding Functions  
486 JY11 JSD    IS-M/SD: Routines for check digits  
487 JY12 JSD    IS-M/SD: Dyn.Maintenance of Table TVARVC  
488 JY13 JSD    Currency Conversion in BP and Orders  
489 JY14 JSD IS-M  IS-M/SD: Weekday Grid  
490 JYA1 JSD    IS-M/SD: Archiving  
491 JYA2 JSD    IS-M/SD: Archiving Status of Deliveries  
492 JYA9 JSD    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
493 JYBAPIMSG JSD    IS-M: Return Parameter BAPIs  
494 JYC1 JSD    Is-M/SD: Function Modules for CATT  
495 JYCAMP JSD IS-M  IS-M: Extended Table Maintenance  
496 JYCAMP_CRM JSD IS-M  IS-M: Marketing Campaign CRM Search Help  
497 JYCD0 JSD    CHDO JYGOLIV => Gen. by RSSCD000  
498 JYCICEXITS JSD IS-M  IS-M: CIC, User Exits  
499 JYCICMEM JSD IS-M  IS-M: CIC, Global Memory