Function Group - J
# Function Group Package Software Component Short Description
1 JHBO_BUSISM008_BAPI_MAP JAS IS-M  IS-M/AM: Mapping for Order BAPIs  
2 JHBO_BUSISM008_BAPI_TEXT JAS IS-M  IS-M/AM: Fill Text Structures  
3 JHBO_BUSISM010_BAPI JAS IS-M  IS-M/AM: BAPIs for BO AdMgmtBillingDoc  
4 JHBO_BUSISM012P_BAPI JAS IS-M  IS-M: BAPI for Contract Proxy BOR Object  
5 JHBO_BUSISM012_BAPI JAS IS-M  IS-M: BAPI for Contract BOR Object  
6 JHBO_BUSISM024_BAPI JAS IS-M  IS-M: BAPI for Booking Unit BOR Object  
7 JHBO_BUSISM025_BAPI JAS IS-M  IS-M/AM: BAPIs for ContComp.BOR Object  
8 JHBO_BUSISM028_BAPI JAS IS-M  IS-M/AM: BAPIs for Ad Spec BOR Object  
9 JHBT JSDF    IS-M/AM: BTE for FI (also in Ext.System)  
10 JHBU JAS    IS-M/AM: Update Document Flow  
11 JHC0 JAS    IS-M: Contract Condition Determination  
12 JHCC JAS    IS-M/AM: Payment Cards  
13 JHCIC_AMC JAS IS-M  IS-M/AMC CIC: Classified Ad Solution  
15 JHCM JAS    IS-M/AM: Credit Management  
16 JHCNTENT JAS IS-M  IS-M: Number of Entries MiniApp  
17 JHCRM_CAMPAIGN JAS IS-M  IS-M: CRM Marketing Campaign  
18 JHCRM_CAMPAIGN_CONVEXIT JAS IS-M  IS-M: CRM Campaign, Conversion Exits  
19 JHCRM_ONEORDER JAS IS-M  IS-M: CRM Business Transaction  
20 JHE0 JAS    IS-M/AM: Select Singles Rev.Distribut.  
21 JHE1 JAS IS-M  IS-M/AM: Rev.Distribut. KONV Conversion  
22 JHEA JAS    IS-M/AM: Schedule Line and Sub-Item  
23 JHED JAS    IS-M/AM: Revenue Distribution - Dialog  
24 JHEF JAS    IS-M: Revenue Distribution - Functions  
25 JHEF1 JAS IS-M  IS-M: VBOX Entries for Partner Settlemnt  
26 JHEF2 JAS IS-M  IS-M: Condition Values for Revenue Obj.  
27 JHEF3 JAS IS-M  IS-M/AM: Partner Settlement Update Billg  
28 JHEF4 JAS IS-M  IS-M: Revenue Object Document Conditions  
29 JHEM JAS IS-M  IS-M/AM: Revenue Distribution Doc Memory  
30 JHENVD_ISM JAS IS-M  IS-M: Maintain Cluster Builder Profile  
31 JHEP JAS    IS-M/AM: Revenue Distribution Log  
32 JHER JAS IS-M  IS-M/AM: RD - Revenue Recognition  
33 JHER1 JAS IS-M  IS-M: Posting Periods Status  
34 JHES JAS IS-M  Buffered Read Access (Generated)  
35 JHEX JAS    IS-M/AM: Search Help Exits  
36 JHF0 JAS    IS-M: Buffered Read Access (Generated)  
37 JHF1 JAS    IS-M/AM: Billing/settlement - functions  
38 JHF11 JAS IS-M  IS-M: Incorporate Header Conditions  
39 JHF2 JAS    IS-M/AM: Link to Financial Accounting  
40 JHF21 JAS IS-M  IS-M: Transfer Credit-Side SD Bill.Doc.  
41 JHF3 JAS    IS-M: Auxilliary Functions for Billing  
42 JHF4 JAS    IS-M/AM: RFC Connection to FI  
43 JHF5 JAS    IS-M/AM: Connection to Human Resources  
44 JHF6 JAS    IS-M: Callback functions from Accounting  
45 JHFA JAS    IS-M/AM: Billing Archiving/Reorg.  
46 JHFF JAS    IS-M/AM: Billing dialog  
47 JHFS JAS    IS-M/AM: Collective Processing  
48 JHFV JAS    IS-M/AM: Update Billing / Settlement  
49 JHGA JAS    IS-M/AM: Billing Dataset  
50 JHGG JAS    IS-M/AM: Free Attributes for SELECTS  
51 JHGV JAS    IS-M/AM: Sales Agent Assignment Dataset  
52 JHK0 JAS    IS-M/AM: Connection to sales order  
53 JHO0 JAS    IS-M/AM: Response management  
54 JHPA JAS    IS-M/AM: Item Processing  
55 JHPB JAS    IS-M/AM: Item Processing Without Dialog  
56 JHPD JAS    IS-M/AM: Item processing dialog box  
57 JHPG JAS    IS-M/AM: Schedule Line Generation  
58 JHPL JAS    IS-M/AM: Item Lists  
59 JHPR JAS    IS-M/AM: Auxiliary Pricing Functions  
60 JHRW JAS    IS-M/AM: Auxiliary Functions Modific.FI  
61 JHSD JAS    IS-M: AI interface to PSD shipping  
62 JHSH JAS    IS-M/AM: Select Singles for Order  
63 JHSH1 JAS    Buffered Read Access (Generated)  
64 JHSHW JAS    IS-M/AM: Generated SELECT's Order WWW  
65 JHSS JAS    IS-M/AM: Select Singles for Pricing  
66 JHTD JAS    IS-M/AM: Ad Spec Processing  
67 JHTO JAS    IS-M/AM: Online Item for Tech.System  
68 JHTP JAS    IS-M/AM: Technical Interface Screens  
69 JHTS JAS    IS-M/AM: Technical Interface  
70 JHTXW0 JAS IS-M  DART: IS-M/AM Data Extraction  
71 JHU1 JAS    IS-M/AM: Order update modules  
72 JHU2 JAS    IS-M/AM: Responses update modules  
73 JHUA JAS    IS-M/AM: COA update modules  
74 JHV0 JAS    Buffered Read Access (Generated)  
75 JHVA JAS    IS-M/AM: VA Application Prog. Interface  
76 JHW1 JAS    IS-M: Read and Write Media-Mix  
77 JHW2 JAS    IS-M/AM: Editing Functions for Media-Mix  
78 JHW3 JAS    IS-M: Media-Mix Contract Dialog  
79 JHW4 JAS    R/W Settlement Inv.Contracts Media Mix  
80 JHW5 JAS    Change Contract Settlement from Bill.  
81 JHW7 JAS    IS-M: Read/Write Media-Mix COA Settlemnt  
82 JHW8 JAS    IS-M: Media-Mix Settlement  
83 JHW9 JAS    Dialog Media-Mix Contract Settlement  
84 JHWA1 JAS    IS-M: Read/Write Contract Assignment  
85 JHWA2 JAS    IS-M: Update Contracts/Assignments  
86 JHWA2W JAS    IS-M: HTML Templates  
87 JHWA3 JAS    IS-M: Reassign Contract Assignments  
88 JHWA4 JAS    IS-M: Order Update Index  
89 JHWB JAS    IS-M: Business Partner Assignments  
91 JH_PUB_CHANGE JAS    IS-M/AM: Publication Changes  
92 JI01 JSD    IS-M/SD: Check and Edit AR Hierarchy  
93 JI02 JSD    Is-M/SD: Interpret AR Hierarchy  
94 JI03 JSD    IS-M/SD: AR Category Determination  
95 JI04 JSD    IS-M/SD: Determine updated issues  
96 JI06 JSD    IS-M/SD: Interpret AR Category Table  
97 JI07 JSD    Determine Draw  
98 JI08 JSD    IS-M: District mun.key internal order  
99 JI10 JSD    IS-M/SD: PCode area for ctry/postal code  
100 JI11 JSD    IS-M: Structure admin.for statistics  
101 JI13 JSD    IS-M: Audit Report Category Determin.  
102 JI14 JSD    IS-M: Read Access for Circulation Book  
103 JI15 JSD    IS-M: Service Func.for Circ.Book Update  
104 JI17 JSD    Read + Check Ag.'Audit Reports' Table  
105 JI18 JSD    IS-M/SD: Check Updated Audit Report  
106 JIAUDIT_HIERARCHY JSD    IS-M: Audit Report Hierarchy  
107 JICB_AUDIT_ISSUES JSD IS-M  IS-M: Functions for Issues in Audit Rept  
108 JICB_AUDIT_REPORT JSD    IS-M: Data Basis for Audit Report  
109 JICB_AUDIT_TREE JSD    IS-M: Utility Funcs for AR Tree Struc.  
110 JICB_DATA JSD IS-M  IS-M: Procure Data for Circulation Book  
111 JICB_RJIVBRAN JSD IS-M  IS-M: Circ. Book for IVW Distrib. Anal.  
112 JICB_SHIPPING_ORDER JSD IS-M  IS-M: Shipping Order and Circ. Book  
113 JIEX JSD    IS-M: Sample FM Customer-Specific Fields  
114 JIPM_BYTITLE_PP JIPM_BY_TITLE IS-M  IS-M: Partial Payment By Title  
115 JIPM_BYTITLE_PP0 JIPM_BY_TITLE IS-M  Buffered Read Access (Generated)  
116 JIPM_BYTITLE_PP_COPA JIPM_BY_TITLE IS-M  IS-M: PartialPymt By Title - CO-PA Objct  
117 JIPM_BYTITLE_PP_SPLIT JIPM_BY_TITLE IS-M  IS-M: Part.Payment By Title - Split Info  
118 JISDCIRCCAT JSD IS-M  IS-M/SD: Mass Audit Rtn Cat. Maint. SD  
119 JISM002 JSD    IS-M: BOR Carrier Route  
120 JISM003 JSD    IS-M: BOR Geo.Units  
121 JISMDELSEQ JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Issue Sequence  
122 JISMGEO JSD    IS-M: Generic Methods (BOR)  
123 JISM_IAC JSD    IS-M: Functions in IAC Environment  
124 JIT01 ISAUTO_JIT    JIT : Database Table Administration  
125 JIT02 ISAUTO_JIT    JIT: Int. Table Admin. - Shared Buffer  
126 JIT03 ISAUTO_JIT    JIT: Functions, Processing  
127 JIT04 ISAUTO_JIT    JIT: Action/Status Management  
128 JIT05 ISAUTO_JIT    JIT: Interface, Maintenance, Display  
129 JIT06 ISAUTO_JIT    JIT: Interface - Objects Standard ERP  
130 JIT07 ISAUTO_JIT    JIT : Maintain Master Data  
131 JIT08 ISAUTO_JIT    JIT : Calls from Core, from ext. BAPIs  
132 JIT09 ISAUTO_JIT    JIT: Temporary Interfaces  
133 JIT10 ISAUTO_JIT    JIT: Cockpit, Graphic  
134 JIT11 ISAUTO_JIT    JIT: Component Determination  
135 JIT12 ISAUTO_JIT    JIT : Storage Location JIT  
136 JIT13 ISAUTO_JIT    JIT: DB access for Customizing table  
137 JIT14 ISAUTO_JIT    JIT:Inbound EDI processing  
138 JIT15 ISAUTO_JIT    JIT: Documentation Data  
139 JIT16 ISAUTO_JIT DI  JIT Calls Outbound  
140 JIT17 ISAUTO_JIT DI  Functionality for In- and Outbound  
141 JIT18 ISAUTO_JIT DIMP  Bar Code Entry  
142 JITBW ISAUTO_BW    Extractor for Sequenced JIT Call  
143 JITC1 ISAUTO_JIT    JIT : Customizing  
144 JITOMITTEDDAYS JSD IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
145 JITOUT01 DI_JITOUT DI  Table Management JIT Outbound  
146 JITOUT02 DI_JITOUT DI  Modules for Delivery Confirmation Outb.  
147 JITOUT03 DI_JITOUT DI  Functions JIT Outbound  
148 JITOUT04 DI_JITOUT DI  Actions for JIT Outbound  
149 JITOUT05 DI_JITOUT DI  Interfaces JIT Outbound  
150 JITOUT06 DI_JITOUT DI  JIT Outbound: ERP Standard Calls  
151 JITOUT07 DI_JITOUT DI  EDI Outbound Processing  
152 JITOUT08 DI_JITOUT DI  External Calls, Interfaces  
153 JITOUT09 DI_JITOUT DI  Functions for Summarized JIT Call  
154 JITOUT10 DI_JITOUT DI  XML Processing  
155 JITOUT11 DI_JITOUT DIMP  Bar Code Entry JIT Outbound  
156 JITOUT12 DI_JITOUT DIMP  Mapping of the BAPI Structures  
157 JITOUTC1 DI_JITOUT DI  Customizing JIT Outbound  
158 JIU0 JSD    Update Circulation Book  
159 JIU1 JSD    Update Audit Reports (JITSTATMT)  
160 JIU2 JSD IS-M  IS-M/SD: SA SD Del.from Circ.Book Update  
161 JIU6 JSD    Update Auditing Statistics  
162 JI_ABC_ZONING JSD IS-M  Determine Zone for ABC  
163 JI_ABC_ZONING_2 JSD IS-M  Maintain Customizing  
164 JI_CIRCBOOK_UPDATE JSD IS-M  IS-M/SD: Update Circulation Book  
165 JJ00 JAS    IS-M: Backup copies of function modules  
166 JJ01 JAS    IS-M/AM: Booking Unit Content  
167 JJ03 JAS    IS-M/AM: Determine issues in period  
168 JJ04 JAS    IS-M/AM: Read PUs for PPU (buffered)  
169 JJ05 JAS    IS-M/AM: Generate PUs  
170 JJ08 JAS    IS-M/AM: Master data access (buffered)  
171 JJ09 JAS    IS-M/AM: Structure determination/anal.  
172 JJ10 JAS    IS-M/AM: Conversion exits  
173 JJ13 JAS IS-M  IS-M: For BTE SAPMV13A: Cond.Maintenance  
174 JJ40 JAS    IS-M: Check Media Customer BTCI Fields  
175 JJA1 JAS    IS-M/AM: Contact Person Maintenance  
176 JJAU JAS    IS-M/AM: Contact person update  
177 JJB0 JAS    Buffered Read Access (Generated)  
178 JJBE JAS    IS-M: Sales Booking Unit Hierarchy  
179 JJBK JAS    IS-M: Condition References for Pricing  
180 JJC1 JAS    CHDO JJTVV => Gen. by RSSCD000  
181 JJC2 JAS    IS-M/AM: Configuration for RFC  
182 JJC3 JAS    CHDO JJTBE => Gen. by RSSCD000  
183 JJC4 JAS    CHDO JHAK => Gen. by RSSCD000  
184 JJC5 JAS    CHDO JHTVKO => Gen. by RSSCD000  
185 JJCAMP0 JAS IS-M  Single Accesses Custom. Marketing Camp.  
186 JJCAMP_BSP JAS IS-M  IS-M: Maintain Camp.Master Data via BSP  
187 JJCRMCAMP JAS IS-M  IS-M: Determine CRM Campaigns  
188 JJCRM_BSP_ACTION JAS IS-M  Access Action from CRM  
189 JJF0 JAS    IS-M: Buffered Read Accesses (Generated)  
190 JJG1 JAS    IS-M/AM: Business partner - Read FuMods  
191 JJG2 JAS    IS-M/AM: BP environment  
192 JJG3 JAS    IS-M/AM: BP hierarchy  
193 JJG4 JAS    IS-M/AM: Business partner selection  
194 JJGA JAS    IS-M/AM: Media Sales Agent  
195 JJGC JAS    IS-M/AM: Agent contract: F4 help  
196 JJGD JAS    IS-M/AM: Determine Media Sales Agent  
197 JJGF JAS    IS-M/AM: Ext.Perf./Fu.Mods for BP Maint.  
198 JJGG JAS    IS-M/AM: Selects free attr. agent contr.  
199 JJGU JAS    IS-M/AM: Update business partner  
200 JJI1 JAS    IS-M/AM: Evaluate content comp.hierarchy  
201 JJI2 JAS    IS-M/AM: Deletion checks for CC/CC hier.  
202 JJI3 JAS    IS-M/AM: Content Component - Environment  
203 JJM1 JAS    IS-M/AM: LIS orders  
204 JJM2 JAS    IS-M/AM: Determine LIS orders stat.updte  
205 JJM3 JAS    IS-M/AM: LIS Billing  
206 JJM4 JAS    Determine LIS Billing Statistics Update  
207 JJM5 JAS    IS-M/AM LIS Group for Common Parts  
208 JJPF JAS    IS-M/AM: Product Hierarchy  
209 JJPH JAS    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
210 JJPRDH_ARBVOR_VP JAS IS-M  IS-M/AM Product Hierarchy: Prov.Prod WL  
211 JJPRDH_ARBVOR_ZU JAS IS-M  IS-M/AM: Product Hierarchy: Maintain BP  
212 JJPRDH_AVM JAS IS-M  IS-M/AM Product Hierarchy: Order  
213 JJPRDH_AVM_MEMORY JAS IS-M  IS-M/AM: Prdh(S&P), Memory in the Order  
214 JJPRDH_CUST JAS IS-M  IS-M/AM Prdh (S&P): Read Customizing  
215 JJPRDH_CUST_TRANSP JAS IS-M  IS-M/AM Prdh (S&P): Transport Custom.  
216 JJPRDH_GENERAL JAS IS-M  IS-M/AM Prod.Hier. (S&P): General  
217 JJPRDH_GP JAS IS-M  IS-M/AM Prodh: Business Partner  
218 JJTS JAS    IS-M/AM: Pricing - Technical System  
219 JJU0 JAS    IS-M: Update modules BE/DRERZ  
220 JJU1 JAS    IS-M/AM: Update content components  
221 JJU2 JAS    IS-M/AM: Update service material  
222 JJV2 JAS    IS-M/AM: Ad insert generation  
223 JJWA JAS    IS-M/AM: Sales Activity Maintenance  
224 JJWM JAS    IS-M/AM: CAS Dialog Mailing  
225 JJY0 JAS    Buffered Read Access (Generated)  
226 JJY1 JAS    Gen.function environ.SAPscript NAST  
227 JJY2 JAS    IS-M/AM: General functions  
228 JJY3 JAS    IS-M/AM: Inactive customer FCodes  
229 JK00 JSD    IS-M/SD: Determine Delivery Via.Set  
230 JK01 JSD    IS-M/SD: Select mix offers  
231 JK02 JSD    IS-M/SD: Item functions  
232 JK03 JSD    IS-M/SD: Service functions for pricing  
233 JK04 JSD    IS-M/SD: Determine shipping prep. time  
234 JK05 JSD    IS-M/SD: Copy functions for order  
235 JK06 JSD    IS-M/SD: Data transfer for sales order  
236 JK07 JSD    IS-M/SD: Service funcs for pricing (2)  
237 JK08 JSD    IS-M/SD: Billing documents for order  
238 JK09 JSD    IS-M/SD: Det.update group for sales doc.  
239 JK10 JSD    IS-M/SD: Pymt arrangemts for order/billg  
240 JK11 JSD    IS-M/SD: Issue calendar functions  
241 JK12 JSD    Is-M/SD: Order overview  
242 JK13 JSD    IS-M/SD: Reminder overview in order  
243 JK14 JSD    IS-M/SD: Send office mail for renewals  
244 JK15 JSD    IS-M/SD: Amortization Plan Overview  
245 JK16 JSD    Partner Roles  
246 JK17 JSD    Delivery Viability Assignments  
247 JK18 JSD    Input Help for Payment Cards  
248 JK19 JSD    IS-M/SD: Issues for Order  
249 JK20 JSDF    IS-M/SD: Service Functions  
250 JK21 JSD    BPs Given Subscriptions as Proxies  
251 JK22 JSD    Change Payment Method for Payer  
252 JK23 JSD IS-M  IS-M/SD: Read Payment Method  
253 JK24 JSD    IS-M/SD: Item Functions  
254 JK25 JSD    IS-M/SD: Item Functions  
255 JK26 JSD IS-M  Delivery Viability Sets for Issue  
256 JK27 JSD IS-M  Functions for Reference Editions  
257 JKA1 JSD    Mass order changes - M/SD  
258 JKACCNEW JSD IS-M  IS-M/SD: New Acct Det. for Amort. Plans  
259 JKACCTRANSFER JSD    IS-M/SD: Liability Account Transfer  
260 JKADDPAYMENT JSD IS-M  IS-M/SD: Manage Additional Payments  
261 JKADK JSD    IS-M/SD: Archiving for Sales Document  
262 JKADK1 JSD IS-M  IS-M/SD: Liability Acct Data Archiving  
263 JKAMOPLAN JSD    IS-M/SD: Amortization Plan  
264 JKAMORTIZE JSD    IS-M: Amortization  
265 JKARLINKCONFIRM JSD    IS-M: BUS2107001 ArchiveLink  
266 JKB2 JSD    IS-M/SD: BTCI for Order Changes  
267 JKBADCUSTOMER JSD    IS-M/SD: Check/Display Undesirab.Orders  
268 JKC1 JSD    Check functions for delivery viability  
269 JKC2 JSD    IS-M/SD: Check functions for order  
270 JKC4 JSD    IS-M/SD: Check funcs for inc.payments  
271 JKCC_CONVERT JSD    IS-M: Credit Card Encryption  
272 JKCOMPL JSD    IS-M/SD: Service Func.for Complaints  
273 JKCRMLOCATOR JSD IS-M  IS-M/SD: Data Retrieval for CRM Locator  
274 JKCW JSD    IS-M/SD: Order, conversion routines  
275 JKD0 JSD    IS-M/SD: Variants for DVia.Determination  
276 JKENQ JSD IS-M  IS-M/SD: Unlock Order  
277 JKF1 JSD    Functions for billing index admin.  
278 JKF2 JSD    Common Functions for Order/Billing  
279 JKF3 JSD IS-M  IS-M/SD: Sales <==> FI-CA  
280 JKF4 JSD    IS-M/SD: Search Utility Exits  
281 JKFB01 JSD IS-M  IS-M/SD: Mass Incoming Pyt - Renewals  
282 JKFV45C JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Modifications to SD Copying Contrl  
283 JKIC JSD    IS-M/SD: Icon explanation  
284 JKINA01 JSD IS-M  IS-M/SD: Read Inactive Item  
285 JKISSUE JSD    Effects of Issue APIs on Order  
286 JKITEM JSD    Service Functions for Order Item  
287 JKITEMSELECT JSD IS-M  IS-M/SD: Dialog Box for Item Selection  
288 JKKS JSD    Dialog modules for RJKUSTA1  
289 JKL0 JSD    IS-M/SD: Read routines in cluster K  
290 JKL1 JSD    IS-M/SD: Routines for delivery viability  
291 JKL2 JSD    IS-M/SD: Ad Pre-Print Order - Read Rou.  
292 JKL3 JSD    IS-M/SD: Read Access f.Reminder/Renewals  
293 JKL4 JSD    IS-M/SD: Read routines -ref.acct/pyt log  
294 JKL5 JSD    IS-M/SD: Read deliveries for order  
295 JKLIABACCANALYSIS JSD    IS-M/SD: Pricing/Acct Det.for Liab.Accts  
296 JKLIABACCOUNT JSD IS-M  IS-M/SD: Liability Account for Order  
297 JKMC JSD    IS-M/SD: LIS update for order  
298 JKMCAPAY JSD IS-M  IS-M/SD: Maintain Payment Form  
299 JKMD JSD    IS-M/SD: Read order in buffer for LIS  
300 JKNC JSD    IS-M: Set up netchange records fr.order  
301 JKOO JSD    IS-M/SD: Order events/methods  
302 JKP0 JSD    Item processing, sales order  
303 JKP1 JSD    IS-M/SD: Pricing for renewals  
304 JKP2 JSD    IS-M/SD: Prepare pricing for sales  
305 JKP3 JSD    IS-M/SD: Renewals price split functions  
306 JKPARTNER JSD    IS-M/SD: Read Partner Data for Order  
307 JKPR JSD    IS-M/SD: Ad Pre-Print Order Functions  
308 JKPROM JSD    IS-M/SD: Introduction Data on Item  
309 JKR0 JSD    Interpretation of Returns  
310 JKR1 JSD    IS-M/SD: Unloading points  
311 JKREMIND JSD    IS-M/SD: Reminder administration  
312 JKRENEW JSD    IS-M/SD: Renewals  
313 JKRENEW1 JSD    IS-M/SD: Renewals, Reference Numbers  
314 JKRENEWEX JSD    IS-M/SD: Data Transfer for Renewal Subs.  
315 JKRENEW_FI JSDF    IS-M/SD: Renewals Incoming Pyt. OPEN-FI  
316 JKRENEW_FICA JSD_CA IS-M  IS-M/SD: Renewals Incoming Pyt IS-M/CA  
317 JKRR01 JSD    IS-M/SD: Functions for expiry date  
318 JKRR02 JSD    IS-M/SD: Amortization Functions  
319 JKRR03 JSD    IS-M/SD: Det.Amortization Installments  
320 JKRR04 JSD    IS-M/SD: Functions for Liability Account  
321 JKRR05 JSD    IS-M/SD: Functions for Amortization Log  
322 JKRR06 JSD    IS-M/SD: Functions for Incoming Payment  
323 JKRR07 JSD    IS-M/SD: Amortization Functions  
324 JKRR08 JSD IS-M  IS-M/SD: Check Functions f.Amortization  
325 JKSCHED JSD    IS-M: Maintain Order Schedule Lines  
326 JKSDADDRASSEMBLED JSDI IS-M  Address Formatting for MPS  
327 JKSDAPPLICATION JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Basic Data for an IS-M Application  
328 JKSDARTICLECONDITIONS JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Condition Documents for Article  
329 JKSDASSORTMENT JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Assortments from Retail  
330 JKSDASSORTMENT_BUFFER_READ JSDI IS-M  Buffered Single Access for Sorting  
331 JKSDBOMCUST01 JSDI IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
332 JKSDCOLLECTION JSDI IS-M  General Return Collection  
333 JKSDCOLLECTIONT1 JSDI IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
334 JKSDCOLLECTIONTA JSDI IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
336 JKSDCOLLECTION_ISSUE_DATE JSDI IS-M  Determine Return Collection Date  
337 JKSDCOLLECTION_RULE JSDI IS-M  Return Collection Rules  
340 JKSDCONTRACTBUFFER JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Data Buffering in Planning - Cont.  
342 JKSDCONTRACTRETAIL JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Create Contracts from Assortment  
343 JKSDCONTRACTVALID JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Contract Validity  
345 JKSDCREDIT01 JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Create Credit Memo for a Return  
346 JKSDCREDITMEMO JSDI IS-M  IS-M/SD Worklist of Credit Memo Requests  
347 JKSDCUST03 JSD IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
348 JKSDCUST10 JSDI IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
349 JKSDCUST100 JSDI IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
350 JKSDCUST102 JSDI IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
351 JKSDCUST103 JSDI IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
352 JKSDCUST104 JSDI IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
353 JKSDCUST105 JSDI IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
354 JKSDCUST106 JSDI IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
355 JKSDCUST107 JSDI IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
356 JKSDCUST108 JSDI IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
357 JKSDCUST109 JSDI IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
358 JKSDCUST110 JSDI IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
359 JKSDCUST111 JSDI IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
360 JKSDCUST112 JSDI IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
361 JKSDCUST113 JSDI IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
362 JKSDCUST114 JSD_ISP IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
363 JKSDCUST179 JSDI IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
364 JKSDCUST180 JSDI IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
365 JKSDCUST215 JSDI IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
366 JKSDCUST216 JSDI IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
367 JKSDCUST75 JSDI IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
368 JKSDCUST88 JSDI    Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
369 JKSDCUSTUNSOLD2 JSDI IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
370 JKSDCUSTUUSOLD1 JSDI IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
371 JKSDDEFAULTDATE JSDI IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
372 JKSDDEMAND01 JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Qty Planning f. Contract (Methods)  
373 JKSDDEMAND02 JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Manage Requirements for Contract  
374 JKSDDEMAND03 JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Planning (Transfer Modules)  
377 JKSDDEMANDCHANGEBUFFER JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Data Buffering in Qty Planning  
378 JKSDDEMANDFIX JSDI IS-M  Fix Planned Quantities  
379 JKSDDEMANDFIX_DB JSDI IS-M  Update Fixed Planned Quantities  
382 JKSDDEMANDINIT JSDI IS-M  Initialize Quantity Planning  
383 JKSDDEMANDLOCK JSDI IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
385 JKSDDEMANDROLESE JSDI IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
386 JKSDDEMANDROLESET JSDI IS-M  Maintenance Dialog  
387 JKSDDEMANDSEQUENCE JSDI IS-M  Initialize Quantity Planning  
388 JKSDDEMANDWERKS JSDI IS-M  Admin. of Plant-Related Delivery Qties  
389 JKSDDEMAND_DYNAMIC_FORMULA JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Qty Planng Contracts - Dyn.Formula  
390 JKSDDEMAND_PHASE JSDI    Phase Models  
391 JKSDDP01 JSDI    IS-M: Demand  
392 JKSDDP1 JSDI    IS-M: Demand  
393 JKSDECUST00 JSDI IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
394 JKSDETURN_ERROR JSDI    Enhanced Table Maintenance (Generated)  
395 JKSDEUWVCAL JSDI IS-M  Planned Suspensions BP  
396 JKSDEUWVCAL_BUFFER JSDI IS-M  Planned Suspensions BP Buffer  
397 JKSDEVENTACTION JSDI IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
398 JKSDGPNR01 JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Business Partner  
399 JKSDHISTORICAL JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Transfer Historical Values  
401 JKSDHISTORY JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Func. Modules Environment History  
402 JKSDHORIZON JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Planning Horizons  
403 JKSDLOG JSDI    IS-M: Application Log  
404 JKSDMATERIALSTATUS JSDI IS-M  Material Status Management  
405 JKSDORDER1 JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Material Number for Issue/Product  
406 JKSDORDER100 JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Selection for Launchpad  
407 JKSDORDER101 JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Return Operations  
408 JKSDORDER109 JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Delete MPS Order  
409 JKSDORDER111 JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Media Product for Media Issue/Med.  
410 JKSDORDER1111 JSDI IS-M  Determine Issue  
411 JKSDORDER1112 JSDI IS-M  Selection of Orders  
412 JKSDORDER116 JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Modifications for Delivery Split  
413 JKSDORDER12 JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Contract Selection  
414 JKSDORDER14 JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Media Issue for Media Product  
415 JKSDORDER16 JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Create SD Order (Mod. BAPI)  
416 JKSDORDER19 JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Aux. Modules for BAPI Calls  
417 JKSDORDER2 JSDI    IS-M: Edit MPS Order  
418 JKSDORDER21 JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Partner Check for Material BP  
419 JKSDORDER25 JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Check Return Dates  
420 JKSDORDER3 JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Reverse Single Copy Order  
421 JKSDORDER30 JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Conditions  
422 JKSDORDER35 JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Return Quantity  
423 JKSDORDER37 JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Generate Orders for Contract  
424 JKSDORDER38 JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Order Created During Generation  
425 JKSDORDER4 JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Auxiliary Modules for SD Order  
426 JKSDORDER41 JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Modules for Screen Formatting  
427 JKSDORDER42 JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Determine Returning BP  
428 JKSDORDER44 JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Check Partner Det.Procedure  
429 JKSDORDER44444 JSDI    Order Generation Partner  
430 JKSDORDER44445 JSDI    Delivery priorities  
431 JKSDORDER44446 JSDI    Read Mix  
432 JKSDORDER46 JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Retrieve Data on Media Issue  
433 JKSDORDER5 JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Format Output  
434 JKSDORDER51 JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Media Product  
435 JKSDORDER52 JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Change Delivery Date for Inserts  
436 JKSDORDER53 JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Behavior of Internal Buffer Table  
437 JKSDORDER55 JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Dialog Boxes  
438 JKSDORDER6 JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Quantity Changes in Orders  
439 JKSDORDER60 JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Order Creation  
440 JKSDORDER61 JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Define Sales Area  
441 JKSDORDER62 JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Sales Area Selection  
442 JKSDORDER63 JSDI    IS-M: Read and Buffer Modules MPS  
443 JKSDORDER65 JSDI IS-M  IS-M: MPS Selection Modules  
444 JKSDORDER66 JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Conversion to Range Tables  
445 JKSDORDER67 JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Returns  
446 JKSDORDER7 JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Create SD Order from Contract  
447 JKSDORDER76 JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Aux. Modules for Variant Proc.  
448 JKSDORDER82 JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Adjust Return Quantity  
449 JKSDORDER88 JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Create SD Order with Reference  
450 JKSDORDER9 JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Conversions for BAPI Call  
451 JKSDORDER91 JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Archive Demand Records  
452 JKSDORDER92 JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Components in Orders  
453 JKSDORDER94 JSDI    IS-M: Factory Methods for Qty Determ.  
454 JKSDORDER95 JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Semaphore Restart Log  
455 JKSDORDER96 JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Orders in Role RM  
456 JKSDORDER97 JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Number Range for Orders  
457 JKSDORDER98 JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Order Type  
458 JKSDORDER99 JSDI IS-M  IS-M: RFC Auxiliary Modules  
459 JKSDORDERBOOK JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Purchase Order Planning  
461 JKSDORDERBOOK_TB JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Order Book Toolbar Functions  
462 JKSDORDERCHANGE JSDI IS-M  IS-M/SD Mass Changes to Orders  
463 JKSDORDERCUST03 JSDI IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
464 JKSDORDERCUST05 JSDI IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
465 JKSDORDERCUST06 JSDI IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
466 JKSDORDERCUST07 JSDI IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
467 JKSDORDERINDEX JSDI IS-M  Compile Order Index  
468 JKSDPORDER JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Purchase Orders  
469 JKSDPROD01 JSDI IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
470 JKSDPROTOCOL JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Function Modules for Log  
471 JKSDQEVENT JSDI IS-M  Event Control  
472 JKSDQEVENTFEAT JSDI IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
473 JKSDQEVENTFEATUR JSDI IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
474 JKSDQEVENTMNG JSDI IS-M  Plan Event Management  
475 JKSDQEVENTMNG_DB JSDI IS-M  Database Operations for Event Management  
476 JKSDQUAN JSDI IS-M  Quantity Determination in M/SD  
477 JKSDRETURN JSDI    Returned Copy Processing  
478 JKSDRETURN100 JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Release Returns  
479 JKSDRETURN101 JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Aux. Modules for 2nd Gen. Return  
480 JKSDRETURN105 JSDI IS-M  Sample Function Modules for Return Check  
481 JKSDRETURN106 JSDI IS-M  Sample Func. Mods for Return Conditions  
482 JKSDRETURN107 JSDI IS-M  Auxiliary Modules for Delivery Qty Index  
483 JKSDRETURN108 JSDI IS-M  Buffer for Quantity Index  
485 JKSDRETURNCANCELBASE JSDI IS-M  Reverse Returns - Basis  
486 JKSDRETURNCHECK JSDI    Check Return  
488 JKSDRETURNCHECK02 JSDI IS-M  Return Checks  
489 JKSDRETURNCHECK03 JSDI IS-M  BAPI for Checking Returns  
492 JKSDRETURNCUST01 JSDI IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
493 JKSDRETURNCUST03 JSDI IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
494 JKSDRETURNCUST1 JSDI IS-M  Extended Table Maintenance (Generated)  
495 JKSDRETURNREBUILDREF JSDI    Determine References in Returns Again  
498 JKSDRETURNRIGHT JSDI IS-M  Right of Return  
499 JKSDSALESVERIFY JSDI IS-M  Verify Sales Quantities  
500 JKSDSAPMV45A JSDI IS-M  IS-M: Modifications SAPMV45A