SAP ABAP Transaction Code - Index V, page 4
Transaction Code - V
# Transaction code Short Description Corresponding Report (if exist)
1 VVG2 Change output: Groups SAPMV13B
2 VVG3 Display Output: Group SAPMV13B
4 VVO1 Manage Contracts With AcctBalIntCalc SAPLVVOZINS3
5 VVOC Create Ins. Obj. Int. Bal. Letter SAPLFKKAKTIV2
6 VVOH Bal. Int. Calc. History Ins. Obj. RVVOZINS01
7 VVOSUM Summarization for Bal. Int. Calc.  
8 VVOSUMA Bal. Int. Calc.: Summarization  
9 VVOZ Balance Interest Calc. Ins. Object SAPLFKKAKTIV2
10 VVOZACT AcctBalIntCalcCurrChange: Activities  
11 VVOZACTDEF Currency Change: Define Activities  
12 VVOZCURR Permitted Currency Change  
13 VVOZCURRSW CurrChangeContractsAcctBalIntCalc. SAPLFKKAKTIV2
14 VVSC Scheduling MENUVVSC
15 VVSCACT Scheduling: Customizing Payt Opt Act  
16 VVSCBEC Scheduling: Customiz. Pmnt Opt Cond.  
17 VVSCCACT Scheduling: Customiz. Chng SchedItem  
18 VVSCEACT Scheduling: Customizing Payt Pl Act  
19 VVSCERN Scheduling: Customiz. Pmnt Plan Amt  
20 VVSCHS1 SLV List for Payment Plan Change SAPRVV100
21 VVSCHS2 List for Scheduling Item Change SAPRVV101
22 VVSCIUB Scheduling: Customiz. Payt Plan Over  
23 VVSCNUM Maintain Number Ranges Payment Plans  
24 VVSCNUM1 Number Range Maintenance: VSC_ITEM SAPMSNUM
25 VVSCNUMITEM Number Range Payment Plan Items  
26 VVSCNUMPOS Number Range Payment Plan Items  
27 VVSCPO Scheduling: Payment Option  
28 VVSCPOGRU Scheduling: Debit Entry: Item Groupg  
29 VVSCPOVER Scheduling: Debit Entry: Item Summrz  
30 VVSCPOVEROPK Schedulimg: Debit Entry: Summ. OI  
31 VVSCPP Scheduling: Payment Plan  
32 VVSCSORT Scheduling: ULIFE: Item Sort  
33 VVSCSTOR1 Business Case Reversal  
34 VVSCSTOR2 Payment Plan Reversal  
35 VVSCSTOR3 Payment Plan Item Reversal  
36 VVSCSTOR4 Business Case Reversal  
37 VVSCSTOR5 Business Case Reversal  
38 VVSCSTOR6 Business Case Reversal  
39 VVSCSTORNO Payment Plan Reversal VVSC_STORNO
40 VVSCULIVECFC Cust.-Init. Payment Clarification  
41 VVSCVBE Scheduling: Customiz. End Pmnt Plan  
42 VVSCVERULI Universal Life Clearing Control  
43 VVSCZAE Scheduling: Customiz. Pmnt Plan Amt  
44 VVSCZOP Scheduling: Customizing Payment Opt  
45 VVSCZOPZPL Scheduling: Assgt PmntOpt<->PmntPlan  
46 VVSCZPL Scheduling: Customizing Payment Plan  
47 VVSC_PP_FS Payment Plans Field Status  
48 VVVORG Customize Transactions MENUVVVORG
49 VW01 SD Scenario 'Incoming Orders' SAPMV45W
50 VW02 SD Scenario 'Freedom to Shop' SAPMV45Y
51 VW10 SD Scenario 'Order Status' SAPMV45X
52 VX00 Export Control MENUVX00
53 VX01 Create license (old) SAPMV52E
54 VX01N Create license SAPMV52E
55 VX01X Create control record (new) SAPMV52E
56 VX02 Change license (old) SAPMV52E
57 VX02N Change license SAPMV52E
58 VX02X Change control record (new) SAPMV52E
59 VX03 Display license (old) SAPMV52E
60 VX03N Display license SAPMV52E
61 VX03X Display control record (new) SAPMV52E
62 VX04N Maintain license SAPMV52E
63 VX05 Customers for License  
64 VX06 Export Control Classes for License  
65 VX07 Simulation: License Check RVEXSIAU
66 VX08 Simulation: Boycott List Check RVEXSIBO
67 VX09 Simulation: Embargo Check RVEXSIEM
68 VX0C Foreign Trade: Customizing Menu MENUVX0C
69 VX10 Countries of Destination for License  
70 VX11 Create Financial Document SAPMV86E
71 VX11N Create financial document SAPMV86E
72 VX11X Create Financial Document SAPMV86E
73 VX12 Change Financial Document SAPMV86E
74 VX12N Change Financial Document SAPMV86E
75 VX12X Change Financial Document SAPMV86E
76 VX13 Display Financial Document SAPMV86E
77 VX13N Display financial document SAPMV86E
78 VX13X Display Financial Document SAPMV86E
79 VX14N Maintain financial documents SAPMV86E
80 VX16 BAFA diskette: Selection RVEXAU04
81 VX17 Create BAFA diskette RVFTGKMD
82 VX22 Change license data (old) SAPMV52G
83 VX22N Change License Data SAPLV52E
84 VX23 Display license data (old) SAPMV52G
85 VX23N Display license data SAPLV52E
86 VX24N Maintain control data SAPLV52E
87 VX30 Legal Control: Export Ctrl Class RVEXVEMA
88 VX49 Doc.Paym.Guarantee: Fin.Doc.Types  
89 VX50 Doc.Paym.Guarantee: Fin.Doc.Types  
90 VX51 Doc.Paym.Guarantee: Bank Function  
91 VX52 Doc.Paym.Guarantee: Field Ctrl ID  
92 VX53 Doc.Paym.Guarantee: Fin.Doc.Type ID  
93 VX54 Doc.Paym.Guar.: Fld Ctrl-Bank Funct.  
94 VX55 Doc.Paym.Guar.: Export/Import Docs  
95 VX56 Doc. Payment Guarantee: Bank IDs  
96 VX57 Doc.Paym.Guar.: Export Docs Def.  
97 VX58 Doc.Paym.Guar.: Export Docs Assignm.  
98 VX70 Sanctioned Party List: Legal Regul.  
99 VX71 Sanctioned Party List:Departure Ctry  
100 VX72 Sanctioned Party List:Scope of Check  
101 VX73 Sanctioned Party List: Aliases  
102 VX74 Sanctioned Party List: Exclus.Texts  
103 VX75 Sanctioned Party List: List Types  
104 VX76 Sanctioned Party List: References  
105 VX77 Sanctioned Party List: Delimiter  
106 VX78 Sanctioned Party L.: Normalization  
107 VX79 Sanctioned Party List: Phon. Check  
108 VX80 CAP: CAP products list number  
109 VX81 CAP: CAP products group  
110 VX83 CAP: Components Leading Good  
111 VX84 CAP: CAP material components  
112 VX85 CAP: CAP Bill of Material  
113 VX86 Maintain Market Organizations  
114 VX87 Maintain No. of Market Organization  
115 VX94 Declarations to Authorities: Check RVCHEMAB
116 VX98 Displ.FT Data in Purch.Doc.-INTERNET SAPMV52A
117 VX99 FT/Customs: General overview SAPMV99E
118 VXA1 Docs Assigned to Financial Documents RVEXAK10
119 VXA2 Existing Financial Documents RVEXAK30
120 VXA3 Financial Documents: Blocked Docs RVKREDLC
121 VXA4 Financial Documents: Simulation RVEXAK47
122 VXA5 Document. Payments: Print Monitoring RVEXAKNS
123 VXA7 Documentary Payments: Simulation RVEXAK47
124 VXBC SLS: List of Blocked Customers RVEXSLIC
125 VXC1 Activation of Future Changes BUSPCDACT
126 VXCZ INTRASTAT: Form - Czech Republic RVEXPICZ
127 VXDA SLS: Audit Trail - Customer Master RVEXSLAD
128 VXDG Export Control MENUVXDG
129 VXDP Declarations to the Authorities MENUVXDP
130 VXDV List of Expiring SLS Records RVEXSLDV
131 VXF1 Retransfer Posting Data SAPRVV42
132 VXGK Export Control MENUVXGK
133 VXH1 Transfer to general ledger RFKKGL00
135 VXIE Maintain Foreign Trade Data MENUVXIE
136 VXJ0 Foreign Trade: MITI Decl. - Japan RVEXPJP0
137 VXJ1 MITI Declarations  
138 VXJ2 Declaration of ImportBill.Docs Japan  
139 VXJ3 Foreign Trade: Import Decl. Japan RVEXJPST
140 VXKA SLS: Audit Trail: Vendor Master RVEXSLAK
141 VXKD Declarations to the Authorities MENUVXKD
142 VXKP Configuration: Maintain Tables T180* SAPMV76A
143 VXL1 Legal Control: SLS - Scenario 1 RVEXSLC1
144 VXL2 Legal Control: SLS - Scenario 2 RVEXSLC2
145 VXL3 Legal Control: SLS - Scenario 3 RVEXSLC3
146 VXL4 Legal Control: SLS - Scenario 4 RVEXSLC4
147 VXL5 Legal Control: SLS - Scenario 5 RVEXSLC5
148 VXL6 Legal Control: SLS: Sim.: Customer RVEXSLSD
149 VXL7 Legal Control: SLS: Search Terms RVEXSLKW
150 VXL8 Legal Control: SLS: Change History RVSCDFSL
151 VXL9 Legal Control: SLS: Sim.: Vendor RVEXSLSK
152 VXLA Legal Control: SLS - Audit Trail RVEXSLDA
153 VXLB Legal Control: SLS: Sim.: Address RVEXSLSA
154 VXLC SLS: Vendor Check - Scenario 3 RVEXSLCC
155 VXLD Legal Control: SLS - List Display RVEXSLDE
156 VXLE SLS: Scenario 5 - Vendor Master RVEXSLCE
157 VXLP Legal Control: SLS: Keyword: Address RVEXSLKA
158 VXLU Legal Control: SLS - Data Service RVEXSLUL
159 VXLX Legal Control: SLS: Sim. Customer RVEXSLS1
160 VXLY Legal Control: SLS: Sim. Deliv. RVEXSLS2
161 VXLZ Sanctioned Party List Screen RVEXSLS3
162 VXME Declarations to the Authorities MENUVXME
163 VXMO Common Agricultural Policy MENUVXMO
165 VXPR Export Control MENUVXPR
166 VXS1 Legal Control: SLS: Create Entry SAPMVFSL
167 VXS2 Ges. Kontrolle: SLS: Change Entry SAPMVFSL
168 VXS3 Legal Control: SLS: Display Entry SAPMVFSL
169 VXSE Declarations to the Authorities MENUVXSE
170 VXSIM Simulate Import RVEXIMSI
172 VXSL Foreign Trade: Area Menu SLS MENUVXSL
173 VXSW Mass change material commodity code RVEXMMSW
174 VY00 (empty)  
175 VY01 Maintain account function modules  
176 VY04 Start Excel with test data SAPRVV04
177 VY05 List documents SAPRVV20
178 VY08 String search in source code SAPRVV19
179 VY13 DME processing SAPRVV70
180 VY21 List RFC errors SAPRVV21
181 VY22 Maintain account function modules  
182 VY23 Maintain account function modules  
183 VY40 Delete contract data SAPRVV40
184 VY41 Delete dunning history w/VVKKMHIST MAHNHISX
185 VY6A Clearing Customiz.: Deadline variant  
186 VY6B Clearing Customizing: Ordinality  
187 VY6C Clearing Customizing: Sort. variants  
188 VY6D Clearing Customiz: Min amt variants  
189 VY6E Clearing Customizing: Variants  
190 VY6F Clearing Customizing: Item cats  
191 VY6G Clearing Customiz: DocType->ItmCat  
192 VY6H Acct Det. Reconc. Acct SAPRVV60
193 VY6I Revenue acct: acct determination SAPRVV60
194 VY6J Adv. pyt post reasons: acct determ.  
195 VY6K Acct Det. Reconc. Acct  
196 VY6M Acct det: Automatic clearing  
197 VY6N Cust. posting area V100  
198 VY6O Cust. posting area 1110 SAPRVV60
199 VY6P Cust. Bank Clrg / Clarif. Acct - DME  
200 VY6Q Acct Determination: Coll. Invoices  
201 VY6S Transactions For Simulated Items  
202 VY6T Assign Transactions To Interest Keys  
203 VY6U Parameters for Currency Change  
204 VY6V G/L Accounts for Currency Change  
205 VY6W Parameters for Transfer Postings  
206 VY6X Closing Parameters  
207 VY6Y Customizing Acct Default Vals  
208 VY7C Customizing: Dunning amt limits  
209 VY7D Customizing: Dunning charges  
210 VY7F Customizing: Dunning grouping  
211 VY7G Dunning proc. det. posting area:V201  
212 VY7H Det DP Post Area V200 (old in V2.2)  
213 VY7I Det. Posting Area Dep Acct Interest  
214 VY7J Det. Dunning Proc. Postg Area V500  
215 VY7K Acct Det.: Revenue/Contract Acct  
216 VY7L CD Customizing Basic Settings  
217 VY7M Parameters for Open Account Clearing  
218 VY7S Customizing: Dunning block reasons  
219 VY7T Dunn. Determ. Posting Area: V202  
220 VY8A Account Determination SAPRVVKF
221 VYAAS Doc. Type for Clearing Oldest Debt  
222 VYAC0 Bill Scheduling Archiving  
223 VYAC1 Maintain General Scheduling Runtime  
224 VYAC2 Archiving Business Case Reversal PP  
225 VYAC21 Coinsurance Reporting Archiv.  
226 VYAC22 Maintain General Coins. Runtime  
227 VYAC23 Activate AS for Coinsurance  
228 VYAC3 Durations Bus. Case Reversal PP  
229 VYAC4 Activate AS for Bill Scheduling  
230 VYAC5 Activate AS Bus. Case Reversal PPlan  
231 VYAF Invoicing History Archiving  
232 VYAF0 Define General Invoicing Runtime  
233 VYAF1 Define Runtime for Invoicing Types  
234 VYAG0 Archiving Money Laundering Laws  
235 VYAG1 Maintain Money Laundering Runtime  
236 VYAITAG0 Archiving Agency Collections  
237 VYAITAG1 Duration Agency Collections  
238 VYAITAG2 AS Activate Agency Collections  
239 VYAM0 Archiving of Broker Reports  
240 VYAM1 Maintain Gen. Broker Report Runtime  
241 VYAR FS-CD: Posting Data Archiving  
242 VYAS01 Display ISCD Broker Report Info Str.  
243 VYAS21 Activate AS for Broker Report Arch.  
244 VYAS31 Activate AS for invoicing history  
245 VYAS41 Bal. Int. Calc. Hist. Archive  
246 VYAS42 Maintain Gen. AcctBalIntCalcRuntime  
247 VYAS43 Activate AS for Acct Bal. Int. Calc.  
248 VYAUG Clrg Restrictions for Transactions  
249 VYAV0 Archiving Insurance Integration  
250 VYAV2 AS Insurance Integration Active  
251 VYBEZ Item Is Regarded as Cleared, if:  
252 VYBT Field Status Setting for Doc Cat.  
253 VYCA Customizing: Cancel. Reason  
254 VYCB Customizing: Posting reasons  
255 VYCC Customizing: Document type  
256 VYCD Bank Acct Customizing  
257 VYCE Customizing Selection for Clearing  
258 VYCF Customizing: Invoice Types  
259 VYCG Customizing: TKKVABGRB  
260 VYCH Customizing: Notes to the Clerk  
261 VYCM Customizing: Doc Dunning Procedure  
262 VYCO Posting Specs for Coins. Shares  
263 VYCOV004 Create Insurance Invoices SAPLFKKAKTIV2
264 VYCOV008 Create Insurance Quotations SAPLFKKAKTIV2
265 VYCOV018 Create Tax Office Certificates SAPLFKKAKTIV2
266 VYCOV032 Create Balanced Contract Statements SAPLFKKAKTIV2
267 VYCOV033 Create Ins. Balance Notifications SAPLFKKAKTIV2
268 VYCQ Customizing: Doc Type Deter.  
269 VYCR Customizing: Returns Reasons  
270 VYCS Customizing: Line Table TKKVSPAR  
271 VYCU Customizing for Sublines of Bus.  
272 VYCV Customizing: Summarization  
273 VYCW Customizing - Money Laundering Rptg  
274 VYCX Maintain Customer LR Enhancements  
275 VYEV Define External Transactions  
276 VYFS Cust Structures for Post Data Transf SAPRVVFS
277 VYIE Assign External Transactions  
278 VYIV Define Internal Transactions  
279 VYKO Open Item Accounting Carryforward SAPLFKKAKTIV2
280 VYM10 Contract Dun. Status SAPRVV99
281 VYM7 FI-CA Dunning History Archvg  
282 VYM9 Define Dunning Archiving Runtime  
283 VYSA Reconcil. Progr. for Posting Run SAPRVVSA
284 VYSP Parallelized Debit Entry SAPMVVSP
285 VYSPA Insurance Debit Entry SAPLFKKAKTIV2
286 VYT1 Note to Clerk from Clearing  
287 VYTAX01 Doc. Evaluation for Ins. Tax. Reptg SAPRVVTAXREP_IT_PREP
288 VYTAX02 List Creation for Tax Report SAPRVVTAXREP_IT
289 VYTAX1 Insurance Tax Schedule Specs  
290 VYTAX2 Transaction-Relevant Tax Code  
291 VYTAX3 Main/Subtransaction for Payt on Acct  
292 VYZ0 Customizing: Bank Clearing Accts  
293 VYZ1 Customizing: Payment Frequency  
294 VYZ10 Customizing POKEN -> Payt lock rsn  
295 VYZ2 Customizing: Automatic Payments  
296 VYZ3 Customizing: FMs for Due Dates  
297 VYZ6 Customizing Act. Commission  
298 VYZ9 Start Workflows for Clarif. Cases SAPRVV76
299 VY_TT_1 Transaction for TKKV_T1  
300 VY_V011 Cust. Receivables/Payables  
301 VY_V021 Cust. Revenues/Expenses  
302 VY_V050 Customizing Posting Area V050  
303 VY_V131 Transaction-Relevant Tax Code  
304 VY_V132 Activity Code/Distribution Type Arg.  
305 VY_V133 Classification Determination (Taxes)  
306 V_AUGL_AS Clearing for Oldest Debt SAPLFKKAKTIV2
307 V_BPID003_E Identification Number Categories  
308 V_BPUM_CTL BP: Activate Parallel Maintenance  
309 V_FMAC Table maintenance for FMAC  
310 V_FMITPOC1 View Maintenance V_FMITPOC1  
311 V_FMITPOC2 View Maintenance V_FMITPOC2  
312 V_FMITPOC3 View Maintenance V_FMITPOC3  
313 V_FMITPOC4 View Maintenance V_FMITPOC4  
314 V_FMPY Table maintenance for FMPY  
315 V_I7 Condit: Pricing SD - Index in Backgr  
316 V_I8 Conditions: Pricing SD - Index SAPMV13A
317 V_J_3RFREGINVIN Register Incoming Invoices  
318 V_J_3RFREGINVOUT Register Outgoing Invoices  
319 V_MACO Manual Completion Sales Documents SD_SALESDOC_COMPLETION
320 V_NL Edit net price list SDNETPR0
321 V_NLN Creation of Price Lists SDPIQPRICELIST
322 V_R1 List of Backorders SDV03R01
323 V_R2 Display List of Backorders SDV03R02
324 V_RA Backorder Processing: Selection List SAPMV75B
325 V_SA Collective Proc. Analysis (Deliv.) SDSAMPRO
326 V_TBC001 Business Partner: Grpng to Acct Grp  
327 V_TBD001 Business Partner: Grpng to Acct Grp  
328 V_TBPID Characteristics of ID Numbers Cat.s  
329 V_TD05_AT_FS OeNB Target Groups  
330 V_TP019 Values Table Group Category Fields  
331 V_TP19 BP: Maintain Acquisn. Add.Data Types  
332 V_TP23 Maintain Diff. Type Criterion  
333 V_TP23S Control Diff. Type Criterion  
334 V_TP24 Define Grouping Characteristic  
335 V_TPR1 Assignment Categories  
336 V_TPR2 BP: Assignment Category- Application  
337 V_TPR4 BP: Assign modules to time periods  
338 V_TPR5 BP: Role categories - application  
339 V_TPR6 BP: Role categories - application  
340 V_TPR9 BPR: Role for Grouping/Address Type  
341 V_TPZ18 Category of Additional Data Fields  
342 V_TPZ20 Set Information Category  
343 V_TPZ6_N Role Types  
344 V_UC Incomplete SD Documents WSUCSTAT
345 V_UC_7 Incomplete SD Documents WSUCSTAT
346 V_UKMCOMM_TYPES_PI Credit Exposure Categories  
347 V_V1 Updating Unconfirmed Sales Documents SDV03V01
348 V_V2 Updating Sales Documents by Material SDV03V02