SAP ABAP Table CFB_KALM_TMP (TMP Save / CK40N Selected Materials)
SAP_APPL (Software Component) Logistics and Accounting
   PP-PI-CFB (Application Component) Consumer Products for Food & Beverage
     CFB_GENERAL (Package) CFB General (DDIC)
Basic Data
Table Category TRANSP    Transparent table 
Transparent table CFB_KALM_TMP   Table Relationship Diagram
Short Description TMP Save / CK40N Selected Materials    
Delivery and Maintenance
Delivery Class L   Table for storing temporary data, delivered empty 
Data Browser/Table View Maintenance     Display/Maintenance Allowed with Restrictions 
Field Key Data Element Domain Data
Length Decimal
Short Description Check
1 MANDT MANDT MANDT CLNT 3   0   Client *
2 KALAID CK_KALAID CHAR8 CHAR 8   0   Name of Costing Run  
3 KALADAT CK_KALADAT DATUM DATS 8   0   Costing Run Date  
4 TVERS CK_TVERS CK_VERSION NUMC 2   0   Costing Version  
5 MATNR MATNR MATNR CHAR 18   0   Material Number *
6 WERKS WERKS_D WERKS CHAR 4   0   Plant *
7 VERID VERID VERID CHAR 4   0   Production Version *
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