SAP ABAP Function Module TXW_DATA_VIEW_PROCESS (Process data view)
SAP_FIN (Software Component) SAP_FIN
   CA-GTF-DRT (Application Component) Data Retention Tool
     FTW1 (Package) Data Retention Tool
Basic Data
Function Module TXW_DATA_VIEW_PROCESS Process data view  
Function Group TXW2   DART: Data file i/o modules  
Program Name SAPLTXW2   Tax Warehouse: Flat file i/o modules 
Type Parameter Name Typing Associated Type Default value Optional Pass Value Short text
Exporting DUPLICATE_RECORDS TYPE I Number of duplicate records that were removed
Importing DATA_VIEW TYPE TXW_C_V0-TAX_VIEW Tax view name
Importing CALL_BACK_PROGRAM TYPE TRDIR-NAME Call-back program name
Importing FORM_OUTPUT_RECORD TYPE Call-back subroutine name
Importing FLAG_OPTIMIZE TYPE TXW_GLOBAL-X_OPTIMIZE 'X' Flag: Optimize segment access sequence
Importing MAX_BUFFER_SIZE TYPE TXW_GLOBAL-MAX_QBUFF 50 Maximum buffer size (in MB)
Importing MAX_HITS TYPE TXW_VDF-MAX_HITS 0 Maximum number of hits
Tables T_SELECTION TYPE TXW_V_SELC Selection conditions
Tables T_VIEW_SEGMENTS TYPE TXW_C_V1 View segments (user-specified order)
Exception INVALID_VIEW TYPE Data view is invalid or does not exist
Exception NO_RECORD_FOUND TYPE No record found
Exception NO_AUTHORITY TYPE No authority
Exception NO_DATA_IN_SEGMENT TYPE A view segment has no data in the file
Processing Type
Normal Function Module  
Remote-Enabled Module BaseXML supported
Update Module Start immediately
Immediate Start, No Restart
Start Delayed
JAVA Module Callable from ABAP  
Remote-Enabled JAVA Module  
Module Callable from JAVA  
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