SAP ABAP Package FTW1 (Data Retention Tool)
Basic Data
Package FTW1   
Short Description   Data Retention Tool    
Super package APPL   Structure Package: Logistics/Accounting (copy from ERP) 
Main package indicator       Development Package 
Created on/by 00000000  SAP 
Package Content
Contained Tables / Views
Table Name Short Description Table Category Delivery Class
DARTEOL_LOG Lock object for log file  TRANSP   C  
TXA_C_BUKRS Settings for company codes  TRANSP   C  
TXW_C_BUKRS Settings for company codes  TRANSP   C  
TXW_C_GLO Global settings (fields from structure TXW_GLOBAL)  TRANSP   C  
TXW_C_REF Reference for currency/amount fields  TRANSP   E  
TXW_C_RELA Relations of tables and domains  TRANSP   E  
TXW_C_SKIP_SEG Customizing skip segments  TRANSP   C  
TXW_C_SOEX Source tables and export structures  TRANSP   G  
TXW_C_STRC Segment structures  TRANSP   G  
TXW_C_V0 Data view: Header  TRANSP   E  
TXW_C_V0T Data view: Description  TRANSP   E  
TXW_C_V1 Data view: Data segments  TRANSP   E  
TXW_C_V2 Data view: Join conditions  TRANSP   E  
TXW_C_V2S Data view: Standard join conditions  TRANSP   G  
TXW_C_V3 Data view: View fields  TRANSP   E  
TXW_C_V4 Data view: Selection conditions  TRANSP   E  
TXW_C_VOL Data file directory sets  TRANSP   C  
TXW_C_VOLD Data file directories  TRANSP   C  
TXW_C_VOLT Data file directory set descriptions  TRANSP   C  
TXW_DIR Data file log (replaced by txw_dir2, use of guids)  TRANSP   A  
TXW_DIR2 Data file log  TRANSP   A  
TXW_DIRAL Data file log - ArchiveLink (obsolete after rel 99)  TRANSP   A  
TXW_DIRAL2 Data file log - ArchiveLink  TRANSP   A  
TXW_DIRSEG Data file segment directory (replaced by txw_dirsg2: uuids)  TRANSP   A  
TXW_DIRSG2 Data file segment directory  TRANSP   A  
TXW_FSZH DART: file size settings header  TRANSP   C  
TXW_FSZR DART: file size estimator settings records  TRANSP   C  
TXW_FSZT DART: file size settings description  TRANSP   C  
TXW_IBU DART: IBU add-on extraction function modules  TRANSP   S  
TXW_INDEX Temporary table for data segment index  TRANSP   L  
TXW_INDEX_01 Temporary table for data segment index  TRANSP   L  
TXW_INDEX_02 Temporary table for data segment index  TRANSP   L  
TXW_INDEX_03 Temporary table for data segment index  TRANSP   L  
TXW_INDEX_04 Temporary table for data segment index  TRANSP   L  
TXW_INDEX_05 Temporary table for data segment index  TRANSP   L  
TXW_LOCK1 Lock object for INDX (Tax Data retention)  TRANSP   C  
TXW_LOCK2 Lock object for data file  TRANSP   C  
TXW_R_STAT Status/Trace for TXW-data retrieval from archives  TRANSP   A  
TXW_S_ANEA Retrieve ANEA from archive  TRANSP   L  
TXW_S_ANEK Retrieve ANEP from archive  TRANSP   L  
TXW_S_ANEP Retrieve ANEP from archive  TRANSP   L  
TXW_S_BKPF Retrieve BKPF from archive  TRANSP   L  
TXW_S_BSEG Retrieve BSEG from archive  TRANSP   L  
TXW_S_COBK Retrieve COBK from archive  TRANSP   L  
TXW_S_COEP Retrieve COEP from archive  TRANSP   L  
TXW_S_COFI Retrieve COFIS from archive  TRANSP   L  
TXW_S_EKKO Retrieve EKKO from archive  TRANSP   L  
TXW_S_EKPO Retrieve EKPO from archive  TRANSP   L  
TXW_S_GLT0 Retrieve archived GLT0 data  TRANSP   A  
TXW_S_KNC1 Retrieve archived Customer master data  TRANSP   A  
TXW_S_LFC1 Retrieve archived Vendor master (transaction figures) data  TRANSP   A  
TXW_S_LIKP Retrieve LIKP from archive  TRANSP   L  
TXW_S_LIPS Retrieve LIPS from archive  TRANSP   L  
TXW_S_MKPF Retrieve MKPF from archive  TRANSP   L  
TXW_S_MSEG Retrieve MSEG from archive  TRANSP   L  
TXW_S_VBAK Retrieve VBAK from archive  TRANSP   L  
TXW_S_VBAP Retrieve VBAP from archive  TRANSP   L  
TXW_S_VBPA Retrieve VBPA from archive  TRANSP   L  
TXW_S_VBRK Retrieve VBRK from archive  TRANSP   L  
TXW_S_VBRP Retrieve VBRP from archive  TRANSP   L  
TXW_VARIA Contents of Variant of TXW-archive retrieval  TRANSP   A  
TXW_VC_LOCK Locktable view output  TRANSP   L  
TXW_VWLOG View query log (replaced by txw_vwlog2: uuids)  TRANSP   A  
TXW_VWLOG2 View query log  TRANSP   A  
TXW_VWLOG2_U Data view query log  TRANSP   A  
TXW_VWLOGAL2 View query log - ArchiveLink  TRANSP   A  
Contained Transaction Codes
Transaction Code Short Description Program
FTW0 Tax data retention and reporting  MENUFTW0  
FTW1A Extract Data  RTXWCF02  
FTWA Extract data  RTXWCF01  
FTWAD Associated data detector     
FTWB Retrieve archived data  RTXWCF10  
FTWC Merge extracts  RTXWMG01  
FTWCF Field catalog  RTXWCATF  
FTWCS Segment catalog  RTXWCATS  
FTWD Verify data extract checksums  RTXWCHK2  
FTWE Verify control totals (FI documents)  RTXWCHK11  
FTWE1 Verify all FI control totals  RTXWCHK4  
FTWES Data extract splitter     
FTWESL Display extract splitter log     
FTWF Data extract browser  RTXWQU01  
FTWH Data view queries  RTXWQU03  
FTWI Create background job  RTXWBTCH  
FTWJ Clear data retrieved from archives  RTXWDROP  
FTWK Delete extracts  RTXWDELF  
FTWL Display extract log  RTXWLOG2  
FTWM Rebuild data extract  RTXWCF05  
FTWN Display view query log  RTXWVWL2  
FTWP Settings for data extraction  SAPMTXWC  
FTWQ Configure data file data segments  RTXWSEGS  
FTWQMD Number range maintenance: TXW_SN_MD  SAPMSNUM  
FTWQTD Number range maintenance: TXW_SN_TD  SAPMSNUM  
FTWR File size worksheet  RTXWSIZE  
FTWS Transport configuration and logs  RTXWTASK  
FTWSCC DART: Settings for Company Codes  RTXWSM3X  
FTWW List segment information  RTXWLS01  
FTWX Data file view authority groups     
FTWY Maintain data file view  SAPMTXWV  
FTWYR DART: Maintain Segment Relationships  RTXWSM3X  
S_P6D_40000025 Read view query log (extract splitte     
S_P6D_40000026 DART: Associated data detector     
S_P6D_40000027 DART: Associated data detector     
Software Component SAP_FIN  SAP_FIN 
SAP Release Created in      
Application Component CA-GTF-DRT (HLB0100372) Data Retention Tool 
Package FTW1  Data Retention Tool