SAP ABAP Program SAPLTXW2 (Tax Warehouse: Flat file i/o modules)
Basic Data
Program SAPLTXW2 Tax Warehouse: Flat file i/o modules  
Program Type F Function group  
Application S Basis  
Authorization Group  
Logical database D$S Processing without database  
Selection screen  
Editor lock Fixed point arithmetic  
Unicode checks active Start using variant  
Function Group
Include Function Module Short Description Mode
01   TXW_SEGMENT_RECORD_EXPORT   Export data record to current segment in flat file    
02   TXW_FILE_OPEN_FOR_WRITE   Open file on application server for writing    
03   TXW_FILE_CLOSE   Close current file on application server    
04   TXW_SEGMENT_WRITE_INIT   Initializations for new data segment on file (write operation)    
05   TXW_SEGMENT_WRITE_CLOSE   Close data segment (update statistics, write indexes) (write operation)    
06   TXW_EXTRACT_WRITE_INIT   Initialize new extract (write operation)    
07   TXW_EXTRACT_WRITE_CLOSE   Close extract (write operation)    
08   TXW_FILE_OPEN_FOR_READ   Open file on application server for reading    
09   TXW_EXTRACT_READ_INIT   Initialize extract for reading    
10   TXW_SEGMENT_READ_INIT   Initialize new read request    
11   TXW_EXTRACT_METADATA_READ   Read metadata for segment from file    
12   TXW_SEGMENT_RECORD_READ_ADDR   Read record with specified address    
13   TXW_SEGMENT_RECORD_READ   Read next record from segment    
14   TXW_SEGMENT_READ_CLOSE   Close last read request    
15   TXW_EXTRACT_SEGMENT_DIR_READ   Read segment directory from file    
16   TXW_FILE_NEXT_OPEN_FOR_WRITE   Open next volume (file) for writing    
17   TXW_SEGMENT_QUERY_INIT   Initialize new query on data segment    
18   TXW_SEGMENT_QUERY_RECORD_READ   Read next record from segment    
19   TXW_SEGMENT_QUERY_CLOSE   Close query    
20   TXW_DATA_VIEW_PROCESS   Process data view    
21   TXW_EXTRACT_SELECTION_READ   Read selection criteria from data file    
22   TXW_SEGMENT_INFO_GET   Get information about segment from data file    
23   TXW_DATA_VIEW_INFO_GET   Get information about data view from data file    
24   TXW_EXTRACT_READ_CLOSE   Close extract for reading    
25   TXW_FILE_NAME_GET   Data file name from logical name and volume id    
26   TXW_EXTRACT_CONTRL_TOTALS_READ   Read checksums from file    
27   TXW_EXTRACT_LOG_PRINT   Print directory log    
28   TXW_EXTRACT_SEGMENT_READ_ALL   Read all segment records from file into internal table    
29   TXW_SEGMENT_CHECKSUM_VERIFY   Verify segment byte-level checksum    
30   TXW_EXTRACT_CHECKSUM_VERIFY   Verify extract byte-level checksum    
31   TXW_DATA_VIEW_FILE_WRITE_INIT   Initialize data view query file    
32   TXW_EXTRACT_COMPANY_CODES_GET   Get list of company codes    
33   TXW_EXTRACT_READ_DATA   Read data from file into internal structure    
34   TXW_SEGMENT_REBUILD   Export segment rebuilding from data using forms if necessary    
35   TXW_FILE_DETERMINE_STYLE   Determine file style or format    
36   TXW_EXTRACT_READ_INTO_DIR2   Read data from file into internal structure    
37   TXW_FILE_IMPORT   Import external dart file into txw_dir2 and dirseg2 logs    
38   TXW_EXTRACT_CRLF_GET   Get special characters CR LF    
39   TXW_FILE_CLOSE_ALL_READ   Close all files that are open for read    
40   TXW_FILE_CLOSE_READ   Close a file that is open for read    
41   TXW_VIEW_DATA_META_GET   Get metadata for segment from file    
42   TXW_GET_FLAG_SEGDAT_LEN6   Get flag segdat length = 6    
43   TXW_DATABUFFER_CODEPAGE_CONV   Convert the Data Buffer accoring to Code Page settings    
Transaction Code
There is no transaction reference to this program  
Last changed by/on SAP  19980423 
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