SAP ABAP Package KKB (Reporting for Costing)
Basic Data
Package KKB   
Short Description   Reporting for Costing    
Super package APPL   Structure Package: Logistics/Accounting (copy from ERP) 
Main package indicator       Development Package 
Created on/by 00000000  SAP 
Package Content
Contained Tables / Views
Table Name Short Description Table Category Delivery Class
CKBOB KKB: Object Record (Fixed Database Portion)  TRANSP   A  
FCOM_HDB HDB Customzing for Analytic Views  TRANSP   S  
FCOM_HDB_C HDB Customzing for Customers Analytic Views  TRANSP   C  
FCOM_HDB_CONN HDB connection for Product Costing Reports  TRANSP   C  
KKBMM Characteristic Assignment for Selection Screens for Ord. Sel  TRANSP   G  
KKBSB Selection Screens for Order Selection  TRANSP   G  
KKBSBT Text Table for Selection Screens  TRANSP   G  
TKKB1 Costing Reports  TRANSP   G  
TKKB2 Cost Element Groups for Costing Reports  TRANSP   G  
TKKB3 KKB: General Reports  TRANSP   G  
TKKBH Exception rules for traffic lights  TRANSP   A  
TKKBI Designations of rule bases for exception rules  TRANSP   S  
TKKBJ Rule basis keys for exception rules  TRANSP   S  
TKKBORSEL Customizing Table for Order Selection  TRANSP   C  
TKKBT Reporting Control Parameters  TRANSP   C  
TKKBU Application-Dependent Report Parameters  TRANSP   G  
TKKBX User Groups for Costing Reports  TRANSP   C  
TKKBY KKB: Report List for General Reports  TRANSP   C  
Contained Transaction Codes
Transaction Code Short Description Program
CK79_99 Material: Itemization Comparison     
CK80 Flexible Cost Component Report  RKKBKIS1  
CK80_99 Material: Cost Components     
CK82 Select Cost Estimates  RKKBCAL0  
CK83 Print Cost Estimates in Background  RKKBPCD1  
CK84 Line Items in Cost Est for Product  RKKBKIS1  
CK84_99 Material: Itemization     
CK84_99_COST_ELEMENT Cost Elements     
CK85 Line Items in Cost Est for Order  RKKBKIS1  
CK85_99 Sales Document: Itemization     
CK85_99_COST_ELEMENT Cost Elements     
CK86 Costed Multilevel BOM  RKKBKIS1  
CK86_99 Material: Multilevel BOM     
CK87 Costed BOM Sales Orders  RKKBKIS1  
CK87_99 Sales Document: Multilevel BOM     
CK88 Partner Cost Component Split  RKKBCAL1  
CK88_99 Material: Partner Cost Comp. Split     
CK89 Flexible Cost Comp. Report SaleOrder  RKKBKIS1  
CK89_99 Sales Document: Cost Components     
CKMK Control of Information System ML     
CKMR Report Selection Material Ledger  RKKBRPTR  
KALN Report Tree: Maint. Reconcil. Ledger  SAPMKKB5  
KKAB Run Selected Reports  SAPMKKB2  
KKAC Sales Order Hierarchy Display  RKKBKIS1  
KKAD Order List for Make-to-Order  RKKBSEL1  
KKAH Sales Order Selection  RKKBSELL  
KKB0 Control Parameters for Info System  RKKB2030  
KKB0N Control Parameters for Info System  RKKB2030N  
KKB1 Costing Items for Sales Document  RKKBKIS1  
KKB2 Costing Items for Cost Object  RKKBKIS1  
KKB3 Costing Items for WBS Elements  RKKBKIS1  
KKB4 Itemization for Base Planning Obj.  RKKBKIS1  
KKB5 Costing Items for Material  RKKBKIS1  
KKB6 Configure Report Trees  RKKBFOCO  
KKBB Report Call CM  RKKB1000  
KKBC Main Tree for CO-PC Info System  SAPMKKB2  
KKBC_BPR Analyze Business Process     
KKBC_HOE Analyze Summarization Object     
KKBC_KST Analyze Cost Center     
KKBC_KTR Analyze Cost Object     
KKBC_KUN Analyze Sales Order     
KKBC_MAT Analyze Material Cost Estimate     
KKBC_ORD Analyze Order     
KKBC_ORD_INT Analyze Internal Order     
KKBC_PKO Analyze Product Cost Collector     
KKBD Order Selection Without Variances  RKKBSELN  
KKBE Order Selection with Variances  RKKBSELN  
KKBF Order Selection (Classification)  RKKBSEL1  
KKBG Generate Report Group  RKKBJGEN  
KKBI Import/Generate FI/CO Report Groups  RKKBJEIN  
KKBO Report Tree  RKKBRPTR  
KKBZ Display Hierarchy List  RKKRHILI2  
KKB_RLISE Report List (Single-Level)  RKKBRLISE  
KKB_RLISH Report List (Hierarchical-Sequent.)  RKKBRLISH  
KKB_RLISP Report List (Data Check Only)  RKKBRLISP  
KKDV CO-PC: Summarization level maint.  SAPMKEDV  
KKE7 Report Tree Base Planning Object  RKKBRPTR  
KKEC Compare Base Object - Unit Cost Est  RKKEKLVE  
KKED BOM for Base Planning Objects  RKKBKIS1  
KKML0 Run Drilldown Report  SAPMKCEE  
KKML1 Create Drilldown Report  SAPMKCEE  
KKML2 Change Drilldown Report  SAPMKCEE  
KKML3 Display Drilldown Report  SAPMKCEE  
KKML4 Create Form  SAPMKES1  
KKML5 Change Form  SAPMKES1  
KKML6 Display Form  SAPMKES1  
KKML7 Maintain Key Figures  RKDKENNZ  
KKML8 Background Processing of Reports  RKDBAT02  
KKMLH Transport of Reports  RKCOBTR2  
KKMLI Transport of Forms  RKCOBTR4  
KKMLJ Client Copy of Reports  RKCOBTR3  
KKMLK Client Copy of Forms  RKCOBTR5  
KKMLM Test Monitor Object Record Reports  SAPMKCB9  
KKMLN Reorganization of Report Data  RKDREODA_NEW  
KKMLO Reorganization of Reports  RKDREOBE  
KKMLP Reorganization of Forms  RKDREOFO  
KKMLV Maintain Global Variable  RKES0101  
KKO0 Run Drilldown Report  SAPMKCEE  
KKO1 Create Drilldown Report  SAPMKCEE  
KKO2 Change Drilldown Report  SAPMKCEE  
KKO3 Display Drilldown Report  SAPMKCEE  
KKO4 Create Form  SAPMKES1  
KKO5 Change Form  SAPMKES1  
KKO6 Display Form  SAPMKES1  
KKO7 Maintain Key Figures  RKKBKKO7  
KKO8 Background Processing of Reports  RKDBAT02  
KKOG Characteristic Groups for Costing  RKE_CALL_VC_TKEP7  
KKOH Transport of Reports  RKCOBTR2  
KKOI Transport of Forms  RKCOBTR4  
KKOJ Client Copy of Reports  RKCOBTR3  
KKOK Client Copy of Forms  RKCOBTR5  
KKOM Test Monitor Object Record Reports  SAPMKCB9  
KKON Reorganization of Report Data  RKDREODA_NEW  
KKOO Reorganization of Reports  RKDREOBE  
KKOP Reorganize Forms  RKDREOFO  
KKOR Report Selection  SAPMKKB2  
KKOT Split Report  RKDREPDV  
KKOV Maintain Global Variable  RKES0101  
KKOW Maintain Currency Translation Type  SAPMKCC0  
KKSB Start Selected Reports  SAPMKKB2  
KKSD Order List for Order-Related Prod.  RKKBSEL1  
KKV1 View Maint. Sel. Production Orders  RKKBVMA1  
KOC4 Cost Analysis  RKKBALV1  
KSBB Run Selected Reports  SAPMKKB2  
KVBI Sales Documents: Line Items Actual  RKAEP000  
OKKB Selection Screen Maintenance  RKKBSELC  
OKKC Maintain Sel. Screens for Order-Rel.     
OKKD Maintain Sel. Screens Intern. Orders     
OKKY Maintain Selection Screens for MTO     
OKKZ Maintain Selec. Screens Process Mfg     
OKL1 Report Tree for CO-OPA  SAPMKKB5  
OKL2 Report Tree: Order-Related Prod.  SAPMKKB5  
OKL3 Report Tree: Sales-Order-Rel. Prod.  SAPMKKB5  
OKL4 Report Tree: Repetitive Mfg  SAPMKKB5  
OKL5 Report Tree: Unit Costing  SAPMKKB5  
OKL8 Report Tree: Product Costing  SAPMKKB5  
OKLF Report Tree: Cost Objects  SAPMKKB5  
OKLH Report Tree: Engineer-to-Order  SAPMKKB5  
OKLI Report Tree: Process Manufacturing  SAPMKKB5  
OKN0 Control of CO-PC Information System     
OKN2 Control Info Sys Prod Cost by Order     
OKN3 Control Info Sys Prod Cost Sales Ord     
OKN4 Control Info Sys Prod Cost by Period     
OKN8 Control Info Sys Prod Cost Planning     
OKNF Control Info Sys Intangible Goods     
OKT4 Define Report Writer Languages  RGRLNG00  
ORET Report Selection  SAPMKKB5  
SRET Report Selection  RKKBRPTR  
S_ALR_87099930 Analyze Costing Run     
S_ALR_87099931 Analyze Costing Run     
S_ALR_87099932 Variances Between Costing Runs     
S_ALR_87100137 Order Selection     
S_P99_41000018 Order Selection     
S_P99_41000062 Materials List: Prices and Inventory     
S_P99_41000111 List of Existing Mat. Cost Estimates     
Software Component SAP_FIN  SAP_FIN 
SAP Release Created in      
Application Component CO-PC-IS (HLA0009429) Product Cost Controlling Information System 
Package KKB  Reporting for Costing