Where Used List (View) for SAP ABAP Table TCG11 (EHS: Value Assignment Type)
SAP ABAP Table TCG11 (EHS: Value Assignment Type) is used by
# Object Type Object Name Object Description Package Structure Package Software Component
1 View  /TDAG/CPV_CHARAC Characteristics for Value Assignement Categories /TDAG/CP     TDAGBCA 
2 View  /TDAG/CPV_EC1MAP Map Valuation Categories /TDAG/CP     TDAGBCA 
3 View  /TDAG/CPV_EC2MAP Map Characteristics /TDAG/CP     TDAGBCA 
4 View  /TDAG/CPV_EXMAP Export Mapping /TDAG/CP     TDAGBCA 
5 View  /TDAG/CPV_EXPL_P Specify Composition Group Priorities /TDAG/CP     TDAGBCA 
6 View  /TDAG/CPV_IMCXML Conversion Properties /TDAG/CP     TDAGBCA 
7 View  /TDAG/CPV_IMMAP Import Mapping Table /TDAG/CP     TDAGBCA 
8 View  /TDAG/CPV_IMMAPO Import Mapping Tables /TDAG/CP     TDAGBCA 
9 View  CCIHV_IH11 EHS: Value Assignment Types in Ind. Hygiene and Safety CBIH  EA-PLM  EA-APPL 
10 View  CCIHV_IHOBJ EHS: Value Assignment Type - Object Type Assignment CBIH  EA-PLM  EA-APPL 
11 View  ESD_TCG11A EHS: Value Assignment Types (only with Category A, B, and C) CBUI  EA-PLM  EA-APPL 
12 View  ESD_TCG11B EHS: Value Assignment Types (Compositions Only) CBUI  EA-PLM  EA-APPL 
13 View  ESH_TCG11H Search Help for Properties CBUI  EA-PLM  EA-APPL 
14 View  ESV_TCG11 EHS: Value Assignment Types CBUI  EA-PLM  EA-APPL 
15 View  ESV_TCG11SET EHS: Definition of the Sequence of Tab Pages CBUI  EA-PLM  EA-APPL 
16 View  ESV_TCG11_ATNAM EHS: Assignment Value Assignment Types, Classes, and Charac. CBUI  EA-PLM  EA-APPL 
17 View  ESV_TCG13 EHS: Assign Value Assignment Type to Specification Type CBUI  EA-PLM  EA-APPL 
18 View  ESV_TCGWF3 EHS: Start Conditions - Value Assignment Type Assignment CBUI  EA-PLM  EA-APPL 
19 View  ESV_TCGWF4 EHS: Value Assignment Types for Task Profiles CBUI  EA-PLM  EA-APPL 
20 View  ESV_TCGWF7 EHS: Value Assignment Types for Start Condition CBUI  EA-PLM  EA-APPL 
21 View  H_TCG11 EHS: Value Assignment Types CBEHS  APPL  SAP_APPL 
23 View  RMXMW_PP_CLASS Selection View for Search Help, PP Classes RMSAC_PPDEF/TCG11 RMXMTRF  EA-PLM  EA-APPL 
24 View  U_25012 Substance Value Assignment Type CBDMDL  EA-PLM  EA-APPL