SAP ABAP Search Help - Index R, page 3
Search Help - R
# Search Help Name Short Description Package
1 RSTT_TSOBJNM_F4 Standard Input Help for Test Frame Objects RSTT_TRACE 
2 RSUNIT Units RS 
3 RSUOM Quantity Conversion Type RSUOM 
4 RSUOMISET_300 Quantity Conversion: Var. Time Reference with InfoSets RSUOM 
5 RSUOM_BG Quantity Conversion Type RSUOM 
6 RSZCOMPID Search Help for Query IDs RSZ 
7 RSZVNAM Variable Name as Search Help RS_BCT_CRM 
8 RS_BCT_PBPC_LKPBUF_IOBJNM Infoobjects for Lookup Buffer Settings UPYC_EN 
9 RS_BCT_PBPC_LOOKUP_IOBJNM Infoobjects of BRF BI Planning Connector Lookup UPYC_EN 
10 RS_BCT_PBPC_SCEN_IOBJNM Infoobjects of BRF BI Planning Connector Scenario UPYC_EN 
11 RS_BCT_PBPC_VNAM BW Variable for Infoobject UPYC_EN 
12 RS_F4_WODSO Search Help for Write-Optimized DataStore Objects RSODSO_ROLLBACK 
13 RS_LOGSYS Search Help for Logical System RSD 
14 RS_OWNER Owner (person responsible) SBIW 
17 RTKB Runtime version of SCE knowledge base VSCE 
18 RTKBV Version of knowledge base VSCE 
19 RTOHC_SUPPORTED_VRGNG List supported activities for special valuation date logic KASC_RTOHC