SAP ABAP Program - Index F, page 19
Program - F
# Program Package Software Component Short Description
4 FICAXL99 FC00    Playback Interactive Excel Traces. Only for SAP Support  
5 FICBAD00 FC00 SAP_APPL  Download: Combinations of Cons Business Areas/Companies  
6 FICBAD0S FC00 SAP_APPL  Anforderungsbild  
7 FICBARD2 FC00    SAP Cons: Download Business Areas/Companies from Release 4.x  
8 FICBCF00 FC00    Balance carryforward  
9 FICBCF0S FC00    Selektionsbild Saldovortrag  
10 FICBCFF1 FC00    Include FICBCFF1  
11 FICBGD00 FC00 SAP_APPL  Purge Document Type-Specific Selected Items  
12 FICBIW00 FC00    SEM-BCS: Initialization of data transfer BCS to BW  
13 FICBIW0S FC00    Selektionsbild zu FICBIW00  
14 FICBIW10 FC00    SEM-BCS: Comparison data slice BCS and BW  
15 FICBIW20 FC00 SAP_APPL  SEM-BCS: Import from Financial Data from BW  
17 FICC2E01 FC00    Include FICC2E01  
18 FICC2E02 FC00    Include FICC2E02  
19 FICC2E03 FC00    Include FICC2E03  
20 FICC2E04 FC00    Include FICC2E04  
21 FICC2E10 FC00    Include FICC2E10  
22 FICC2E12 FC00    Include FICC2E12  
23 FICC2E13 FC00    Include FICC2E13  
24 FICC2E14_OC FC00 SAP_APPL  Include FICC2E14_SDPOC  
25 FICC2E20 FC00    Include FICC2E20  
26 FICC2E21 FC00    Include FICC2E21  
27 FICC2E22 FC00    Include FICC2E22  
28 FICC2E25 FC00    Include FICC2E25  
29 FICC2E26_SDPOC FC00 SAP_APPL  Include FICC2E25  
30 FICC2E50 FC00    Include FICC2E50  
31 FICC2E51 FC00    Include FICC2E51  
32 FICC2E52 FC00    Include FICC2E52  
33 FICC2E53_OC FC00 SAP_APPL  Include FICC2E63_SDPOC  
34 FICC2E60 FC00    Include FICC2E60  
35 FICC2E61 FC00    Include FICC2E61  
36 FICC2E62 FC00    Include FICC2E62  
37 FICC2E63_OC FC00 SAP_APPL  Include FICC2E63_SDPOC  
38 FICC2E81 FC00 SAP_APPL  Include FICC2E81  
39 FICC2E90 FC00    Include FICC2E90  
40 FICC2E91 FC00    Include FICC2E91  
41 FICC2F00 FC00    Include FICC2F00  
42 FICC2F01 FC00    Include FICC2F01  
43 FICC2F02 FC00    Include FICC2F02  
44 FICC2F03 FC00    Include FICC2F03  
45 FICC2F04 FC00    Include FICC2F04  
46 FICC2F05 FC00    Include FICC2F05  
47 FICC2F06 FC00    Include FICC2F06  
48 FICC2F07 FC00    Include FICC2F07  
49 FICC2F10 FC00    Include FICC2F10  
50 FICC2F11 FC00    Include FICC2F11  
51 FICC2F12 FC00    Include FICC2F12  
52 FICC2F13 FC00    Include FICC2F13  
53 FICC2F14 FC00    Include FICC2F14  
54 FICC2F15 FC00    Include FICC2F15  
55 FICC2F16 FC00    Include FICC2F16  
56 FICC2F17_OC FC00 SAP_APPL  Include FICC2F17_SDPOC  
57 FICC2F18_OC FC00 SAP_APPL  Include FICC2F18_SDPOC  
58 FICC2F20 FC00    Include FICC2F20  
59 FICC2F21 FC00    Include FICC2F21  
60 FICC2F22 FC00    Include FICC2F22  
61 FICC2F23 FC00    Include FICC2F23  
62 FICC2F24 FC00    Include FICC2F24  
64 FICC2F25_OC FC00 SAP_APPL  Include FICC2F25_SDPOC  
65 FICC2F26_OC FC00 SAP_APPL  Include FICC2F26_SDPOC  
66 FICC2F30 FC00    Include FICC2F30  
67 FICC2F31 FC00    Include FICC2F31  
68 FICC2F32 FC00    Include FICC2F32  
69 FICC2F38 FC00 SAP_APPL  Include FICC2F33  
70 FICC2F39 FC00    Include FICC2F39  
71 FICC2F40 FC00    Include FICC2F40  
72 FICC2F41 FC00    Include FICC2F41  
73 FICC2F42 FC00    Include FICC2F42  
74 FICC2F43 FC00    Include FICC2F43  
75 FICC2F50 FC00    Include FICC2F50  
76 FICC2F51 FC00    Include FICC2F51  
77 FICC2F52 FC00    Include FICC2F52  
78 FICC2F53 FC00    Include FICC2F53  
79 FICC2F54 FC00    Include FICC2F54  
80 FICC2F55 FC00    Include FICC2F55  
81 FICC2F56 FC00    Include FICC2F56  
83 FICC2F59_OC FC00 SAP_APPL  Include FICC2F59  
84 FICC2F71 FC00    Include FICC2F71  
85 FICC2F72_OC FC00 SAP_APPL  Include FICC2F72_SDPOC  
86 FICC2F73 FC00 SAP_APPL  Include FICC2F73  
87 FICC2F80 FC00    Include FICC2F80  
88 FICC2F81 FC00    Include FICC2F81  
89 FICC2F90 FC00    Include FICC2F90  
90 FICC2F99 FC00    Include FICC2F99  
91 FICC2I00 FC00    Consolidation of Investments  
92 FICC2I0S FC00 SAP_APPL  Include FICC2I0S  
93 FICC2L00 FC00    Include FICC2L00  
94 FICC2L01 FC00    Include FICC2L01  
95 FICC2L02 FC00    Include FICC2L02  
96 FICC2L03 FC00    Include FICC2L03  
97 FICC2L04 FC00    Include FICC2L04  
98 FICC2L05 FC00    Include FICC2L05  
99 FICC2L06 FC00    Include FICC2L06  
100 FICC2L07_OC FC00 SAP_APPL  Include FICC2L07_SDPOC  
101 FICC2L08_CC FC00 SAP_APPL  Include FICC2L08_CC  
102 FICC2L08_OC FC00 SAP_APPL  Include FICC2L08_SDPOC  
103 FICC2L09 FC00    Include FICC2L09  
104 FICC2L10 FC00    Include FICC2L10  
105 FICC2L11 FC00    Include FICC2L11  
106 FICC2L12 FC00    Include FICC2L12  
107 FICC2L13 FC00    Include FICC2L13  
108 FICC2L14 FC00    Include FICC2L14  
109 FICC2L15 FC00 SAP_APPL  Include FICC2L15  
110 FICC2L15_OC FC00 SAP_APPL  Include FICC2L15 (Logik Erstkonsolidierung mit Pushdown-Accounting)  
111 FICC2L16_OC FC00 SAP_APPL  Include FICC2L16_SDPOC  
112 FICC2L17 FC00 SAP_APPL  Include FICC2L17  
113 FICC2L20 FC00    Include FICC2L20  
114 FICC2L21 FC00    Include FICC2L21  
115 FICC2L22 FC00    Include FICC2L22  
116 FICC2L23_OC FC00 SAP_APPL  Include FICC2L23 (Logik Folgekonsolidierung mit Pushdown-Accounting)  
117 FICC2L30 FC00    Include FICC2L30  
118 FICC2L31 FC00    Include FICC2L31  
119 FICC2L32 FC00    Include FICC2L32  
120 FICC2L33_OC FC00 SAP_APPL  Include FICC2L33_SDPOC  
121 FICC2L35 FC00 SAP_APPL  Include FICC2L35  
122 FICC2L40 FC00    Include FICC2L40  
123 FICC2L41 FC00    Include FICC2L41  
124 FICC2L42 FC00    Include FICC2L42  
125 FICC2L50 FC00    Include FICC2L50  
126 FICC2L51 FC00    Include FICC2L51  
127 FICC2L52 FC00    Include FICC2L52  
128 FICC2L53 FC00    Include FICC2L53  
129 FICC2L55 FC00    Include FICC2L55  
130 FICC2L56_OC FC00 SAP_APPL  Include FICC2L56_SDPOC  
131 FICC2L57_OC FC00 SAP_APPL  Include FICC2L57_SDPOC  
132 FICC2L60 FC00    Include FICC2L60  
133 FICC2L61 FC00    Include FICC2L61  
134 FICC2L62 FC00    Include FICC2L62  
135 FICC2L63 FC00    Include FICC2L63  
136 FICC2L65 FC00    Include FICC2L65  
137 FICC2L66_OC FC00 SAP_APPL  Include FICC2L66 (Logik für Umbuchung mit Pushdown)  
138 FICC2L67_OC FC00 SAP_APPL  Include FICC2L57_SDPOC  
139 FICC2L70 FC00    Include FICC2L70  
140 FICC2L80 FC00 SAP_APPL  Include FICC2L80  
141 FICC2L90 FC00    Include FICC2L90  
142 FICC2L91 FC00    Include FICC2L91  
143 FICC2L92_OC FC00 SAP_APPL  Include FICC2L92_SDPOC  
144 FICC2L93_OC FC00 SAP_APPL  Include FICC2L93_SDPOC  
145 FICC2S00 FC00    Include FICC2S00  
146 FICC2TAB FC00    Include FICC2TAB  
147 FICC2TCO FC00    Include FICC2TCO  
148 FICC2TLG FC00    Include FICC2TLG  
149 FICC2TLM FC00    Include FICC2TLM  
150 FICC2TMA FC00    Include FICC2TMA  
151 FICC2TOP FC00    Include FICC2TOP  
152 FICC2TYP FC00    Include FICC2TYP  
153 FICC2W10 FC00    Include FICC2W10  
154 FICC2W20 FC00    Include FICC2W20  
155 FICC2W30 FC00    Include FICC2W30  
156 FICC2W31_OC FC00 SAP_APPL  Include FICC2W31 (Listausgabe Pushdown-Accounting)  
157 FICC2W40 FC00    Include FICC2W40  
158 FICC2W50 FC00    Include FICC2W50  
159 FICC2W60 FC00    Include FICC2W60  
160 FICC2W80 FC00 SAP_APPL  Include FICC2W80  
161 FICC2W90 FC00 SAP_APPL  Include FICC2W90  
162 FICCGC00 FC00    Mass Changes - Consolidation Groups  
163 FICCGC0S FC00    Massenänderungen CU: Anforderungsbild  
164 FICCGCFL FC00    Include FICCUCFL  
165 FICCGTOP FC00    Massenänderungen CU: Top-Include  
166 FICCHI00 FC00    Item Substitution / Calculation of Retained Earnings  
167 FICCHI0S FC00    Item Substitution and Calc.of RE/ANI: Selection Screen  
168 FICCIFEU FC00    Consolidation of Investments: EU Logic  
169 FICCIFLO FC00    Consolidation of Investments: Consolidation Logic  
170 FICCIFUS FC00    Consolidation of Investments: US Logic  
171 FICCIT46 FC00    Include FICCIT46  
172 FICCITAB FC00    Consolidation of Investments: Tables  
173 FICCITLM FC00    Consolidation of Investments: Macros for Logic  
174 FICCITLO FC00    Consolidation of Investments: Global Data for Logic  
175 FICCITMA FC00    Consolidation of Investments: Macros  
176 FICCITOP FC00    Consolidation of Investments: Top Include  
177 FICCITYP FC00    Consolidation of Investments: Object Types  
178 FICCMP00 FC00 SAP_APPL  Compare/Reconcile Totals with Journal Entries  
179 FICCMP0C FC00 SAP_APPL  Lokale Klassen  
180 FICCMP0F FC00 SAP_APPL  Form-Routinen  
181 FICCMP0M FC00 SAP_APPL  Dynpro-Module  
182 FICCMP0S FC00 SAP_APPL  Selektionsbild  
183 FICCMP0T FC00 SAP_APPL  Typen- und Datendeklarationen für FICCMP00  
184 FICCNV00 FC00 SAP_APPL  Conversion of Subassignments  
187 FICCOA00 FC00    Create Group Chart of Accounts from an SAP Cons Chart of Accounts  
188 FICCOA0S FC00    Include FICCOA0S  
189 FICCOAFL FC00    Include FICCOAFL  
190 FICCOAGD FC00    Include FICCOAGD  
191 FICCOD01 FC00    Include Data Declarations for FICCOI20  
192 FICCOF01 FC00    Include FICCOF01 for FICCOI20  
193 FICCOI00 FC00    Consolidation of Investments  
194 FICCOI0S FC00    Consolidation of Investments: Request Screen  
195 FICCOI10 FC00    Assign C/I Methods from Method Hierarchy  
196 FICCOI20 FC00    Additional Financial Data: Select Activities  
197 FICCOI30 FC00    Display Single Activity  
198 FICCOI3S FC00    Selection Screen for Displaying a Single Activity  
199 FICCOI40 FC00    Match Activity Numbers for Investment/Equity  
200 FICCOI4S FC00    Vorgangsnummernabgleich für Beteiligung/Kapital: Anforderungsbild  
201 FICCOI50 FC00 SAP_APPL  Reclassification of Statistical Goodwill Items for mySAP ERP 2005  
202 FICCOI5F FC00 SAP_APPL  Formroutinen  
203 FICCOI5S FC00 SAP_APPL  Selektionsbild (generiert)  
204 FICCOI5T FC00 SAP_APPL  Typ- und Datendeklarationen  
205 FICCOI70 FC00 SAP_APPL  C/I: Change Frequency, Cons Group, Adjust Goodwill Entries  
206 FICCOI71_OC FC00 SAP_APPL  Change Consolidation Frequency in Special Periods  
207 FICCOI80 FC00    Migrate Old Transfer Logic -> New Transfer Logic  
208 FICCOI81_OC FC00 SAP_APPL  Migrate Manual Postings in EC-CS --> Organizational Change  
209 FICCOI90 FC00    Customizing of Consolidation of Investments  
210 FICCOI91 FC00    Customizing of Consolidation of Investments  
211 FICCOI9S FC00    C/I Customizing: Initial Screen  
212 FICCOIA0 FC00 SAP_APPL  Location of Consolidation of Investment Values  
213 FICCOIA0_F01 FC00 SAP_APPL  Include FICCOIA0_F01  
216 FICCOIB0 FC00 SAP_APPL  Check Customizing Settings for Consolidation of Investments  
217 FICCOIBS FC00 SAP_APPL  Selektionsbild  
218 FICCOIC0 FC00 SAP_APPL  Migration of Consolidation of Investments Data to SAP SEM-BCS  
219 FICCOMD0 FC00    Consolidation: Generate Routines for Master Data Maintenance  
220 FICCON00 FC00    SAP Cons.: List of Constants  
221 FICCON05 FC00    Constants FICCON05  
222 FICCON06 FC00    EC-CS: Constants for Consolidation of Investments  
223 FICCON10 FC00_UC    Konstanten zu fc_selitem_normalize  
224 FICCON20 FC00    Constants for the Entry of Additional Financial Data  
225 FICCONT0 FC00_UC    Darf nur von Typ-Pool FC00, SAPLFC30 und FICG0000 includiert werden !  
226 FICCONT01 FC00 SAP_APPL  Kopie von FICCONT0 für Checkman Probleme zu beheben  
227 FICCONT1 FC00_UC    Darf nur von Typ-Pool FC00, SAPLFC30 und FICG0000 includiert werden !  
228 FICCONT2 FC00_UC    Constants for Set Management  
229 FICCONT3 FC00_UC    Constants for Number Range Objects  
230 FICCONT4 FC00_UC    Constants for Task Categories  
231 FICCONT5 FC00_UC    Konstanten für Maßnahmentypen  
232 FICCOTOP FC00    Top Include for FICOI20  
233 FICCPD00 FC00    SAP Cons: Copy Dimension-Based Customizing Settings Between Dimensions  
234 FICCPD0S FC00    FICCPD00: Anforderungsbild, SSG  
235 FICCPI00 FC00    Cons Chart of Accounts: Copy Item Sets  
236 FICCPI0S FC00    Include FICCPI0S  
237 FICCPS00 FC00    SAP Consolidation: Copy Sets  
238 FICCPS0S FC00    Include FICCPS0S  
239 FICCPT00 FC00 SAP_APPL  Copy Texts for Consolidation Units  
240 FICCPT00_F01 FC00 SAP_APPL  Include FICCPT00_F01  
242 FICCPT0S FC00 SAP_APPL  Include für Anforderungsbildgenerator  
243 FICCPT10 FC00 SAP_APPL  Copy Texts for Consolidation Groups  
244 FICCPT10_F01 FC00 SAP_APPL  Include FICCPT10_F01  
247 FICCPTOP FC00    Include FICCPTOP  
248 FICCPY00 FC00    Copy Totals Records  
249 FICCPY0S FC00    Include Verionskopierer  
250 FICCPY10 FC00 SAP_APPL  Copy Totals Records/Documents/Additional Financial Data  
251 FICCPY1S FC00 SAP_APPL  Include für FICCPY10  
253 FICCPYFA FC00    Form Routines for Copy/Deletion  
254 FICCRTCC FC00 SAP_APPL  Create Customizing Settings for Multi-Period Monitor  
255 FICCSH00 FC00 SAP_APPL  Maintain Subitems for Equity Aging Report  
256 FICCTDPR FC00    Print a Currency Translation Method  
257 FICCTERT FC00    Set the default exchange rate type  
258 FICCUC00 FC00    Mass Change to Consolidation Units  
259 FICCUC0S FC00    Mass Changes to CU: Selection Screen  
260 FICCUCFL FC00    Include FICCUCFL  
261 FICCUTOP FC00    Mass Changes to CU: Top Include  
262 FICCVS00 FC00    Table Conversions  
263 FICCVS01 FC00    Table Conversions  
264 FICCVS02 FC00    Table Conversions  
265 FICCVS03 FC00    Table Conversions  
266 FICCVS04 FC00    Table Conversions  
267 FICCVS05 FC00    Table Conversions  
268 FICCVS06 FC00    Transform Sequence of TF656 Activities  
269 FICCVS08 FC00    Table Conversions: TF635-MLFLG - Manual Entry  
270 FICCVS10 FC00    Convert IU Elimination Methods (Tables TF555, TF556)  
271 FICCVS11 FC00    Rename Table: TF800 -> TF390  
272 FICCVS12 FC00    Set conversion: 3.1 --> 4.0  
273 FICCVS13 FC00    TF650: Fill New Fields RLDNR and ITCLG  
274 FICCVS14 FC00    Table conversions TF100-IDEIND and TF115-SDEIND  
275 FICCVTAX FC00    Convert table of tax rates  
276 FICDAT00 FC00    SAP Cons.: General Data Include with COMMON PART FIMC1  
277 FICDAT01 FC00    Declaration  
278 FICDAT02 FC00    Declaration  
279 FICDAT03 FC00    Declaration of Data  
280 FICDAT04 FC00    Declaration of Data  
281 FICDAT05 FC00    Declaration of Data  
282 FICDAT06 FC00    Include FICCUCFL  
283 FICDATAA FC00    Declaration of Data  
284 FICDATBB FC00    Declaration of Data  
285 FICDATCC FC00    Declaration of Data  
286 FICDATCP FC00    Common Part: FCDE <-> Generated Reports  
287 FICDATDD FC00    Declaration of Data  
288 FICDATGD FC00    SAP Cons: General Data Include with COMMON PART FIMC2 f. Global Fields  
289 FICDATTP FC00    Declaration of Data  
290 FICDCC00 FC00 SAP_APPL  Check/Correct Breakdowns of Transaction Data  
293 FICDED00 FC00    Even Distribution of Yearly Values in Period 1 Among 12 Periods  
294 FICDED01 FC00    SAP Cons.: Data include for code generated by planning processor  
295 FICDEF01 FC00    SAP Cons.: Form Routines for Database<->Planning Processor  
296 FICDEF02 FC00    Kons.: Formroutinen Datenbank <--> Planungsprozessor (datengetrieben)  
297 FICDEINC FC00    SAP Cons.: Include for Code Generated by the Planning Processor  
298 FICDELF01 FC00 SAP_APPL  Include FICDELF01  
299 FICDELLI FC00 SAP_APPL  SAP Cons. Archiving: Delete Program for Object CONS_ITEM  
300 FICDELRSDOC00 FC00 SAP_APPL  Anforderungsbild (generiert)  
301 FICDELRUDOC00 FC00 SAP_APPL  Delete Documents from Realtime Update  
302 FICDELRUDOC0T FC00 SAP_APPL  Datendefinitionen  
303 FICDELSEL FC00 SAP_APPL  SAP Kons. Archivierung: Sel.Bild der Löschprg. (Obj CONS_SUM + -ITEM)  
304 FICDELSR FC00 SAP_APPL  SAP Cons. Archiving: Delete Program for Object CONS_SUM  
305 FICDGW00 FC00 SAP_APPL  Adjust Activity in Goodwill Entries  
306 FICDLR00 FC00    Delete Totals Records  
307 FICDLR0S FC00    Include FICCUCFL  
308 FICDLTOP FC00    Include FICCPTOP  
309 FICDOW00 FC00    General Download of Item and Consolidation Unit Structure  
310 FICDOW10 FC00    Specific Download (by Organizational Unit)  
311 FICDOW1T FC00    Topinclude for FICDOW10  
312 FICDOW20 FC00    Download Reported Financial Data  
313 FICDOW2S FC00    Selection Screen for FICDOW20  
314 FICDSM00 FC00 SAP_APPL  List of Last Change to Task Status  
315 FICDSM0F FC00 SAP_APPL  Form-Routinen  
316 FICDSM0M FC00 SAP_APPL  Dynpro-Module  
317 FICDSM0S FC00 SAP_APPL  Selektionsbild  
318 FICDSM0T FC00 SAP_APPL  Typen- und Datendeklarationen  
319 FICEICF0 FC00 SAP_APPL  Prüfung Kapitalposition  
320 FICEIS00 FC00    Data Transfer from SAP Consolidation to EC-EIS  
321 FICEIS0S FC00    Data Transfer SAP Consolidation to EC-EIS: Selection Screen  
322 FICEQU00 FC00 SAP_APPL  Changes in Investee Equity  
323 FICEQU0S FC00    Include for selection screen  
324 FICEUR00 FC00    ECCS Euro: Reconcile after the conversion  
325 FICEUR00TOP FC00    TOP Include for FICEUR00  
326 FICEUR01 FC00    ECCS Euro: Start FICEUR00 in Period 1, EMU Status Management  
327 FICEUR0S FC00    FICEUR00: generated selection screen  
328 FICEUR10 FC00    EC-CS: Adjustment of Additional Financial Data for Euro  
329 FICEUR1S FC00    ECCS: EMU selection screen, generated include  
330 FICEUR20 FC00    Euro: Reconcile ECMCT with integration  
331 FICEUR20TOP FC00    Include FICEUR20TOP  
332 FICEUR2S FC00    Initial Screen  
333 FICEUR30 FC00    Deletion of Euro-related Documents in the Conversion Year  
334 FICEUR3S FC00    Include Selection Screen  
335 FICEUR50 FC00    EC-CS Euro Changeover: Allocate units automatically  
336 FICEUR51 FC00    EC-CS Euro Conversion: Validate and Reset Status Management  
337 FICEUR5S FC00    ECCS: EMU selection screen, generated include  
338 FICEURAA FC00    EC-CS: Status Management for the Euro Conversion  
339 FICFGW00 FC00 SAP_APPL  Calculation of Full Goodwill  
340 FICFMG00 FC00 SAP_APPL  Changeover of Logical <-> Physical File Name  
343 FICFMV00 FC00    Maintain Field Movement of Additional Fields for Realtime Updates  
344 FICG0000 FC00    Generate Consolidation  
345 FICG0010 FC00    Include FICG0111  
346 FICG0020 FC00    Include FICG0020  
347 FICG0030 FC00    Include FICG0030  
348 FICG0040 FC00    Include FICG0040  
349 FICG0050 FC00    Include FICG0050  
350 FICG0060 FC00    Include FICG0060  
351 FICG0070 FC00    Include FICG0070  
352 FICG0111 FC00    Include FICG0111  
353 FICG0120 FC00    Include FICG0120  
354 FICG0121 FC00    Include FICG0121  
355 FICG0122 FC00    Include FICG0122  
356 FICG0510 FC00    Include FICG0510  
357 FICG0520 FC00    Include FICG0520  
358 FICG0710 FC00    Include FICG0710  
359 FICG0720 FC00    Include FICG0720  
360 FICG0D00 FC00    Include FICG0D00  
361 FICG0D01 FC00    Include FICG0D01  
362 FICG0D02 FC00    Include FICG0D01  
363 FICG0F00 FC00    Include FICG0F00  
364 FICG0F01 FC00    Include FICG0F01  
365 FICG0F02 FC00    Include FICG0F01  
366 FICG0F0S FC00    Include FICG0F0S  
367 FICG0TOP FC00    Include FICG0TOP  
368 FICGEN00 FC00 SAP_APPL  Generate the Function Module Call for SAP Consolidation  
369 FICGEN00_1 FC00 SAP_APPL  Generate the Function Module Call for SAP Consolidation  
370 FICGLSR0 FC00 SAP_APPL  Change Glossary Entries  
371 FICGSH00 FC00    Group shares  
372 FICGSH0S FC00    EC-MC: Include for Logic of generated request screen (FICGSH00)  
373 FICGW1I1 FC00 SAP_APPL  Include ZWA10I01  
374 FICGW1O1 FC00 SAP_APPL  Include ZWA10O01  
375 FICGWA00 FC00 SAP_APPL  Amortization of Goodwill  
376 FICGWA0S FC00    FICGWA0S: Include for selection screen in FIVGWA00  
377 FICGWA10 FC00 SAP_APPL  Goodwill Inheritance in the Hierarchy  
381 FICGWA1F FC00 SAP_APPL  Form-Routinen  
383 FICGWA20 FC00 SAP_APPL  Changes in Values for Goodwill  
386 FICGWM00 FC00 SAP_APPL  Migrate Goodwill Entries  
388 FICGXPRA FC00    XPRA: Generate Consolidation  
389 FICHIR00 FC00 SAP_APPL  Reporting Fair Value Adjustment Data  
390 FICHIR0S FC00    Selektionsbildschirm  
391 FICHIR10 FC00    Fair value adjustments  
392 FICHRA00 FC00    List of Recorded Fair Value Adjustments  
393 FICHRA0S FC00    Generiertes Selektionsbild  
394 FICHRY90 FC00    Where-used list for consolidation groups/units  
395 FICHRY9S FC00    Verwendungsnachweis von Konsolidierungskreisen/-einheiten  
397 FICICA00 FC00    Copy a Chart of Accounts to a Cons Chart of Accounts  
398 FICICA0F FC00    SAP Cons. Integration: Copy Chart of Accounts - Form Routines  
399 FICICA0S FC00    SAP Cons. Integration: Copy Chart of Accounts - Selection Screen  
400 FICICA0T FC00    SAP Cons. Integration: Copy Chart of Accounts - Data Declaration  
401 FICICA10 FC00    Comparison of FS Items and G/L Accounts  
402 FICICA1F FC00    SAP Consolidation Integration: Form Routines for Match Program  
403 FICICA1S FC00    SAP Cons. Integration: Compare C/A with Cons C/A - Selection Screen  
404 FICICA1T FC00    SAP Cons. Integration: Match C/A with Cons C/A - Data Declaration  
405 FICICA20 FC00    Used Integrated Consolidation Units  
406 FICICA2F FC00    Form-Routines FICICA20  
407 FICICA2S FC00    Selection screen FICICA20  
408 FICICA2T FC00    Data declarations FICICA20  
409 FICICA30 FC00    Display Transferred Documents  
410 FICICA3F FC00    Form routines FICICA30  
411 FICICA3S FC00    Selection screen FICICA30  
412 FICICA3T FC00    Data FICICA30  
413 FICICA40 FC00    Reconcile Transactions of Consolidation Ledger with General Ledger  
414 FICICA4F FC00    Include FICCUCFL  
415 FICICA4S FC00    Include FICCUCFL  
416 FICICA4T FC00    Include FICCUCFL  
417 FICICA50 FC00    Check Cons Proc.Ledger against Gen./Cons Stag. Ledger  
418 FICICA5F FC00    Include FICCUCFL  
419 FICICA5S FC00    Include FICCUCFL  
420 FICICA5T FC00    Include FICCUCFL  
421 FICICA60 FC00    Delete Docs and Totals Records Updated in Realtime  
422 FICICA6F FC00    Include FICCUCFL  
423 FICICA6S FC00    Include FICCUCFL  
424 FICICA6T FC00    Include FICCUCFL  
425 FICICA70 FC00    Post-Integration of Cons Units/Cons Groups  
426 FICICA7S FC00    Include FICCUCFL  
427 FICICA80 FC00    Reconciliation Cons Ledger Documents with General Ledger  
428 FICICA8F FC00    Form-Routinen  
429 FICICA8S FC00    Anforderungsbild  
430 FICICA8T FC00    Datendeklarationen  
431 FICICA_UPDATE_TRWCA FC00 SAP_APPL  Activation of Inactive Entries in Table TRWCA for EC-CS Component  
432 FICICE00 FC00    Interunit Elimination  
433 FICICE0F FC00    Konzernaufrechnungen: Form-Routinen  
434 FICICE0S FC00    Initial screen  
435 FICICE0T FC00    Konzernaufrechnungen: Datendeklarationen  
436 FICICE10 FC00    Display Elimination Document  
437 FICICE1F FC00    Form-Routinen zu FICICE10  
438 FICICE1T FC00    Daten zu FICICE10  
439 FICIIALV FC00 SAP_APPL  Include für ALV  
440 FICIIFDT FC00    Elimination of IU Profit/Loss in Inventory: Read/Check Data  
441 FICIIFIP FC00    Elimination of IU Profit/Loss in Inventory: Calculate Costs/ IU Profit  
442 FICIIFLO FC00    Elimination of IU Profit/Loss in Inventory: Elimination + Posting  
443 FICIIGDA FC00    Elimination of IU Profit/Loss in Inventory: Global Data  
444 FICIITAB FC00    Elimination of IU Profit/Loss in Inventory: Tables  
445 FICIITOP FC00    Elim. of IU Profit/Loss in Inventory: Top Include  
446 FICIITYP FC00    Elim. of IU Profit/Loss in Inventory: Type Declarations  
447 FICIMG00 FC00    Call up IMG for SAP Consolidation (internal!)  
449 FICINC00 FC00    SAP Consolidation Integration: Constants  
450 FICINP00 FC00    SAP-EIS: Call up of the data entry  
451 FICINV00 FC00 SAP_APPL  Changes in Investments  
452 FICINV0S FC00    Include for request screen FICINV00  
453 FICIPI00 FC00    Elimination of IU Profit/Loss in Transferred Inventory  
454 FICIPI0S FC00    Elimination of IU Profit/Loss in Inventory: Initial Screen  
455 FICIPI10 FC00    Additional Financial Data/IPI: Inventory and Supplier Data  
456 FICIPI50 FC00 SAP_APPL  Listing of Inventory Data  
457 FICIPI5S FC00    Anforderungsbild FICIPI50: Auflistung der Bestandsdaten  
458 FICIPI60 FC00 SAP_APPL  Listing of Supplier Data  
459 FICIPI6S FC00    Anforderungsbild FICIPI60: Auflistung der Lieferdaten  
460 FICIPI90 FC00    Customizing Settings for Elim. of IU Profit/Loss in Inventory  
461 FICIPI9S FC00 SAP_APPL  Customizing ZwErgElim im UV: Selektionsbild  
462 FICIPTOP FC00    Topinclude for FIIPI10  
463 FICIRD00 FC00    Download Rollup-relevant Customizing Data to Local Text File  
464 FICIRD0S FC00    Selection screen FICIRD00  
465 FICIRD0T FC00    Data declarations FICIRD00  
466 FICIRU00 FC00    Upload rollup-relevant Customizing data from local text file  
467 FICIRU0S FC00    Selection screen FICIRU00  
468 FICIRU0T FC00    Data declarations FICIRU00  
469 FICITC00 FC00    Mass Changes to FS Items  
470 FICITC0S FC00    Kons.: FICITC00 Massenänderungen Positionen: Include für Selektionsb.  
471 FICITCFL FC00    Include FICITCFL  
472 FICITCGD FC00    Massenänderungen CU: Top-Include  
473 FICITH90 FC00    FS Items Where-Used List  
474 FICITH9S FC00    Include FICCUCFL  
475 FICITM00 FC00    Chart of Accounts Copy Program for Training  
476 FICITMHY FC00    Program for Generating Item Hierarchies from Existing Sets  
477 FICITX00 FC00    Where-Applied Indicator in Customizing  
478 FICITX0S FC00    Include FICITX0S  
479 FICITXGD FC00    Include FICITXGD  
480 FICIUE90 FC00    Methods for Interunit Elimination  
481 FICIUE91 FC00    Methods for Interunit Elimination  
482 FICIUE9S FC00    Include FICIUE9S  
483 FICJEMRF FC00    Include w/common form routines for JE report/Mass reversal  
484 FICJEMRT FC00    Data Include for JE Report and Mass Reversal  
485 FICJER00 FC00    Journal Entry Report  
486 FICJER0F FC00 SAP_APPL  Include with Formroutines for report program FICJER00  
487 FICJER0S FC00    Selection Screen for Journal Entry Report  
488 FICJER0T FC00    Include for Program FICJER00 with Data Declarations  
489 FICJERFP FC00    Generated Form Routines  
490 FICJERSP FC00    Include for generated programs  
491 FICL04FC FC00    Test  
492 FICL05FC FC00    View cluster maintenance: User Exit Routines  
493 FICL05IC FC00    FICL05IC  
494 FICL17FC FC00 SAP_APPL  Viewcluster FC17  
495 FICLA1FC FC00    View cluster maint.: User Exit Routines for FG A1FC  
496 FICLB6FC FC00    View Cluster Maintenance: User-Exit-Routines For Function Group B6FC  
497 FICLCU00 FC00 SAP_APPL  Ownerships  
498 FICLCU0A FC00 SAP_APPL  Anforderungsbild Gesellschaftsliste, Sortierkriterien: GENERIERT!  
499 FICLCU0B FC00 SAP_APPL  Anforderungsbild Datenbankanlistung Felddefinition  
500 FICLCU0C FC00 SAP_APPL  Anforderungsbild Datenbankanlistung Initialisierung