SAP ABAP Function Module TR_APPEND_TO_COMM_OBJS_KEYS (Append and lock objects and keys to a task)
SAP_BASIS (Software Component) SAP Basis Component
   BC-CTS-ORG (Application Component) Transport Organizer
     SCTS_REQ (Package) CTS: Request Editing
Basic Data
Function Module TR_APPEND_TO_COMM_OBJS_KEYS Append and lock objects and keys to a task  
Function Group STRI   Change & Transport System Interfaces  
Program Name SAPLSTRI    
Type Parameter Name Typing Associated Type Default value Optional Pass Value Short text
Importing WI_SIMULATION TYPE TRPARI-W_SIMULAT ' ' Flag, 'X' - no database update
Importing WI_SUPPRESS_KEY_CHECK TYPE TRPARI-W_NO_CHECK ' ' Flag whether key syntax check is suppressed
Importing WI_TRKORR TYPE E070-TRKORR Task to be added to
Importing IT_E071K_STR TYPE E071K_STRTYP Table Key with String Field
Tables WT_E071 TYPE E071 Table of objects to be added
Tables WT_E071K TYPE E071K Table of keys to be added
Exception KEY_CHAR_IN_NON_CHAR_FIELD TYPE Character in a non-character field in a task key
Exception KEY_CHECK_KEYSYNTAX_ERROR TYPE Syntax error in an E071K entry (-> message)
Exception KEY_INTTAB_TABLE TYPE Table is internal table for a task key
Exception KEY_LONGER_FIELD_BUT_NO_GENERC TYPE Table key longer than E071K table key, but not generic
Exception KEY_MISSING_KEY_MASTER_FIELDS TYPE Empty master field(s) in a task key
Exception KEY_MISSING_KEY_TABLEKEY TYPE Field table key empty in a task key
Exception KEY_NON_CHAR_BUT_NO_GENERIC TYPE Non-char key but no generic in task key
Exception KEY_NO_KEY_FIELDS TYPE Table: no key fields for a task key
Exception KEY_STRING_LONGER_CHAR_KEY TYPE Table string longer than char key begin for task key
Exception KEY_TABLE_HAS_NO_FIELDS TYPE Table has no fields for a task key
Exception KEY_TABLE_NOT_ACTIV TYPE Table is not active for a task key
Exception KEY_UNALLOWED_KEY_FUNCTION TYPE Invalid function in a task key
Exception KEY_UNALLOWED_KEY_OBJECT TYPE Invalid object in the key of a task key
Exception KEY_UNALLOWED_KEY_OBJNAME TYPE Invalid object name in the key of a task key
Exception KEY_UNALLOWED_KEY_PGMID TYPE Invalid program ID in the key of a task key
Exception KEY_WITHOUT_HEADER TYPE E071K entry without E071 header entry
Exception OB_CHECK_OBJ_ERROR TYPE Syntax error in E071 entry (see message table)
Exception OB_DEVCLASS_NO_EXIST TYPE Development class does not exist
Exception OB_EMPTY_KEY TYPE Select fields in LOCK_KEY are empty (system error)
Exception OB_GENERIC_OBJECTNAME TYPE Generic object name only in command files
Exception OB_ILL_DELIVERY_TRANSPORT TYPE Invalid transport to delivery system
Exception OB_ILL_LOCK TYPE Lock in task of another system
Exception OB_ILL_PARTS_TRANSPORT TYPE Single elements in original request
Exception OB_ILL_SOURCE_SYSTEM TYPE Consolidation request only from integration system
Exception OB_ILL_SYSTEM_OBJECT TYPE Invalid system object
Exception OB_ILL_TARGET TYPE Consolidation request not in consolidation system
Exception OB_INTTAB_TABLE TYPE Table is an internal table
Exception OB_LOCAL_OBJECT TYPE Local private object
Exception OB_LOCKED_BY_OTHER TYPE Locked by another task
Exception OB_MODIF_ONLY_IN_MODIF_ORDER TYPE Modifications only in tasks
Exception OB_NAME_TOO_LONG TYPE Invalid object name length
Exception OB_NO_APPEND_OF_CORR_ENTRY TYPE Invalid manual E071 correction entries
Exception OB_NO_APPEND_OF_C_MEMBER TYPE C-member not with append (but with sapsccs)
Exception OB_NO_CONSOLIDATION_TRANSPORT TYPE Invalid transport in consolidation layer
Exception OB_NO_ORIGINAL TYPE Original request from non-original system
Exception OB_NO_SHARED_REPAIRS TYPE No link of repairs possible
Exception OB_NO_SYSTEMNAME TYPE System name cannot be determined or invalid length
Exception OB_NO_SYSTEMTYPE TYPE System type cannot be determined
Exception OB_NO_TADIR TYPE Missing TADIR entry, no lock necessary
Exception OB_NO_TADIR_NOT_LOCKABLE TYPE Missing TADIR entry, lock necessary
Exception OB_PRIVAT_OBJECT TYPE Private object (in consolidation request)
Exception OB_REPAIR_ONLY_IN_REPAIR_ORDER TYPE Repairs only allowed in repair requests
Exception OB_RESERVED_NAME TYPE Object in reserved name range
Exception OB_SYNTAX_ERROR TYPE Incorrect object syntax
Exception OB_TABLE_HAS_NO_FIELDS TYPE Table has no fields (does not exist)
Exception OB_TABLE_NOT_ACTIV TYPE Table is not activated
Exception TR_ENQUEUE_FAILED TYPE No short-term lock possible
Exception TR_ERRORS_IN_ERROR_TABLE TYPE Object error, exact error in WT_TRMESS_INT
Exception TR_ILL_KORRNUM TYPE Task does not correspond to <sys>K<nnnnnn>
Exception TR_LOCKMOD_FAILED TYPE TLOCK modification not possible
Exception TR_LOCK_ENQUEUE_FAILED TYPE Error in competing TLOCK access
Exception TR_NOT_OWNER TYPE Task has another owner
Exception TR_NO_SYSTEMNAME TYPE System name cannot be determined or invalid length
Exception TR_NO_SYSTEMTYPE TYPE System type cannot be determined
Exception TR_ORDER_NOT_EXIST TYPE Task does not exist
Exception TR_ORDER_RELEASED TYPE Task already released
Exception TR_ORDER_UPDATE_ERROR TYPE Error saving the task header E070
Exception TR_WRONG_ORDER_TYPE TYPE Incorrect task type
Exception OB_INVALID_TARGET_SYSTEM TYPE No application import in basis system
Exception TR_NO_AUTHORIZATION TYPE No authorization for this function
Exception OB_WRONG_TABLETYP TYPE Identifier <-> object: table <-> view intermixed
Exception OB_WRONG_CATEGORY TYPE Request and object categories conflict
Exception OB_SYSTEM_ERROR TYPE System error in determined request/task
Exception OB_UNLOCAL_OBJEKT_IN_LOCAL_ORD TYPE Transportable object not in local request
Exception TR_WRONG_CLIENT TYPE Task editing in invalid client
Exception OB_WRONG_CLIENT TYPE Object editing in invalid clients
Exception KEY_WRONG_CLIENT TYPE Key editing in invalid client
Processing Type
Normal Function Module  
Remote-Enabled Module BaseXML supported
Update Module Start immediately
Immediate Start, No Restart
Start Delayed
JAVA Module Callable from ABAP  
Remote-Enabled JAVA Module  
Module Callable from JAVA  
Last changed by/on SAP  19950113 
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