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   FI-AA (Application Component) Asset Accounting
     BWFIAA (Package) Asset Accounting: New Extractors as of BW Rel. 310
Basic Data
Short Description Record Type  
Data Type
Category of Dictionary Type D   Domain
Type of Object Referenced     No Information
Domain / Name of Reference Type BWFIAA_SREP_RECORDTYPE    
Data Type CHAR   Character String 
Length 1    
Decimal Places 0    
Output Length 1    
Value Table      
Further Characteristics
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Parameter ID   
Default Component name    
Change document    
No Input History    
Basic direction is set to LTR    
No BIDI Filtering    
Field Label
  Length  Field Label  
Short 10 RecordType 
Medium 15 Record Type 
Long 20 Record Type 
Heading RecType 


For an asset value field, the RECORDTYPE field contains information about the value type that the amount corresponds to in the year segment (table ANLC).

Value    Short Description

    Transaction    For transactions, no RECORDTYPE is filled.

C    Accumulated    Contains the cumulative values from table ANLC (KANSW, KNAFA, and so on)

P    Planned    Contains the planned depreciation values of the year, or up to a specific period of table ANLC (NAFAP, SAFAP, and so on)

A    Proportional    Contains the cumulative proportional values from all transactions of the current year or up to a specific period of table ANLC (NAFAL, NAFAV, SAFAL, SAFAV, and so on)

Z    Write-up    Contains the cumulative write-ups from all write-up postings of the current year of table ANLC (ZUSNA; ZUSSA, and so on)

G    Posted    Contains the posted depreciation values of the current year, or up to a specific period of table ANLC (NAFAG, SAFAG, and so on)


The data element is used for the data extraction of asset values in Simplified Reporting (DataSource 0FI_AA_20).


The RECORDTYPE of an extraction provides a unique meaning only in combination with the VALUETYPE field.


An asset has cumulative ordinary depreciation from previous years, planned ordinary depreciation and posted ordinary depreciation for the current year. The combination of RECORDTYPE and VALUETYPE ordinary depreciation (= 02) determines uniquely which of these ordinary depreciation amounts is meant.


02    C    Cumulative ordinary depreciation from previous years (ANLC-KNAFA)

02    P    Planned ordinary depreciation of current year (ANLC-NAFAP)

02    G    Posted ordinary depreciation of current year (ANLC-NAFAG)

02    Z    Write-up on ordinary depreciation of current year (ANLC-ZUSNA)

02    A    Proportional value adjustments (ANLC-NAFAV + ANLC-NAFAL)

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