SAP ABAP Package WFIL (IS-R: Store master)
Basic Data
Package WFIL   
Short Description   IS-R: Store master    
Super package CRM_APPLICATION   All CRM Components Without Special Structure Packages 
Main package indicator       Development Package 
Created on/by 00000000  SAP 
Package Content
Contained Tables / Views
Table Name Short Description Table Category Delivery Class
T001K Valuation area  TRANSP   C  
T001W Plants/Branches  TRANSP   C  
T078W Transaction-dependent screen selection Plant Master  POOL   G  
TWLOF Storage location determination  TRANSP   C  
TWRF1 Allowed tables per copy rule  TRANSP   C  
TWRF11 Plant blocking reasons  TRANSP   C  
TWRF11T Plant blocking reason description  TRANSP   C  
TWRF16 Group Applications  TRANSP   G  
TWRF16T Description: group application  TRANSP   G  
TWRF1_CUST_TAB possible customizing tables for sites  TRANSP   G  
TWRF2 Plant Profiles  TRANSP   C  
TWRF2T Descriptions for plant profiles  TRANSP   C  
TWRF3 Copy rules plant  TRANSP   C  
TWRF3T Descriptions for copy rules  TRANSP   C  
TWSIT Storage Locations for Materials  TRANSP   S  
TWSITT Situations texts  TRANSP   C  
WRF1 Plant data  TRANSP   A  
WRF12 Plant / receiving points  TRANSP   A  
WRF3 Delivering plant, time-dependent  TRANSP   A  
WRF4 Plant/ Departments  TRANSP   A  
WRF5 Plant / Merchant ID of Credit Card Company  TRANSP   A  
WRF6 Plant / material group  TRANSP   A  
WRFT1 Transport of objects Object definition  TRANSP   S  
WRFT2 Tables for an Object  TRANSP   S  
Contained Transaction Codes
Transaction Code Short Description Program
S_AC0_52000166 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
WB01 Create plant  SAPMWBE3  
WB02 Change plant  SAPMWBE3  
WB03 Display plant  SAPMWBE3  
WB06 Archiving flag, plant  SAPMWBE3  
WB07 Change plant/customer assignment  SAPMWBE3  
WB08 Change plant/vendor assignment  SAPMWBE3  
WB30 Mass maintenance MG to plant  RWWMASMG  
WB35 Layout overview  RWWROLAY  
WB40 List analysis for classes  RWWKLASS  
WB50 Plant group, create alloc tbl  SAPMWBE2  
WB51 Plant group, change alloc tbl  SAPMWBE2  
WB52 Plant group, display alloc table  SAPMWBE2  
WB53 Plant group, delete alloc tbl  SAPMWBE2  
WB54 PG Maintain allocTbl, plant to class  SAPMWBE2  
WB55 PG AllocTbl, maintain class to class  SAPMWBE2  
WB56 PG AllTbl, maintain plants in class  SAPMWBE2  
WB57 PG AllocTbl display plants in class  SAPMWBE2  
WB58 PG Alloc tbl display class to class  SAPMWBE2  
WB59 PG AllocTbl display plants in class  SAPMWBE2  
WB60 Plant group, create promotions  SAPMWBE2  
WB61 Plant group, change promotions  SAPMWBE2  
WB62 Plant group, display promotions  SAPMWBE2  
WB63 Plant group, delete promotions  SAPMWBE2  
WB64 PG Promotion, maint. plants to class  SAPMWBE2  
WB65 PG Promotion, maint. class to class  SAPMWBE2  
WB66 PG Promotion, maint. plants to class  SAPMWBE2  
WB67 PG Promotion, maint. plants to class  SAPMWBE2  
WB68 PG Promotion, displ. class to class  SAPMWBE2  
WB69 PG Promotion, displ. plants in class  SAPMWBE2  
WB70 Create assortment class  SAPMWBE2  
WB71 Change assortment class  SAPMWBE2  
WB72 Display assortment class  SAPMWBE2  
WB73 Delete assortment class  SAPMWBE2  
WB74 Maintain assortments to classes  SAPMWBE2  
WB75 Maintain classes to classes  SAPMWBE2  
WB76 Maintain assortments in class  SAPMWBE2  
WB77 Display assortments to classes  SAPMWBE2  
WB78 Display Class for Classes  SAPMWBE2  
WB79 Display assortments in class  SAPMWBE2  
WB80 Create plant group Other  SAPMWBE2  
WB81 Change plant group Other  SAPMWBE2  
WB82 Display plant group Other  SAPMWBE2  
WB83 Delete plant group Other  SAPMWBE2  
WB84 PG Other, maint. plant to classes  SAPMWBE2  
WB85 PG Other, maint. class to classes  SAPMWBE2  
WB86 PG Other, maint. plant in class  SAPMWBE2  
WB87 PG Other, displ.plant to classes  SAPMWBE2  
WB88 PG Other, class to class  SAPMWBE2  
WB89 PG Other, displ. plants in class  SAPMWBE2  
WBTE Export plant data (file transfer)  RWBTRAEX  
WBTI Import plants (file transfer)  RWBTRAIM  
WDH1 Maintain plant hierarchy (SD)  RVKNVH00  
WDH2 Display customer hierarchy (SD)  RVKNVH00  
WOB0 Store  MENUWOB0  
WOB1 Plant profiles     
WOC1 Screen layout Plant profile     
WOC2 Screen struc. Pl.fnc     
WOC3 Call view blocking reasons     
WOC4 Call view Copy rule     
WOC5 Call view Define copy rule     
WOC6 Transact-dep. screen selection Plant     
WOF0 Store  MENUWOF0  
WOG2 Maintain groups     
WOG3 Plant groups  ISRLOCG1  
Software Component BBPCRM  BBPCRM 
SAP Release Created in      
Application Component CRM (AEC0000003) Customer Relationship Management 
Package WFIL  IS-R: Store master