SAP ABAP Package SXMSF (XI: Integration Engine Runtime)
Basic Data
Package SXMSF   
Short Description   XI: Integration Engine Runtime    
Super package SXMS   XI: Integration Engine 
Main package indicator       Development Package 
Created on/by 20000518  SAP 
Package Content
Contained Tables / Views
Table Name Short Description Table Category Delivery Class
SXMSBLKAGG XMB: Aggregated Data for Package Statistics  TRANSP   L  
SXMSBLKRAW XMB: Raw Data for Package Statistics  TRANSP   L  
SXMSBLKRAWDET XMB: Detailed Data for Bulk Statistics  TRANSP   L  
SXMSBULK XML Message Broker: Bulk Statistics  TRANSP   L  
SXMSEPBUFFER Exchange Profile Value Buffer  TRANSP   L  
SXMSPADM XMS Pipeline: Execution Settings  TRANSP   W  
SXMSPENTRY XMS: Map Inbound Pipelines to XMB Pipelines  TRANSP   E  
SXMSPERFT XMS: Monitor Table for Runtime Measurement  TRANSP   L  
SXMSPIPE XML Message Server: Pipeline Definition  TRANSP   S  
SXMSPIPEEL Pipeline Element Definition  TRANSP   S  
SXMSPIPET XMS: Pipeline Description  TRANSP   S  
SXMSPLELT XMS: Description of Pipeline Elements  TRANSP   S  
SXMSPLSRV XMS: Pipeline Service Specification  TRANSP   S  
SXMSPLSRVT XMS: Description of Pipeline Services  TRANSP   S  
SXMSQUEUESTATUS Queue Status During Upgrade Phase  TRANSP   L  
SXMSQUEUE_RCV Mapping Queue Receiver  TRANSP   S  
SXMSQUEUE_REORG Storage Location for Queues That Are Being Reorganized  TRANSP   L  
SXMSSYERR XMS: System Error Error Codes  TRANSP   S  
SXMSSYERRT XMS: Brief Description of System Error Error Codes  TRANSP   S  
SXMSTRC_SEL XMS: Selection Conditions for Trace Start  TRANSP   E  
SXMSTSACT Action Table for Integration Server Troubleshooting  TRANSP   L  
SXMSTSTRIG Table of Troubleshooting Trigger  TRANSP   L  
SXMS_BCFG_MAST Package Configuration Types  TRANSP   G  
SXMS_BCONF Assignment Package Configuration  TRANSP   G  
SXMS_BCONF_SPEC Specific Packaging Configuration  TRANSP   C  
SXMS_CUST_HDR Encrypting Customer Header  TRANSP   C  
SXMS_EOIOREORG Reorganization of EOIO Queues  TRANSP   L  
SXMS_EOIO_ERR Error Table for Overserialized EOIO Queues  TRANSP   L  
SXMS_EOIO_REORG Reorganization of EOIO Queues  TRANSP   L  
SXMS_EOIO_STAT Maximum Number of EOIO Queues  TRANSP   C  
SXMS_EOIO_VIOL Exception Handling in EOIO Processing  TRANSP   C  
SXMS_EO_RETRY_ER Automatic Retry Message Counter Table  TRANSP   L  
SXMS_ESOA_DEST Test Configuration for IS Short Cut  TRANSP   C  
SXMS_ESOA_T Test Configuration for IS Short Cut  TRANSP   C  
SXMS_EXT_FIL Filter for Extractors  TRANSP   L  
SXMS_FEH Lock Entries for FEH  TRANSP   L  
SXMS_LCR_VERS XI: Version Information form SLD About Receiver Systems  TRANSP   L  
SXMS_LMS_EXTR Lean Message Search Extractor  TRANSP   L  
SXMS_MULTIM_REF Link Table Leading Message - Submessages  TRANSP   L  
SXMS_NAC_MAP Non Addr. Client: Mapping Sender Sequence/Number Receiver  TRANSP   L  
SXMS_NAC_SA SA-Bridge Enhancement for WS NAC Scenario  TRANSP   L  
SXMS_NAC_SEQU Non Addressible Client Scenario: Inbound Sequence  TRANSP   L  
SXMS_NSPREFIX Table for Extractor Namespace Prefixes  TRANSP   C  
SXMS_QM XML Message Broker: Queue Monitor  TRANSP   A  
SXMS_QM_SERVER XI: Server for Queue Monitoring  TRANSP   A  
SXMS_SCOPY WS/XI Log Table for System Copy  TRANSP   L  
SXMS_SEQU_QUEUE Assignment of WS Inbound Sequence to XI Queue ID  TRANSP   L  
SXMS_SH_MEM Shared Memory Area Configuration  TRANSP   C  
SXMS_SYSPAR SAP System Parameter and Storage Location  TRANSP   S  
SXMS_VIOL_LOG Exception Handling in EOIO Processing  TRANSP   L  
SXMS_WSRM_XI_MAP Map Table Between Inbound Sequence/Queue and Outbound Seq.  TRANSP   L  
SXMS_WS_SYSERR Qualified Names for System Error Fragments  TRANSP   C  
SXMS_WS_SYSERSAP Qualified Names for System Error Fragments  TRANSP   S  
Contained Transaction Codes
Transaction Code Short Description Program
SXMS_BCM Package Configuration Types     
SXMS_BCONF Package Configuration     
SXMS_LMS_CONF User-Defined Search: Config.  SAPLSXMS_LMS  
SXMS_TRC XMS: Trace Display     
SXMS_TRC_SEL XMS: Trace Display with Selection  SAPLSXMS_TRC  
XMSPKSTATCNF Configuration of Package Statistics  SXMS_BLK_STAT_CNF  
XMSPKSTATMON Monitoring Package Statistics  SXMS_BLK_STAT  
Software Component SAP_BASIS  SAP Basis Component 
SAP Release Created in   46D   
Application Component BC-XI-IS-IEN (B200001508) Integration Engine 
Package SXMSF  XI: Integration Engine Runtime