SAP ABAP Package STRM (Client Copy & Adjustment Tools)
Basic Data
Package STRM   
Short Description   Client Copy & Adjustment Tools    
Super package BASIS   BASIS Structure Package 
Main package indicator       Development Package 
Created on/by 00000000  SAP 
Package Content
Contained Tables / Views
Table Name Short Description Table Category Delivery Class
CCCEXIT Client Transport Control: Exit Programs  TRANSP   S  
CCCFLOW Client Copy Control Flow  TRANSP   W  
CCCINFO Client Copy Control: Info on Table CCCEXIT Entries  TRANSP   S  
CCC_CHECK Client dummy  TRANSP   C  
CCOPTION Client Copy Options  TRANSP   S  
CCOPTT Client Copy Option Texts  TRANSP   S  
CCPARPARM Parameters for Parallel Processing of Client Copy  TRANSP   L  
CCPROCTAB Parallel Client Copy Processes  TRANSP   W  
CCPROF Client copy profiles  TRANSP   S  
CCPROFSR Source entries for profiles  TRANSP   L  
CCPROFT Client Copy Profile Texts  TRANSP   S  
CCSELKEY Parallel Client Copy Worklist: Table Keys  TRANSP   W  
CCSELTAB Parallel Client Copy Worklist: Objects  TRANSP   W  
T000 Clients  TRANSP   C  
VRSTABC Client Copy Exception Table  TRANSP   W  
Contained Transaction Codes
Transaction Code Short Description Program
SCC1 Client Copy - Special Selections  SAPMSCC1  
SCC3 Client Copy Log  RSCCPROT  
SCC4 Client Administration     
SCC5 Delete Client  SAPMSCC1  
SCC7 Post-Client Import Methods  SAPMSCC1  
SCC8 Client Export  SAPMSCC1  
SCC9 Remote Client Copy  SAPMSCC1  
SCCL Local Client Copy  SAPMSCC1  
SM29 Model Transfer for Tables  SAPMSM29  
Software Component SAP_BASIS  SAP Basis Component 
SAP Release Created in      
Application Component BC-CTS-CCO (HLB0009016) Client Copy 
Package STRM  Client Copy & Adjustment Tools