SAP ABAP Package SDVI (ABAP/4 Dictionary: Views, Lock Objects)
Basic Data
Package SDVI   
Short Description   ABAP/4 Dictionary: Views, Lock Objects    
Super package BASIS   BASIS Structure Package 
Main package indicator       Development Package 
Created on/by 00000000  SAP 
Package Content
Contained Tables / Views
Table Name Short Description Table Category Delivery Class
DD25L Aggregate Header (Views, MC Objects, Lock Objects)  TRANSP   S  
DD25T Short Texts for Views and Lock Objects  TRANSP   W  
DD26S Base tables and foreign key relationships for a view  TRANSP   W  
DD27S Fields in an Aggregate (View, MC Object, Lock Object)  TRANSP   W  
DD28S Lines of a selection condition  TRANSP   W  
DD29L Selection Condition for Views and MC IDs  TRANSP   W  
DD29T AS400_L-SELCOND: Selection Condition Texts  TRANSP   W  
DDDBFUNC DD: Creation/Transport of Database Functions  TRANSP   S  
DDDB_PREDEF_FUNC DD: Predefined Functions on the Database  TRANSP   S  
DDSCALARFUNC DD: Scalar DB functions, not defined on all DBs  TRANSP   S  
Software Component SAP_BASIS  SAP Basis Component 
SAP Release Created in      
Application Component BC-DWB-DIC-AC (HLB0100147) Activation Program, Conversion Program, DB Utility, MC, SPDD 
Package SDVI  ABAP/4 Dictionary: Views, Lock Objects