SAP ABAP Package SCWN (Note Management)
Basic Data
Package SCWN   
Short Description   Note Management    
Super package BASIS   BASIS Structure Package 
Main package indicator       Development Package 
Created on/by 00000000  SAP 
Package Content
Contained Tables / Views
Table Name Short Description Table Category Delivery Class
CWBCICATTR Attributes set by customer for correction instructions  TRANSP   W  
CWBCICONFIRMLOC Correction Instruction: Confirmation Non-Transportable Act.  TRANSP   W  
CWBCIDATA Compressed data on correction instructions  TRANSP   W  
CWBCIDATAOBJ Compressed data on correction instructions  TRANSP   W  
CWBCIDPNDC Dependencies of correction instructions  TRANSP   W  
CWBCIFIXED Delivery event processed correction instructions  TRANSP   W  
CWBCIHEAD Header data for correction instructions  TRANSP   W  
CWBCIINVLD Release interval for which corr. instructions are invalid  TRANSP   W  
CWBCIOBJ Object list of correction instructions with TADIR key  TRANSP   W  
CWBCIVALID Validity table for correction instructions  TRANSP   W  
CWBCMLAST Software component last update  TRANSP   W  
CWBCMPNT Software components  TRANSP   W  
CWBCMTEXT Software components short text  TRANSP   W  
CWBDEEQUIV Equivalent delivery events (a is included in b)  TRANSP   W  
CWBDEHEAD Delivery event (release/Support Package)  TRANSP   W  
CWBDEPRDC Predecessor of a delivery event  TRANSP   W  
CWBDETRACK Delivery track  TRANSP   W  
CWBMODILOG Log of Customer Modifications to Dev. Env. Objects  TRANSP   W  
CWBNTCI Assignment of Note to correction instructions  TRANSP   W  
CWBNTCONT Data container for release data on the SAP Note  TRANSP   W  
CWBNTCUST Customer attribute for Note  TRANSP   W  
CWBNTDATA Compressed data for OSS Notes  TRANSP   W  
CWBNTFIXED SAP Note completed by delivery event  TRANSP   W  
CWBNTGATTR Table for Any Note Attributes  TRANSP   W  
CWBNTHEAD Header table for OSS Notes in customer systems  TRANSP   W  
CWBNTLOG Assignment to log file  TRANSP   W  
CWBNTMSG SAP Notes Message Log  TRANSP   W  
CWBNTSTATT Texts: Processing Status of SAP Notes  TRANSP   W  
CWBNTSTATV Fixed Values for Processing Status  TRANSP   W  
CWBNTSTXT Short text for a Note  TRANSP   W  
CWBNTVALID Validity table for Notes  TRANSP   W  
CWBPRSTATT Texts Implementation Status  TRANSP   W  
CWBPRSTATV Implementation Status of SAP Notes  TRANSP   W  
CWBRFCUSR Overwrite RFC Connection for Certain Users  TRANSP   L  
SMODIUSER Processor of Customer Modifications  TRANSP   W  
SRESETLOG2 Log of Customer Modifications to Dev. Env. Objects  TRANSP   W  
STABULOG Log of Customer Modifications of Table Entries  TRANSP   W  
Contained Transaction Codes
Transaction Code Short Description Program
SE95 Modification Browser  SAPRMOMO  
Software Component SAP_BASIS  SAP Basis Component 
SAP Release Created in   50A   
Application Component BC-UPG-NA (B200000316) SAP Note Assistant 
Package SCWN  Note Management