SAP ABAP Software Component EA-HRCGB (Sub component EA-HRCGB of EA-HR)
Basic Data
Software Component EA-HRCGB   
Short Description Sub component EA-HRCGB of EA-HR   
Component type N   Application Extensions
Contained Application Component
Application Component Application Component ID Short Description
PA-BN-FB-XX PLN0000015 General Parts 
PA-BN-FB-GB PLN0000014 Great Britain 
PA-ESS-OCY PRN0000094 Other Countries 
PA-PA-GB HLA0100292 Great Britain 
PY-GB-PS I511000011 Öffentlicher Dienst 
PA-PA HLA0009715 Personnel Administration 
PY-GB-FP-PJ HLA0009722 Payroll Journal 
PY-GB-FP HLA0009569 Subsequent Activities