SAP ABAP IMG Activity BADI_FEEDER_MSS (BAdI for POWL Feeder for Model Service Specification)
SAP_APPL (Software Component) Logistics and Accounting
   MM-PUR (Application Component) Purchasing
     MMPUR_UI_MODEL (Package) Model Components for Web Dynpro Applications, Purchasing
IMG Activity
ID BADI_FEEDER_MSS BAdI for POWL Feeder for Model Service Specification  
Transaction Code S_E4A_94000046   (empty) 
Created on 20080211    
Customizing Attributes BADI_FEEDER_MSS   BAdI for POWL Feeder for Model Service Specification 
Customizing Activity BADI_FEEDER_MSS   BAdI for POWL Feeder for Model Service Specification 
Document Class SIMG   Hypertext: Object Class - Class to which a document belongs.
Document Name BADI_FEEDER_MSS    


This Business Add-In (BAdI) is used in the MM-PUR component.


BAdI BADI_FEEDER_OA implements interface IF_BADI_FEEDER_POWL and enables you to change the selection criteria, detail information, and actions to be performed in the "personalizable object worklist" (POWL) for model service specifications.

The following methods are made available via the interface:

    Here you can define pushbuttons for your own additional actions.
    If necessary, you can define confirmation messages for actions here. The action is then only performed if you have acknowledged the message with "YES".
    Here you can specify a Web DynPro detail component that is to be branched to when a POWL line is selected.
    This method enables you to change the attributes of the fields of the standard field catalog.
    This method enables you to define the number of hits after which the search ends. This prevents the system from, for example, selecting all existing data records for an object and displaying them in the POWL.
    This method makes available the objects that have already been selected as standard. If you have defined additional selection criteria, you can reselect the purchase orders here on the basis of these criteria.
    Here you can define additional selection criteria or default values for the standard selection criteria.
    In this method, you define the portal follow-on operations for your additionally defined actions.


If you define an action of your own, you must set up the business object that is to be navigated to and the operation that is to be performed on it in the portal.

If you specify a detail component, it must implement the interface POWL_DETAIL_COMP_IF.

Standard settings

This Business Add-In is not for multiple use.

This Business-Add-In is not filter dependent.

There is no default implementation.


To activate the Business Add-In, you must create an active implementation. To do this, choose the following path in the SAP Menu: Tools -> ABAP Workbench -> Utilities -> Business Add-Ins -> Implementation

Business Attributes
ASAP Roadmap ID 153   Design enhancements 
Mandatory / Optional 3   Nonrequired activity 
Critical / Non-Critical 1   Critical 
Country-Dependency A   Valid for all countries 
Assigned Application Components
Documentation Object Class Documentation Object Name Current line number Application Component Application Component Name
SIMG BADI_FEEDER_MSS 0 HLA0009512 Purchasing 
Maintenance Objects
Maintenance object type E   Business Add-In - Definition 
Last changed by/on SAP  20080211 
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