SAP ABAP Class CL_GRRM_DELETER_HRCOMM (Deleter base class for HR-Comm data.)
GRCFND_A (Software Component) GRC Foundation ABAP
   GRC-RM (Application Component) GRC Risk Management
     GRRM_UTIL_DELETE (Package) Service infrastructure of mass deletion
Meta Relationship - Using
# Relationship type Using Short Description Created on
1 Inheritance (c INHERITING FROM c_ref)  CL_GRRM_ENTITY_DELETER Base class for deletion classes. 20081114
Meta Relationship - Used By
# Relationship type Used by Short Description Created on
1 Inheritance (c INHERITING FROM c_ref)  CL_GRRM_ACTIVITY_DELETER Deleter class for activities. 20081117
2 Inheritance (c INHERITING FROM c_ref)  CL_GRRM_KRI_BURULE_DELETER Deleter class for KRI business rules. 20081114
3 Inheritance (c INHERITING FROM c_ref)  CL_GRRM_KRI_IMPL_DELETER Deleter class for KRI implementations. 20081114
4 Inheritance (c INHERITING FROM c_ref)  CL_GRRM_KRI_INST_DELETER Deleter class for KRI instance. 20081114
5 Inheritance (c INHERITING FROM c_ref)  CL_GRRM_KRI_TEMPL_DELETER Deleter class for KRI Template. 20081118
6 Inheritance (c INHERITING FROM c_ref)  CL_GRRM_RISK_DELETER Deleter class for risks. 20081117
Short Description Deleter base class for HR-Comm data.    
Super Class CL_GRRM_ENTITY_DELETER Base class for deletion classes. 
Instantiability of a Class 2  Public 
General Data
Message Class    
Program status     
Category 0   
Package GRRM_UTIL_DELETE   Service infrastructure of mass deletion 
Created 20081114   SAP 
Last change 20141106    
Shared Memory-enabled    
Fixed point arithmetic    
Unicode checks active    
Forward declarations
Class CL_GRRM_DELETER_HRCOMM has no forward declaration.
Class CL_GRRM_DELETER_HRCOMM has no interface implemented.
Class CL_GRRM_DELETER_HRCOMM has no friend class.
# Attribute Level Visibility Read only Typing Associated Type Initial Value Description Created on
1 MT_OBJECTS Instance attribute Protected Type reference (TYPE) YT_TABLE List of objects. 20081114
# Method Level Visibility Method type Description Created on
1 GET_OBJECT_TITLE Instance method Protected Method Returns the title (stext) of an object. 20081114
Class CL_GRRM_DELETER_HRCOMM has no event.
# Type Visibility Typing Associated Type Description Created on Type Source
1 YT_TABLE Public See coding 20081127 YT_TABLE TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF grfn_s_objid_det
Method Signatures

Method GET_OBJECT_TITLE Signature

# Type Parameter Pass Value Optional Typing Method Associated Type Default value Description Created on
1 Importing IV_GUID Call by reference Type reference (TYPE) GRFN_GUID Object ID 20081114
2 Returning RV_TITLE Value transfer Type reference (TYPE) GRFN_TITLE Title/Short Name 20081114

Method GET_OBJECT_TITLE on class CL_GRRM_DELETER_HRCOMM has no exception.
Last changed by/on SAP  20141106 
SAP Release Created in 300