SAP ABAP Application Component FS-CM (Claims Management)
Basic Data
Application Component ITB0000001  
Application Component ID FS-CM  
Short Description   Claims Management  
First Release Date 19981028 
First Release   45A 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
FS-CML Loans Management  HLA0100074 
FS-CML-AC Accounting  HLA0100081 
FS-CML-AC-AD Accruals/Deferrals  HLA0100100 
FS-CML-AC-PE Posting Evaluations  HLA0100102 
FS-CML-AC-PO Posting  HLA0100082 
FS-CML-AC-PO-IP Posting: Individual Processing  HLA0100091 
FS-CML-AC-PO-MP Posting: Mass Processing  HLA0100090 
FS-CML-AC-PO-TR Balance Sheet Transfer  HLA0100084 
FS-CML-AC-PP Prepare Posting  HLA0100085 
FS-CML-AC-PP-PR Update planned records  HLA0100086 
FS-CML-AC-PP-PS Posting simulation  HLA0100087 
FS-CML-AC-RPM Receivables/Payment Management  HLA0100092 
FS-CML-AC-RPM-DU Dunning  HLA0100088 
FS-CML-AC-RPM-IAS Incoming Bank Statement  HLA0100096 
FS-CML-AC-RPM-IAS-AU Automatic  HLA0100097 
FS-CML-AC-RPM-IAS-MA Manual  HLA0100098 
FS-CML-AC-RPM-PAY Payment Generation  HLA0100095 
FS-CML-AC-RPM-PP Payment Postprocessing  HLA0100099 
FS-CML-AC-VA Valuation  HLA0100101 
FS-CML-BD Basic Data  HLA0100103 
FS-CML-BD-FD Filed Documents  HLA0100108 
FS-CML-BD-MD Master Data  HLA0100104 
FS-CML-BD-MD-BP Business Partners  HLA0100105 
FS-CML-BD-MD-CO Collateral  HLA0100111 
FS-CML-BD-MD-LT Loan Types  HLA0100107 
FS-CML-BD-MD-OB Objects  HLA0100106 
FS-CML-BD-RI Risk Settings  HLA0100109 
FS-CML-BD-RI-CS Credit Standing Calculation  HLA0100112 
FS-CML-BD-RI-CV Collateral Value  HLA0100110 
FS-CML-BD-RI-LI Limit Management  HLA0100113 
FS-CML-BD-RI-RH Risk Hierarchies  HLA0100114 
FS-CML-CN-CO Correspondence  HLA0100077 
FS-CML-CS Current Settings  ALN0000494 
FS-CML-IS Information System  HLA0100115 
FS-CML-NB New business  HLA0100075 
FS-CML-PO Portfolio  HLA0100078 
FS-CML-PO-CT Capital Transfer  HLA0100079 
FS-CML-PO-DI Outgoing Payments  HLA0100076 
FS-CML-PO-PR Premium Reserve Fund  HLA0100080 
FS-CML-PO-WA Waiver  HLA0100093 
FS-CML-PO-WBO Workplace: Business Operations  KFM0000032 
FS-CML-PO-WO Depreciation  HLA0100094 
FS-CMS Collateral Management System  ALN0000071 
FS-CMS-AO Add On  ALN0000076 
FS-CMS-BW CMS-BW Interface  PLN0000005 
FS-CMS-CAL Calculations  PEN0000012 
FS-CMS-IS Information System  ALN0000364 
FS-CMS-LIQ Liquidation  PEN0000011 
FS-CMS-MD Master Data  ALN0000072 
FS-CMS-MD-AST Asset  ALN0000073 
FS-CMS-MD-CAG Collateral Agreement  ALN0000074 
FS-CMS-MD-INV Inventory  PLN0000004 
FS-CMS-MD-LR Land Register  ALN0000363 
FS-CMS-MD-MOV Movables  PLN0000002 
FS-CMS-MD-RBL Receivable  ALN0000075 
FS-CMS-MD-RE Real Estate  ALN0000077 
FS-CMS-MD-RIG Rights  PLN0000003 
FS-CMS-MD-SEC Securities  ALN0000362 
FS-CMS-MD-SHP Ship  ALN0000361 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
BSFC Structured Question-Answer Selection 
FS-CM FS-CM Structure Package 
IAM Activity Management 
ICLH_PAY_SUGGEST Payment Proposal 
ICL_1DK Help Modules (BRF) for Check Rules in Health Insurance 
ICL_AI_MAIN Claims: Application Integration - Main Collection 
ICL_AL_MAIN Claims: Application Logic - Main Collection 
ICL_AL_NEGOTIATION_MAIN Obsolete: Claims: Negotiation: Application Logic - Main Pckg 
ICL_AUDIT FS-CM Audit Functions 
ICL_BASIS FS-CM: General Functionality 
ICL_BCSET FS-CM: BC-Sets - Nothing Else! 
ICL_BCSET_VP Claims: Only for BC Sets from Value Pack 2 
ICL_BENEFITSPLIT_AI Claims: Benefit Split: Application Integration Layer 
ICL_BENEFITSPLIT_AI_MAIN Claims: Benefit Split: Application Interface - Main Collectn 
ICL_BENEFITSPLIT_AL Claims: Benefit Split: Application Logic 
ICL_BENEFITSPLIT_AL_MAIN Claims: Benefit Split: Application Logic - Main Collection 
ICL_BENEFITSPLIT_IB Claims: Benefit Split: API Inbound Layer 
ICL_BENEFITSPLIT_OB Claims: Benefit Split: Outbound Layer 
ICL_BENEFITSPLIT_PE Claims: Benefit Split: Persistence 
ICL_BENEFITSPLIT_UI Claims: Benefit Split: User Interface Layer 
ICL_BRF BRF in Claims Management 
ICL_CCALC Compensation Calculation 
ICL_CDC FS-CM: Data Capture 
ICL_CF FS-CM: Claims Management Financials 
ICL_CLAIMS_SURVEY FS-CM: Overviews, Evaluations 
ICL_CUST Customizing Claims Management 
ICL_EBR_AI Claims: External Bill Review: Application Integration 
ICL_EBR_AI_MAIN Claims: External Bill Review: Application Interface 
ICL_EBR_AL Claims: External Bill Review: Application Logic Layer 
ICL_EBR_AL_MAIN Claims: External Bill Review:Application Logic + Persistency 
ICL_EBR_IB Claims: External Bill Review: API Inbound Layer 
ICL_EBR_OB Claims: External Bill Review: Outbound Layer 
ICL_EBR_PE Claims: External Bill Review: Persistency Layer 
ICL_EBR_UI Claims: External Bill Review: User Interface Layer 
ICL_EVENT FS-CM: Claim Bundle 
ICL_EXTRACT FS-CM: Claims Management: Data Extracts 
ICL_FNOL FS-CM: Notice of Loss 
ICL_FSRI_OB Claims: Reinsurance: Outbound Layer 
ICL_HEALTH FS-CM: Health Line of Insurance 
ICL_HISTORY FS-CM: Change History 
ICL_IBNR Processing IBNR Reserves 
ICL_IB_MAIN Claims: API Inbound Layer 
ICL_IF FS-CM: Interface 
ICL_INCOMING_DOCUMENTS Incoming Documents Processing 
ICL_LAE FS-CM: Processing LAE Reserves (ULAE and ALAE) 
ICL_LITIGATION to be deleted 
ICL_LITIGATION_AL Claims: Litigation: Application Logic Layer 
ICL_LITIGATION_AL_MAIN Claims: Litigation: Application Logic and Persistency Layer 
ICL_LITIGATION_PE Claims: Litigation: Persistency Layer 
ICL_LITIGATION_UI Claims: Litigation: User Interface Layer 
ICL_MAIN FS-CM: Main Collection 
ICL_MMD FS-CM: Medical Master Data 
ICL_NEGOTIATION_AL Claims: Negotiation: Application Logic Layer 
ICL_NEGOTIATION_AL_MAIN Claims: Negotiation: Application Logic and Persistency Layer 
ICL_NEGOTIATION_PE Claims: Negotiation: Persistency Layer 
ICL_NEGOTIATION_UI Claims: Negotiation: User Interface Layer 
ICL_OBSOLETE Schaden/Leistungssystem: obsolete Objekte 
ICL_OI FS-CM: Office Integration for Claim (Correspondence w. OI) 
ICL_PER_NEGOTIATION Obsolete: Claims: Negotiation: Persistency 
ICL_PM_INTERFACE_TYPES FS-CM: FS-PM Interface: Categories 
ICL_POLICY Policy Snapshot and Interface to Policy 
ICL_POLICY_UI Claims: Policy Snapshot: User Interface 
ICL_PROP FS CM: Insurable Object 
ICL_RBP_AI Claims: Role-Based Performer: Application Integration 
ICL_RBP_AI_MAIN Claims: Role-Based Performer: Application Interface 
ICL_RBP_AL Claims: Role-Based Performer: Application Logic Layer 
ICL_RBP_AL_MAIN Claims: Role-Based Performer: Appl.Logic and PersistncyLayer 
ICL_RBP_IB Claims: Role-Based Performer: API Inbound Layer 
ICL_RBP_PE Claims: Role-Based Performer: Persistency Layer 
ICL_RBP_UI Claims: Role-Based Performer: User Interface Layer 
ICL_RI_AI Claims: Reinsurance: Application Integration Layer 
ICL_RI_AI_MAIN Claims: Reinsurance: Application Interface - Main Collection 
ICL_RI_AL Claims: Reinsurance: Application Logic Layer 
ICL_RI_AL_MAIN Claims: Reinsurance: Application Logic - Main Package 
ICL_RI_PE Claims: Reinsurance: Persistency Layer 
ICL_RI_UI Claims: Reinsurance: User Interface Layer 
ICL_SERVICE_CATALOG FS-CM: Benefits/Services/Fees Catalog 
ICL_SUBROGATION_AL Claims: Subrogation: Application Logic Layer 
ICL_SUBROGATION_AL_MAIN Claims: Subrogation: Application Logic and Persistency Layer 
ICL_SUBROGATION_PE Claims: Subrogation: Persistency Layer 
ICL_SUBROGATION_UI Claims: Subrogation: User Interface Layer 
ICL_SUP Calculation and Distribution of Supplementary Reserves 
ICL_TEST FS-CM: Check Modules 
ICL_UI_MAIN Claims: User Interface - Main Collection 
ICL_WCOMP Workers Compensation 
ICL_WORKFLOW FS-CM: Workflow for Claim and Claim Bundle 
IGN IS-IS: Insurance General 
IGNBP IS-IS: Extensions Business Partner 
UI03 Data Model Claims Management (FS-CM) 
Software Component INSURANCE  SAP Insurance 
SAP Release Created in