SAP ABAP Application Component FS-CMS (Collateral Management System)
Basic Data
Application Component ALN0000071  
Application Component ID FS-CMS  
Short Description   Collateral Management System  
First Release Date 20011012 
First Release   620 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
FS-CMS-AO Add On  ALN0000076 
FS-CMS-BW CMS-BW Interface  PLN0000005 
FS-CMS-CAL Calculations  PEN0000012 
FS-CMS-IS Information System  ALN0000364 
FS-CMS-LIQ Liquidation  PEN0000011 
FS-CMS-MD Master Data  ALN0000072 
FS-CMS-MD-AST Asset  ALN0000073 
FS-CMS-MD-CAG Collateral Agreement  ALN0000074 
FS-CMS-MD-INV Inventory  PLN0000004 
FS-CMS-MD-LR Land Register  ALN0000363 
FS-CMS-MD-MOV Movables  PLN0000002 
FS-CMS-MD-RBL Receivable  ALN0000075 
FS-CMS-MD-RE Real Estate  ALN0000077 
FS-CMS-MD-RIG Rights  PLN0000003 
FS-CMS-MD-SEC Securities  ALN0000362 
FS-CMS-MD-SHP Ship  ALN0000361 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
CMS_BDT BDT and BDT in subscreen for CMS 
CMS_CALC_PERSISTENCY Calculation persistency 
CMS_COMMON Tools & Common Interfaces used by CMS 
CMS_COMMON_BAPI BAPI: Common Tools & Services 
CMS_COR Correspondence serivce for CMS 
CMS_CORE_IF Bupa & Document Interfaces 
CMS_COR_UI Correspondence serivce for CMS 
CMS_CRM_TMP Temporary!!!: CMS-CRM Interface (to be deleted in ERP2006) 
CMS_IF_CML Interface to the CML system 
CMS_IF_FSBP Interface to FS Business Partner 
CMS_LOCATOR Locator framework for CMS 
CMS_MIG Migration of Data to CMS 
CMS_OBSOLETE CMS - Obsolete Objects 
CMS_OMS_IMP_CORE OMS Implementation of Core Interface 
CMS_OMS_MOV_PROCESS Process Controll Movables 
CMS_OMS_MOV_PROCESS_UI Process Controll UI Movables 
CMS_OMS_RIG_PROCESS Process Controll Rights 
CMS_OMS_RIG_PROCESS_UI Process Controll Rights UI 
CMS_OMS_RIG_UI Collateral Management Rights 
CMS_PRINT Print Services 
CMS_PROCESS Process Control 
CMS_PROCESS_UI UI for Process Control 
FS_CMS Collateral Management 
Software Component EA-FINSERV  SAP Enterprise Extension Financial Services 
SAP Release Created in   110