SAP ABAP Application Component FS-CML (Loans Management)
Basic Data
Application Component HLA0100074  
Application Component ID FS-CML  
Short Description   Loans Management  
First Release Date 19970728 
First Release   40A 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
FS-CML-AC Accounting  HLA0100081 
FS-CML-AC-AD Accruals/Deferrals  HLA0100100 
FS-CML-AC-PE Posting Evaluations  HLA0100102 
FS-CML-AC-PO Posting  HLA0100082 
FS-CML-AC-PO-IP Posting: Individual Processing  HLA0100091 
FS-CML-AC-PO-MP Posting: Mass Processing  HLA0100090 
FS-CML-AC-PO-TR Balance Sheet Transfer  HLA0100084 
FS-CML-AC-PP Prepare Posting  HLA0100085 
FS-CML-AC-PP-PR Update planned records  HLA0100086 
FS-CML-AC-PP-PS Posting simulation  HLA0100087 
FS-CML-AC-RPM Receivables/Payment Management  HLA0100092 
FS-CML-AC-RPM-DU Dunning  HLA0100088 
FS-CML-AC-RPM-IAS Incoming Bank Statement  HLA0100096 
FS-CML-AC-RPM-IAS-AU Automatic  HLA0100097 
FS-CML-AC-RPM-IAS-MA Manual  HLA0100098 
FS-CML-AC-RPM-PAY Payment Generation  HLA0100095 
FS-CML-AC-RPM-PP Payment Postprocessing  HLA0100099 
FS-CML-AC-VA Valuation  HLA0100101 
FS-CML-BD Basic Data  HLA0100103 
FS-CML-BD-FD Filed Documents  HLA0100108 
FS-CML-BD-MD Master Data  HLA0100104 
FS-CML-BD-MD-BP Business Partners  HLA0100105 
FS-CML-BD-MD-CO Collateral  HLA0100111 
FS-CML-BD-MD-LT Loan Types  HLA0100107 
FS-CML-BD-MD-OB Objects  HLA0100106 
FS-CML-BD-RI Risk Settings  HLA0100109 
FS-CML-BD-RI-CS Credit Standing Calculation  HLA0100112 
FS-CML-BD-RI-CV Collateral Value  HLA0100110 
FS-CML-BD-RI-LI Limit Management  HLA0100113 
FS-CML-BD-RI-RH Risk Hierarchies  HLA0100114 
FS-CML-CN-CO Correspondence  HLA0100077 
FS-CML-CS Current Settings  ALN0000494 
FS-CML-IS Information System  HLA0100115 
FS-CML-NB New business  HLA0100075 
FS-CML-PO Portfolio  HLA0100078 
FS-CML-PO-CT Capital Transfer  HLA0100079 
FS-CML-PO-DI Outgoing Payments  HLA0100076 
FS-CML-PO-PR Premium Reserve Fund  HLA0100080 
FS-CML-PO-WA Waiver  HLA0100093 
FS-CML-PO-WBO Workplace: Business Operations  KFM0000032 
FS-CML-PO-WO Depreciation  HLA0100094 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
/FSIH/AI_BUSINESS_PARTNER Business Partner: Integration Layer 
/FSIH/AI_BUSINESS_PARTNER_MAIN Business Partner: Integration and Outbound Layer 
/FSIH/AI_INSURANCE Insurance: Integration Layer 
/FSIH/AI_INSURANCE_MAIN Insurance: Integration and Outbound Layer 
/FSIH/AI_LOAN Loans: Integration Layer 
/FSIH/AI_LOAN_MAIN Loans: Integration and Outbound Layer 
/FSIH/AI_MAIN IH: Main Package for Integration and Outbound Layer 
/FSIH/AL_APPL Insurance Handler Application: Application Logic 
/FSIH/AL_APPL_MAIN Ins. Handler Application: Application Logic and Persistence 
/FSIH/AL_MAIN IH: Main Package for Application Logic and Persistence 
/FSIH/AL_TOOLS Insurance Handler Tools: Application Logic 
/FSIH/AL_TOOLS_MAIN Insurance Handler Tools: Application Logic and Persistence 
/FSIH/GDT_APPL Insurance Handler Application: Global File Type 
/FSIH/GDT_MAIN Insurance Handler: Main Package for Global Data Types 
/FSIH/GDT_TOOLS Insurance Handler Tools: Global Data Types 
/FSIH/INSURANCE_HANDLER Link from Insurance 
/FSIH/IN_APPL Insurance Handler Application: API Inbound Layer 
/FSIH/IN_CMS_EXTENSIONS Temporary pkg with functions that will come later from CMS 
/FSIH/IN_MAIN Insurance Handler: Main Package for API Inbound Layer 
/FSIH/OUT_BUSINESS_PARTNER Business Partner: Outbound Layer 
/FSIH/OUT_INSURANCE Insurance: Outbound Layer 
/FSIH/OUT_LOAN Loans: Outbound Layer 
/FSIH/PER_APPL Insurance Handler Application: Persistence Layer 
/FSIH/UI_APPL Insurance Handler Application: User Interface Layer 
/FSIH/UI_MAIN Insurance Handler: Main Package for User Interface 
AISFS IS-FS: Application Components 
FTLC Customizing Treasury: Loan management 
FTR_LOANS_EXTRACTOR_TRLE Treasury: Loans - Link to TR Ledger 
FVDE New objects for EURO functionality in TR-LO (loans) 
FVVCL Main Package for Consumer Loans 
FVVCL_BOCLI Credit Life Insurance - Recalculation for Bus. Operations 
FVVCL_EFFINT Effective Interest Calculation 
FVVCL_GENERAL General Package 
FVVCL_MODEL Model Calculation for Consumer Loan 
FVVD Treasury Loans 
FVVD_ADDFLOW Tool for Additional Flows in Loans 
FVVD_AI_BUSINESS_PARTNER Business Partner: Integration Layer 
FVVD_AI_BUSINESS_PARTNER_MAIN Business Partner: Integration and Outbound Layer 
FVVD_AI_COLLATERAL Collateral: Integration Layer 
FVVD_AI_COLLATERAL_MAIN Collateral: Integration and Outbound Layer 
FVVD_AI_MAIN Loans: Main Package for Integration and Outbound Layer 
FVVD_AI_PROXY XI Proxies FS-CML/Global: Integration Layer 
FVVD_AI_PROXY_MAIN XI Proxies FS-CML/Global: Integration and Outbound Layer 
FVVD_AL_BUSINESS_PARTNER Business Partner: Application Logic 
FVVD_AL_BUSINESS_PARTNER_MAIN Business Partner: Applikation Logic and Persistence 
FVVD_AL_DEFAULT Default. Application Logic 
FVVD_AL_DEFAULT_MAIN Default: Application Logic and Persistence 
FVVD_AL_FINANCIAL_DATA Financial Data: Application Logic 
FVVD_AL_FINANCIAL_DATA_MAIN Financial Data: Application Logic and Persistence 
FVVD_AL_LOAN_ORIGINATION Loan Origination: Application Logic 
FVVD_AL_LOAN_ORIGINATION_MAIN Loan Origination: Application Logic and Persistence 
FVVD_AL_MAIN Loans: Main Package for Application Logic and Persistence 
FVVD_AL_STOPS Stops: Application Logic 
FVVD_AL_STOPS_MAIN Stops: Application Logic and Persistence 
FVVD_ARCHIVE Loan Reorganization and Archiving 
FVVD_BAFIN Legal Requirements for BaFin - FS CML 
FVVD_BAPI Development Class for BAPIs and RFC Modules in Loans 
FVVD_BO Business Operations - Loans 
FVVD_CAPTR Capital Transfer 
FVVD_CASHFLOW Settlement and Cash Flow 
FVVD_CH CML - Country-Specifc Requirements for Switzerland 
FVVD_CHANGEPOINTER Change Pointers for Loans 
FVVD_COMP_COMMON Common Objects for Escrow, Insurance and Lines of Credit 
FVVD_CONTROL_SERVICE Control of Periodic Processes 
FVVD_CORR Loans: Correspondence BTEs for Correspondence Tool 
FVVD_CORR_PRINT Loans: Central Modules for Correspondence Tool 
FVVD_CREDIT_BUREAU Data for Credit Bureau Reporting 
FVVD_CUSTOMIZINGCHECK Plausibility Checks Customizing 
FVVD_DEBTTR Borrower Change Without Capital Transfer 
FVVD_DELETE Obsolete CML Objects 
FVVD_DELETE_INSURANCE Obsolete Objects CML: Insurance Policies 
FVVD_EXPORT Export Interface for Loans 
FVVD_FW_COMP Framework - Components 
FVVD_FW_FCAT Framework - Field Catalog 
FVVD_FW_UI Framework - User Interface 
FVVD_GDPDU CML: Connection to the Data Retention Tool 
FVVD_GDT_MAIN Loans: Main Package for Global Data Types 
FVVD_IN_MAIN Loans: Main Package for API Inbound Layer 
FVVD_IN_PROXY XI Proxies FS-CML/Global: Inbound Layer 
FVVD_LOAN Contract Object 
FVVD_LOC Application Installment Loans 
FVVD_LOC_MAIN Main Package for Installment Loans 
FVVD_OUT_BUSINESS_PARTNER Business Partner: Outbound Layer 
FVVD_OUT_COLLATERAL Collateral: Outbound Layer 
FVVD_OUT_PROXY XI Proxies FS-CML/Global: Outbound Layer 
FVVD_PARTNER Loans Specific Objects in SAP Business Partner 
FVVD_PER_BUSINESS_PARTNER Business Partner: Persistence Layer 
FVVD_PER_DEFAULT Default: Persistence Layer 
FVVD_PER_INSURANCE Link to Insurance: Persistence Layer 
FVVD_PER_STOPS Stops: Persistence Layer 
FVVD_PRODUCT Loan Product 
FVVD_REP Payoff 
FVVD_REPORTING Loans: Reporting 
FVVD_STATE Development Class for Processing Characteristics 
FVVD_TEMPORARY_TOOLS Tools für Test (Löschung vor Korrekturschluss) 
FVVD_TEST_NEW_FIMA Test der neuen Fima 
FVVD_UI_COLLATERAL Collateral: User Interface Layer 
FVVD_UI_DEFAULT Default: User Interface Layer 
FVVD_UI_FINANCIAL_DATA Financial Data: User Interface Layer 
FVVD_UI_MAIN Loans: Main Package for User Interface 
FVVD_UI_STOPS Locks: User Interface Layer 
FVVD_WRITE_OFF Development Class Waivers, Write-Offs, IVA CML 
FVVD_ZBASIS Basis of Loans Application 
FVVZ TR-LO: Payment Requests for Loans 
Software Component EA-FINSERV  SAP Enterprise Extension Financial Services 
SAP Release Created in