SAP ABAP Application Component IS-U (SAP Utilities)
Basic Data
Application Component I110004800  
Application Component ID IS-U  
Short Description   SAP Utilities  
First Release Date 19961111 
First Release   30E 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
IS-U-BF Basic Functions  I110004801 
IS-U-BF-PS Portioning and scheduling  I110004803 
IS-U-BF-RS Regional structure  I110004802 
IS-U-BI Contract Billing  I110004839 
IS-U-BI-BD Billing Master Data  I110004840 
IS-U-BI-BD-DS Discounts/Surcharges  I110004843 
IS-U-BI-BD-RS Rate Structure  I110004842 
IS-U-BI-PC Billing Execution  I110004848 
IS-U-BI-PC-AU Automatic Billing and Simulation  I110004849 
IS-U-BI-PC-CA Billing Reversal  I110004875 
IS-U-BI-PC-MA Manual Billing  I110004850 
IS-U-BI-PC-MA Manual Billing  I110004851 
IS-U-BI-PC-OS Outsorting  I110004853 
IS-U-BI-PC-SI Simulation  I110004852 
IS-U-BI-SF Special Functions  I110004844 
IS-U-BI-SF-BC Basic Price Definition  I110004846 
IS-U-BI-SF-FC Franchise Contract  I110004847 
IS-U-BI-SF-GA Gas Billing  I110004845 
IS-U-CA Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable  I110004893 
IS-U-CS Customer Service  I110004859 
IS-U-CS-BT Process Execution  I110004860 
IS-U-CS-BT-CG Customer Grouping  I110004863 
IS-U-CS-BT-DR Installation Disconnection/Reconnection  I110004864 
IS-U-CS-BT-IO Move-In/Out  I110004862 
IS-U-CS-BT-NI Initial data creation  I110004861 
IS-U-CS-BT-RM Rate Maintenance  I110004867 
IS-U-CS-CI Customer Information  I110004871 
IS-U-CS-CRM Integration: Customer Relationship Management  SK40000001 
IS-U-CS-FO Front Office  I110004870 
IS-U-CS-ISS Internet Self-Services  SK40000002 
IS-U-CS-MA Marketing  I110004874 
IS-U-DM Device Management  I110004814 
IS-U-DM-DI Device installation  I110004815 
IS-U-DM-DI-CH Replacement  I110004818 
IS-U-DM-DI-DG Device Grouping  I110004892 
IS-U-DM-DI-IN Installation  I110004816 
IS-U-DM-DI-IS Installation structure  I110004820 
IS-U-DM-DI-MO Modification  I110004819 
IS-U-DM-DI-OU Removal  I110004817 
IS-U-DM-IS Device Inspection  I110004833 
IS-U-DM-IS-CT Certification  I110004837 
IS-U-DM-IS-DI Device Requirements Planning  I110004838 
IS-U-DM-IS-IS Inspection Result Management  I110004836 
IS-U-DM-IS-PR Periodic Replacement  I110004835 
IS-U-DM-IS-SL Sampling Procedure  I110004834 
IS-U-DM-KM Key Administration  I110004824 
IS-U-DM-MR Meter Reading  I110004821 
IS-U-DM-MR-DT Meter Reading Order  I110004825 
IS-U-DM-MR-DT-C Order Creation  I110004826 
IS-U-DM-MR-DT-O Order Output  I110004827 
IS-U-DM-MR-OR Meter Reading Organization  I110004822 
IS-U-DM-MR-OR-S Street Route  I110004823 
IS-U-DM-MR-RT Meter Reading Result  I110004828 
IS-U-DM-MR-RT-A Estimate  I110004831 
IS-U-DM-MR-RT-E Entry  I110004830 
IS-U-DM-MR-RT-M Monitoring  I110004832 
IS-U-DM-TD Technical Device and Connection Data  I110004886 
IS-U-DM-TD-CO Command Group  I110004889 
IS-U-DM-TD-DC Device Category  I110004873 
IS-U-DM-TD-DE Device  I110004841 
IS-U-DM-TD-IG Inspection Point Group  I110004890 
IS-U-DM-TD-IO Input/Output Group  I110004888 
IS-U-DM-TD-RG Register Group  I110004887 
IS-U-DM-TD-WG Winding Group  I110004891 
IS-U-EDM Energy Data Management  I500000200 
IS-U-IDE Intercompany Data Exchange  SK40000003 
IS-U-IDX Enhanced Intercompany Data Exchange  KK90000001 
IS-U-IN Invoicing  I110004854 
IS-U-IN-BB Budget Billing Plan  I110004857 
IS-U-IN-EX Incorporation of External Billing Documents  I110004858 
IS-U-IN-PC Invoice Processing  I110004856 
IS-U-IS Information System  I110004876 
IS-U-IS-PL Planning  I110004878 
IS-U-IS-PL-FC Forecast  I110004880 
IS-U-IS-PL-UR Unbilled Revenue Reporting  I110004879 
IS-U-IS-RE Reporting  I110004895 
IS-U-IS-ST Statistics  I110004881 
IS-U-IS-ST-AC Transaction Statistics  I110004883 
IS-U-IS-ST-PR Process Statistics  KK42002072 
IS-U-IS-ST-SA Sales Statistics  I110004884 
IS-U-IS-ST-ST Stock Statistics  I110004882 
IS-U-MD Master Data  I110004805 
IS-U-MD-BD Business Master Data  I110004896 
IS-U-MD-BP Business Partner  I110004806 
IS-U-MD-CA Contract account  I110004807 
IS-U-MD-CN Connection  I110004811 
IS-U-MD-CO Connection object  I110004810 
IS-U-MD-CT Utility Contract  I110004808 
IS-U-MD-DL Device location  I110004813 
IS-U-MD-IN Installation  I110004809 
IS-U-MD-POD Point of delivery  SK40000011 
IS-U-MD-PR Premise  I110004812 
IS-U-MD-TD Technical Master Data  I110004897 
IS-U-TO Tools  I110004865 
IS-U-TO-ARC Archiving  I500000161 
IS-U-TO-MI Migration  I110004868 
IS-U-TO-MMA Monitoring of Mass Runs  KK42002062 
IS-U-WA Waste Management  I500000071 
IS-U-WA-IF Interfaces  I500000102 
IS-U-WA-MD Master Data  I500000081 
IS-U-WA-PC Processing  I500000091 
IS-U-WA-PC Processing  I500000101 
IS-U-WM Work Management  I500000011 
IS-U-WM-IF Interfaces  I500000014 
IS-U-WM-MB Work Management Mobile Business  KK42002082 
IS-U-WM-MD Master Data  I500000012 
IS-U-WM-PC Processing  I500000013 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
/SAPQUERY/UT IS-U Utilities 
ECONCESSION IS-U : Concession 
EE00 IS-U: General (Domains and General Objects) 
EE80 IS-U: Customizing 
EE85 IS-U: ASAP Development (IS-U) 
EE86 IS-U: ASAP Development (FI-CA) 
EE99 IS-U: Data Model 
EEHI IS-U: Application Components 
EELOCAL_XX Localization 
EELP IS-U: Load Profiles 
EERW IS-U/T: Interface SD->FI-CA (RW Interface) 
EESUPERMONITORING Monitoring the Mass Activities 
EET_CORE_MOD Enhancements Utilities/Telco (DDIC) 
EET_FICA_MOD Enhancements for Contract Accounting (Utilities/Telco) 
EET_MD_MOD Enhancements for General Master Data (Utilities/Telco) 
EET_SE Utilities & Telco: ESA Fast Track Development 
EEUPG_12_451 Reports for Upgrade Support: IS-U/CCS 1.2 to 4.51 
EEUPG_451_461 Reports for Upgrading IS-U/CCS 4.51 to 4.61 
EEUPG_461_462 Reports for Upgrade Support: IS-U/CCS 4.61 to 4.62 
EEUPG_GENERAL General Reports for IS-U/CCS Upgrade Support 
EE_ASSET_WORK_MOD Enhancements for Asset & Work Management 
EE_BILLING_RTP_MOD Enhancements for Billing/RTP 
EE_DEVICE_MOD Enhancements for Device Management 
EE_ESTIMATION_MOD Enhancements for Estimation 
EE_FICA_MOD Enhancements for Contract Accounting (Utilities) 
EE_FUNDS_MOD Enhancements for Funds Management 
EE_IDE_MOD Enhancements for IDE 
EE_MD_MOD Enhancements for Master Data/CIC 
EE_MD_MOD_2 Montreal Archiving Objects 
EE_MR_MOD Enhancements for Meter Reading 
EE_PORTALS IS-U Portal Development 
EE_PROFILE_MOD Enhancements for Profile Management 
EE_SCHEDULING_MOD Enhancements for Scheduling 
EE_SETTLE_MOD Enhancements for Settlement 
EE_UTIL_INV_MOD Enhancements for Utility Invoicing 
EE_WASTE_MD_MOD Enhancements for Waste Master Data 
IS-MUT Structure Package IS-MUT 
IS-U/CCS Structure Package IS-U/CCS 
Software Component IS-UT  SAP Utilities/Telecommunication 
SAP Release Created in