SAP ABAP Application Component PP-PI (Production Planning for Process Industries)
Basic Data
Application Component HLA0006250  
Application Component ID PP-PI  
Short Description   Production Planning for Process Industries  
First Release Date 19950221 
First Release   30A 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
PP-PI-CFB Consumer Products for Food & Beverage  EBS0000004 
PP-PI-CRP Capacity Requirements Planning  HLA0006256 
PP-PI-DTR Enter Downtimes  AC00000058 
PP-PI-LHL Link to External Host Systems  HLA0006284 
PP-PI-LHL Link to R/2  HLA0006283 
PP-PI-LHL Integration with Higher-Level Systems  HLA0006255 
PP-PI-MD Basic Data  HLA0006251 
PP-PI-MD-MRC Master Recipe  HLA0006271 
PP-PI-MD-RSC Resources  HLA0006270 
PP-PI-MIR Material Identification and Reconciliation  ALR0078973 
PP-PI-PCM Production Campaign  P450002011 
PP-PI-PDO Process Data Documentation  HLA0006254 
PP-PI-PDO-ADB Adobe Document Services in Process Data Documentation  AC00000056 
PP-PI-PDO-ADB-PRN Document Output with Adobe Document Services  AC00000057 
PP-PI-PEV Process Data Evaluation  HLA0006257 
PP-PI-PFS Process Flow Scheduler  HLA0100724 
PP-PI-PMA Process Management  HLA0006253 
PP-PI-PMA-CWD Campaign Weighing and Dispensing  AER0000091 
PP-PI-PMA-MGT ABAP List-Based PI Sheet  HLA0006280 
PP-PI-PMA-MSG Process Message  HLA0006278 
PP-PI-PMA-OPC OPC Interface  AL00000073 
PP-PI-PMA-PMC Browser-Based PI Sheet / Cockpit  AL00000072 
PP-PI-PMA-RCP Control Recipe  HLA0006279 
PP-PI-POR Process Order  HLA0006252 
PP-PI-POR-ADB Adobe Document Services in the Process Order  AC00000054 
PP-PI-POR-ADB-PRN Document Output with Adobe Document Services  AC00000055 
PP-PI-POR-OCL Order Closing  HLA0006275 
PP-PI-POR-OPC Order Processing  HLA0006274 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
CRDT Downtime of the Resource 
DTBW Development Class for BW Resources Downtime 
ESH_PP_PI Enterprise Search on HANA - PP-PI 
PIBW Development Class: BW Process Orders 
U714 Production Planning for Process Industries 
WAO_46C_PRODUCTIONPLANNING_PI MiniApp: Production Plng for Process Ind.(release-spec. 46C) 
WAO_PRODUCTIONPLANNING_PI MiniApp: Production Plng for Process Ind.(release-ind. 46C) 
WP_PROCESS_MANUFACTURING Workplaces/Roles for Process Manufacturing 
Software Component SAP_APPL  Logistics and Accounting 
SAP Release Created in