SAP ABAP Application Component CS (Customer Service)
Basic Data
Application Component ALR0000081  
Application Component ID CS  
Short Description   Customer Service  
First Release Date 19980415 
First Release   45A 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
CS-AG Service Agreements  HLA0006915 
CS-AG-QU Quotations  ALR0000131 
CS-AG-SC Service Contracts  HLA0009593 
CS-AG-SLA Service Level Agreements  ALR0002254 
CS-AG-WA Warranties  ALR0000133 
CS-BD Basic Data  ALR0000082 
CS-BD-BP Business Partners  ALR0000116 
CS-BD-LOC Regional Locations  ALR0000117 
CS-BD-SO Service Organization  ALR0000119 
CS-BD-SP Service Products  ALR0000118 
CS-BS Billing and Settlement  ALR0002256 
CS-BS-BI Billing  ALR0000134 
CS-BS-RR Deferred Revenue  ALR0000135 
CS-BS-STL Settlement  ALR0002257 
CS-CI Customer Interaction  ALR0000112 
CS-CI-CIC Customer Interaction Center  ALR0000137 
CS-CI-CTI Computer Telephony Integration  ALR0000136 
CS-CI-SLF Self-Service  ALR0000138 
CS-CM Call Management  ALR0000113 
CS-CM-ESC Escalation  ALR0002152 
CS-CM-HD Help Desk  ALR0000140 
CS-CM-KB Knowledge Base  ALR0000139 
CS-CM-MON Response Time Monitoring  ALR0002151 
CS-CM-SN Service Notifications  HLA0009594 
CS-ES Enterprise Services in Customer Service  E4A0000022 
CS-IB Installed Base Management  HLA0006659 
CS-IB-CF Configuration  ALR0000121 
CS-IB-IN Installed Bases  ALR0000120 
CS-IB-MC Measuring Points and Counters  ALR0000122 
CS-IS Information System  ALR0000115 
CS-IS-DC Data Collection  ALR0002159 
CS-IS-EWS Early Warning System  ALR0002160 
CS-IS-LIS Interface to Logistics Information Library (LIL)  ALR0002158 
CS-IS-PLN Planning  ALR0002157 
CS-IS-REP Reporting  ALR0002156 
CS-SE Service Processing  HLA0009595 
CS-SE-CON Confirmations  ALR0002155 
CS-SE-DR Depot Repair  ALR0002154 
CS-SE-FS Field Service  ALR0002153 
CS-SE-SD Scheduling and Planning  ALR0002255 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
ACSM CS Application Components 
ACSP CS Process Model Objects 
ASAPTERM_CS Terminology and Glossary: Translation in CS 
CRM_CS_API API Functions for Mobile Service 
IBSSI_CRMIST Transfer of Telco Data 
IBSSI_CRM_BCONTACT Replication of Customer Contact - Activities 
ICRM CRM Development 
Software Component SAP_APPL  Logistics and Accounting 
SAP Release Created in