Where Used List (Data Element) for SAP ABAP Domain VTREF_KK (Contract number)
SAP ABAP Domain VTREF_KK (Contract number) is used by
# Object Type Object Name Object Description Package Structure Package Software Component
1 Data Element  ASSGNBROOBJ_BRO Assigned Broker Contract ISCDBROK  FS-CD  INSURANCE 
2 Data Element  BROOBJIO_BRO Broker Contract for Insurance Object (Customer) ISCDBROK  FS-CD  INSURANCE 
3 Data Element  BROVT_KK Broker Contract, Insurance Object for the Reporting Broker FKKB  FI-CA  FI-CA 
4 Data Element  HIERCONTR_BRO Hierarchy Object - Contract / Contract Account ISCDBROK  FS-CD  INSURANCE 
5 Data Element  ICL_VTREF_KK Reference to Contract from Collections/Disbursements ICL_CF  FS-CM  INSURANCE 
6 Data Element  ISM_ADDPAYMENT_DON IS-M/CA: Reference for Donation Payment JSD  IS-M  IS-M 
7 Data Element  ISM_ADDPAYMENT_TIP IS-M/CA: Reference for Tip Payment JSD  IS-M  IS-M 
8 Data Element  VTRE2_KK Additional Reference Information FKKB  FI-CA  FI-CA 
9 Data Element  VTRE2_SC Reference to Insurance Object VVSC  FS-CD  INSURANCE 
10 Data Element  VTRE3_SC Target Insurance Object for Cross-Company Code Postings VVSC  FS-CD  INSURANCE 
11 Data Element  VTRE3_VK Reference Specifications from Contract ISCDFUN  FS-CD  INSURANCE 
12 Data Element  VTREF_KK Reference Specifications from Contract FKKB  FI-CA  FI-CA 
13 Data Element  VTREF_TRANSPOST_SC Target Insurance Object for Subledger Transfer Posting VVSC  FS-CD  INSURANCE 
14 Data Element  VTREF_VK Supplementary contract number ISCDFUN  FS-CD  INSURANCE