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SAP ABAP Search Help - Index Page 2 of 3
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Search Help - Page 2 of 3

# Search Help Name Short Description Package
? ? ? ?
1 H_T309 Generated Help View for Check-Table T309 LVS 
2 H_T311 Help View for Table T311 LVS 
3 H_T328ZEINH Help view for T006 LVS 
4 H_T329F Generated Help View for Check-Table T329F LVS 
5 H_T329P Help View for Table T329P LVS 
6 H_T330 Generated Help View for Check-Table T330 LVS 
7 H_T333 Generated Help View for Check-Table T333 LVS 
8 H_T333A Generated Help View for Check-Table T333A LVS 
9 H_T336 Generated Help View for Check-Table T336 LVS 
10 H_T337A Help View for Table T337A LVS 
11 H_T338 Help View for Bulk Storage Indicators LVS 
12 H_T350I Maintenance activity types for each order type IWO1 
13 H_T354B Search help for T354B-VRGNG IB05 
14 H_T356 Priorities INSC 
15 H_T356_WD Help View 'Priorities' RPLM_QIMT_BE 
16 H_T357 Plant section help view INSC 
17 H_T357A_WD Help View 'Effects' RPLM_QIMT_BE 
18 H_T357G_WD Help View 'Approvals' RPLM_QIMT_BE 
19 H_T357_WD Help View 'Plant Sections' RPLM_QIMT_BE 
20 H_T370B Help view for technical object authorization group INSC 
21 H_T370C ABC indicator INSC 
22 H_T370F Functional location category INSC 
23 H_T370FLT Help View: Fleet Object Types (Subset of Equipment Types) ITOB 
24 H_T370K Equipment type INSC 
25 H_T370N Network categories INSC 
26 H_T370O Help View: ObjCategories Allowed for MeasPoints & Documents IMRC 
27 H_T370R Reference functional location category INSC 
28 H_T370S Functional Location Structure Indicators INSC 
29 H_T370T Equipment categories INSC 
30 H_T371A IBase object types IB00 
31 H_T372I Search help for network id PLMN_BO_MISC 
32 H_T372M Help View for V_T372M INET 
33 H_T372M_E Help View for V_T372M INET 
34 H_T399I Planning plant help view INSC 
35 H_T399I_AD Maintenance Planning Plant Help View DIWPS_TL 
36 H_T399X Help View for Check Table T399X CO 
37 H_T405 Help View for T405 MG 
38 H_T411 Help View for T411: "Usages" CP 
39 H_T412 Help View for T412: "Status" CP 
40 H_T413 Spare Part Indicator Help View CS 
41 H_T415S BOM Status Help View CS 
42 H_T416 BOM Usage Help View CS 
43 H_T417 Material Provision Indicator Help View CS 
44 H_T418 Item Categories Help View CS 
45 H_T418F Variable-Size Item Formula Help View CS 
46 H_T419S Change Master Status Help View CC 
47 H_T421 Help View for T412: "Wage Groups" CP 
48 H_T423 Help View for T423: "Qualifications Keys" CP 
49 H_T425 Help View for T425: "Setup Group Keys " CP 
50 H_T426 Help View for T426: "Setup Group Categories" CP 
51 H_T428 Help View for T428: "Setup Type Keys" CP 
52 H_T429 Help View for T429: "Types of Std. Value Determination" CP 
53 H_T430 Help View for T430: "Control Keys" CP 
54 H_T433 "View for Table T433" CN_NET_OPR 
55 H_T435 Help View for T435: "Standard Text Keys" CP 
56 H_T436A Margins for scheduling MD 
57 H_T437E View of Withdrawal Sequence Group CO 
58 H_T437P Planning IDs MD04 
59 H_T438A Generated Help View for Check Table T438A MG 
60 H_T438M T438M ( MRP Group ) MD 
61 H_T439A Lot-Sizing Procedures MD 
62 H_T439G Help View: PP Planning Periods (MRPPP Domains) MD03 
63 H_T439L Storage Cost Percentage for Optimum Lot Size MD 
64 H_T439P Splitting Forecast Requirements in MRP MD 
65 H_T440P Forecast profiles MCP2 
66 H_T441R Checking rule MD01 
67 H_T445G Help view for planning macros MCP2 
68 H_T445O Language-Dependent Operation Description MCP2 
69 H_T445T Helpview for Planning Types MCP2 
70 H_T449A Period split MD 
71 H_T450U User exit control key material selection - MRP MD03 
72 H_T457A Processing Key for Planning Runs MD 
73 H_T457G Evaluation Profiles MD03 
74 H_T457J Search Help for USPRF MD 
75 H_T457L Help View: MPS Evaluation Texts MD03 
76 H_T457P Order Types in External Display MD01 
77 H_T458A Generated Help View for Check Table T458A MD0C 
78 H_T459 Helpview Generated for Check Table T459 VZ0C 
79 H_T459A Generated Help View for Check Table T459A MDPB 
80 H_T459K Helpview Generated for Check Table T459K VA 
81 H_T459S Period splitting MDPB 
82 H_T459V Versions MDPC 
83 H_T460A Special procurement MD 
84 H_T460B Special procurement types in external representation MD 
85 H_T460C Order Types for Processing Planned Orders MD 
86 H_T461S Planning Strategies MD0C 
87 H_T476 Helpview Generated for Check Table T476 VA 
88 H_T499Q Help View for T499Q CX 
89 H_T499R Help View for T499R: Reduction Levels CX 
90 H_T499S "Location" CR 
91 H_T499S_NEW Location RPLM_MT_BE 
92 H_T499S_WD Help View 'Locations' RPLM_QIMT_BE 
93 H_T500P Help View for Table T500P (Personnel Areas) PBAS 
94 H_T500W Extension of F4 Help to T500W PEUR 
95 H_T501T Help View for Employee Groups PBAS 
96 H_T502T Helpview T502T (marital status) PBAS 
97 H_T502T_1 Search help for Marital Status Designators PBAS 
98 H_T503 Help View for Table T503 PBAS 
99 H_T503T Help View for Employee Subgroups PBAS 
100 H_T503Z Help View for Table T503Z PBAS 
101 H_T505K Help View for T505K PB10 
102 H_T505M Generated Help View for Check Table T505M PBAS 
103 H_T505O Help View for T505O PB10 
104 H_T505R Generated Help View for Check Table T505R PBAS 
105 H_T505U Generated Help View for Check Table T505U PBAS 
106 H_T505X Generated Help View for Check Table T505X PB10 
107 H_T505Z Help View for T505Z PB10 
108 H_T505Z_A Savings Bond Search Help PAOC_PAD_UI_INFTY_0103_US_PS 
109 H_T505Z_US Help View for T505Z PAOC_PAD_UI_US 
110 H_T506T Help View for Loan Terms PBAS 
111 H_T508A Help View for Work Schedule Rules PTIM 
112 H_T508A_UI_DE Help View for Work Schedule Rules PAOC_PAD_UI_DE 
113 H_T508T Help View for Employee Subgroup Grouping for Work Schedules PTIM 
114 H_T508Z Help View for Eligibility of PS Grpg for Work Schedules PTIM 
115 H_T50X1 Restriction of values from T50X1 using user parameter MOL PCMP 
116 H_T510 Search help for pay scale groups/levels (T510) PBAS 
117 H_T510A Help View for Pay Scale Types PBAS 
118 H_T510A_UI Help View for Pay Scale Types PAOC_PAD_UI_DE 
119 H_T510G Help View for Pay Scale Areas PBAS 
120 H_T510G_UI Help View for Pay Scale Areas PAOC_PAD_UI_DE 
121 H_T510O Help View for Cost-of-Living Allowances (Civil Service) PBAS 
122 H_T510P Help View for Eligibility of Premium Indicators PTIM 
123 H_T510T Help View for Eligibility of Premium Numbers PTIM 
124 H_T510V Help View: Processing Types PTIM 
125 H_T511 Help View for Table T511 PBAS 
126 H_T511K Help View for Payroll Constants PCAL 
127 H_T511K_A Garnishment order constants PC08 
128 H_T511M Help View for Wage Type Models PBAS 
129 H_T512E Helpview for Evaluation Classes PCAL 
130 H_T512P Helpview for Processing Classes PCAL 
131 H_T512W_05 Search help for wagetypes of molga 05 PC05 
132 H_T512W_ALL All wage types, including technical wage types PAOC_PAY_BASIC_FUNCTIONS 
134 H_T512Z Help View for Wage Type Permissibility PBAS 
135 H_T512Z_F Helpview Zulässigkeit von Lohnarten PB16 
136 H_T512Z_UI Help View for Wage Type Permissibility PAOC_PAD_UI_DE 
137 H_T513 Help View for Jobs PBAS 
138 H_T513C Help View for Secondary Employment Activities PBAS 
139 H_T513G Help View for Appraisal Groups PBAS 
140 H_T513H Help View for Appraisal Criteria PBAS 
141 H_T513P Help View for Pension Reserve Groups PBAS 
142 H_T513P_UI Help View for Pension Reserve Groups PAOC_PAD_UI_DE 
143 H_T513_1 Search help for T513 PB07 
144 H_T514D Search Help: Form Name for Form Class TEDT/TELU Only PTIM 
145 H_T514F Form Class and Description PUTL 
146 H_T515A Help View for Fund Types PC01 
147 H_T516T Religious Denominations SKON 
148 H_T516T_1 Religious Denomination Texts PBAS 
149 H_T517T Help View for Educational Establishment Type Designations PBAS 
150 H_T517Y Generated Help View for Check Table T517Y PBAS 
151 H_T518A Generated Help View for Check Table T518A PBAS 
152 H_T518D Generated Help View for Check Table T518D PBAS 
153 H_T519T Help View for Final Certificates PBAS 
154 H_T51B3 Help View for Archiving Groups PARC 
155 H_T51CE Pollution Category PBCC 
156 H_T51CF Leasing Category PBCC 
157 H_T51CG Leasing Company PBCC 
158 H_T51D4 Rule number PCAL 
159 H_T51D5 Starting Point PCAL 
160 H_T51R1 Helpview for Transfer Request P3PR 
161 H_T51R2 Helpview for Transfer Numbers P3PR 
162 H_T51RK Remittance Rules P3PR 
163 H_T51T5 PC_TAX 
164 H_T521B Help View for Payee Keys PBAS 
165 H_T521B_FI Help view for payee keys PB44 
166 H_T521C Payee Authorization for Infotypes PBAS 
167 H_T521C_UI_DE Payee Authorization for Infotypes PAOC_PAD_UI_DE 
168 H_T522T Help View for T522T (Forms of Address) PBAS 
169 H_T522T_1 Search help for Forms of Address PBAS 
170 H_T523T Help View for Challenge Types PBAS 
171 H_T526 Help View for Administrators PBAS 
172 H_T527O Help View for Organizational Key Validation PBAS 
173 H_T527X Help View for Organizational Units PBAS 
174 H_T527X_1 Seach help for T527X PB07 
175 H_T528B Help View for Positions PBAS 
176 H_T528B_1 Search help for T528B PB07 
177 H_T528B_A Help View for Positions PAOC_PAD_UI_US_PS 
178 H_T529A Help View for Personnel Action Types PBAS 
179 H_T529U Help View for Action Status PBAS 
180 H_T52B3 Help View for Table T52B3 PBAS 
181 H_T52BM Help View for Table T52BM PBAS 
182 H_T52BN Help View for Table T52BN PBAS 
183 H_T52CD Schema PCAL 
184 H_T52CE Helpview for Table T52CE PCAL 
185 H_T52G0 PBGN 
186 H_T52G2 PBGN 
187 H_T52G4 PBGN 
188 H_T52G7 PBGN 
189 H_T52G9 PBGN 
190 H_T52GB PBGN 
191 H_T52GD PBGN 
192 H_T52GF PBGN 
193 H_T530 Help View for Reasons for Actions PBAS 
194 H_T530E Help View for Reasons for Change PBAS 
195 H_T530E_ITRF Help View for Reasons for Change PCMP 
196 H_T530E_UI_DE Help View for Reasons for Change PAOC_PAD_UI_DE 
197 H_T530F Help View for Reasons for Changes PBAS 
198 H_T530_ITRF Help View for Reasons for Actions PCMP 
199 H_T531 Generated Help View for Check Table T531 PBAS 
200 H_T533 Help View for Eligibility of Leave Types PTIM 
201 H_T535N Help View for Name Affixes PBAS 
202 H_T535N_UI_DE Help View for Name Affixes PAOC_PAD_UI_INFTY_0021_DE 
203 H_T535T Help View for Professional Status (DUEVO) PBAS 
204 H_T535V Help View for ASB Texts PBAS 
205 H_T536A Help View for Addresses PC01 
206 H_T536A_UI_CH HR-CH: Help View for Addresses in Infotype 0021 PAOC_PAD_UI_INFTY_0021_CH 
207 H_T536A_UI_DE Help View for Addresses PAOC_PAD_UI_INFTY_0021_DE 
208 H_T536B Help View for Communication Keys PBAS 
209 H_T536C Enhancement of F4 help for T536C P99U 
210 H_T536T Help View for Education and Training (DUEVO) PBAS 
211 H_T538A Help View for Table T538A PTIM 
212 H_T538A_UI_DE Help View for Table T538A PAOC_PAD_UI_DE 
213 H_T538B Help View for Units of Time/Measurement PBAS 
214 H_T538C Help View for Table T538C PTIM 
215 H_T538C_UI_NL Help View for Table T538C PAOC_PAD_UI_NL 
216 H_T538D Help View for Units of Time/Measurement PBAS 
217 H_T539R Help View for Wage Maintenance PBAS 
218 H_T539R_UI Search Help for Wage Maintenance Types PAOC_PAD_UI_DE 
219 H_T53G0 Test Search Help for P0476 PGAR 
220 H_T53G1 Test Search Help for P0476 PGAR 
221 H_T53G4 Debt Code Search Help PGAR 
222 H_T53GU Garnishment Calculation Rule PGAR 
223 H_T541A Helpview for T541A PCAL 
224 H_T542T Help View for Employment Contracts PBAS 
225 H_T542T_IT395 Search Help IT 395 PCMP 
226 H_T543 Generated Help View for Check Table T543 PBAS 
227 H_T543A Statistics PBAS 
228 H_T543B Statistical Exceptions PBAS 
229 H_T544A Car Rule PBAS 
230 H_T545T Help View for Table T545T PBAS 
231 H_T546T Help View for EE Subgroup Groupings for PCRs PBAS 
232 H_T547T Help View for Periods of Notice PBAS 
233 H_T547V Contract Types PBAS 
234 H_T548S Help View for Table T548S PBAS 
235 H_T548Y Generated Help View for Check Table T548Y PBAS 
236 H_T549A Generated Help View for Check Table T549A PBAS 
237 H_T549AG Payroll Area Groups PCAL_CE 
238 H_T549Q_PERIOD Search help for periods in T549Q PCAL 
239 H_T549R Generated Help View for Check Table T549R PBAS 
240 H_T549T Help View for Payroll Areas PBAS 
241 H_T54C2 Calendar type PCAL 
242 H_T550A Help View for Daily Work Schedules PTIM 
243 H_T550P Help View for Eligibility of Work Break Schedules PTIM 
244 H_T550S Help View for Eligibility of Daily Work Schedules PTIM 
245 H_T550X Help View for Eligibility of Daily WS Selection Rules PTIM 
246 H_T551A Help View for Eligibility of Period Work Schedules PTIM 
247 H_T551C Help View for Eligibility of Counting Classes for Period WS PTIM 
248 H_T551S Help View for Eligibility of Period Work Schedules PTIM 
249 H_T553A Help View for Eligibility of Day Type Definition Rules PTIM 
250 H_T553T Help View for Day Types PTIM 
251 H_T554C Absence Valuation (International) PTIM 
252 H_T554D Help View for Table T554D PTIM 
253 H_T554G Help View for Table T554G PTIM 
254 H_T554O Helpview for Table T554O PTIM 
255 H_T554P Help View for Eligibility of Absence Categories PTIM 
256 H_T554S Help View for Absence Types PTIM 
257 H_T554T Help View for Eligibility of Attendances/Absences PTIM 
258 H_T554V Help View for Table T554V PTIM 
259 H_T554X Help View for Absence Counting PTIM 
260 H_T554Y Help View for Eligibility of Time Constraint Classes PTIM 
261 H_T555A Time Transfer Specifications PTIM 
262 H_T555E Generated Help View for Check Table T555E PTIM 
263 H_T555H Generated Help View for Check Table T555H PTIM 
264 H_T555P Time Transfer Specifications PTIM 
265 H_T555R Help View for Overtime Compensation Type PTIM 
266 H_T555T Help View for Eligibility of Compensation Types PTIM 
267 H_T555V Generated Help View for Check Table T555V PTIM 
268 H_T556 Generated Help View for Check Table T556 PTIM 
269 H_T556A Help View for Eligibility of Absence Quotas PTIM 
270 H_T556B Help View for Absence Quotas PTIM 
271 H_T556C Attendance/Absence Counting PTIM 
272 H_T556P Help View for Eligibility of Attendance Quotas PTIM 
273 H_T556Q Help View for Eligibility of Attendance Quotas PTIM 
274 H_T557 Help View for Availability Types (Infotype 2004) PTIM 
275 H_T557I Wage Types PTDW 
276 H_T557V View for Partner function Infotype P0057 PB04 
277 H_T564T Help View for Insurance Companies PBAS 
278 H_T564T_UI Help View for Insurance Companies PAOC_PAD_UI_DE 
279 H_T572B HR Time: Description of Illness PTIM 
280 H_T572E Generated Help View for Table T572E PTIM 
281 H_T572G Generated Help View for Table T572G PTIM 
282 H_T574A Generated Help View for Check Table T574A PBAS 
283 H_T577 Help View for T577 PBAS 
284 H_T577_UI Help View for T577 PAOC_PAD_UI_CONVERT_GENERIC 
285 H_T578A Help View for Medical Doctors PBAS 
286 H_T578X Generated Help View for Check Table T578X PBAS 
287 H_T578Y Help View for Examination Results PBAS 
288 H_T578Z Generated Help View for Check Table T578Z PBAS 
289 H_T582A Generated Help View for Check Table T582A PBAS 
290 H_T582A_PA Generated Help View for Check Table T582A PBAS 
291 H_T588R Help View for Table T588R PBAS 
292 H_T588S Help View for Screen Types PBAS 
293 H_T588YS Programs Generated Using Customizing Tool for New PA42 PBAS 
294 H_T591A Help View for Subtypes PBAS 
295 H_T591A_ITRF Help View for Subtypes PCMP 
296 H_T591A_LR Labour Relations (ZA) PB16 
297 H_T591A_UI_DE Help View for Subtypes PAOC_PAD_UI_DE 
298 H_T596G_SUMLG Search help for T596G-SUMLG (Only for Shukko) PB22_SHUKKO 
299 H_T5A1A Help View for SI Groups (Austria) PBAS 
300 H_T5A1B Search Help for T5A1B for Infotype 0044 PB03 
301 H_T5A1I HHelp View: Assignment of Technical to Official Contr. Group PB03 
302 H_T5A1R Help View for ELDA - Austria PC03 
303 H_T5A1T Help View for Social Insurance Bodies PB03 
304 H_T5A2C Help View for Tax Exemption PB03 
305 H_T5A2D Help View for Tax Procedure/Tax Exemption PB03 
306 H_T5A2D_VH V_T5A2D_VAL_HLP PB03 
307 H_T5A2F Help View for Tax Offices (A) PB03 
308 H_T5A2G Municipalities PB03 
309 H_T5A2G_NEW Municipality Code PC03 
310 H_T5A2S View for Tax Deductible Amounts PB03 
311 H_T5A2T Help View for Tax Procedure PB03 
312 H_T5A4P_T5F2A Absence cat. indicators and quota indicators PB06 
313 H_T5A5F Technical Control for Sickness Certificates PB03 
314 H_T5A6A Help View for T5A6A PB03 
315 H_T5A6B Help View for Table T5A6B PB03 
316 H_T5A6C Help View for Table T5A6C PB03 
317 H_T5A6E Help View for T5A6E PB03 
318 H_T5A6F Help View for T5A6F PB03 
319 H_T5A7_FNAME Search Help for Valid DDIC Field Names in T5A7* Tables PC03 
320 H_T5A9D Search Help for Check Table T5A9D PC03 
321 H_T5B01 Helpview for SI Employee Category (B) PB12 
322 H_T5B02 SI Categories Employers (B) PB12 
323 H_T5B06 Text Table Country Codes SI/"BELCOTAX" (B) PB12 
324 H_T5B0B Text Table SI Categories Employers (B) PB12 
325 H_T5B0C Text Table SI Specifications Employees (B) PB12 
326 H_T5B0D Text Table SI Notifications Employees (B) PB12 
327 H_T5B0E Texttable Function-SI Hourly Paid Regulation (B) PB12 
328 H_T5B0F Country Codes & Nationalities (B) PB12 
329 H_T5B0G Text Table Profession Groups (B) PB12 
330 H_T5B0H Text Table Nationalities (B) PB12 
331 H_T5B0I Text Table Deduction of SI Contribution Employer (B) PB12 
332 H_T5B0J Usage for Employee Category SI PB12 
333 H_T5B1A Text Table Type Tax Calculation (B) PB12 
334 H_T5B1B Text Table Spouse's Professions (B) PB12 
335 H_T5B1C Text Table Leave Regulation Taxes (B) PB12 
336 H_T5B1D Text Table Marital Status (B) PB12 
337 H_T5B1S_COMPS Institutions (B), based on address field PC12 
338 H_T5B51 Text Table Postal Codes (B) PB12 
339 H_T5B5C Postal Codes Villages (B) PB12 
340 H_T5B62 Text Table Collective Agreements (B) PB12 
341 H_T5B63 Labour Commissions (B) PB12 
342 H_T5B6B Collective Agreements (B) PB12 
343 H_T5B7A Text Table Systems Work Schedules (B) PB12 
344 H_T5B7B Text Table Weekly Workdays "regime" (B) PB12 
345 H_T5B7C Text Table for Work Schedule Regulations (B) PB12 
346 H_T5B94 Help view on legal document & sequence PC12 
347 H_T5B96 Form for legal document PC12 
348 H_T5B9A Institutions (B) PB12 
349 H_T5B9A_COMPS Institutions (B), restricted to companies (SOORT=30) PC12 
350 H_T5B9B Text Table Institutional Groups (B) PB12 
351 H_T5BCI10 Complementary Indemnity: Debtor Type Code List PC12 
352 H_T5BCI11 Complementary Indemnity: Agreement Type Code List PC12 
353 H_T5BCI12 Complementary Indemnity: Payment adjustment type code list PC12 
354 H_T5BCI13 Complementary Indemnity: Justification for Incomplete month PC12 
355 H_T5BCI14 Complementary Indemnity: Payment Types PC12 
356 H_T5BCI15 Complementary Indemnity: Allowance Subgroup code list. PC12 
357 H_T5BDRY Job Card Codes PB12 
358 H_T5BE2 Help view for Garnishment type PC12 
359 H_T5BPBS27XD_NACEC Working regimes (Code NACE) (ONSSAPL/RSZPPO 76) P12P1 
360 H_T5BPC Postal code Belgium PB12 
361 H_T5BVZ Factory shutdown fund PB12 
362 H_T5BX4 Belgium tax declaration, assign wages to zone PC12 
363 H_T5C1A Generated Help View for Check Table T5C1A PBAS 
364 H_T5C1D Helpview for Insurance Types PB02 
365 H_T5C1N Helpview for Family Equalization Funds PB02 
366 H_T5C1O Helpview for Cantons/Municipalities (CH) PB02 
367 H_T5C1R Helpview for Company Department PB02 
368 H_T5C1U Generated Help View for Check Table T5C1U PBAS 
369 H_T5C1X Helpview for Paying Offices PB02 
370 H_T5C2C HR-CH: Help View for T5C2C PC02 
371 H_T5C2F Tax Cantons PB02 
372 H_T5C2P_LOCCD WHT Geneva: Search Help for Municipality PB02 
373 H_T5CA2 HR-CH: Value types PK02 
374 H_T5CP1 HR-CH: Pension funds PK02 
375 H_T5CZM HR-CH: Reduction Rules for Family Equalization Fund PC02 
376 H_T5D0O Help View for Table T5D0O PC01 
377 H_T5D0P Help View for T5D0P PB01 
378 H_T5D0T Help View: Pay Scale Area Groupings P01B 
379 H_T5D11 Health Insurance Funds PB01 
380 H_T5D11_1 Search Help for Employees and Locked Health Insurance Funds P01S 
381 H_T5D11_2 Employee Fund and Receiving Office for Contrib. Statement P01S 
382 H_T5D11_3 Employee Fund and Receiving Office for Contrib. Statement P01S 
383 H_T5D11_4 Search Help for Receiving Office for DUEVO P01S 
384 H_T5D11_5 Employee, Receiv. Contrib. Statement, Locked Health Ins. P01S 
385 H_T5D11_6 Search Help for Contribution Funds P01S 
386 H_T5D11_7 Employee HI Fund, DFUE Fund, and DEUEV Receiving Office P01S 
387 H_T5D11_BNR Search Help for Company Numbers of Employee Health Ins.Funds PB01 
388 H_T5D11_IT Search Help for Employee Health Insurance Funds PB01 
389 H_T5D12 Social Insurance: Reasons for Exemption PB01 
390 H_T5D1B Special SI Rules PC01 
391 H_T5D1D Help View for SI Attribute Combinations PBAS 
392 H_T5D1F Help View: Reasons for Exemption from SI Contributions PC01 
393 H_T5D1G Help View for SI Additional Insurance PC01 
394 H_T5D1H Help View for SI-Supplementary Insurance Texts PC01 
395 H_T5D1K Help View for Health Insurance Fund Texts PC01 
396 H_T5D1K_IT Search Help for Branch Office PB01 
397 H_T5D1O Help View for HI Funds, Voluntary Contributions PC01 
398 H_T5D1P Help View for Social Insurance Keys PC01 
399 H_T5D1Q Special Rules for Supplementary Insurance PBAS 
400 H_T5D1T Grouping of Assessment Thresholds PC01 
401 H_T5D1Y Social Insurance Indicator PB01 
402 H_T5D1Z Help View for Voluntary Nursing Insurance Contributions PC01 
403 H_T5D2A Help View for Tax Office Key PB01 
404 H_T5D2B Municipality key PB01 
405 H_T5D2B_UI Municipality Key PAOC_PAD_UI_DE 
406 H_T5D2D Help View for Tax Features D PB01 
407 H_T5D2K Help View Family Fund PC01 
408 H_T5D2L Help View Church Tax Areas PB01 
409 H_T5D2N Help View T5D2N PB01 
410 H_T5D2P Search Help for Key Figures P01T 
411 H_T5D31 Help View for Professionals Pension Schemes P01S 
412 H_T5D33 Help View for Employment Office Keys P01S 
413 H_T5D37 T5D37 PC01 
414 H_T5D39 T5D39 PC01 
415 H_T5D3A Workers' Compensation Associations PBAS 
416 H_T5D3A_B Search Help for Company Number of the AI Agency P01S 
417 H_T5D3A_MSL Membership Key for AI Data of Company P01S 
418 H_T5D3A_UI Workers' Compensation Associations PAOC_PAD_UI_DE 
419 H_T5D3B Hazard Pay Area PC01 
420 H_T5D3B_GFTST Search Help for Hazard Pay Area of an AI Agency P01S 
421 H_T5D3B_UI Hazard Pay Areas PAOC_PAD_UI_DE 
422 H_T5D3C Help View for Workers' Compensation Associations PB01 
423 H_T5D3D Help View for Hazard Pay Areas PB01 
424 H_T5D3E Generated Help View for Check Table T5D3E PBAS 
425 H_T5D3F Help View for Pension Institutions (Germany) PBAS 
426 H_T5D3G Capital Formation PBAS 
427 H_T5D3I Help View for Variants for Reduced Hours Compensation (D) PBAS 
428 H_T5D3K Help View for Capital Formation Variants (Germany) PBAS 
429 H_T5D3K_UI Help View for Capital Formation Variants (Germany) PAOC_PAD_UI_DE 
430 H_T5D3K_UI_DE Help View for Capital Formation Variants (Germany) PAOC_PAD_UI_DE 
431 H_T5D3N Possible Entries for the Valuation of Pay Scales PB01 
432 H_T5D3O Special Rules for Capital Formation PB01 
433 H_T5D3O_UI Special Rules for Capital Formation PAOC_PAD_UI_DE 
434 H_T5D40_UI Search Help for T5D40 PAOC_PAD_UI_DE 
435 H_T5D4A DCR Activity Keys PC01 
436 H_T5D4ATS DEUEV: Occupational Code 2010 P01S 
437 H_T5D4ATS_BRF DEUEV: Occupational Code 2010 - Occupation Names P01S 
438 H_T5D4ATS_VAL DEUEV: Occupational Code 2010 P01S 
439 H_T5D4ATS_VAL_BRF DEUEV: Occupational Code 2010 - Occupation Names P01S 
440 H_T5D4B_UI DEUEV Occupation Code (Texts) PAOC_PAD_UI_DE 
441 H_T5D4C Help View for Pensioner/Applicant (DUEVO - Germany) PBAS 
442 H_T5D4D_UI DEUEV Pension Applicant (Texts) PAOC_PAD_UI_DE 
443 H_T5D4E DUEVO: Nationality PB01 
444 H_T5D4G DUEVO Activity Keys: Miners' and Mine EE Insurance (D) PBAS 
445 H_T5D4H_UI DEUEV Occupation Code Miners (Texts) PAOC_PAD_UI_DE 
446 H_T5D4I Help View: Reason for Change - Miners'/Mine EE Ins. (DUEVO) PBAS 
447 H_T5D4J Help View for DUEVO Special Key: Miners'/Mine EE Ins. (D) PBAS 
448 H_T5D4O_UI Search Help for DEUEV Allowed Name Prefixes and Other Titles PAOC_PAD_UI_DE 
449 H_T5D4O_UI_DE Search Help for DEUEV-Compliant Name Affixes PAOC_PAD_UI_DE 
450 H_T5D4Q_UI DEUEV Person Group Key (Texts) PAOC_PAD_UI_DE 
451 H_T5D4T_BTRNR Company Numbers PB01 
452 H_T5D5F Help View for Case Groups PBAS 
453 H_T5D5K Case Group Catalogs PBAS 
454 H_T5D6A Help View for Table T5D6A PB01 
455 H_T5D6B Help View for Table T5D6B PB01 
456 H_T5D6C Help View for Table T5D6C PB01 
457 H_T5D6F Help View for Table T5D6F PB01 
458 H_T5D7H Help View for Table T5D7H P01O 
459 H_T5D83 Help View for Table T5D83 P01O 
460 H_T5D8B Utilization P01O 
461 H_T5D8C Help View for Table T5D8C P01O 
462 H_T5D8D Work Indicator View Infotype 0329 (Sideline Job) P01O 
463 H_T5D8E Help View T5D8E for Infoty. 0330 (Non-Monetary Remuneration) P01O 
464 H_T5D8F Help View Infotype 0330 (Non-Monetary Remun.) 'Meals' Field P01O 
465 H_T5D8N Search Help for T5D8N P01O 
466 H_T5DA1_UI Search Help for Semiretirement Model PAOC_PAD_UI_DE 
467 H_T5DA4_UI Search Help for Special Semiretirement Rules PAOC_PAD_UI_DE 
468 H_T5DA5_UI Search Help T5DA5 PAOC_PAD_UI_DE 
469 H_T5DB0 Input Help for Work Cooperatives P01B 
470 H_T5DB7 Teams P01B 
471 H_T5DBA Retirement Funds P01B 
472 H_T5DBA_UI Retirement Funds PAOC_PAD_UI_DE 
473 H_T5DBC Work Cooperatives P01B 
474 H_T5DBD Construction Pay Expenses P01B 
475 H_T5DBH Attributes P01B 
476 H_T5DBK Construction Pay Constants P01B 
477 H_T5DBL Short Indicators: Transaction Data P01B 
478 H_T5DBN_UI Construction Work Key for UI PAOC_PAD_UI_DE 
479 H_T5DBO Permitted Expenses P01B 
480 H_T5DBR Flexible Working Hours Models P01B 
481 H_T5DBV Permitted Hostels for Construction Pay Expenses P01B 
482 H_T5DBW Construction Pay Residence Management P01B 
483 H_T5DB_SKBER T5DB_SKBER Search Help P01B 
484 H_T5DC1 Search Help for Constants for Company Pension Schemes P01A 
485 H_T5DC3 Help View: Pension Organizations P01A 
486 H_T5DC3_UI Help View: Pension Organizations PAOC_PAD_UI_DE 
487 H_T5DC5 Search Help for Table T5DC5 P01A 
488 H_T5DC7 Help View Groupings P01A 
489 H_T5DC7_UI_DE Help View Groupings PAOC_FACE_ESS_DE 
490 H_T5DC7_W_UI_DE Help View Groupings PAOC_FACE_ESS_DE 
491 H_T5DCA Help View Entitlements P01A 
492 H_T5DCA_BE Help View for Contribution-Based Entitlements P01A 
493 H_T5DCA_BT Help View for Reimbursable Entitlements P01A 
494 H_T5DCA_GP Help View for Vested Payments for Primary Entitlements P01A 
495 H_T5DCA_PA Help View for Primary Entitlements P01A 
496 H_T5DCA_SA Help View for Secondary Entitlements P01A 
497 H_T5DCA_UA Help View for Qualification Check for Entitlements P01A 
498 H_T5DCA_UI Help View Entitlements PAOC_PAD_UI_DE 
499 H_T5DCC_UI Search Help for Entitlements and Benefit Types PAOC_PAD_UI_DE 
500 H_T5DCE Help View for Pension Types P01A 
501 H_T5DCG Help View Indicators P01A 
502 H_T5DCS Search Help for Contribution Rule P01A 
503 H_T5DCU Help View for Benefits Providers P01A 
504 H_T5DCU_UI Help View for Benefits Providers PAOC_PAD_UI_DE 
505 H_T5DCV Search Help for Entitlement Status P01A 
506 H_T5DCVARGL Search Help for Processing Rules PEP P01A 
507 H_T5DCVARGL_R1 Search Help for Processing Rules Basis Reduction P01A 
508 H_T5DCVARGL_R2 Search Help for Processing Rules Benefit Reduction P01A 
509 H_T5DCVARGL_U1 Search Help for Processing Rules Reduction Factor PEP P01A 
510 H_T5DCV_UI Search Help for Entitlement Status PAOC_PAD_UI_DE 
511 H_T5DCW Help View: Pension Plans P01A 
512 H_T5DL1 Absence Events PB01 
513 H_T5DR3_UI Search Help for Contract Model PAOC_PAD_UI_DE 
514 H_T5DR8 Search Help for T5DR8 PC01 
515 H_T5DR8_A Search Help for T5DR8 PC01 
516 H_T5DRB_UI Search Help for AVmG Investment Institution PAOC_PAD_UI_DE 
517 H_T5DV2_UI_DE Search Help for Assignment of Value Type to Entitlement PAOC_PAD_UI_DE 
518 H_T5DVB Search Help for Calc. Control Pension Equalization Payment P01A 
519 H_T5DW1 Help View T5DW1 P01A 
520 H_T5DW1_UI_DE Help View T5DW1 PAOC_PAD_UI_DE 
521 H_T5DW5 Search Help for Table T5D5W P01A 
522 H_T5DWA Help View: Pension Plans P01A 
523 H_T5DWA_UI Help View: Pension Plans PAOC_PAD_UI_DE 
524 H_T5DWB Help View Entitlements to Pension Plan P01A 
525 H_T5DWB2 Help View Entitlements to Pension Plan PAOC_PAD_UI_DE 
526 H_T5DWB_DACV Search Help for Entitlements for Cyclical Pension Rights P01A 
527 H_T5DWB_UI Help View Entitlements to Pension Plan PAOC_PAD_UI_DE 
528 H_T5DWC Help View: Benefit Types for Pension Plan P01A 
529 H_T5DWC_DACV Search Help for Entitlements for Cyclical Pension Rights P01A 
530 H_T5DWC_UI Help View: Benefit Types for Pension Plan PAOC_PAD_UI_DE 
531 H_T5DWE_UI Search Help for Calculation Variants PAOC_PAD_UI_DE 
532 H_T5DWE_UI_DE Search Help for Calculation Variants PAOC_PAD_UI_DE 
533 H_T5DWH Entitlement Control for Deferred Compensation P01A 
534 H_T5DWM Income Search Help P01A 
535 H_T5DWO Search Help for Annuitization Factor Rules P01A 
536 H_T5DWOG Search Help: Rules for Annuitization Table P01A 
537 H_T5DWP Search Help: Rules for Final Processing P01A 
538 H_T5DWS PA-PF-DE: Search Help for Statement ID P01A 
539 H_T5DWV_UI Search Help for Membership Status PAOC_PAD_UI_DE 
540 H_T5DWX Payment Rules P01A 
541 H_T5DWX_UI_DE Payment Rules PAOC_PAD_UI_DE 
542 H_T5DWY Company Pension Scheme Functions P01A 
543 H_T5DWY_2 Company Pension Scheme Functions P01A 
544 H_T5DWY_C Functions of Pension Plan (Class Name) P01A 
545 H_T5E03 Help view T5E03 PB04 
546 H_T5E05 View table T5E05 PB04 
547 H_T5E11 Help view for field GROUP_ID in table T5E11 PB04 
548 H_T5E31 Actions and situations for affiliation messages PB04 
549 H_T5E32 Healthcare company code according to Social Insurance PB04 
550 H_T5E34 Pay scale code PB04 
551 H_T5E35_CDLOC_REGIO Postal code search by region PB04 
552 H_T5E35_CDPOS_REGIO Postal code search by region PB04 
553 H_T5E35_COD_LOC Search help: Towns according to INEM PB04 
554 H_T5E38 Tax reasons Spain PB04 
555 H_T5E3A Pay scale code PB04 
556 H_T5E3T View T5E3T PB04 
557 H_T5E41 View for Help for table T5E41 PB04 
558 H_T5E42 View of table T5E42 PB04 
559 H_T5E43 F4 Help for contribution group PB04 
560 H_T5E46 F4 Help for epigraph PB04 
561 H_T5E48 Help view T5E48 PB04 
562 H_T5E4F_CNAEC_N National level N economic activities classification search PB04 
563 H_T5E4J Help view T5E4J PB04 
564 H_T5E52 Seniority: Calculation methods PB04 
565 H_T5E6F_CO Contracts: Control administration methods PB04 
566 H_T5E6F_CT Contracts: Admin. methods Social Insurance contribution PB04 
567 H_T5E6F_HA Contracts: Tax Office accounting management methods PB04 
568 H_T5E6F_SS Contracts: Admin. methods Soc. Insurance accounting PB04 
569 H_T5E6F_TR Contracts: Transformation admin. methods PB04 
570 H_T5E6T View T5E6T PB04 
571 H_T5E8M Help view T5E8M PB04 
572 H_T5E92 Search help for GRIPR field in table T5E92 PB04 
573 H_T5E92_KONST Value help for payroll constants PC04 
574 H_T5EA6_MED Check existence of the actions PB04 
575 H_T5EA6_MOT Check the existence of reasons for actions PB04 
576 H_T5EAE View Help for table T5EAE: Business activities Spain PB04 
577 H_T5ED9_CDCNO_N Level N worker employment codes search PB04 
578 H_T5EDH View help for table T5EDH - Tax offices (Spain) PB04 
579 H_T5EG1 Search help for deductions PB04 
580 H_T5ES3 2nd I0061 method check PB04 
581 H_T5EVP Help view T5EVP PB04 
582 H_T5F1A Help view T5F1A PB06 
583 H_T5F1B SI contributions (France) PB06 
584 H_T5F1C_0064 Help view T5F1C (IT 0064) PB06 
585 H_T5F1G Help view T5F1G PB06 
586 H_T5F3A Help view T5F3A PB06 
587 H_T5F5G Socio-professional category long text PB06 
588 H_T5G08 Generated Help View for Check Table T5G08 PBAS 
589 H_T5G22 Help View for Qualifying Day Pattern (GB) PB08 
590 H_T5G2E Help View for SSP/SMP Exclusion Codes (GB) PB08 
591 H_T5G42 HR-GB: NI Category PB08 
592 H_T5G61 Help View T5G61 PB08 
593 H_T5GDT Generated Help View for Check Table T5GDT PB08 
594 H_T5GPBS22 Period Work Schedule Rules P08P_ABS 
595 H_T5GPBS26 Period Work Schedule Rules P08P_ABS 
596 H_T5J61 PB22 
597 H_T5J63 Municipal City Code PB22 
598 H_T5J67 PB22 
599 H_T5J73 . PB22 
600 H_T5JBK Help view for T5JBK PB22 
601 H_T5JL1 Help view for T5JL1 PB22 
602 H_T5JSI Help view for T5JSI PB22 
603 H_T5K0Q PC07 
604 H_T5KAW Search help for T5KAW PB07 
605 H_T5KG1 PB7G 
606 H_T5KTL PC07 
607 H_T5KWA Search help for WCB accounts in T5KWA PC07 
608 H_T5M1A F4 Help for T5M1A PB09 
609 H_T5M1B F4 Help for T5M1B PB09 
610 H_T5M1C F4 Help for T5M1C PB09 
611 H_T5M1K Municipality Number PB09 
612 H_T5M5N Help View Company DK PB09 
613 H_T5N0A General Data PB05 
614 H_T5N0E_AFVLC Search help for difference wage types PB05 
615 H_T5N12_RISGRP Risk Group PB05 
616 H_T5N12_SVGRP F4 Help on SVGRP Without Value "ALL" PB05 
617 H_T5N14_SECTOR Selection from permitted sectors PB05 
618 H_T5N17 Search Help for Social Insurance Calculation Method PC05 
619 H_T5N19 Search Help for T5N19 PB05 
620 H_T5N1A Social Insurance Indicators PB05 
621 H_T5N1C Health Insurance Companies PB05 
622 H_T5N1D Employer HI Contributions for Privately Insured Employees PB05 
623 H_T5N1D_UI Employer HI Contributions for Privately Insured Employees PAOC_PAD_UI_NL 
624 H_T5N1E Help View for Validation Table T5N1E PB05 
625 H_T5N1L_JUPER Selection of LePers for Tax Authority from T5N9R (with ALL*) PC05 
626 H_T5N1M Social Insurance Group Texts PB05 
627 H_T5N1R Search Help for P0110-PENSK PB05 
628 H_T5N1U Searchhelp for T5N1U (Employer) P05T 
629 H_T5N2A Wage tax [LH] Conversion Rule Indicators PB05 
630 H_T5N2C Marital Status for Wage Tax [Loonheffing] PB05 
631 H_T5N2D Wage Tax [Loonheffing] Table Category PB05 
632 H_T5N2F Income Indicators PB05 
633 H_T5N2G Tax Classes for Wage Tax [Loonheffing] PB05 
634 H_T5N2M Period for Tax Table PB05 
635 H_T5N2Q Wage Tax [Loonheffing] Exemptions PB05 
636 H_T5N2R Search Help for Special Employee Groups PB05 
637 H_T5N2S Special Indicators (Netherlands) PB05 
638 H_T5N3A Social Fund Decisions PB05 
639 H_T5N4B Texts for Fixed Commuter Allowances (Netherlands) PB05 
640 H_T5N6D_E Search help for Entitlement Codes PC05 
641 H_T5N6D_P Search help for Payment Codes PC05 
642 H_T5N6D_R Search help for Reservation Codes PC05 
643 H_T5N71 Flexibility and Security Phase Categorization Ind./Obsolete PB05 
644 H_T5N72 Indicator of Type of Work Relationship for Wage Return PB05 
645 H_T5N73 Indicator of Collective Agreement for Wage Return PB05 
646 H_T5N74 Insurance Obligation Influence Code PB05 
647 H_T5N75 Flexibility and Security Phase Categorization Code PB05 
648 H_T5N82_WGBDR ER Contribution Group. Selection for Life-Course Sav. Scheme PB05 
649 H_T5N9I_EIR Search help for external instancies within EIR PB05 
650 H_T5NF1 Suchhilfe auf Tabelle T5NF1 P05F 
651 H_T5NG1 Suchhilfe auf Tabelle T5NG1 P05F 
652 H_T5NG8 P05F 
653 H_T5NII Income Indicators (NL) PB05 
654 H_T5P1F HR-PT: Tax offices PB19 
655 H_T5P2I HR-PT: Social Security institutions PB19 
656 H_T5P2J HR-PT: Social Security Subregional Services PB19 
657 H_T5P2Q HR-PT: Social Security Regime Codes PC19 
658 H_T5P2V HR-PT: Social Security institutions PB19 
659 H_T5P3E HR-PT: Legal entities for issuing disability documents PB19 
660 H_T5P6C HR-PT: Councils PC19 
661 H_T5P6D HR-PT: Districts PC19 
662 H_T5P6P HR-PT: Parishes PC19 
663 H_T5PA1_A HR-PT: Search help for table T5PA1 (Advances/Targets) PB19 
664 H_T5PEA HR-PT: Economical Activity Code (CAE) PB19 
665 H_T5PP3 HR-PT: National professional classification (CNP) PB19 
666 H_T5PP4 HR-PT: Professional Category designation PB19 
667 H_T5PPBS6G Search Help for field TRTGR PB19PS 
668 H_T5PPBS6T Search Help to field TRTTY PB19PS 
669 H_T5PPBSIOE Search help T5PPBSIOE PB19PS 
670 H_T5PS4 HR-PT: Professional Category designation PC19 
671 H_T5R1A PB25 
672 H_T5R1B PB25 
673 H_T5R1D PB25 
674 H_T5R1I Search help for Type of CPF Rate PB25 
675 H_T5R1S PB25 
676 H_T5R1T PB25 
677 H_T5S3H PB23 
678 H_T5S3I Helpview Extra taxes Case PB23 
679 H_T5S3J PB23 
680 H_T5S3L PB23 
681 H_T5S4A PB23 
682 H_T5S6A OPIS Cover search help PB23 
683 H_T5S7A Help view H_T5S7A PB23 
684 H_T5S91 PB23 
685 H_T5U94 Document ID (HR and Work Permit USA) PB10 
686 H_T5UAA Helpview - Affirmative Action Planning Category PB10 
687 H_T5UAC Search help on WC related Alaska area codes PB10 
688 H_T5UAD PB10 
689 H_T5UBA FACE : Benefit Plan search help PAOC_PAD_UI_US 
690 H_T5UEE Generated helpview for check table T5UEE PB10 
691 H_T5UF0 Garnishment Document Category PC10 
692 H_T5UF1 HR-US: ADP Interface, ADP fields PC10 
693 H_T5UF4 HR-US: ADP Interface, record types PC10 
694 H_T5UG0 Garnishment order PC10 
695 H_T5UG1 Garnishment document category PC10 
696 H_T5UG3 Model for the Calculation of the Non-exempt Amount PC10 
697 H_T5UG4 Rules for Calculation of the Non-exempt Amount PC10 
698 H_T5UG5 Disposable Net Model PC10 
699 H_T5UGA Special rule PC10 
700 H_T5UGC Service charge rule PC10 
701 H_T5UGD Filing status PC10 
702 H_T5UGE Figuring Amount Exempt from Levy PC10 
703 H_T5UGF Figuring Additional Exempt Amount PC10 
704 H_T5UGH Levy Statement PC10 
705 H_T5UGL PC10 
706 H_T5UGM PC10 
707 H_T5UMA Search help on NC-9901 Activity Codes PB10 
708 H_T5UOC Generated Help View for table T5UOC PB10 
709 H_T5UPBS11T Visa type description PAOC_PAD_UI_INFTY_0048_US_PS 
710 H_T5UPBS12 Visa Subtypes P10P1 
711 H_T5UPBS14 Visa Subtypes P10P1 
712 H_T5UPBS14_COLL Visa Subtypes P10P1 
713 H_T5UPBS20DSMT Drug screening test method description P10P1 
714 H_T5UPBS20DSNT Drug screening test unit description P10P1 
715 H_T5UPBS20DSNT_A Drug screening test unit description PAOC_PAD_UI_US_PS 
716 H_T5UPBS20DSRT Drug screening test reason description P10P1 
717 H_T5UPBS20DSST Drug screening test site description P10P1 
718 H_T5UPBS20DST Drug screening substance test description P10P1 
719 H_T5UPBS20DSUT Drug screening test reason description P10P1 
720 H_T5UPBSDSCITYT Duty Station P10PA 
721 H_T5UPBSEEOCBAIST EEO Complaint Bases and Issues PAOC_PAD_UI_US_PS 
722 H_T5UPBSNOAAUTHT Search Help for Nature of Actions Legal Authority PAOC_PAD_UI_US_PS 
723 H_T5URU PB10 
724 H_T5USC PB10 
725 H_T5UT3 PC_TAX 
726 H_T5UTA Helpview for Resident Tax Area (USA) PC10 
727 H_T5UTB Helpview for Work Tax Area (USA) PC10 
728 H_T5UTK T5UTK PB10 
730 H_T5UTT PC10 
731 H_T5UTZ PC10 
732 H_T5UVET Search help for VETS new PB10 
733 H_T5UVT Search help for VETS PB10 
734 H_T5V01 F4-Help for Norwegian postal codes PB20 
735 H_T5V2A Help view for table of municipal codes PB20 
736 H_T5V2C PF4-Help for T5V2C PB20 
737 H_T5V2D Search help for tax card table PB20 
738 H_T5V2I Help View for Reporting organization number PB20 
739 H_T5V2L Help View for Bedrifts number PB20 
740 H_T5V2M Help View for Juridisk number PB20 
741 H_T5V5A Searchhelp for occupation codes PB20 
742 H_T5VM1 Search help for pension type PB20 
743 H_T5VM2 Search help for pension variant PB20 
744 H_T5VS4 Tax code definition PB20 
745 H_T5VS6 Column definition for tax codes PC20 
746 H_T5VS8 Wagetype assignment to tax codes PB20 
747 H_T5VSA Wagetypes for annual tax reporting with cumulation category PB20 
748 H_T5VT0 Search help for reporting status of annual tax statements PB20 
749 H_T5W16_SLEVEL List all the levels for the selected Major Code PB16 
750 H_T5W16_TITLE Occupation Code Link with Title PB16 
751 H_T5W1F SA: Exemption Reason PB16 
752 H_T5W1M Social Insurance companies PB16 
753 H_T5W1N Search help for social insurance scheme PB16 
754 H_T5W1P UIF Indicator PB16 
755 H_T5W1U Search help for contribution class ZA PB16 
756 H_T5W2A SA: Tax Code PB16 
757 H_T5W2P South African Receiver of Revenue Offices PB16 
758 H_T5W3A PB16 
759 H_T5W62 Search Help for Run Status PC16 
760 H_T5W63 Search Help for Run Number PC16 
761 H_T5W66 Tax Registration PC16 
762 H_T5W66_2 PAYE Reference Subobject PC16 
763 H_T5W67_F Foreign SARS code PB16 
764 H_T5W68 Record Types PC16 
765 H_T5W81 Regional Service Council PB16 
766 H_T5W9O Outcome Types PB16 
767 H_T5W9S Labour Relation Status PB16 
768 H_T5W9T Object Types relevant for Lab.Relations (ZA) PB16 
769 H_T5WOCP List all Occupations PB16 
770 H_T5WOMJ List of all majors PB16 
771 H_T5WOX List all Alt. Title/Specialization for Occupation Codes PB16 
772 H_T604 Helpview Generated for Check Table T604 VL 
773 H_T604F Control Code J1BA 
774 H_T605 Helpview Generated for Check Table T605 VL 
775 H_T606 Help View Generated for Check Table T606-Legal Reg./Lic.Type VEI 
776 H_T606B Help View Generated for Check Table T606B VEI 
777 H_T606E Help View Generated for Check Table T606E-Legal Reg./CtryGrp VEI 
778 H_T606G Help View Generated for Check Table T606G-Legal Regulations VEI 
779 H_T606H Help View Generated for Check Table T606H VEI 
780 H_T607G Financial Document Processing: Help View T607G-Change Reason VEI 
781 H_T607I Financial Document Processing: T607I Help VEI 
782 H_T615 Generated help view for check table T615 VL0C 
783 H_T616 Helpview Generated for Check Table T616 VL 
784 H_T618 Help View Generated for Check Table T618 VEI 
785 H_T646A Generated Help View for Check-Table T646A LVS 
786 H_T646G Generated Help View for Check-Table T646G LVS 
787 H_T646L Generated Help View for Check-Table T646L LVS 
788 H_T646R Generated Help View for Check-Table T646R LVS 
789 H_T646V Generated Help View for Check-Table T646U LVS 
790 H_T681 Helpview Generated for Check Table T681 VKON 
791 H_T681A Helpview Generated for Check Table T681A VKON 
792 H_T681S Helpview Generated for Check Table T681S VKON 
793 H_T681V Helpview Generated for Check Table T681V VKON 
794 H_T681Z Helpview T681Z VZ 
795 H_T682 Helpview Generated for Check Table T682 VIEW 
796 H_T685 Helpview Generated for Check Table T685 VIEW 
797 H_T685B Helpview T685B VZ 
798 H_T686A Helpview Generated for Check Table T686A VKON 
799 H_T686C Helpview generated for check table T686C VS0C 
800 H_T687 "Help View Generated For Check Table T687" FBD 
801 H_T691A "Help View For Credit Management Risk Category" FBD 
802 H_T691B Help view for credit management groups FBD 
803 H_T702C Name for Employee Grouping for Travel Expense Type PTRA 
804 H_T702E Vehicle type PTRA 
805 H_T702G Statutory trip types PTRA 
806 H_T702O Trip country/Trip region/Trip country group PTRA 
807 H_T702Q Name: for travel costs/add.flat rate types PTRA 
808 H_T702R Trip Activity Types PTRA 
809 H_T702W Vehicle Classes PTRA 
810 H_T702X Enterprise-specific trip type PTRA 
811 H_T703L Help View for Time Ticket Types PTIM 
812 H_T703S Help View for Premium Formulas PTIM 
813 H_T703W Help View for Parameters and Result Types PTIM 
814 H_T703Z Help View for Allowed Parameters and Result Types PTIM 
815 H_T704E Helpview for Entity Table PCAL 
816 H_T705D View for Function Code Texts PTIM 
817 H_T706B Travel Expense Types PTRA 
818 H_T706C Names for Travel Expense Types PTRA 
819 H_T706E Names for vehicle types PTRA 
820 H_T706FORM_CLM Search help columns in form block PTRA 
821 H_T706FORM_CLMBL Search help blocks with suppressible columns PTRA 
822 H_T706FORM_COLDEP Search help color display PTRA 
823 H_T706FORM_VAR Search help for form variants PTRA 
824 H_T706FORM_VAR2 Search help for form variants PTRA 
825 H_T706G Names for statutory trip types PTRA 
826 H_T706I Name for statutory reimbursement group for meals/accomm. PTRA 
827 H_T706J Name for enterprise-specific for meals/acc. PTRA 
828 H_T706O Name for trip country, trip country group, trip region PTRA 
829 H_T706Q Names for period indicator for miles/kms accumulation PTRA 
830 H_T706R Names for trip activity types PTRA 
831 H_T706S Trip Schema PTRA 
832 H_T706T Names for trip schema PTRA 
833 H_T706W Names for vehicle classes PTRA 
834 H_T706X Names for enterprise-specific trip types PTRA 
835 H_T706Y Names for employee groupings for Travel Management PTRA 
836 H_T706_CITY_CODE_GET_CITY Search Help for Location from Table T706_CITY_CODE PTRAPS 
837 H_T706_CITY_CODE_GET_DISTRICT Search Help for City District from Table T706_CITY_CD_D PTRAPS 
838 H_T706_CITY_CODE_GET_POST_CODE Search Help for Postal Code (Table T706_CITY_CODE) PTRAPS 
839 H_T710_8 Search help pay scale group/level for IT0008 PBAS 
840 H_T750B Helpview for Table T750B PAPL 
841 H_T750C Helpview for T750C PAPL 
842 H_T750D Generated helpview for check table T750D PAPL 
843 H_T750F Helpview for Table T750F PAPL 
844 H_T750K Helpview for T750K PAPL 
845 H_T751C Helpview for Table T751C PAPL 
846 H_T76MGE_ADM International HR Administrator PAOC_PAD_MGE 
847 H_T76MGE_ASI Assignment types PAOC_PAD_MGE 
849 H_T76MGE_CPI_A Only Allowance CPIs PAOC_PAD_MGE 
851 H_T76MGE_DOC Search help for documents PAOC_PAD_MGE 
852 H_T76MGE_SCL_A Only Symbolic Classes for Allowance CPIs PAOC_PAD_MGE 
853 H_T76MGE_SCL_B Only Symbolic Classes for base CPIs PAOC_PAD_MGE 
855 H_T770A Helpview for Table 770A PP09 
856 H_T770B Helpview for Table T770B PP09 
857 H_T777A Helpview for Table T777A SP00 
858 H_T777M Helpview for Table T777M SP00 
859 H_T778A Helpview for Table T778A SP00 
860 H_T778C Generated Helpview for Check Table T778C PP01 
861 H_T778G Generated Helpview for Check Table T778G PP01 
862 H_T778M Helpview for Actions SP00 
863 H_T778O Generated Helpview for Check Table T778O SP00 
864 H_T778P Generated Helpview for Check Table T778P SP00 
865 H_T778Q Generated help view for check table T778Q PPPE 
866 H_T778S Generated Helpview for Check Table T778S SP00 
867 H_T778T Generated Helpview for Check Table T778T SP00 
868 H_T778U Generated Helpview for Check Table T778U SP00 
869 H_T778V Generated Helpview for Check Table T778V SP00 
870 H_T778W Generated Helpview for Check Table T778W PP01 
871 H_T778X Generated Helpview for Check Table T778X PP01 
872 H_T77ALE_FILTER1 Filter 1 for HR Master Data Distribution SP01 
873 H_T77ALE_FILTER2 Filter 2 for HR Master Data Distribution SP01 
874 H_T77AP Generated Helpview for Check Table T77AP SP00 
875 H_T77ED Check Table View for Shifts and Descriptions PP08 
876 H_T77FC Helpview for Table 77FC SP00 
877 H_T77IV Helpview for Table T77IV SP00 
878 H_T77KD Scenario Groups in Personnel Cost Planning PP07 
879 H_T77KL Generated Helpview for Wage Elements (Table T77KL) PP07 
880 H_T77KT Plan Scenario Texts PP07 
881 H_T77MB Helpview for Table T77MB SP00 
882 H_T77OC Possible Entries For Catalogs SP00 
883 H_T77PR Helpview for Table T77PR PP00 
884 H_T77PRNL_ICP Particularization of Income Period PB05 
885 H_T77PRNL_ICR Type of Income Relationship PB05 
886 H_T77PRNL_OCC Code Occupation PB05 
887 H_T77R1 Helpview for Table T77R1: Reservation Type PP05 
888 H_T77R2 Help view for table T77R2: Lunch times PP05 
889 H_T77R3 Help view for table T77R3: Allowed Companies/Moderators PP05 
890 H_T77S0DEFTF F4-Help View for Default Delivery Method LSO_TM_ND 
891 H_T77S4 Helpview for Table T77S4 SP00 
892 H_T7AR80 Search help of master CUIL/CUIT PC29 
894 H_T7FI1P Provide help for Tax Reference Number from T7FI1P PC44 
895 H_T7HK3K PB27 
896 H_T7ID2L Search help for T7ID2L PB34 
897 H_T7INCA Car and Conveyance PB40 
898 H_T7INF1 trust PAOC_PAD_UI_IN 
899 H_T7KR23_GVCOD Search help for gvcod PB41 
900 H_T7KRSI_SIANM Search help for medical insurance association name PB41 
901 H_T7MX24 IMSS Employer Record Help view PB32 
902 H_T7MX63 Municipality help view PB32 
903 H_T7MXPBS11 ISSSTE: clinic code, name and address P32P1 
904 H_T7MXPBS31T Payment center description P32P1 
905 H_T7PBSWB1D Search help for Process Scenario P00PSWB 
906 H_T7PBSWB2C Search help for T7PBSWB2C - PWE status P00PSWB 
907 H_T7PBSWB2D Search help for T7PBSWB2D P00PSWB 
908 H_T7PHTC Help View generated for Table T7PHTC PB48 
909 H_T7US_FMLA_REASON Search Help for FMLA Reasons PT_FMLA 
910 H_T7US_FMLA_RULE Search Help for FMLA Rules PT_FMLA 
911 H_T7US_FMLA_WRKWK Search Help for Rule for Determining Week Converter PT_FMLA 
912 H_T7VES2 Value range for code and description of occupational cat. PB17 
913 H_T800 Reports GRWT 
914 H_T801H Parallel reports GRWT 
915 H_T801K Libraries GRWT 
916 H_T802G Generated help view for check table T802G GBSE 
917 H_T803A Generated help view for check table T803A GRWT 
918 H_T803J Jobs GRWT 
919 H_T804A Report Writer Tables GRWT 
920 H_T804B Data Field Definitions GRWT 
921 H_T804F Data set entries GRWT 
922 H_T807H Help View for the Rollup Display (new) GBRU 
923 H_T820 Help View for Planning Parameters GPLN 
924 H_T821S Generated Help View for Check Table T821S GPLN 
925 H_T821S_COPA Distribution Keys Search Help with CO-PA Restrictions KE 
926 H_T822 Generated Help View for Check Table T822 GPLN 
927 H_T850A Help View for sort criteria FKUC 
928 H_T852 Subgroup FKUC 
929 H_T852N Consolidation frequencies FKUC 
930 H_T852P Consolidation frequency FKUC 
931 H_T854 Financial statement item table FKUC 
932 H_T855 Reasons for inclusion/exemption FKUC 
933 H_T856 Transaction Types FKUC 
934 H_T856X Transaction type groups FKUC 
935 H_T857D Data entry form groups FKUC 
936 H_T857N Validation groups FKUC 
937 H_T857S Column layout of data entry forms FKUC 
938 H_T857X Line layout of data entry forms FKUC 
939 H_T858 Help View for versions FKUC 
940 H_T859 Help View for data entry forms FKUC 
941 H_T862K Standard reports: Headings FKUC 
942 H_T862Q Standard reports: Column layout FKUC 
943 H_T862X Standard reports: Line layout FKUC 
944 H_T863 Standard reports FKUC 
945 H_T863C Report groups FKUC 
946 H_T863W Valuations FKUC 
947 H_T869 Consolidation of investments methods FKUC 
948 H_T876 Document types FKUC 
949 H_T876B Document types FKUC 
950 H_T877K Consolidation activity groups FKUC 
951 H_T880 Help View for displaying company FKUC 
952 H_T881 Help View for the Ledger Display GBAS 
953 H_T881_FLEX Help View for the Ledger Display: Flexible General Ledger GLT0 
954 H_T881_FREE Help View for the Ledger Display GBAS 
955 H_T881_TAB Search Help Ledger with Totals Record Table FMMD 
956 H_T883S Help view for displaying the user tables GBAS 
957 H_T884 Currency translation methods FKUC 
958 H_T888 Help view for field grouping code GBAS 
959 H_T889 Help View for Check Table T889 GBAS 
960 H_T894 Help View for Versions GBAS 
961 H_T8G031 Business process variant GLT0 
962 H_T8G031_01 Business Process Variant FAGL_ONLINE_SPLIT_EHP3 
963 H_T8G29 Allowed item categories GLT0 
964 H_T8J2A Net Profit Interest Groups GJVA 
965 H_T8J3A Non-Operated Billing Form GJVA 
966 H_T8J4A GJVA 
967 H_T8J6A Help View for Table T8J6A GJVC 
968 H_T8J6C Help View for Table T8J6C GJVC 
969 H_T8J7D GJVA 
970 H_T8J7E GJVA 
971 H_T8J7F GJVA 
972 H_T8J8B GJVA 
973 H_T8J8E GJVA 
974 H_T8J8G GJVA 
975 H_T8J9F JOA Class GJVA 
976 H_T8JA Help View for T8JA GJVC 
977 H_T8JC GJVA 
978 H_T8JE Help View for Table T8JE GJVC 
979 H_T8JF Help View for Table T8JF GJVC 
980 H_T8JJ Help View for Table T8JJ (no internal recovery indicators) GJVC 
981 H_T8JM Funding Groups GJVA 
982 H_T8JO GJV2 
983 H_T8JPA GJV2 
984 H_T8JQ Help View GJVA 
985 H_T8JT Venture Class GJVA 
986 H_T8JU GJVB 
987 H_T8JV Help View for Table T8JV GJVC 
988 H_T8JX Search Help for Condition Key GJVC 
989 H_T8JY Billing Format Master GJVA 
990 H_T8PL01 Search help for summary table GLPL 
991 H_TABW All Asset Transaction Types AB 
992 H_TABWG Generated Help View for Check Table TABWG AA 
993 H_TABWP Help view for history sheet versions in FI-AA reporting AC 
994 H_TABWQ Help View for History Sheet Groups AC 
995 H_TABW_AB01L All Asset Transaction Types AB 
996 H_TABW_ABG Retirement transaction types AA 
997 H_TABW_ALL All Asset Transaction Types AA_BAS_CUS 
998 H_TABW_FM Transaction Types for Payment Requests AB 
999 H_TACT Generated help view for check table TACT SUSR 
1,000 H_TAMLAY0_GL_MASTER Layouts in G/L account master records FBSC 
1,001 H_TAPPL Help view for application classes SDIC 
1,002 H_TB001 Help View for Tabelle TB0001 (Groupings) S_BUPA_GENERAL 
1,003 H_TB003 Help View for Table TB003 (BP Roles) S_BUPA_GENERAL 
1,004 H_TB003A Help View for Table TB003A (BP Role Categories) S_BUPA_GENERAL 
1,005 H_TB003E Help View for Table TB003E (BP Role Excl. Group -> BP-Roles) S_BUPA_GENERAL 
1,006 H_TB003F Help View f.Table TB003F(BP Role Excl.Grp->Permitted Transns S_BUPA_GENERAL 
1,007 H_TB003G Help View for Table TB003G (BP Role Groupings) BUPA 
1,008 H_TB003J Help View for Table TB003J (BP Role Grouping Categories) BUPA 
1,009 H_TB003_TXT Help View for Table TB003 (BP Roles), Description S_BUPA_GENERAL 
1,010 H_TB005 Data Origin S_BUPA_GENERAL 
1,011 H_TB019 Help View for Table TB019 (BP Legal Forms) S_BUPA_GENERAL 
1,012 H_TB023 Help View for Table TB023 (BP Industries) S_BUPA_GENERAL 
1,013 H_TB025 Help View for Table TB025 (BP Group Types) S_BUPA_GENERAL 
1,014 H_TB038A FSBP: Selection of Industries in Standard Industry System FS_BP_AL_EMPLOYMENT 
1,015 H_TB109 Help View for Table TB109 (SAP BP Application Transactions) BUPA 
1,016 H_TBCA Bar chart: Chart Types SGRC 
1,017 H_TBCC Bar Chart: Colors SGRC 
1,018 H_TBCF Bar chart: Form types SGRC 
1,019 H_TBCG Bar Chart: Graphic Profiles SGRC 
1,020 H_TBCL Bar Chart: Graphic Element Types SGRC 
1,021 H_TBCO Bar Chart: Option Profiles SGRC 
1,022 H_TBIER Search for Job IDs BMV 
1,023 H_TBMOT Accounting Indicator Search Help ICSV 
1,024 H_TBRC Industry Sector Code Texts VS 
1,025 H_TBSL Help_View for TBSL FBAS 
1,026 H_TBZ1E Help View for Table TBZ1E (BDT Application Transactions) BUPA 
1,027 H_TC04 Help View: Application-spec. Criteria for Alt. Determination CS 
1,028 H_TC20 Help View for Standard Value Parameters CR 
1,029 H_TC21 Help View for Standard Value Key CR 
1,030 H_TC23 Help View for Task List Usage CR 
1,031 H_TC24 Help View for Person Responsible for Work Center" CR 
1,032 H_TC25 Help View for Scheduling Formulas CR 
1,033 H_TC26 Help View for Capacity Category CR 
1,034 H_TC27 "Capacity Planner" CR 
1,035 H_TC28 Help View for Location Group CR 
1,036 H_TC29 Distribution key CY 
1,037 H_TC29S "Distribution Strategies" CY 
1,038 H_TC29V "Distribution Functions" CY 
1,039 H_TC30 Work center category CR 
1,040 H_TC30A Work Center Categories Valid for an Application CR 
1,041 H_TC31 "Performance Efficiency Rate Key" CR 
1,042 H_TC50 Help View: TC50 COCB 
1,043 H_TC50C Help View TC50C: Message Charact. Assignment to Messages COCB 
1,044 H_TC50D Help View of TC50D: "Assigmt.of Message Messages" COCB 
1,045 H_TC50E Help View of TC50E: "Assigmt. of Mess. Charact. to Messages" COCB 
1,046 H_TC51 Help View of Table TC51: "Message Destinations" COCB 
1,047 H_TC52 Help View: TC52 COCB 
1,048 H_TC55 Help View: "Destination-specific Target Fields" COCB 
1,049 H_TC57 Help View: Table TC57 COCB 
1,050 H_TCA01 Help View for TCA01: "Task List Types" CP 
1,051 H_TCA07 Help View: "Sequence Categories" CP 
1,052 H_TCA09 Aid for entering task list uses CP 
1,053 H_TCA11 Help View for TCA11:"Object Selection for Overview Versions" CP 
1,054 H_TCA14 Help View for TCA14: "Overview Versions" CP 
1,055 H_TCA18 Help View for TCA18: "Objects in Overview Versions" CP 
1,056 H_TCA20 Help View for TCA20:"Grouping Categories for Obj. Overviews" CP 
1,057 H_TCA22 Help View for TCA22: "Layout of Lines in Overview Versions" CP 
1,058 H_TCA41 Help View: "Profiles" CP 
1,059 H_TCA43 Help view: Routing selection (product costing) CKJ1 
1,060 H_TCA50 Help View for TCA50 CP 
1,061 H_TCA52 Help View for TCA52 CP 
1,062 H_TCA54 Help View: "Reference Dates" CP 
1,063 H_TCA60 Sequence Keys for Input Facility and Verification CP 
1,064 H_TCA62 Help View: "Screen Sequence" CP 
1,065 H_TCAPI Status for CAPP Elements CEV 
1,066 H_TCARA Rounding Category (CAPP-based Calculation of Std Values) CEV 
1,067 H_TCATS CATS: Help View for Variants CATS 
1,068 H_TCBRGROUP Customer Branding Groups SCBR 
1,069 H_TCEH Characteristic Origins for Formulas and Methods CEV 
1,070 H_TCERS Key for Rounding and Additional Values CEV 
1,071 H_TCF02 Production resources/tools category CF 
1,072 H_TCF04 Help view: "Status of the PRT Master" CF 
1,073 H_TCF10 Help View: "PRT Control Key" CF 
1,074 H_TCF12 Help View: "Check Table TCF12" CF 
1,075 H_TCG11 EHS: Value Assignment Types CBEHS 
1,076 H_TCG46 EHS: Source CBUI 
1,077 H_TCG61 EHS: Phrase Library CBEHS_PHR 
1,078 H_TCG65 EHS: Phrase languages CBUI 
1,079 H_TCG93 Search Countries for Regulation CBDG 
1,080 H_TCHW1 Help-view for table TCHW1 VBWS 
1,081 H_TCHW1_DIM Choose Units of Measure According to the Selection VBWS 
1,082 H_TCHW1_MEINH Search Help for the Proportion/Product Unit in Table TCHW1 VBWS 
1,083 H_TCHW1_NODIM Choose Units of Measure W/o Dimension VBWS 
1,084 H_TCJ04 Help View of People Responsible for Project CN_PSP_OPR 
1,085 H_TCJ05 "View of Project Applicants" CN_PSP_OPR 
1,086 H_TCLA Help View on Class Types CL 
1,087 H_TCLG Class group CL 
1,088 H_TCLT Classifiable Object Files CL 
1,089 H_TCLU Class Status CL 
1,090 H_TCLX Class Texts: Blocks CL 
1,091 H_TCMF6 Error Management Applications CKJ5 
1,092 H_TCMFA Help view for user-defined message types (product costing) CKJ5 
1,093 H_TCMG Help View for Characteristic Group CT 
1,094 H_TCMS Help View for Characteristic Status CT 
1,095 H_TCN03 "View for TCN03: PS Text Types" CN_NET_OPR 
1,096 H_TCNB Project Information System: Graphic Options CNIS 
1,097 H_TCNC Network/Hierarchy Graphics: Frame Types SGRC 
1,098 H_TCND PS Info System: Individual Oerview CNIS 
1,099 H_TCNF Project Information System: Displayed Fields CNIS 
1,100 H_TCNG Network/Hierarchy Graphics: Graphics Profiles SGRC 
1,101 H_TCNL Network/Hierarchy Graphics: Link Types SGRC 
1,102 H_TCNMF Requirement ind. for material flow in the network CN_NET_OPR 
1,103 H_TCNN Network/Hierarchy Graphics: Node Types SGRC 
1,104 H_TCNO Network/Hierarchy Graphics: Options Profile SGRC 
1,105 H_TCNP Project Information System: Grouping Criteria CNIS 
1,106 H_TCNS Project Information System: Sort Criteria CNIS 
1,107 H_TCNT Project Information System: Object Overview CNIS 
1,108 H_TCNVA Variable overviews: Applications CNVL 
1,109 H_TCNVD Variable overviews: Data fields CNVL 
1,110 H_TCNVF Variable overviews: Displayed fields CNVL 
1,111 H_TCNVL Variable Overviews: List Variants CNVL 
1,112 H_TCNVO Variable overviews: Objects CNVL 
1,113 H_TCNVS Variable overviews: Sub-applications CNVL 
1,114 H_TCNVZ Variable overviews: Displayed objects (lines) CNVL 
1,115 H_TCOA Order Info System: Overall Profile for the Object Overview COIS 
1,116 H_TCOAD Order Information System: Individual Overviews COIS 
1,117 H_TCOF Missing Parts Info System: Profile Overview CO 
1,118 H_TCOFF Missing Parts Info System: Fields Displayed CO 
1,119 H_TCOFG Missing Parts Info System: Grouping Criteria CO 
1,120 H_TCOFS Missing Parts Info System: Sort Criteria CO 
1,121 H_TCP00 Display character set with its long text SCP 
1,122 H_TCP05 Display character set manufacturer ID with long text SCP 
1,123 H_TCPCHARSET Display Character Set with Long Text SCP 
1,124 H_TCPFILEREA Function Modules for Importing Mapping Sets SCP 
1,125 H_TCPSCHEMA Display Encoding Schema with Long Text SCP 
1,126 H_TCPSEG Display Character Set with Long Text SCP 
1,127 H_TCS41 Help View: Automatic Alternate BOM Selection MD03 
1,128 H_TCURC Help View For Currency SFIB 
1,129 H_TCURV Help View Generated for Check Table TCURV FBAS 
1,130 H_TCY06 Overall profile CY 
1,131 H_TDAPPLBUDAT Search Help for Default Posting Date FVVD 
1,132 H_TDBL Help View for Form Categories FTLC 
1,133 H_TDG103 Search for Transport Indicators CBDG 
1,134 H_TDG103_MASS Search for Indicators for Transport - Mass Creation CBDG 
1,135 H_TDG153 EHS-DG: Search Help for Collective Mode-of-Transport Cat. CBEHS_DGP 
1,136 H_TDG67 DG: SH for tables TDG67/TDG68 with display deletion ind. CBDG 
1,137 H_TDG69 Search for fields in the dangerous goods master CBDG 
1,138 H_TDG71 Search for fields in the dangerous goods packaging requiremt CBDG 
1,139 H_TDGD9 Search for fields in the dangerous goods master CBDG 
1,140 H_TDG_ADDINF_PROFILE Search Help for Additional Information for Danger Label CBDG 
1,141 H_TDG_DANGER_LABEL Search Help for Danger Label CBDG 
1,142 H_TDG_EXCEPT Search Help for Exceptions to Dangerous Goods Regulations CBDG 
1,143 H_TDG_PACKCODE Search Help for Packaging Codes CBEHS 
1,144 H_TDLOANFUNC Determine Flow Types Based on TDLOANFUNC FVVD_DISB 
1,145 H_TDNAME Creates List of All Available SO10 TEXT HR_G Notifications PAOC_PAD_UI_INFTY_0128_XX 
1,146 H_TDO2 Helpview for Part of Building Name FTLC 
1,147 H_TDO3 Helpview for property supported FTLC 
1,148 H_TDSUSPREASON Help View: Reason for Suspense Posting FVVD_PAYMENT_US 
1,149 H_TDWA Document Types Help View CV 
1,150 H_TDWD TDWD Help View CV 
1,151 H_TDWP Help View for Table TDWP CV0C 
1,152 H_TDWST Status Abbreviations Help View CV 
1,153 H_TE221 Selection View for Operands EE20 
1,154 H_TE241 Franchise tax group EE20 
1,155 H_TE835 Use of line item type EE20 
1,156 H_TE835_2 Use of line item type EE20 
1,157 H_TEDST Help View For Partner Types SED 
1,158 H_TEDWL Help view: logical destination BALI 
1,159 H_TERKR Generated Helpview for Check Table TERKR KE 
1,160 H_TESPT Allocation: Division -> Division Category EE00 
1,161 H_TEXTTYPE EHS: Collective Search Help for User-Def. Text Type (TCG41) CBEHS_BAS 
1,162 H_TEXTTYPE_A EHS: Append Search Help for User-Defined Text Type (TCG41) CBUI 
1,163 H_TEXTTYPE_BASE EHS: Elementary Search Help for User-Def. Text Type (TCG41) CBEHS_BAS 
1,164 H_TF100 Helpview Items FC01_UC 
1,165 H_TF103 Helpview Breakdown Categories FC01_UC 
1,166 H_TF105 Item Categories Help View FC01_UC 
1,167 H_TF110 Helpview Subitem Categories FC01_UC 
1,168 H_TF115 Helpview Subitems FC01_UC 
1,169 H_TF120 Helpview: Consolidation Charts of Accounts FC01_UC 
1,170 H_TF130 Helpview Item Hierarchy FC01_UC 
1,171 H_TF150 Help view FC01_UC 
1,172 H_TF160 Helpview consolidation units FC01_UC 
1,173 H_TF173 Reasons for inclusion in consolidation FC01_UC 
1,174 H_TF180 Consolidation groups FC01_UC 
1,175 H_TF190 Help view FC01_UC 
1,176 H_TF195 Helpview Hierarchy Levels FC01_UC 
1,177 H_TF240 Helpview Cons. Frequencies FC02_UC 
1,178 H_TF320 Help View: Financial Data Types FC03_UC 
1,179 H_TF500 Document types FC05_UC 
1,180 H_TF530 Task groups FC05_UC 
1,181 H_TF540 Helpview: Consolidation Tasks FC05_UC 
1,182 H_TF550 Helpview: Consolidation Methods FC05_UC 
1,183 H_TFACD Factory calendar ID SZC 
1,184 H_TFACD_EXT Factory Calendar ID SZC 
1,185 H_TFAT VarChart Graphics: Fields SGRC 
1,186 H_TFKB Functional Areas KBAS 
1,187 H_TFKB_TREX_ADV Advanced Search for Functional Area FMMD 
1,188 H_TFKB_TREX_QUICK Quick Search for Functional Area FMMD 
1,189 H_TFKY3 Display issuer via modified help view program FTVV 
1,190 H_TFKY4 Display depository bank FTVV 
1,191 H_TFKZGR Help View for Ind. Value Adjustments/Doubtful Entry Reasons FKKB 
1,193 H_TFKZRGR Help View for Ind. Value Adjustments/Doubtful Entry Reasons FKKB 
1,194 H_TFMT VarChart Graphics: Forms SGRC 
1,195 H_TFO01 Help view for SAPscript font families in table TFO01 STXD 
1,196 H_TFO05 Help view for SAPscript bar code check table TFO05 STXD 
1,197 H_TFRSP VarChart Graphics: Frame shape SGRC 
1,198 H_TFTBY VarChart Graphics: Font style SGRC 
1,199 H_TFW_BUPA_TP Help View for Table TFW_TP for Object BUPA BUPA_TFW 
1,200 H_TFW_BUPA_TPTYPE Help View for Table TFW_TPTYPE for Object BUPA BUPA_TFW 
1,201 H_TGMF VarChart Graphics: GMF Files for Including Logos SGRC 
1,202 H_TGSB Help View for Business Areas FBASCORE 
1,203 H_THLT VarChart Graphics: Colors SGRC 
1,204 H_THM011 EHS-DG: Search Help for Classification Code CBDI 
1,205 H_THM039 DG-Mat: Search processing status CBEHS_DGP 
1,206 H_THM039_ EHS-DGM: Search Help for Processing Status CBDI 
1,207 H_THM071 EHS-DGM: Search Help for Risk Potential CBDI 
1,208 H_THOCI Public holiday calendar SZC 
1,209 H_THOCI_EXT Public Holiday Calendar SZC 
1,210 H_THOL Help View for Public Holidays PTIM 
1,211 H_TINC Helpview Generated for Check Table TINC VIEW 
1,212 H_TINC_LOC Search help for incoterms 1 with location_obligatory field ERP_WEC_LO_API 
1,213 H_TITL2_UI_NL Help View for Titles/Name Affixes/Name Prefixes PAOC_PAD_UI_INFTY_0002_NL 
1,214 H_TIV07 Help-view for apportionment units FVVI 
1,215 H_TIV08 Help-view area type VVSRG_CORE 
1,216 H_TIV10 Help view for location information FVVI 
1,217 H_TIV15 Help view for regional management FVVI 
1,218 H_TIV16 Help view for maintenance districts FVVI 
1,219 H_TIV17 Display of TIV17 storey table FVVI 
1,220 H_TIV20 Help view TIV20 FVVI 
1,221 H_TIV22 Help view for table TIV22 FVVI 
1,222 H_TIV28 Display of texts for corporate group ID type (Table TIV28) FVVI 
1,223 H_TIV30 Display texts for group to which company belongs FVVI 
1,224 H_TIV35 Help view for regional locations FVVI 
1,225 H_TIV39 Help view for reason for notice FVVI 
1,226 H_TIV50 Help view for texts (F4) settlement companies FVVI 
1,227 H_TIV60 Help view TIV60 Real Estate tax indicator FVVI 
1,228 H_TIVSKZ2UE Search Help for Statistical Key Figures FVVI 
1,229 H_TJ01 Help View: Status Management Transactions BSV 
1,230 H_TJ01_FM Help View: Status Management Transactions FMFS_CORE 
1,231 H_TJ02 Help View: System Status BSV 
1,232 H_TJ03 Help view 'Object types' BSV 
1,233 H_TJ05 Object Type Activities BSV 
1,234 H_TJ20 Help view: Status Profiles BSV 
1,235 H_TJ21_BUS Help View for Status Profile for Object Cat. "Bus. Partner" BUPA 
1,236 H_TJ30 Help view: User Statuses BSV 
1,237 H_TJ30_RCP Help View: User Statuses RMSRCPCST 
1,238 H_TJ30_TXT04 Help view: User Statuses ERP_SALES_O2C_MAIN 
1,239 H_TJ48_WD Help View 'Selection Profiles' RPLM_QIMT_BE 
1,240 H_TJGM1 IS-M: Search help for address formatting for print preview JSD 
1,241 H_TJGM3 IS-M: Search help for address formatting for inkjet type JSD 
1,242 H_TJGM5 IS-M: Search help for formatting type of field JSD 
1,243 H_TJGM9 IS-M: Search help for address formatting for FI customer JSD 
1,244 H_TJGMB IS-M: Search help for address formatting for RF customer JSD 
1,245 H_TJR41 IS-M: Search help for reason for different vehicle JSD 
1,246 H_TJV05 IS-M: Search help for package types JSD 
1,247 H_TKA01 Controlling Areas KBAS 
1,248 H_TKA01_CORE Controlling Areas KBASCORE 
1,249 H_TKA02 Assign Company Code to Controlling Area KE1CCORE 
1,250 H_TKA03 Help View for Statistical Key Figures KBAS 
1,251 H_TKA03_2 Search Help for Type 2 Statistical Key Figures (Totals Rec.) KIMB 
1,252 H_TKA05 Help View for Cost Center Types KBAS 
1,253 H_TKA09 Help View for Versions in Cost Accounting KBAS 
1,254 H_TKA09_RE Help View for Versions in RE Reporting RECO 
1,255 H_TKA10 Generated Help View for TKA10 Check Table KBAS 
1,256 H_TKA50 Planner Profile Helpview for 1 Char. for 'SUBCLASS' Field KPP 
1,257 H_TKEB Helpview for Maintenance of Op.Concern KE 
1,258 H_TKEB1 View for the Report Library KC 
1,259 H_TKEBB Display Operating Concerns KE 
1,260 H_TKEDP View: Tables Allowed as Entry Aids for Defining Charact. KE 
1,261 H_TKEP7 Characteristic Group for Profitability Segment KE 
1,262 H_TKEPA Revaluation KE 
1,263 H_TKEPLEXIT Search help for customer exit in CO-PA planning KE 
1,264 H_TKEPLEXIT_TP Search Help for Customer Exit in CO-PA Planning KE 
1,265 H_TKEPPLMEPAH Parameter settings KE 
1,266 H_TKEPPLMETHH Search Help for Planning Method KE 
1,267 H_TKEPS Auxiliary View: Plan Structures KE0C 
1,268 H_TKEPSZK CO-PA: Access for flexible planning aids KE 
1,269 H_TKEPTRK CO-PA: Event KE 
1,270 H_TKEQUS1 Ratio scheme KE 
1,271 H_TKEQUS1_1 Ratio scheme KE 
1,272 H_TKES1 Row/Column Structure KE 
1,273 H_TKKAA Help View for Results Analysis Keys KKAG 
1,274 H_TKKAP Help View: Results Analysis Versions/Name KKS 
1,275 H_TKKEA Help view for costing types KKEK 
1,276 H_TKKH1 Help View for Origin in CO Object CKCO 
1,277 H_TKKR0 Help View for TKKR0 KKR 
1,278 H_TKO03 Helpview for Order Status Table TKO03 KAUF 
1,279 H_TKO08 Helpview for Table TKO08 (Processing Groups) KAUF 
1,280 H_TKUKL Helpview generated for check table TKUKL VIEW 
1,281 H_TKV01 Help View for Variance Keys KV 
1,282 H_TKV03 Names of Variance Keys KKS 
1,283 H_TKV09 Help View for Target Cost Versions KV 
1,284 H_TKVS Maintain CO Versions KE 
1,285 H_TKVS_COPA Maintain CO Versions KE 
1,286 H_TLGR Helpview Generated for Check Table TLGR VIEW 
1,287 H_TLTYP VarChart Graphics: Line type SGRC 
1,288 H_TMATY Machine Types CEV 
1,289 H_TMC4 View on TMC4 MCS 
1,290 H_TMC5 Help View on Table TMC5 MCS 
1,291 H_TMC6 Help View on Statistics Update Units MCS 
1,292 H_TMC7 Help View on Table TMC7 MCS 
1,293 H_TMCAP Help View on TMCAP MCS 
1,294 H_TMCB Help View on Table TMCB MCS 
1,295 H_TMCO Help view for table TMCO MCZ 
1,296 H_TMCSA Help View on TMCSA MCS 
1,297 H_TMCSC Help View on Table TMCSC MCS 
1,298 H_TMCSF Layout Reports for Evaluation Structures in Log.Controlling MCS 
1,299 H_TMCZ Help View on Table TMCZ MCS 
1,300 H_TMFT Generated Helpview for Check Table TMFT KE 
1,301 H_TMKE Generated Help View for Check Table TMKE ME 
1,302 H_TMKK Generated Help View for Check Table TMKK ME 
1,303 H_TMKL Generated Help View for Check Table TMKL ME 
1,304 H_TMKM1 Help View for Tax Indicator: Material ME 
1,305 H_TMPPF MPN Profile ME 
1,306 H_TMQ2 F4 Input Help for Field USEQU ME 
1,307 H_TMVF Helpview Generated for Check Table TMVF VZ 
1,308 H_TMY02 Search Help for LIFO/FIFO Method MRY 
1,309 H_TMY05 Search Help for Layer Version MRY 
1,310 H_TN01 NBAS 
1,311 H_TN01Z NBAS 
1,312 H_TN10A NBAS 
1,313 H_TN10E_UNT IS-H: Lower-Level Organizational Categories NPVS 
1,314 H_TN13A NPVS 
1,315 H_TN14B IS-H: Input Help Movement Types NPVS 
1,316 H_TN14C NPVS 
1,317 H_TN15A NPVS 
1,318 H_TN15E NPVS 
1,319 H_TN15F NPVS 
1,320 H_TN16M NPAS 
1,321 H_TN17B NPVS 
1,322 H_TN17G IS-H: Sex NBAS 
1,323 H_TN17R IS-H: Race NPVS 
1,324 H_TN17T Sex NMED_ME 
1,325 H_TN17U NPVS 
1,326 H_TN18 NBAS 
1,327 H_TN22A NPAS 
1,328 H_TN2CATSET Category Set NMED 
1,329 H_TN2GLFLTBADI Search Help for "For Execution" Field N2_BASEITEM_IMP 
1,330 H_TN2GLFLTDOC Input Help for Document Processing Base Item (Execution) N2_BASEITEM_IMP 
1,331 H_TN2GLFLTREQ Test Search Help Base Item NMED_BASEITEM 
1,332 H_TN2K0 NMED 
1,333 H_TN2K1 NMED 
1,334 H_TN2K2 NMED 
1,335 H_TN32M IS-H: Search Help for Table TN32M N_OUTPATIENT 
1,336 H_TN40B Search Help NBAS 
1,337 H_TNA30A NAT1 
1,339 H_TNK00 NBAS 
1,340 H_TNK01 NBAS 
1,342 H_TNKTY IS-H: Classification Categories NBAS 
1,343 H_TNLGGZ_AFCODE Eingabehilfe Sperrkennzeichen NNL2 
1,344 H_TNLGGZ_AFCODE_S Eingabehilfe Sperrkennzeichen für selektion bild NNL2 
1,345 H_TNLGGZ_CARETYPE Eingabehilfe Sorgfrage NNL2 
1,346 H_TNLGGZ_CARETYPE_S Eingabehilfe Sorgfrage für selektion bild NNL2 
1,347 H_TNLGGZ_CIRCUIT Eingabehilfe Behandlungskreis NNL2 
1,348 H_TNLGGZ_CIRCUIT_S Eingabehilfe Behandlungskreis für selektion bild NNL2 
1,349 H_TNLGGZ_DIAGN ingabehilfe Diagnose NNL2 
1,350 H_TNLGGZ_DIAGN1 Eingabehilfe Diagnose 1 NNL2 
1,351 H_TNLGGZ_DIAGN1_S Eingabehilfe Diagnose 1 für selektion bild NNL2 
1,352 H_TNLGGZ_DIAGN2 Eingabehilfe Diagnose 2 NNL2 
1,353 H_TNLGGZ_DIAGN2_S Eingabehilfe Diagnose 2 für selektion bild NNL2 
1,354 H_TNLGGZ_DIAGN3 Eingabehilfe Diagnose 3 NNL2 
1,355 H_TNLGGZ_DIAGN3_S Eingabehilfe Diagnose 3 für selektion bild NNL2 
1,356 H_TNLGGZ_DIAGN4 Eingabehilfe Diagnose 4 NNL2 
1,357 H_TNLGGZ_DIAGN4_S Eingabehilfe Diagnose 4 für selektion bild NNL2 
1,358 H_TNLGGZ_DIAGN_PRI_S Eingabehilfe Primär diagnose für selektion bild NNL2 
1,359 H_TNLGGZ_GAF_END Eingabehilfe GAF ende NNL2 
1,360 H_TNLGGZ_GAF_END_S Eingabehilfe GAF ende für selektion bild NNL2 
1,361 H_TNLGGZ_GAF_HIGH Eingabehilfe GAF Hoch NNL2 
1,362 H_TNLGGZ_GAF_HIGH_S Eingabehilfe GAF Hoch für selektion bild NNL2 
1,363 H_TNLGGZ_GAF_START Eingabehilfe GAF start NNL2 
1,364 H_TNLGGZ_GAF_START_S Eingabehilfe GAF start für selektion bild NNL2 
1,365 H_TNLGGZ_GRP_CODE Eingabehilfe Gruppe code NNL2 
1,366 H_TNLGGZ_PROF Eingabehilfe berufsgruppe NNL2 
1,367 H_TNLS Helpview Generated for Check Table TNLS VZ 
1,368 H_TNM01 IS-H: Plants for Institution NPAS 
1,369 H_TNP01 IS-H: Patient Class NPVS 
1,370 H_TNR00 NPVS 
1,371 H_TNR01T NPVS 
1,372 H_TNRS6 Test 6-character sub-objects SZNT 
1,373 H_TNRSF IS-H: Risk Factor Catalog NPVS 
1,374 H_TNRSO Test 4-character sub-objects SZNT 
1,375 H_TNT0 NBAS 
1,376 H_TNTP Help View for Check Table TNTP MG 
1,377 H_TOAAR Help view for table TOAAR SAOP 
1,378 H_TOACO Help view for table TOACO SAOP 
1,379 H_TOADD Help view for table TOADD SAOP 
1,380 H_TOADV Help View for Table TOADV SAOP 
1,381 H_TOJTB Business Object Repository SWO 
1,382 H_TOO3O_PP Order Types for Production Order CO_MES_INT 
1,383 H_TP01 Business partner: Help view for form of addresss FBPAR 
1,384 H_TP02 Business partner: Help view for salutation FSBP 
1,385 H_TP13 Business partner: Help view for partner grouping FSBP 
1,386 H_TP19 Business Partner Acquisition Data: Information Type Help FSBP_ADDITION 
1,387 H_TPAR Helpview Generated for Check Table TPAR VIEW 
1,388 H_TPARA Help view for parameter ID table (with short text) SDIC 
1,389 H_TPATT VarChart Graphics: Pattern SGRC 
1,390 H_TPFK "Help View Generated For Check Table TPFK" FBD 
1,391 H_TPM_VERSION Search help for translation performance monitor SLXE 
1,392 H_TPOOL Help View for Table TPOOL MRY 
1,393 H_TPRF Help View for Domain PRAEFIX MG 
1,394 H_TPRG Tool for Entering Date Indicator VZ 
1,395 H_TPRIO Helpview Generated for Check Table TPRIO VIEW 
1,396 H_TPTM Generated Help View for Check Table TPTM MG 
1,397 H_TPVAC Type of leave search PB29 
1,398 H_TPZ12 Help view for applications FTBPOB 
1,399 H_TPZ13 Business partner: Application role category - assignment FBPAR 
1,400 H_TPZ3 BP: Business partner - role category FBPAR 
1,401 H_TPZ4 Help view for role-dependent views FBPAR 
1,402 H_TQ04A QM: Help View for Block Functions QB 
1,403 H_TQ05 QM: Help View for Certificate Types QB 
1,404 H_TQ07 Follow-up Actions for Inspection Lots QSKT 
1,405 H_TQ08 QM: Help View for TQ08 QB 
1,406 H_TQ11 RM-QSS: Help View for TQ11 QP 
1,407 H_TQ12 RM-QSS: Help View for TQ12 QE 
1,408 H_TQ15 RM-QSS: Help View for TQ15 QSKT 
1,409 H_TQ17 RM-QSS: Help View for Table TQ17 QP 
1,410 H_TQ17A Help View for Characteristic Weights QA 
1,411 H_TQ27 RM-QSS: Help View for Table TQ27 QP 
1,412 H_TQ29 RM-QSS: Help View for Table TQ29 QP 
1,413 H_TQ31_WD Help View 'Inspection Lot Origins' RPLM_QIMT_BE 
1,414 H_TQ39 Help View for Dynamic Modification Criteria QM00 
1,415 H_TQ39A RM-QSS: Help View for Table TQ39A QP 
1,416 H_TQ43 Help View for TQ43 Storage Condition for Stability Study QSTABI 
1,417 H_TQ75F Help View for TQ75F QP 
1,418 H_TQ76 Processing Status for Inspection Characteristics QE 
1,419 H_TQ79 Help view for TQ79 inspection point/user field combination QLPP 
1,420 H_TQ80_WD Help View 'Notification Types' RPLM_QIMT_BE 
1,421 H_TQCOM Helpview TQCOM VL 
1,422 H_TQLOG Help View Generated for Check Table TQLOG SVIM 
1,423 H_TQOP Help View Generated for Check Table TQOP SVIM 
1,424 H_TR01 Help_View for TR01 FBAS 
1,425 H_TRAID Search for transport ID code MB 
1,427 H_TRAIN_PROG Help View For Company Codes HRTRAINING 
1,428 H_TRCL Help view for ABAP program class SA38 
1,429 H_TREX_ACT help view for check table TREX_ACT STREX 
1,430 H_TRLO_F4_HELP_KURS2 Search Help for Entering Rates in TR-LO FVVD 
1,431 H_TRSE1 Helpview Generated for Check Table TRSE1 VZ0C 
1,432 H_TSAB Helpview Generated for Check Table TSAB VIEW 
1,433 H_TSAN Help View for Domain SANUM MG 
1,437 H_TSINI SAPbpt: Class descriptions SIN 
1,438 H_TSKD Helpview Generated for Check Table TSKD VZ 
1,439 H_TSKM Helpview Generated for Check Table TSKM VZ 
1,440 H_TSL5D Help View for Filter Setting Memory SLOG 
1,441 H_TSOPA SAPoffice: Help View for SET/GET Parameter SO 
1,442 H_TSOTD SAPoffice: Help View For Object Types (TSOTD) SO 
1,443 H_TSOVM SAPoffice: Help View for Processing Type SO 
1,444 H_TSP03 Help view for printer table SPOO 
1,445 H_TSP09 Display printer driver with its long text SPOO 
1,446 H_TSP0A Display device type and its long text SPOO 
1,447 H_TSP1D Display long text for format type SPOO 
1,448 H_TSP5D Help view for LPQ format description SPOO 
1,449 H_TSP6D Help view for printer access methods SPOO 
1,450 H_TSP7T Help View: Cover Page Selection SPOO 
1,451 H_TSPA Helpview for divisions VIEW 
1,452 H_TSPG0 Search Help for Visualization Profiles LASP 
1,453 H_TSPLOMS Help view for TSPLOMS SPOO 
1,454 H_TSPROMS Help View for TSPROMS SPOO 
1,455 H_TSRCG Help view to display the identifier for RDDSRCG0 SDAD 
1,456 H_TSRTB Sort String CEV 
1,457 H_TSTRK VarChart Graphics: Strikethrough type SGRC 
1,458 H_TTASK Help View for TTASK Check Table SCTS_BAS 
1,459 H_TTDS Generated Helpview for Check Table TTDS VTRC 
1,460 H_TTGR Helpview Generated for Check Table TTGR VZ 
1,461 H_TTSG Generated Helpview for Check Table TTSG VTRC 
1,462 H_TTXG "Help View Generated For Check Table TTXG" FBD 
1,463 H_TTXG_TXTGR Value help for text groups VZ0C 
1,464 H_TTXID Help View For SAPscript Text ID Table TTXID STXD 
1,465 H_TTXID_V Help View For SAPscript Text ID Table TTXID VZ0C 
1,466 H_TTXJ Help View for TTXJ (Tax Jurisdiction Codes) VTAX_DET 
1,467 H_TTXOB Help View For SAPscript Text Object Table TTXOB STXD 
1,468 H_TTXOB_V Text objects in SD VZ0C 
1,469 H_TTXZ Search help for access sequences VA 
1,470 H_TTZAPPOB Help View: Application Objects SZTZ 
1,471 H_TUTYP Search Help for User Types in Active Price Lists SLIM 
1,472 H_TUTYP_R Restricted Version of H_TUTYP (without '04', '11') SLIM 
1,473 H_TUZUS Assignment to special versions SLIM 
1,474 H_TVAG Helpview Generated for Check Table TVAG Reasons for Reject. VIEW 
1,475 H_TVAK Helpview for Sales Document Types VIEW 
1,476 H_TVAK_AAUART Search help for alternative sales order type VA 
1,477 H_TVAK_MSR Helpview for Sales Document Types MSR_BASICS 
1,478 H_TVAK_TDID Search help for TVAK-TDID field VA 
1,479 H_TVARC Generated Help View for Check Table TVARC VKON 
1,480 H_TVAST Sales Order Type Blocks VIEW 
1,481 H_TVAU Helpview Generated for Check Table TVAU VIEW 
1,482 H_TVAV Helpview Generated for Check Table TVAV VA 
1,483 H_TVBO Helpview Generated for Check Table TVBO VIEW 
1,484 H_TVBR Helpview Generated for Check Table TVBR VZ 
1,485 H_TVBUR Helpview Generated for Check Table TVBUR VIEWCORE 
1,486 H_TVBVK Helpview TVBVK VZCORE 
1,487 H_TVC1 Helpview Generated for Check Table TVC1 VCK 
1,488 H_TVC2 Helpview Generated for Check Table TVC2 VCK 
1,489 H_TVC4 Helpview Generated for Check Table TVC4 VCK 
1,490 H_TVC7 TVC7 VCK 
1,491 H_TVCA Helpview Generated for Check Table TVCA VCK 
1,492 H_TVCB Helpview Generated for Check Table TVCB VCK 
1,493 H_TVCC Helpview Generated for Check Table TVCC VCK 
1,494 H_TVCD Helpview Generated for Check Table TVCD VCK 
1,495 H_TVCE Helpview Generated for Check Table TVCE VCK 
1,496 H_TVCF Helpview Generated for Check Table TVCF VCK 
1,497 H_TVCG Helpview Generated for Check Table TVCG VCK 
1,498 H_TVCH Helpview Generated for Check Table TVCH VCK 
1,499 H_TVCI Helpview Generated for Check Table TVCI VCK 
1,500 H_TVCJ Helpview Generated for Check Table TVCJ VCK 
1,501 H_TVCPT Helpview TVCPT VZ 
1,502 H_TVDTX Text for Business Operation FVVD_REP 
1,503 H_TVEP Helpview Generated for Check Table TVEP VIEW 
1,504 H_TVFK Helpview Generated for Check Table TVFK VIEW 
1,505 H_TVFM Helpview Generated for Check Table TVFM VL 
1,506 H_TVFS Helpview Generated for Check Table TVFS VIEW 
1,507 H_TVFST Helpview for Billing Blocks VIEW 
1,508 H_TVGA Generated Helpview for Check Table TVGA KE 
1,509 H_TVGF Legal Status Texts VS 
1,510 H_TVHB Helpview Generated for Check Table TVHB VIEW 
1,511 H_TVK0 Helpview Generated for Check Table TVK0 VIEW 
1,512 H_TVK1 Helpview Generated for Check Table TVK1 VIEW 
1,513 H_TVK2 Helpview Generated for Check Table TVK2 VIEW 
1,514 H_TVK3 Helpview Generated for Check Table TVK3 VIEW 
1,515 H_TVK4 Helpview Generated for Check Table TVK4 VIEW 
1,516 H_TVK5 Helpview Generated for Check Table TVK5 VIEW 
1,517 H_TVK6 Helpview Generated for Check Table TVK6 VIEW 
1,518 H_TVK7 Helpview Generated for Check Table TVK7 VIEW 
1,519 H_TVK8 Helpview generated for check table TVK8 VIEW 
1,520 H_TVK9 Helpview Generated for Check Table TVK9 VIEW 
1,521 H_TVKBZ Helpview for Sales Offices TVKBZ VZCORE 
1,522 H_TVKD Helpview Generated for Check Table TVKD VIEW 
1,523 H_TVKGG Customer Condition Group ERP_SALES_LORD 
1,524 H_TVKGR Helpview Generated for Check Table TVKGR VIEWCORE 
1,525 H_TVKM Helpview generated for check table TVKM VIEWCORE 
1,526 H_TVKN Generated Help View for Check Table TVKN VTRC 
1,527 H_TVKO Helpview for Sales Organizations VIEWCORE 
1,528 H_TVKOS Helpview TVKOS VZCORE 
1,529 H_TVKOV Helpview TVKOV VZCORE 
1,530 H_TVKT Helpview Generated for Check Table TVKT VIEW 
1,531 H_TVKV Helpview Generated for Check Table TVKV VIEW 
1,532 H_TVKWZ Possible Entries for Delivering Plant MG 
1,533 H_TVLA Helpview Generated for Check Table TVLA VIEW 
1,534 H_TVLG Helpview Generated for Check Table TVLG VIEW 
1,535 H_TVLK Helpview Generated for Check Table TVLK VL0C 
1,536 H_TVLP Helpview TVLP VIEW 
1,537 H_TVLS Helpview Generated for Check Table TVLS VIEW 
1,538 H_TVM1 Helpview Generated for Check Table TVM1 VZ0C 
1,539 H_TVM2 Helpview Generated for Check Table TVM2 VZ0C 
1,540 H_TVM3 Helpview Generated for Check Table TVM3 VZ0C 
1,541 H_TVM4 Helpview Generated for Check Table TVM4 VZ0C 
1,542 H_TVM5 Helpview Generated for Check Table TVM5 VZ0C 
1,543 H_TVMS Helpview Generated for Check Table TVMS VIEW 
1,544 H_TVOID Void Reason Code Help View BFIBL_CHECK_D 
1,545 H_TVPR Helpview Generated for Check Table TVPR VIEW 
1,546 H_TVPT Helpview Generated for Check Table TVPT VA0C 
1,547 H_TVPV Helpview generated for check table TVPV VS 
1,548 H_TVRL Helpview Generated for Check Table TVRL VA0C 
1,549 H_TVRO Helpview Generated for Check Table TVRO VIEW 
1,550 H_TVSA Helpview Generated for Check Table TVSA VZ0C 
1,551 H_TVSB Helpview Generated for Check Table TVSB VIEW 
1,552 H_TVSD Helpview generated for check table TVSD VS0C 
1,553 H_TVSF Helpview Generated for Check Table TVSF VZ 
1,554 H_TVSG Helpview Generated for Check Table TVSG VIEW 
1,555 H_TVSM Helpview generated for check table TVSM VS0C 
1,556 H_TVSR Helpview TVSR VZ 
1,557 H_TVST Helpview shipping points VZ 
1,558 H_TVSU Helpview Generated for Check Table TVSU VA 
1,559 H_TVSWZ Helpview TVSWZ VZ0C 
1,560 H_TVTA Helpview TVTA VZCORE 
1,561 H_TVTK Generated Helpview for Check Table TVTK VTRC 
1,562 H_TVTR Helpview Generated for Check Table TVTR VL 
1,563 H_TVTW Helpview Generated for Check Table TVTW VIEW 
1,564 H_TVTY Generated help view for check table TVTY VL 
1,565 H_TVUV Helpview Generated for Check Table TVVV VIEW 
1,566 H_TVUVS Helpview TVUVS VZ 
1,567 H_TVV2 Helpview Generated for Check Table TVV2 VZ0C 
1,568 H_TVV3 Helpview Generated for Check Table TVV3 VZ0C 
1,569 H_TVV4 Helpview Generated for Check Table TVV4 VZ0C 
1,570 H_TVV5 Helpview Generated for Check Table TVV5 VZ0C 
1,571 H_TVVW Helpview Generated for Check Table TVVW VA 
1,572 H_TVWA Helpview generated for check table TVWA VZ 
1,573 H_TVZP Check Table TVZP Help View VA0C 
1,574 H_TVZS Check Table TVZS Help View VA0C 
1,575 H_TW05 Help-view for insurance branch VVSRG_CORE 
1,576 H_TW09B Help-view Rantyp - SDVNR VVSRG_CORE 
1,578 H_TW12B Help view RANTYP - BAV501 FVVI 
1,579 H_TWFPT Workflow: Help view - process type selection SWF1 
1,580 H_TWFRL Workflow: Help view - role selection SWF1 
1,581 H_TWH01 Help-view twh01 (Exchange) FTVV 
1,582 H_TWH01_CORE Help View twh01 (Exchange) - Copy for Core FTA_CORE 
1,583 H_TWH01_FVVW Help-view twh01 (Exchange) FVVW 
1,584 H_TWISPC_VRSIO Search Help for Help View H_TWISPC_VRSIO WIS_PLAN 
1,585 H_TWL1 Help-view for TWL1 (sort sequence + text); do not activate FTVV 
1,586 H_TWL3 Context-display sequence/ long text; do not activate FTVV 
1,587 H_TWL5 Context-display sequence/ long text; do not activate FTVV 
1,588 H_TWRF Help-view securities class relationship types FVVW 
1,589 H_TWRFR References for securities class relationship types FVVW 
1,590 H_TWX1 Selection window for alternative keys FVV 
1,591 H_TXCOM Help View for Table TXCOM CIIC 
1,592 H_TXT04 Status short text for status profile and language BSV 
1,593 H_TXT04_COWB Status Short Text for Status Profile and Language COWB 
1,594 H_TXZUF_ALLE Listing of all access sequences VZ0C 
1,595 H_TXZUF_ZUM_OBJEKT Access sequences for current text object VZ0C 
1,596 H_TZ25 Help-view for list control VVSRG_CORE 
1,597 H_TZAF Help view product category FVV 
1,598 H_TZART Value Types for CAPP-based Calc. of Std. Values CEV 
1,599 H_TZB09 Help-view posting control table FTVV_CORE 
1,600 H_TZB0A Help View for Flow Types FVV 
1,601 H_TZB0A_RE Help View for Flow Types RECO 
1,602 H_TZB0A_SECURITIES Treasury Securities: Search Help for SEC Flow Types FVVW 
1,603 H_TZB0K Help View for Allocation of Report Cat. to Ext. Flow Type FTLC 
1,604 H_TZB0L Help View for Definition of External Flow Types FTLC 
1,605 H_TZB10 Help-view flow type groups FTLC_CORE 
1,606 H_TZB21 Clerk search FTLC 
1,607 H_TZB25 Help View Flow Type to Flow Type Group FTLC 
1,608 H_TZB27 Help View G/L Account for Account Group FTLC 
1,609 H_TZB28 Help View Selection Key FTLC 
1,610 H_TZB29 Help View Processing Category FTLC 
1,611 H_TZB30 Help View Processing Key FTLC 
1,612 H_TZB31 Help View Processing Categories for Processing Key FTLC 
1,613 H_TZB32 Help View Name of User PF Keys FTLC 
1,614 H_TZB6V Umsatzpositinen der Oenb-Meldung FVVA 
1,615 H_TZC37 Help View for Status Definitions FTLC_CORE 
1,616 H_TZCUSTDEST eCATT: System Data Container STESTZONE_DDIC 
1,617 H_TZE02 Help view table TZE02 Incoming payments organizat. criteria FVVI 
1,618 H_TZGR Payment Grouping FBZ 
1,619 H_TZJOBID TestZone: Suche nach JobIDs STESTZONE_DDIC 
1,620 H_TZK01 Help view condition types FVVI 
1,621 H_TZK04 Help-view condition groups FTLC_CORE 
1,622 H_TZKN9 Help View for Table TZKN5 FTAC 
1,623 H_TZONE Helpview Generated for Check Table TZONE VIEW 
1,624 H_TZPA Help-view product types FVV 
1,625 H_TZPAB Help-view product types in company code FVV 
1,626 H_TZRG Help-view application groups external roles FVV 
1,627 H_TZSD_SYS TestZone: Suche für Source Systeme im Systemdatencontainer STESTZONE_DDIC 
1,628 H_TZST CFM Reasons for Reversal FTA 
1,629 H_TZUN Help_View for Assignment Number FBAS 
1,630 H_TZUNI Help for Currency Units FTVV_CORE 
1,631 H_TZV01 Help-view partner forms of address FVV 
1,632 H_TZV02 Help-view partner salutations FVV 
1,633 H_TZV11 Help-view partner relationships FVV 
1,634 H_UFACH Help view for faculties STFO 
1,635 H_UID_EID Enterprise Identifier UID 
1,636 H_UII Unique Item Identifier UID 
1,637 H_UII_E UII by Equipments UID 
1,638 H_UKURS Help view for the course table STFO 
1,639 H_UMB_BC_OB100 Objectives (Business Content) UMB 
1,640 H_UMB_BC_PE100 Perspektive (Business Content) UMB 
1,641 H_UMB_BC_ST100 Strategy (Business Content) UMB 
1,642 H_UMB_CM100 Compensation Matrix UMB 
1,643 H_UMB_CO100 Common Objectives UMB 
1,644 H_UMB_GS100 Value Fields UMB 
1,645 H_UMB_GS105 Active Status UMB 
1,646 H_UMB_OB100 Objectives UMB 
1,647 H_UMB_PE100 H_UMB_PE100 UMB 
1,648 H_UMB_SC100 Scorecard UMB 
1,649 H_UMB_SC100_ALL Scorecard UMB 
1,651 H_UMB_SC102 Scorecard: CPM Variables UMB 
1,652 H_UMB_SC103 Scorecard: Measure Assignment UMB 
1,653 H_UMB_SC105 Scorecard: Objective Assignment UMB 
1,654 H_UMB_SC180 Scorecard: Initiatives UMB 
1,655 H_UMB_ST100 Strategy UMB 
1,656 H_UMB_STRUC Search Help for BB Structure UMB 
1,657 H_UMC_BPS_AREA Planning Area UMC 
1,658 H_UMC_BPS_METHOD Planning Function UMC 
1,659 H_UMC_BPS_PARAM Parameter Group UMC 
1,660 H_UMC_BPS_PLEVEL Planning Level UMC 
1,661 H_UMC_BPS_PPACKAGE Planning Package UMC 
1,662 H_UMC_BPS_WIFNAME Label for Web Interface UMC 
1,663 H_UMC_DIMVALUES Search Help for Complex Selection of Dimension Values UMC 
1,664 H_UMC_GS110 Formula UMC 
1,665 H_UMC_GS120 Assignment of Formula Result UMB 
1,666 H_UMC_HTTP_RFC RFC for HTTP Server UMC 
1,668 H_UMC_PERIODICITY Periodization UMC 
1,669 H_UMC_PS_BUSINESS_AREA Project System: Business Area UMC_PROJECT 
1,670 H_UMC_PS_COMPANY_CODE Project System: Company Code UMC_PROJECT 
1,671 H_UMC_PS_CONTROLLING_AREA Project System: Controlling Area UMC_PROJECT 
1,672 H_UMC_PS_PLANT Project System: Plant UMC_PROJECT 
1,673 H_UMC_PS_PROFIT_CENTER Project System: Profit Center UMC_PROJECT 
1,674 H_UMC_PS_PROFIT_CENTER1 Project System: Profit Center UMC_PROJECT 
1,675 H_UMC_PS_PROJECT Project System: Project Definition UMC_PROJECT 
1,676 H_UMC_PS_PROJECT1 Project System: Project Definition UMC_PROJECT 
1,677 H_UMC_PS_PROJECT_PROFILE Project System: Project Profile UMC_PROJECT 
1,678 H_UMC_PS_RESPONSIBLE_PERSON Project System: Controlling Area UMC_PROJECT 
1,679 H_UMC_QUERY BW Report UMC 
1,680 H_UMC_TM100 Time Variable UMC 
1,681 H_UMC_TM100_INTERVAL Time Variable (Interval) UMC 
1,682 H_UMC_TM100_SINGLE Time Variable (Single Value) UMC 
1,683 H_UMC_TM100_SINGLE_WITH_INIT Time Variable (Single Value): With Variables for Initiative UMC 
1,684 H_UMM_CO100 Cockpit UMM 
1,685 H_UMM_FR100 Frame UMM 
1,686 H_UMM_LV100 Logical View UMM 
1,687 H_UMM_VA100 CPM Variables UMM 
1,688 H_UMM_VA100_ALL_FOR_BSC CPM Variable for BSC UMB 
1,689 H_UMM_VA100_FOR_BSC CPM Variable for BSC UMB 
1,691 H_UMM_WA100 Wall UMM 
1,692 H_UMV_TR100 Value Driver Tree UMV 
1,693 H_UMV_VD100 Value Driver UMV 
1,694 H_UNIT_EXP Searching a unit using dimenstion exponents SZME 
1,695 H_UNIT_MASS_VOLUME EHS: Search Help T006 with Dim. Restrictions:MASS and VOLUME CBUI 
1,696 H_UNIT_SURFACE Search for Area Units FVVD 
1,697 H_UNIT_VOLUME Search for Area Units FVVD 
1,698 H_UPB_CMI_100 Capital Market Interpreter UPB 
1,699 H_UPCBW_INFOCUBE F4 for InfoCubes UPC 
1,700 H_UPC_AREA Search Help for Planning Areas UPC 
1,701 H_USORG Value Help for Organizational Levels SUSR 
1,702 H_USR IS-H: System User Input Help NPVS 
1,703 H_USZBVLNDRC Single Search Help for CUA Systems SUSR 
1,704 H_VAKZ Helpview for Sales Document Types by Sales Area VIEW 
1,705 H_VARID Help View for Variant Selection COIS 
1,706 H_VATYPE EHS: Collective Search Help for Value Assignmt Type (TCG11) CBEHS_BAS 
1,707 H_VATYPE_A EHS: Append Search Help for Value Assignment Type (TCG11) CBEHS 
1,708 H_VATYPE_BASE EHS: Elementary Search Help for Value Assignmt Type (TCG11) CBEHS_BAS 
1,709 H_VBKPF Parked Documents Help View FFE 
1,711 H_VCORUS Help view for field corus FVVIIT 
1,712 H_VD_BILL_CATEG Billing Category Search Help for Determining Bill Parameters FVVD_BILL 
1,713 H_VD_CHARACVALUE Search Help for Values for a Processing Characteristic FVVD_STATE 
1,714 H_VD_CHARAC_CAPITALS Search Help for Proc. Characteristic: Status of Capl Amounts FVVD_STATE 
1,715 H_VD_CHARAC_CREDIT Search Help for Proc. Characteristics: Open Payables FVVD_STATE 
1,716 H_VD_CHARAC_DEBIT Search Help for Proc. Characteristics: Open Receivables FVVD_STATE 
1,717 H_VD_CHARAC_DISBURSEMENT Search Help for Proc. Characteristic: Disbursement Status FVVD_STATE 
1,718 H_VD_CHARAC_PLANNED_FLOW Search Help for Proc. Characteristics: Status Planned Recds FVVD_STATE 
1,719 H_VD_CHGCATGSUB Search Help for Change Pointer Subcategories FVVD_CHANGEPOINTER 
1,720 H_VD_CLI_OCCUP Search Help for Entering Occupational Groups FVVCL_KLV 
1,721 H_VD_COPY_VERSION_HELP Search Help: Version when Copying a Product FVVD_PRODUCT 
1,722 H_VD_ESRRKLAMMER CML Corr.: Search Help for Fin. Project FVVD_CH 
1,723 H_VD_FICO_CONTAB Assign Condition Table to Product FVVD_CONDITION_TABLE 
1,724 H_VD_LOS_FEE_COND Loan Origination: Permitted Charge Types FVVD_AL_LOAN_ORIGINATION 
1,725 H_VD_PRODART Search Help for Product Type FVVD 
1,726 H_VD_PRODART_ELEM Elementary Search Help for Product Type FVVD_PRODUCT 
1,727 H_VD_PRODART_HELP Collective Search Help for General Product Type FVVD_PRODUCT 
1,728 H_VD_PRODEXTELEM Search Help for External Product Number FVVD_PRODUCT 
1,729 H_VD_PRODINTERN Selection of LOC Products FVVD_FW_FCAT 
1,730 H_VD_PRODTYPE Search Help: Product Category Long Text FVVD_PRODUCT 
1,731 H_VD_PR_PRODEXT Collective Search Help for External Product Numbers FVVD_PRODUCT 
1,732 H_VD_RORD Activity Category / Main File / File FVVD 
1,733 H_VD_SBEZ CML: Search Help for Data Element VVSBEZ FVVD 
1,734 H_VD_TDCLI_OCCUP Occupational Group FVVCL_KLV 
1,735 H_VD_VERSION_EXTPROD_HELP Search Help for Version for External Product Number FVVD_PRODUCT 
1,736 H_VD_VERSION_HELP Search Help: Version FVVD_PRODUCT 
1,737 H_VEDG EHS-DG: Regulation Search Help for Exceptions to DG Regul. CBEHS 
1,738 H_VERID VERID search help CS 
1,739 H_VERID_E VERID Search Help CS 
1,740 H_VERWVH IS-H: Find Type of Relationship NPVS 
1,741 H_VIBEBE Help view for displaying corr. items which already exist FVVI 
1,742 H_VIDCAT Help view for field IDCAT FVVIIT 
1,743 H_VIDCLA Help view for field idcla FVVIIT 
1,744 H_VIDIRE Help view for field idire FVVIIT 
1,745 H_VIMI15 Comparative group FVVI 
1,746 H_VIOB18 Comparative apartments FVVI 
1,747 H_VLCSEARCHPROFILE VELO : Serch Help for Search Profile ISAUTO_VLC 
1,748 H_VORMZ Phase in the Procedure Model SDUM 
1,749 H_VTBSTC1 Help view for payment details (standing instructions) FTBP_SI 
1,750 H_VWPDEPO Search Help: Company Code, Sec. Acct FVVW 
1,751 H_V_AKKP_TXT Search Help for AKKP Text Determination Procedure VZ 
1,752 H_V_EMBK_TXT Search Help for EMBK Text Determination Procedure VZ 
1,753 H_V_TVAK_TXT Search Help for TVAK Text Determination Procedure VZ 
1,754 H_V_TVAP_TXT Search Help for TVAP Text Determination Procedure VZ 
1,755 H_V_TVFK_TXT Search Help for TVFK Text Determination Procedure VZ 
1,756 H_V_TVFP_TXT Search Help for TVFP Text Determination Procedure VZ 
1,757 H_V_TVLK_TXT Search Help for TVLK Text Determination Procedure VZ 
1,758 H_V_TVLP_TXT Search Help for TVLP Text Determination Procedure VZ 
1,759 H_V_VTTK_TXT Search Help for VTTK Text Determination Procedure VZ 
1,760 H_WBB_SAVE_ID ID Help Screen for Temporary Objects in Assortment Lists WBBCN 
1,761 H_WBSELEM Search Help for WBS Element IDs AIP 
1,762 H_WCOL VarChart Graphics: Colors SGRC 
1,763 H_WDLS Help view: POS outbound log WBBC 
1,764 H_WERBETRAEGER Search help for creating new advertising medium JSD 
1,765 H_WERKS Search Help for Plant Field WERKS MD03 
1,766 H_WERKS_MATNR All Plants For Material MD03 
1,767 H_WERKS_MATNR_E All Plants For Material MD03 
1,768 H_WFPRC Workflow: Help View for Selecting Process SWF2 
1,769 H_WMQK Seach help for quota scales WMOD 
1,770 H_WMQKA Find quota scale using value scale WMOD 
1,771 H_WMWK Value scale - possible entries help WMOD 
1,772 H_WMWKA Value scale by characteristic - search help WMOD 
1,773 H_WRMA_ELEVEL Valuation Level RS_AA_WRMA 
1,777 H_WWWDATA Web Repository Search Help KE 
1,778 H_ZUGBWA Help view for acquis. trans.type of transfer variant AC 
1,779 I18NSRH_CLASSES Conversion Classes of RSI18N_SEARCH SCP 
1,780 IAC_HELP_DYNPRO Search Help for Screen SITS_ABAP 
1,781 IAC_HELP_IACML_LONG Mime Objects (Language-Dependent) SITS_ABAP 
1,782 IAC_HELP_IACML_LONG_4X Long Name for Mime (4x) SITS_ABAP 
1,784 IAC_HELP_IACMU_LONG_4X Long Name for Mime (4x) SITS_ABAP 
1,785 IAC_HELP_IACR Search Help for Theme SITS_ABAP 
1,786 IAC_HELP_IACS Search Help for Service SITS_ABAP 
1,787 IAC_HELP_IACTL_LONG Templates (Language-Dependent) SITS_ABAP 
1,788 IAC_HELP_IACTL_LONG_4X Long Name for Template (4x) SITS_ABAP 
1,789 IAC_HELP_IACTL_LONG_IACTL Existing Templates (Lanugage-Dependent) SITS_ABAP 
1,790 IAC_HELP_IACTU Search Help for Template SITS_ABAP 
1,792 IAC_HELP_IACTU_LONG_4X Long Name for Template (4x) SITS_ABAP 
1,794 IAC_HELP_IACTU_LONG_SCREEN Existing Templates with Screen SITS_ABAP 
1,796 IAOM_BS_IDENT Business Scenario IAOM 
1,797 IAOM_CATEGORY_ID Search Help for Product Category IAOM_CRMSERVICE 
1,798 IAOM_CPROJECTS Internal Orders Created from cProjects IAOM_CPROJECTS 
1,799 IAOM_CPROJECTS_APPEND Search Help for Project in cProjects IAOM_CPROJECTS 
1,800 IAOM_CPROJECTS_WBS WBS Elements with Assigned cProjects Project Elements IAOM_CPROJECTS 
1,801 IAOM_CPROJECTS_WBS_APPEND WBS Elements, Search Using cProjects Project Elements IAOM_CPROJECTS 
1,802 IAOM_CRM Internal Orders Created from CRM Service IAOM_CRMSERVICE 
1,803 IAOM_CRMFIN Internal Orders Created from CRM Financing VPACK_IAOM_FINANCING 
1,804 IAOM_CRMFIN_E Internal Orders Created from CRM Financing VPACK_IAOM_FINANCING 
1,805 IAOM_CRM_APPEND Append Search Help for CRM Internal Order IAOM_CRMSERVICE 
1,806 IAOM_DOCUMENT_TYPE_BILLING Search Help for Document Types During External Billing IAOM_CRMSERVICE 
1,807 IAOM_ITEM_TYPE Search Help for Business Transaction Item Type IAOM_CRMSERVICE 
1,808 IAOM_OM CO Production Orders Created from OM IAOM_OM 
1,809 IAOM_OM_APPEND Append Search Help for CO Production orders from OM IAOM_CPROJECTS 
1,810 IAOM_PARTNER Search Help for Business Partner from CRM IAOM_CRMSERVICE 
1,811 IAOM_POSITION_TYPE_BILLING Search Help for Item Categories During External Billing IAOM_CRMSERVICE 
1,812 IAOM_PROCESS_TYPE Search Help for Transaction Type IAOM_CRMSERVICE 
1,813 IAOM_SERVICE_ORG_CO Search Help for Service Organization IAOM_CRMSERVICE 
1,814 IAOM_SERVICE_ORG_RESP_CO Search Help for Responsible Service Organization IAOM_CRMSERVICE 
1,815 IAOM_SERVICE_TECH_ORG_CO Search Help for Executing Service Organization IAOM_CRMSERVICE 
1,816 IB3G Commercial applications FVVI 
1,817 IB3GA General applications FVVI 
1,818 IB3P Private applications FVVI 
1,819 IB3PA All applications FVVI 
1,820 IBEW Applications FVVI 
1,821 IBEWX Commercial applications FVVI 
1,822 IBEWY Private application FVVI 
1,823 IBIBM Matchcodes for IBase IB00 
1,824 IBIBMA External identification IB00 
1,825 IBIBMT Text (=Description) IB00 
1,826 IBO_ELM_INBOX_TASK_ID Search help for Task IDs IBO_INBOX_FEEDER 
1,828 IBO_SEARCH_USER_EMPLOYEE Users Assigned to Employees IBO_INBOX_UI 
1,829 IBO_SEARCH_USER_PERSON Users Assigned to Persons IBO_INBOX_UI 
1,830 IBO_SHLP_INBOX_ACTION Define Possible Values for Inbox Action Types IBO_INBOX_CFG 
1,831 IBO_SHLP_INBOX_APPL Search Help for Inbox POWL application IBO_INBOX_CFG 
1,832 IBR_BRCONTR Search Help for Linking Broker/Contract to Broker Hierarchy ISCDBROK 
1,833 IBR_CLARCODE Broker Collections - Clarification Code Search Help ISCDBROK 
1,834 IBR_POSTRULE Broker collections - search help posting rule ISCDBROK 
1,835 IBR_STMID Broker Collctns - Search Help ISCDBROK 
1,836 IBWG Commercial application FVVI 
1,837 IBWGA Commercial application - Name, credit standing FVVI 
1,838 IBWGB Commercial application - Address FVVI 
1,839 IBWGC Commercial application - User data FVVI 
1,840 IBWGG Commercial application - total FVVI 
1,841 IBWM Real Estate rental requests for applications FVVI 
1,842 IBWMA Rental requests FVVI 
1,843 IBWP Private application FVVI 
1,844 IBWPA Private application - Name, credit standing FVVI 
1,845 IBWPB Private application - Address FVVI 
1,846 IBWPC Private application - User data FVVI 
1,847 IBWPG Private application - Total FVVI 
1,848 IB_BATCH IB: Batch IB00 
1,849 IB_BATCH_CORE IB: Append Search Help IB_Batch (Batch) IB05 
1,850 IB_EQUI Collective Search Help for Equipment for IBASE IB00 
1,851 IB_EQUI_CORE IB: Append Search Help Equipment for R/3 Core IB05 
1,852 IB_SERNO IB: Serial Numbers IB00 
1,853 IB_SERNO_CORE IB: Append Search Help SERNO IB05 
1,854 ICFSHLFHOST ICF Search Help for Virtual Hosts SHTTP 
1,856 ICLE_ACCEVT Search for Accident Event ICL_EVENT 
1,857 ICLE_ACCEVTBNDL_CCTYPE Search for Claim Bundle Type for Accident Event ICL_EVENT 
1,858 ICLE_BNDL Search by Claim Bundle ICL_EVENT 
1,859 ICLE_BP Business Partner Search ICL_EVENT 
1,860 ICLE_BP2 Business Partner Search ICL_EVENT 
1,861 ICLE_CCEVENTCAT Search Help for Claim Bundle Subtypes (ICL_CCEVENTTY) ICL_EVENT 
1,862 ICLE_SUBTYPE Search for Claim Bundle Types ICL_EVENT 
1,863 ICLE_TICL950 Claim Bundle: Task/Log Entry ICL_EVENT 
1,864 ICLE_USER_ADDR User According to Address Data ICL_EVENT 
1,865 ICLH_POSNR Item Number ICL_HEALTH 
1,866 ICLH_POSNR_EXTERNAL Item Number from Outside Claims BDT ICL_HEALTH 
1,867 ICLN_LANDK_SHLP ICL: Search Help for Automobile Country Identification ICL_FNOL 
1,868 ICL_ACCEVTBNDL_SBRTYPE Search for Subrogation Claim Type for Coll.Subro/Recovery ICL_EVENT 
1,869 ICL_ACCYEAR Background Reserves: Loss Year ICL_IBNR 
1,870 ICL_ACTIVITY Task (Normal and Purely Manual) ICL_CDC 
1,871 ICL_ACTIVITY4APPLCLASS Search Help: Task/Log Entry for Application Class ICL_BASIS 
1,872 ICL_ASSIGNCAT_E Link Category and Name ICL_CDC 
1,873 ICL_ASSIGNTYPE_E Searches for Link Types Depending on TICL216 ICL_CDC 
1,874 ICL_AUTHGRP User Group for Authorizations ICL_BASIS 
1,875 ICL_BENTREE Benefit Type Tree Without Versioning (A, S, I) ICL_CUST 
1,876 ICL_BENTREE_LOSS Search Help for Benefit Type Trees (only Losses) ICL_CDC 
1,877 ICL_BENTREE_P Higher-Level Benefit Type Tree w/o Versioning (A, S, I) ICL_CUST 
1,878 ICL_BENTREE_S Coverage Type/Benefit Type Tree Without Versioning (A,S,I) ICL_CUST 
1,879 ICL_BENTYPE Benefit Type ICL_CDC 
1,882 ICL_BENTYPE_A Permitted Benefit Type ICL_CUST 
1,883 ICL_BENTYPE_C Higher Level Benefit Types ICL_CUST 
1,885 ICL_BENTYPE_PROCESS_DATA Search Help for Benefit Types (Process Data) ICL_CDC 
1,886 ICL_BENTYPE_X Benefit Type at Claim or Subclaim Level ICL_CDC 
1,887 ICL_BP Business Partner Search ICL_CDC 
1,888 ICL_BPSRCH Business Partner Search in Claim ICL_CDC 
1,889 ICL_BULKSBR Search for Collective Subrogation ICL_EVENT 
1,890 ICL_BUPA Business Partner with Import Role ICL_CDC 
1,891 ICL_BUSUNIT Business Unit for Reserves ICL_IBNR 
1,892 ICL_CATAID Search Help for Catalogs ICL_HEALTH 
1,893 ICL_CCEVENTTY Search Help for Claim Bundle Subtypes (ICL_CCEVENTTY) ICL_EVENT 
1,894 ICL_CCTYPE_ACCEVT Search for Claim Bundle Subtype (=Process Type) f. Acc.Event ICL_EVENT 
1,896 ICL_CCTYPE_BULKSBR Search Claim Bundle Subtype (=Process Type) for Coll.Subro/R ICL_EVENT 
1,897 ICL_CLAIM Claim Search ICL_CDC 
1,898 ICL_CLAIMANT_CDC Search for Valid Subclaim Types of a Claim ICL_CDC 
1,899 ICL_CLAIMNO ClaimData ICL_CDC 
1,901 ICL_CLAIMTYPE Internal Claim Type Without Versioning (A, S, I) ICL_CUST 
1,902 ICL_CLAIMTYPE_A Internal Claim Type with Matching Currency ICL_CUST 
1,903 ICL_CLAIM_TYPE Search Help for Claim Type ICL_BASIS 
1,906 ICL_CLTYPEPRODUCT_X Internal Claim Type / Policy Product ICL_CDC 
1,907 ICL_CLTYPE_PROFILE Search Help for Claim Types (Process Data) ICL_CDC 
1,908 ICL_CMC_ACTIVITY Claim Activity with Description ICL_BASIS 
1,909 ICL_CMC_DOC Document Proposal for CMC Action ICL_BASIS 
1,910 ICL_CMC_EVENT Loss Incidents ICL_BASIS 
1,911 ICL_CMC_FIELD_OUTLEN Fields of a Structure or Table ICL_BASIS 
1,912 ICL_CMC_FUNCTION_VALUE Function with Short Text ICL_BASIS 
1,913 ICL_CMC_MSGNR msgnr with natxt ICL_BASIS 
1,914 ICL_CMC_REFERRAL Entry of Coverage Referral in CMC Action Maintenance ICL_BASIS 
1,915 ICL_CMC_STRUC_NAME Search for a Structure in DDIC ICL_BASIS 
1,916 ICL_CMLBNDLE Claim Bundle and Participants ICL_EVENT 
1,917 ICL_CMLBNDLE_COL Claim Bundle and Participants ICL_EVENT 
1,918 ICL_COMPCODE Company Code ICL_SUP 
1,919 ICL_COMPLEX Subclaim Complexity ICL_CDC 
1,920 ICL_COMPLEX_CLAIM Subclaim Complexity ICL_CDC 
1,922 ICL_COVERAGE_SHLP Search Help for Coverages on Table ICLPOLM ICL_CDC 
1,923 ICL_COVTYPE Coverage Types per Claim Type in Assigned Products ICL_CDC 
1,924 ICL_COVTYPEU Coverage Types per Claim Type in Assigned Products ICL_CDC 
1,925 ICL_COVTYPE_P Coverage Type per Policy Product with Versioning ICL_CUST 
1,926 ICL_COVTYPE_X Coverage Type at Claim or Subclaim Level ICL_CDC 
1,927 ICL_CSUBCLASS FS-CM Classes That Allow Substitution with Customer Classes ICL_BASIS 
1,928 ICL_DAMAGECAT Permitted Damage Category ICL_CDC 
1,929 ICL_DAMAGECAT_SHLP Search Help from Claim and Subclaim Type for Damage Category ICL_CDC 
1,930 ICL_DIAGCODE Search for Diagnosis Codes for Given Diagnosis Texts ICL_HEALTH 
1,931 ICL_DIAGFILENAME Search for File Name on Frontend ICL_HEALTH 
1,932 ICL_DIAGGROUPID Search for Diagnosis Groups of Catalog ICL_HEALTH 
1,933 ICL_EXPENSE_BENTYPE Search Help for Expenses Type ICL_CDC 
1,934 ICL_EXPENSE_BENTYPE_GROUP Search Help for Expenses Type Groups ICL_CDC 
1,935 ICL_EXTSVCS_REFADDR External Services: City of Reference Address ICL_BASIS 
1,936 ICL_EXTSVCS_REFADDR_C External Services: City of Reference Address ICL_BASIS 
1,937 ICL_F4_COM_TYPE_E F4 Help for Communication Type ICL_CDC 
1,938 ICL_F4_NOTE_TYPE_E F4 Help for Note Type ICL_CDC 
1,939 ICL_FALLBUNDLETYP Search for Collective Subrogation Bundles ICL_EVENT 
1,940 ICL_FNAME_SVV Field Name of Structure SVVSCPOS_B ICL_CF 
1,941 ICL_HI_TABNAME Tables with Shadow Tables ICL_HISTORY 
1,943 ICL_IBNR_BADIMETHOD Find Permitted BAdI Methods for IBNR Reserving ICL_IBNR 
1,944 ICL_INSCOMP_S Business Partner with Role Insurance Company ICL_CDC 
1,945 ICL_INSURED_CDC Search for Insured Persons in a Claim ICL_CDC 
1,946 ICL_ITEMCAT Claim Item Category ICL_CDC 
1,947 ICL_ITEMCAT_REP Claim Item Category for Repetitive Payments ICL_HEALTH 
1,948 ICL_ITEMCAT_REP_COLL Repetitive Payment Item Category ICL_HEALTH 
1,949 ICL_ITEMITEMUSE Usage Type of Claim Item ICL_CDC 
1,950 ICL_ITEMREJREASON Reason for Rejection ICL_CDC 
1,951 ICL_ITEMTAXCODE Type of Sales Tax Calculation ICL_CDC 
1,952 ICL_JURISDICTION Litigation: Jurisdiction ICL_LITIGATION_UI 
1,953 ICL_LANDK_SHLP ICL: Search Help for Automobile Country Identification ICL_CDC 
1,954 ICL_LINEOFINS Line of Insurance ICL_IBNR 
1,955 ICL_LOSSTYPE_SHLP2 Search Help for Incident Type ICL_CDC 
1,956 ICL_METHOD Search Help for Payment Methods ICL_CF 
1,957 ICL_MI_PAYCAT Permitted Payment Categories ICL_MULTIPLE_INSURANCE 
1,959 ICL_MI_SETTY Permitted Settlement Types ICL_MULTIPLE_INSURANCE 
1,960 ICL_NCI_PDOCCAT Search Help for Procurement Categories ICL_HEALTH 
1,961 ICL_NCI_PROCESS Search Help for Process Indicators ICL_HEALTH 
1,962 ICL_NCI_SUBCLN Permitted Subclaim Types ICL_HEALTH 
1,963 ICL_NOTE_TEMPLATE Text Templates for Notes ICL_CDC 
1,964 ICL_NOTICENO ICL: FNOL Notice of Loss Number ICL_FNOL 
1,965 ICL_OIFIELDNAME Office Integration: Field Name Search ICL_OI 
1,966 ICL_OITEMPLATE Office Integration: Search for Templates ICL_OI 
1,967 ICL_PAYFREQPLAN Payment Frequency of a Repetitive or Scheduled Payment ICL_CF 
1,968 ICL_PAYMENT ICL: CF: Search Help for Claim Number ICL_CF 
1,969 ICL_PAYMENTITEM ICL: CF: Search Help for Claim Number ICL_CF 
1,970 ICL_PDOCCATTYPE Type of Claim Item Grouping Category ICL_CDC 
1,971 ICL_PLOB_SHLP Search Help for PLOB ICL_CDC 
1,975 ICL_PMI_POLICY_BPARTNER Policies for Business Partner ICL_PM_INTERFACE 
1,977 ICL_PMI_POLICY_PLATENO Policies for Vehicle License Plates ICL_PM_INTERFACE 
1,978 ICL_PMI_POLICY_PLATENO1 FS-PM: Policies for Vehicle License Plates ICL_PM_INTERFACE_TYPES 
1,979 ICL_PMI_POLICY_POLEX Policies for External Policy ICL_PM_INTERFACE 
1,985 ICL_POLPROD Policy Products (in Suspense or Active) ICL_CUST 
1,986 ICL_POLPROD_CURRENT Policy Products (in Suspense or Active) ICL_CDC 
1,987 ICL_POLPROD_VERSION Policy Product Version ICL_CUST 
1,988 ICL_POLSRCH Business partner search in claim ICL_CDC 
1,989 ICL_POLS_UNIT_E Search Help for Quantity Units ICL_POLICY_UI 
1,990 ICL_PRDGRP Product Group ICL_SUP 
1,991 ICL_PROFILE_BT_LEVEL Benefit Processing Profile at Coverage Category Level ICL_CDC 
1,992 ICL_PROFILE_EP_LEVEL Benefit Processing Profiles at Elementary Product Level ICL_CDC 
1,993 ICL_PROFILE_PR_LEVEL Benefit Processing Profiles at Product Level ICL_CDC 
1,994 ICL_PROPMA Make of insurable object ICL_CDC 
1,995 ICL_PROPMO Model of insurance object ICL_CDC 
1,996 ICL_PROPTY Insurable Object Category ICL_CDC 
1,997 ICL_PROPTYPE TICL302: Type of Damaged or Insured Object ICL_CDC 
1,998 ICL_RBPBP_C RBP: Business Partner ICL_RBP_PE 
1,999 ICL_RBPCLAIM_E Role-Based Performer ICL_RBP_PE 
2,001 ICL_RBP_BUPAA_E RBP: Partner by Address ICL_RBP_PE 
2,002 ICL_RBP_BUPAO_E RBP: Partner by Organizational Unit (OM) ICL_RBP_PE 
2,003 ICL_RBP_BUPAP_E RBP: Partner General ICL_RBP_PE 
2,004 ICL_RBP_BUPAR_E RBP: Partner by BP Role ICL_RBP_PE 
2,005 ICL_RBP_OBJID_E Object ID in Organizational Structure ICL_RBP_PE 
2,006 ICL_REGION_SHLP ICL: Search Help for Region of Vehicle License Plate Number ICL_CDC 
2,007 ICL_REGOFFICE Regional Office ICL_IBNR 
2,008 ICL_REJREAS_SHLP ICL: Search Help for Coverage Referrals-Overruling Reason ICL_CDC 
2,009 ICL_RESGRTYPE Reserve Group Cluster ICL_IBNR 
2,010 ICL_RESPARA Reserve Parameters ICL_CF 
2,011 ICL_RESRULE Reserving Rules ICL_CDC 
2,012 ICL_RESTYPE Permitted Reserve Types ICL_CF 
2,013 ICL_RESTYPE_CLAIM Multiple Insurance: Reserve Types ICL_MULTIPLE_INSURANCE 
2,014 ICL_RESTYPE_MI Multiple Insurance: Reserve Types ICL_MULTIPLE_INSURANCE 
2,015 ICL_RESTYPE_SIMPLE Permitted Reserve Types ICL_CF 
2,016 ICL_SBRBNDL Collective Subrogation/Recovery with Recovery Claim Type ICL_EVENT 
2,017 ICL_SBRBNDL_BPARTNER Collective Subrogation/Recovery with Participants ICL_EVENT 
2,018 ICL_SBRBNDL_CCTYPE Search for Claim Bundle Type for Coll.Subrogation/Recovery ICL_EVENT 
2,019 ICL_SBRBNDL_COL Search for Collective Subrogation/Recovery ICL_EVENT 
2,020 ICL_SBRBNDL_INSURED Search for Insured in Collective Subrogation/Recovery ICL_EVENT 
2,021 ICL_SBRBNDL_LAND Collective Subrogation/Recovery with Location Details ICL_EVENT 
2,022 ICL_SBRBNDL_MULT_EXIT Combined Search for Collective Subrogation/Recovery ICL_EVENT 
2,023 ICL_SBRBNDL_SBRTYPE Search f. Subrogation Claim Type for Coll.Subrogtn/Recovery ICL_EVENT 
2,024 ICL_SCATTRIB FS-CM: Search f.Permitted Attributes of Benef/Serv/Fee Ctlg ICL_SERVICE_CATALOG 
2,025 ICL_SCREENSEQ Screen Sequence by Claim Processing (Sub)Mode ICL_BASIS 
2,026 ICL_SCREENSEQ_CL Screen Sequence for Claim Header ICL_CUST 
2,027 ICL_SCREENSEQ_DO Screen Sequence for Damaged Object ICL_CUST 
2,028 ICL_SCREENSEQ_SC Screen Sequence Acc. to Screen Sequence Category ICL_CUST 
2,029 ICL_SECDIAG Secondary Diagnoses in Diagnosis Catalog ICL_HEALTH 
2,030 ICL_SERVCAT FS-CM: Search in Benefits/Services/Fees Catalogs ICL_SERVICE_CATALOG 
2,031 ICL_SERVCATID FS-CM Subclaim Type: Permitted Benef./Services/Fees Catalogs ICL_SERVICE_CATALOG 
2,032 ICL_SERVCATIDICL_PROCEDURES FS-CM Subclaim Type: Permitted Benef./Services/Fees Catalogs ICL_SERVICE_CATALOG 
2,033 ICL_SERVCATID_DRG FS-CM Subclaim Type: Permitted Benef./Services/Fees Catalogs ICL_SERVICE_CATALOG 
2,034 ICL_SERVCATID_SD Search Help for BenCat ID for Scheduled Benefits ICL_WCOMP 
2,035 ICL_SERVCATID_TICL401_E FS-CM: Benefits/Services/Fees Catalogs ICL_SERVICE_CATALOG 
2,037 ICL_SERVCAT_POSID_PROCEDURES Procedures: Search for Code of Catalog Item ICL_SERVICE_CATALOG 
2,039 ICL_SERVCAT_POS_TYPE FS-CM: Search for Permitted Item Types of Ben/Serv/Fee Ctlg ICL_SERVICE_CATALOG 
2,040 ICL_SHLP_EXIT_PDOCCATTYPE_EXT Type of Claim Item Grouping Category (External Determinatn) ICL_EVENT 
2,041 ICL_STATE Search Help for State ICL_IBNR 
2,042 ICL_STXH Determine Short Title of Text Module ICL_HEALTH 
2,043 ICL_SUBCL Subclaim ICL_CDC 
2,044 ICL_SUBCLAIM ICL: CDC: Search Help for Subclaim Data ICL_CDC 
2,045 ICL_SUBCLTYPE Permitted Coverage Type ICL_CUST 
2,046 ICL_SUBCLTYPE_CDC Search for Valid Subclaim Types of a Claim ICL_CDC 
2,047 ICL_SUBCLTYPE_OPENABLE Subclaim Types that may be Opened on the Current Claim ICL_CDC 
2,048 ICL_SUBCL_REF Assignment to Subclaim ICL_HEALTH 
2,049 ICL_SUBCL_SHLP ICL: Subclaim with Subclaim Type ICL_CDC 
2,050 ICL_SUBOBJECT Claim Subobject (Test) ICL_CDC 
2,051 ICL_S_DAMOBJPROPCAT Search Help for Damaged Object Property ICL_CDC 
2,052 ICL_T005E_COUNTY Name of County ICL_BASIS 
2,053 ICL_T005S_REGION Name of Region ICL_FNOL 
2,054 ICL_T005_LAND Help View for Countries ICL_FNOL 
2,055 ICL_TASK Task (Normal, Not Purely Manual) ICL_BASIS 
2,056 ICL_TAXCODE Value Added Tax Indicator ICL_CDC 
2,057 ICL_TICL004 Coverage Type ICL_CUST 
2,058 ICL_TICL016_SHLP ICL: Search Help for Claim Indicators ICL_CDC 
2,059 ICL_TICL0368 Tooth Notation: Planning ICL_HEALTH 
2,060 ICL_TICL044 Claims Management: Task/Log Entry ICL_BASIS 
2,063 ICL_TICL309 Search Help for 309 ICL_CUST 
2,064 ICL_TOAOM Document Types ICL_CDC 
2,065 ICL_UNIT Searching a unit using dimenstion exponents ICL_CDC 
2,066 ICL_USERGRP Claim Handler Group ICL_BASIS 
2,067 ICL_WAERS Transaction Currency ICL_CDC 
2,068 ICL_WCMP_BRF_EXPRESSION BRF: Search Help for Expressions ICL_WCOMP 
2,071 ICL_WF_OBJTYPE Object Category ICL_WORKFLOW 
2,073 ICL_WF_TCODE Transaction Code ICL_WORKFLOW 
2,074 ICON_CL Search help for icon classes SICONS 
2,075 ICON_GR Search help for icon groups SICONS 
2,076 IDCFMF4_TABFIELDS Fields by Table Name ID-CFM 
2,077 IDCNFSCFAGL_011PC Fin. Statement Items ID-FI-CN-SAU 
2,078 IDCNINTITEMID Search help for report item id ID-FI-CN 
2,079 IDCN_ADJDOC CN:Adjustment Document Search Help ID-FI-CN 
2,080 IDCN_ADJDOCP CN:Adjustment Document Search Help ID-FI-CN 
2,081 IDCN_ADJDOC_CMP CN:Adjustment Document Search Help for Comparsion Period ID-FI-CN 
2,082 IDCN_ALGSHLP_CCODE_TOPLEVEL Search Help: Company Code for Top Account Level Hierarchy ID-FI-CN 
2,083 IDCN_ALGSHLP_GETACCNT_LEVEL Search Help: Account Level for Account Level Hierarchy ID-FI-CN 
2,084 IDCN_ALGSHLP_GETACCNT_NO Search Help: G/L Account for Account Level Hierarchy ID-FI-CN 
2,085 IDCN_FSCDEF Form Structure ID-FI-CN-SAU 
2,086 IDCN_FSCLANG Form Structure Language ID-FI-CN-SAU 
2,087 IDCN_SH_GLACCOLD Old G/L Account Number ID-FI-REU-GLACC 
2,088 IDCN_VALLIN_H Form Structure Lines with Direct Value ID-FI-CN-SAU 
2,089 IDCN_ZJFKOSTN Search Help: Cost Center with Business Area ID-FI-CN 
2,090 IDCN_ZJFSAKNR Search Help: G/L Account from P&L Account Closing Posting ID-FI-CN 
2,091 IDENT1 Settlement Calendar for Subsequent Settlement (Purchasing) WBON 
2,092 IDENT2 Arrangement Calendar for Subsequent Settlement (Purchasing) WBON 
2,093 IDHUT033 Valuation Area ID-FI-HU 
2,094 IDMX_DI_SH_TAXFI Digital Invoice Mexico: Search Help Application for Acc.Key ID-MX-DI 
2,095 IDMX_DI_SH_TAXSD Digital Invoice Mexico: Search Help Application for Acc.Key ID-MX-DI 
2,096 IDMX_DI_SH_TDOBJ Digital Invoice Mexico: Search Help For Valid Text Object ID-MX-DI 
2,097 IDMX_DI_SH_TXTID Digital invoice Mexico: search help for textID ID-MX-DI 
2,098 IDMX_DI_SH_TXTOB Digital invoice Mexico: search help text objects ID-MX-DI 
2,099 IDOC IDoc search SALE 
2,100 IDOC_OBJ Find IDoc using partner and BOR object SALE 
2,101 IDOC_STD Find IDoc using partner and message type SALE 
2,103 IDREPFW_SE_CLGID_C Rep.Framework: Search Help for Columns of Report Section ID-REP_FRWK 
2,104 IDREPFW_SE_CRCCG_C Rep.Framework: Search Help for Column Group in Cross Checks ID-REP_FRWK 
2,105 IDREPFW_SE_CRCCK_C Rep.Framework: Search Help for Report Section ID-REP_FRWK 
2,106 IDREPFW_SE_CRCCL_C Rep.Framework: Search Help for Column Select in Cross Checks ID-REP_FRWK 
2,107 IDREPFW_SE_SEELM_C Dynamic Sel.: Selection Parameters ID-REP_FRWK 
2,108 IDREPFW_SE_SHLP_FIELDS Dynamic Sel.: Search for Fields in Structures/Tables ID-REP_FRWK 
2,109 IDREPFW_SE_SHLP_SEL_AREA Rep.Framework: Selection Area for Rep. Group/ID/Version ID-REP_FRWK 
2,110 IDREPFW_SE_SHLP_TABLES Dynamic Sel.: Search for Tables ID-REP_FRWK 
2,111 IDREPFW_SE_SHLP_TPARAMS Rep.Framework: Parameters Setup for TCode Customizing ID-REP_FRWK 
2,113 IDX_MESTYP_F4 IDoc Adapter: Search Help for Message Type SIDOC_ADAPTER 
2,115 IDX_META_PORTS Search Help for Ports for IDoc Metadata SIDOC_METADATA 
2,117 IDX_PORT Ports in IDoc Adapter SIDOC_METADATA 
2,118 IDX_PORTS Search Help for IDoc Adapter Port SIDOC_ADAPTER 
2,119 IDX_SYSTEM_F4 IDoc Adapter: Search Help for System SIDOC_ADAPTER 
2,120 ID_ALL Security ID Numbers FVVW 
2,121 ID_CCD Security ID Numbers for Company Code FVVW 
2,122 IE4N_ORG Organizational Units for Department Responsible DI_CCM 
2,123 IEQCM_BACKUP Data Backup IEQCM_BE 
2,124 IFLM Collective search help for functional location ILOM 
2,125 IFLMA Asset ILOM 
2,126 IFLMC Cost center ILOM 
2,127 IFLMH Uppermost FunctLocs by StructIndicator ILOM 
2,128 IFLMI Uppermost FunctLocs by category ILOM 
2,129 IFLMK Uppermost FunctLocations by company area ILOM 
2,130 IFLML Uppermost FunctLocations by location ILOM 
2,131 IFLMP Location list ILOM 
2,132 IFLMQ Functional location list (service) ILOM 
2,133 IFLMR Address ILOM 
2,134 IFLMS Structural display ILOM 
2,135 IFLMT Text (= Description) ILOM 
2,136 IFLMU Classification ILOM 
2,137 IFLM_EM Env. Compl.:Coll.Srch Help of Facility Master Records for FL EMINT 
2,138 IFLM_REAL_ESTATE Real Estate Object FVVI 
2,139 IFLM_WD Collective search help for functional location RPLM_MT_BE 
2,140 IFLS Functional location collective help if alt. indicator active ILOM 
2,141 IFLSA Asset ILOM 
2,142 IFLSC Cost center ILOM 
2,143 IFLSH Uppermost locations by structure indicator ILOM 
2,144 IFLSI Uppermost locations by category ILOM 
2,145 IFLSK Uppermost locations by company area ILOM 
2,146 IFLSL Uppermost FunctLocations by location ILOM 
2,147 IFLSP Location list ILOM 
2,148 IFLSQ Location list (service) ILOM 
2,149 IFLSR Address ILOM 
2,150 IFLSS Structural display ILOM 
2,151 IFLST Text (= Description) ILOM 
2,152 IFLSTOP Collective Search Help: Functional Location w(/o) Alt. Ind. PMEX 
2,153 IFLSU Classification ILOM 
2,154 IFLSW Historical labels ILOM 
2,155 IFLS_ES_APPEND Functional location search ( with Enterprise Search) ESH_SFWS_SAP_APPL_01 
2,156 IFLS_REAL_ESTATE Real Estate Object FVVI 
2,157 IFLTOP_MAK Top Functional Location - With Alternative ID PMEX 
2,158 IFLTOP_OAK Top Functional Location - Without Alternative ID PMEX 
2,159 IFL_ES Functional location ( with Enterprise Search ) ILOM 
2,160 IFL_ES_ADVANCED Advanced Search for Functional Locations (Enterprise Search) ILOM 
2,161 IFL_ES_APPEND Enterprise Search ESH_SFWS_SAP_APPL_01 
2,162 IFL_ES_SIMPLE Simple Search for Functional Locations (Enterprise Search) ILOM 
2,163 IFL_TREX Collective Search Help Functional Location via Search Engine ILOM 
2,164 IFL_TREX_ADVANCED Advanced Search of Functional Location via Search Engine ILOM 
2,165 IFL_TREX_SIMPLE Quick Search of Functional Location via Search Engine ILOM 
2,166 IFMBLREGCCO Combination Fiscal Year / Company Code for Regularization FMBL_EXT_E 
2,168 IFP_SHLP_FOLDER Retrieve File for a Folder FS_CORR_POST 
2,169 IFP_SHLP_METHOD_PARAM Provide Parameter of Method for Data Transfer FS_CORR_POST 
2,170 IFW_BILL_TYPE_FIN Final billing types CIWB 
2,171 IFW_BILL_TYPE_PROV Provisional billing types CIWB 
2,172 IFW_COND_TYPE Conditions Per Calculation Scheme CIWB 
2,174 IGN_SEARCH_COMPFIELD Fields of a Table or Structure IGN_SEARCH_API 
2,175 IGN_SEARCH_FIELDNAME Fields of a Table or Structure IGN_SEARCH_API 
2,177 IGN_SEARCH_QUERY Queries of a User Group IGN_SEARCH_API 
2,181 IHC_SHLP_PN_ACCOUNT IHC: Posting System Accounts FIN_IHC 
2,182 IHC_SHLP_PN_NUMBER IHC: Payment Orders FIN_IHC 
2,183 IHC_SHLP_PN_UNIT IHC: Posting System Units FIN_IHC 
2,184 IHC_SHLP_VARIANT IHC: Selection Variants / Worklists FIN_IHC 
2,185 IIMA Appropriation request Search help AIR 
2,186 IIMAA Description of appropriation request AIR 
2,187 IIMAB Requesting cost center, business area, profit center AIR 
2,188 IIMAC Resp. org. units, controlling area, co. code, bus. area AIR 
2,189 ILM_CDE_APPL_ELM_ARCH_OBJ Elementary Search Help for Archiving Objects ILM_CDE_APPL 
2,190 ILM_EQUI Basic Maintenance Processing: Search Help for Equipment ILM_BE 
2,191 ILM_EXT_SERVICE_PROVIDER Basic Maintenance Processing: External Service Provider ILM_BE 
2,193 ILM_INT_SERVICE_PROVIDER Basic Maintenance Processing: Internal Service Provider ILM_BE 
2,194 ILM_MAINTLOC Basic Maintenance Processing: Location ILM_BE 
2,195 ILM_REPOS_TRKORR Search Help for Transport Requests with Repository Maint. S_ILM_REPOSITORY 
2,196 ILM_SH_USER Search Help for Users S_ILM_ARC_ADMIN_UI 
2,197 ILM_STORE_DEST_F4 ILM SRS: Search help for connection to store S_ILM_DAS_STORE_ADMIN 
2,198 ILM_TRANSPORT_REQUEST Search Help for Transport Requests S_ARC_ILM_GENERAL 
2,199 ILM_USER_ADDR Basic Maintenance Processing: User by Address Data ILM_BE 
2,200 IMC_IPROG IM Summarization: Investment program AIC 
2,201 IMC_POS IM Summarization: Program position (w/o text) AIC 
2,202 IMC_TPLNR IM Summarization: Functional location AIC 
2,203 IMEL Search Help for Table IMEL IMRC 
2,204 IMEO_POSNR Entry of Progam Position AIP 
2,205 IMEO_SEARCH_HELP Search Help for Enterprise Organization AIP 
2,206 IMPM Collective Search Help for Measuring Point IMRC 
2,207 IMPMA For Functional Location IMRC 
2,208 IMPMA_R For Reference Location IMRC 
2,209 IMPMB For Equipment IMRC 
2,210 IMPMD For building FVVI 
2,211 IMPME For rental unit FVVI 
2,212 IMPME_NEU Rental Units (Multiple Rental Units) FVVI 
2,213 IMPMO For Any Object IMRC 
2,214 IMPMP Measurement Position IMRC 
2,215 IMPMP_R Measurement Item for Reference Measurement Point IMRC 
2,216 IMPMQ Measuring Point List IMRC 
2,217 IMPMQ_R Reference Measurement Point List IMRC 
2,218 IMPMR Characteristic IMRC 
2,219 IMPMR_R Characteristic for Reference Measurement Point IMRC 
2,220 IMPMU Classification IMRC 
2,221 IMPM_ES Search for Measuring Points (with Enterprise Search) IMRC 
2,222 IMPM_ES_ADVANCED Advanced Search Help for Measuring Points: Enterprise Search IMRC 
2,223 IMPM_ES_ADVANCED_E Advanced Search Help for Measuring Points: Enterprise Search IMRC 
2,224 IMPM_ES_SIMPLE Basic Search Help for Measuring Point with Enterprise Search IMRC 
2,225 IMPM_ES_SIMPLE_E Basic Search Help for Measuring Points: Enterprise Search IMRC 
2,226 IMPM_R Collective Search Help for Reference Measurement Point IMRC 
2,227 IMPM_WD Measuring Point RPLM_QIMT_BE 
2,228 IMPR Matchcode object: investment program positions AIP 
2,229 IMPRA Search by Program Name, Position ID, Approval Year AIP 
2,230 IMPRB Search by short text AIP 
2,231 IMPRC Search by priority, reason for investment AIP 
2,232 IMPRD Search by person(s) responsible AIP 
2,233 IMPRE Search by organizational units AIP 
2,234 IMPRF Search using scale AIP 
2,235 IMPRH Search using program hierarchy AIP 
2,236 IMPRK Search by classification system AIP 
2,238 IMRM Collective Search Help for Measurement Document IMRC 
2,239 IMRMQ Measurement Document List IMRC 
2,240 IMRM_ES Search for Measurement Documents (with Enterprise Search) IMRC 
2,241 IMRM_ES_ADVANCED_E Advanced Search Help for Meas. Docs with Enterprise Search IMRC 
2,242 IMRM_ES_SIMPLE_E Quick Search Help for Meas. Docs with Enterprise Search IMRC 
2,243 IMTP Inv. Program Matchcode Object AIP 
2,244 IMTPA Search by program name, fiscal year, program type AIP 
2,245 IMTPB Search by short text AIP 
2,246 IMTPC Search by person responsible AIP 
2,247 IMUO_SEARCH Collective Search Help for Inv. Program in Enterprise Org. AIP 
2,248 IMUO_SEARCH_ID Search by Program Name, Position ID, Approval Year AIP 
2,249 IM_TVPG_PARGR Partner determination procedures for approp.requests AIR 
2,250 INET Object networks matchcode object INET 
2,251 INETE Equipment link list INET 
2,252 INETP FunctLocation link list INET 
2,253 INETT Text INET 
2,254 INETU Classification INET 
2,255 INET_ES Search for Object Links (with Enterprise Search) INET 
2,256 INET_ES_ADVANCED_E Advanced Search Help for Object Link (Enterprise Search) INET 
2,257 INET_ES_SIMPLE_E Quick Search Help for Object Link (Enterprise Search) INET 
2,258 INH_TCP0I Search help for TCP0I SCP 
2,259 INH_TCP0I_NAME Search help for TCP0I SCP 
2,260 INM_SHLP_INITIATIVE Search Help for Initiative INM_INITIATIVE 
2,266 INM_SHLP_ITEM_1 Search by ID / Name INM_OBJECTS 
2,267 INM_SRCH_INITIATIVE_TYPE Search Help for Initiative Type INM_INITIATIVE 
2,268 INT Interest doc on business partners, contract acct FKKB 
2,269 INVN Search help phys. inv. no. MB 
2,270 INVNUA Physical inventory number MB 
2,271 INV_CHCK_NO_CHCK Search Help: Document Type for Check Parameter EE_INVOICE_RECEIPT 
2,272 INV_CHCK_TYPE_CHCK Search Help: Document Type for Check Parameter EE_INVOICE_RECEIPT 
2,273 INV_DOC_TYPE_CHCK Search Help: Document Type for Check Parameter EE_INVOICE_RECEIPT 
2,274 INV_EXT_IDENT External ID of Bill or Payment Advice Note EE_INVOICE_RECEIPT 
2,275 INV_IDENT External ID of Bill Document or Payment Advice Note EE_INVOICE_RECEIPT 
2,277 INV_IDENT_POD External ID of Bill Document (POD) EE_INVOICE_RECEIPT 
2,278 INV_INVOICE_TYPE Search Help: Type of Bill or Payment Advice Note EE_INVOICE_RECEIPT 
2,279 INV_INVOICE_TYPE_CHCK Search Help: Type of Bill/PAN for Check Parameter EE_INVOICE_RECEIPT 
2,280 INV_INVOICE_TYPE_INV Search Help: Type of Bill/Payment Advice Note (Bills Only) EE_INVOICE_RECEIPT 
2,281 INV_INVOICE_TYPE_REM Search Help: Type of Bill/Payment Advice Note (PANs Only) EE_INVOICE_RECEIPT 
2,282 INV_INV_DOCTYPE Permitted Document Type per Bill/Payment Advice Note Type EE_INVOICE_RECEIPT 
2,283 INV_IN_CHCK_NO Search Help: Check Values for Bill/PAN Receipt EE_INVOICE_RECEIPT 
2,284 INV_IN_CHCK_TYPE Search Help: Type of Check EE_INVOICE_RECEIPT 
2,285 INV_IN_CHCK_UNIT Search Help: Check Units for Bill/PAN Receipt EE_INVOICE_RECEIPT 
2,286 INV_PROCESS Collective Srch Help for Bill/Payment Advice Note Processing EE_INVOICE_RECEIPT 
2,287 INV_PROCESS_CHECKA Checks After Data is Copied EE_INVOICE_RECEIPT 
2,288 INV_PROCESS_CHECKA_IND Chek After Data is Copied (Override) EE_INVOICE_RECEIPT 
2,289 INV_PROCESS_CHECKB Checks Before Data is Copied EE_INVOICE_RECEIPT 
2,290 INV_PROCESS_CHECKB_IND Check Before Data is Copied (Override) EE_INVOICE_RECEIPT 
2,292 INV_PROCESS_COMPL_IND Check Before Data is Copied (Override) EE_INVOICE_RECEIPT 
2,301 INV_SENDER Bill Sender/Recipient EE_INVOICE_RECEIPT 
2,302 IQS0_F4_SCRAR Notification: Permitted Tabstrip Division IWOC 
2,303 IRLM Collective search help for reference functional location ILOM 
2,304 IRLMH Uppermost FunctLocs by StructIndicator ILOM 
2,305 IRLMI Uppermost FunctLocs by category ILOM 
2,306 IRLML Reference location list ILOM 
2,307 IRLMS Structural display ILOM 
2,308 IRLMT Text (= Description) ILOM 
2,309 IRLMU Classification ILOM 
2,310 IRM_TRANSPORT Search Help for Transport Request S_LRM_UI 
2,311 ISAUTO_JIT Search Help for SumJCs and Kanban-SumJCs ISAUTO_LAPA 
2,312 ISA_KSCHL_MR Search Help for Message Type ISAUTO_MRM 
2,313 ISB_CONDITIONS Search Help for Allowed Conditions JBT 
2,314 ISHMED_IM_MC IS-H*MED: Material Selection Using Drug Attributes NMED_ME 
2,315 ISHMED_MAT_MC MM: Material Number Composite Search Help NMED_ME