Basic Data
Program Type F Function group  
Application S Basis  
Authorization Group  
Logical database D$S Processing without database  
Selection screen  
Editor lock Fixed point arithmetic  
Unicode checks active Start using variant  
Function Group
Include Function Module Short Description Mode
01   UMC_DIM_HINODE_POPUP   Popup zur Eingabe eines Hierarchieknotens    
02   UMC_DIM_HINAME_F4   F4 - Hilfe für Hierarchien    
03   UMC_DIM_HINODE_F4   F4 - Hilfe für Hierarchieknoten    
04   UMC_DIM_HINAME_CHECK   Check Hiname Input    
05   UMC_DIM_HINODE_CHECK   Check Hinode Exist    
06   UMC_DIM_VALUE_SINGLE_POPUP   Single value select    
07   UMC_DIM_VALUE_INTERVALL_POPUP   Interval value popup    
08   UMC_DIM_VALUE_COMPLEX_POPUP   Complex value selection popup    
09   UMC_DIM_VALUE_F4   F4 Hilfe für Merkmalswerte    
10   UMC_DIMVAL_SEARCHHELP   Suchhilfe-Exit für Merkmalswerte aus dem BW    
11   UMC_INFOCUBE_F4   F4 - Hilfe für Infocubes    
12   UMC_QUERY_F4   F4 - Hilfe für Queries    
13   UMC_DIMVAL_CHECK   Merkmalswerte verproben und Text + ID's lesen    
14   UMC_DIMVALS_HELPINFO_GET   Get dimension values as well as help information    
15   UMC_BW_CHAVAL_F4   Standard BW F4 help    
16   UMC_ICHAVALS_TO_DIMVALS   convert BW internal value to ODBO value    
17   UMC_DIMVAL_IN_EX_CONVERT   Konvertierung intern -> extern für Merkmalswerte    
18   UMC_CMPDIM_ICHAVAL_GET   get compounding characteristic's bw internal value    
19   UMC_ODBO_DIMVAL_BUILD   ODBO - Merkmalswert zusammenfügen    
20   UMC_BW_DIMVAL_BUILD   Bulid BW value from ODBO Value    
21   UMC_ODBO_VAL_TO_EXT_VAL   Convert odbo value to external value    
22   UMC_SHLP_EXIT_INFOCUBE   Beispiel für ein Suchhilfe-Exit eine Suchhilfe    
23   UMC_SHLP_EXIT_QUERY   Beispiel für ein Suchhilfe-Exit eine Suchhilfe    
24   UMC_INFOCUBE_CHECK   Check Infocube Exist    
25   UMC_QUERY_CHECK   Check Query Exist    
26   UMC_DIM_HINODE_F4_2   Popup für Auswahl eines Hierarchieknotens    
27   UMC_DIM_HINAME_F4_2   F4 - Hilfe für Hierarchien (ohne Bezug zu Dynprofeldern)    
28   UMC_QUERY_F4_2   F4 - Hilfe für Queries (ohne Bezug zu Dynprofeldern)    
29   UMC_INFOCUBE_F4_2   F4 - Hilfe für Infocubes (ohne Bezug zu Dynprofeldern)    
30   UMC_DIM_VALUE_F4_2   F4 Hilfe für Merkmalswerte (ohne Bezug zu Dynprofeldern)    
31   UMC_BW_HINODE_F4   Standard BW F4 help for hierarchy node    
32   UMC_BW_CHAVAL_SEARCH   Search dialog for characteristic's value    
Transaction Code
There is no transaction reference to this program  
# Screen Short Description
1 0100  Individual Value Entry 
2 0200  Interval Entry 
3 0210  Interval Entry 
4 0300  Hierarchy Node Entry 
5 0310  Selection Hierachy Node 
6 0320  Subscreen: Selection of Hierachy Node 
7 0400  Complex Selections 
GUI Status
# GUI Status Short Description
1 0400  Complex Selection 
2 VALUE_INPUT  Value Entry 
GUI Title
# GUI Title Short Description
1 0400  Multiple Selections 
2 HIER_TITLE  Data Selection: Hierarchy Node 
3 INTERVAL  Data Selection: Interval 
4 SINGLE_TITLE  Data Selection: Individual Value 
Last changed by/on SAP  20041006 
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